I just found out I'm pregnant and I'm getting an abortion because I didn't want to have sex with this guy. And I'm scared and idk what to do.

Do you have a women's clinic in your area?

@theyloveearii asks, "Have you ever eaten glue or a crayon or anything strange?”


do you remember that song promiscuous from nelly furtado?

yes i do

Would you ever pick up a hitchhiker?

no :( too paranoid

Do u help others with their relationships?

Sometimes... not like I can help with mine lol

do you think a relationship works if ones still in high school as a senior and another is a freshman in collage ?

No I don't, but you could beat the odds.

one thing you regret?

where do i start?

hi what are u doing nw? Arnel Guerra

just chilling on twitter

Post something worth sharing? :)

In this moment, I am happy.

What's the weirdest deja-vu experience you've encountered?

Being cheated on...again.

What's your morning remedy?


I miss you

I miss you too

Where are you from? :3 Jumanaaaa


tell me something that made you laugh today ;) Fenina

JK Rowling's tweet about her husband/serena williams

what does it mean if a girl texts her crush first? does it mean she's desperate?

no but don't keep texting if he/she doesn't reply

i miss my crush so badly and we're not even talking anymore :( she told my friend that she didnt want to waste my time on her but why would she stop replying me back without telling me the reason? i miss her :(

Awww how did this go?

If you could choose to live anywhere in the world with one person of your choice, where would you choose to go and who with? Jumanaaaa

I'd go with my ex boyfriend, ironic, I know lol and Abu Dhabi

Ok, how do I confess that I like my best friend? This girl already has had her heart broken by another guy, and I've been helping her throughout the entire ordeal. Months have gone, and she still has small feelings for this ass. Should I just go for it or wait it out a little longer?

Wait. She still loves him, it will make things weird between you two now

Who is your celebrity inspiration?? Jumanaaaa


Okay there is this guy, that told me he likes me but I responded to him by saying 'okay i know and I'm ignoring' but he didn't give up he tried again and he was like think about it and he kept on asking about commitment and things like that but then after that he stop talking to me, ignored calls.

maybe he got tired of waiting on you if he thought you'd never be interested

This is the girl that's been with the guy for 6 months: this has been happening for about a month or so

One of two things; he either has a lot going on which he may not be talking to you about or he is bored of the relationship. Eitherway, give it some time and decide how much of it you can take.

What would you tell someone that Is single and feeling worthless

are they feeling worthless bc they are single?

So I like this guy , but he's 28 and 19 and i don't know how to start this, I really want to talk with him , but I'm afraid to do it , most of my friends said if he's to old for me, what should I do?:(

Any mutual friends?

hey, well i have a problem. there is this guy and sometimes he's great! and in that moment we're really good friends, and a day after that. he is nice to my bestie and not to me. he calls me a whore then and that makes me feel awful. i dont know if i like him tho..

how old is he?

my boyfriend is a professional golfer and im just a normal girl weve been together for 8 months now , we had sex for the first time in may and now that he is getting busy with tournaments when we hang out thats all he care for well sometimes that is is this a bad sign or what do you think?

No it isn't. I know it is hard but that is his first love, you will lose him if you don't understand that. You have to be supportive and make this season all about golf until that is over


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