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halo. so what is the corelation between reduced blood flow, lets say due to stress, and androgen receptors and PGs? lets say you restrict the blood flow to the scalp of a woman, and her hair starts to shrink and eventually falls, does it still have any connection with DHT?

Well if you have truly, severely reduced blood flow the tissue won't get enough nourishment anymore and it starts to die. That's not only the case with hair of course. No it's not related to DHT. But in general the "blood flow" theories are not correct. It only affects your hair in extreme cases.

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I thought I read somewhere that you mentioned to not take 2% ketoconazole shampoo if you're on the protocol.. is this correct ? Also what is your methodology /portions when mixing Castor oil and penetrating agents when being applied topically to the scalp? Thanks!

Keto can inhibit endogenous pge2 synthesis. If you are on sulfasalazine it would be a step back.
I use 30% dmso 70% castor. Some other use ethanol, some put it in their minox. What we do know now is that you NEED a penetration enhancer. I read a study recently that showed almost no absorption from topical castor alone.

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you should be already familiar with the recent news involving Jak-stats inhibitors. What do think about them, may they work for common hair loss as well, in your opinion?

Yes I believe they have potential but a trial of tofacitinib by us last year has not worked. I believe it's most likely because unlike in AA scalp you have abnormal pgd2 levels in MPB scalp. Likely you'd need the combo for us "normal" baldies.

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I'd really like to try seti and maybe pge2 together. I've been trying to be invited, sent you some mails but have no response. If you could provide the price for me, you can get your profit.. I'd send you the money so as you could buy it for me and send them to me, if it is at all possible..

No man I can't I'm sorry. For one thing I don't need money and second I am not selling anything nor am I involved that much in the groupbuy. I'm just a moderator. Price was/is 260$ per 100mg. Try to contact user tubzy for an invite. Good luck, hope to see you soon.

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Ive never had any positive effect only further recession from minox, im 20 and a 3 year user and added finasteride last year should i just quit minox?

If you are CERTAIN that you did not have any growth from minox then yeah you should quit it. It ages your skin and it's not very healthy (even just topically) anyway. Stay on castor while you quit minox that should help your shed a bit. And you likely will shed.
I also never had any positive effect from Minox either. Lack of sulfurtransferase in us two guys.

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Hi Swiss, I was a little confused by an earlier answer about dut: "Be warned though that you will shed more hair than normal for up to a year. If you can't accept your hair looking like shit during that time then don't use it." I haven't heard this before, was gonna start dut. Can you elaborate?

All anti androgens will first make you shed unless you are already using another anti androgen. It's commong knowledge. With Fin and Dut there is an acclimation phase for up to one year where you will shed and your hair might look even worse.

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