Ask @swaggie10232:

I'm happy to see that you're focusing on yourself. Appreciating and loving yourself. You always come first. 😊

I’m focusin on myself yeah that’s true, but that doesn’t mean I’m ignoring my surroundings like a moron.
I’m literally feelin refreshed to know that someone I don’t recognize is happy to see that I’m doin a good job in my life. I appreciate it :)

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If endings are beginnings and beginnings are endings, don't either of them not exist?

Doesn’t expectin the unexpected make the unexpected expected? If yes then what’ll you choose?
1- Expectin the thing that you know is certainly gonna happen.
NOTE: your confidence bout that is “as sure as eggs are eggs”
2- Expectin the unexpected.
It’s the same case with your question too that’s all Imma say. Elaboratin it in kids language won’t do you any good. Although I’m not sure if you’d get my point through this too. So, good luck with figurin it out.

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