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Swiss, why are you banned from all the forums? Is it just because of the group buy conflicts? How can we be sure you're not a scammer or won't ask for money down the line or referral fees/cuts from any group buys? We all obviously want to believe your results and replicate them!!

First of all that's a lie. I was banned from 3 forums because they did not want any groupbuys to be held anymore. I'm fine with that. How the fuck am I scamming you you psycho. I write this entire blog for free, I spend 1.5 hours every single day on here answering questions for free. Are you off of your fucking meds? Do you see me selling you an ebook for 20$ called "my prostaglandin protocol"? No I put it right here on the blog all for free. GET A GRIP. I have a real life job, I make my money with HONEST work. I am not selling you anything now, not in the future, not ever. So fuck off you paranoid asshole. I even try to find alternatives to seti/pge2 so that people DO NOT have to join groupbuys to replicate my method. Seriously go and kill yourself you ungrateful shit.

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Based on the theory you've been working with, do you think someone who's totally bald (NW6 or NW7) could regrow a full head of hair? It would be an interesting experiment for someone at that stage to try your method.

Yes absolutely. There's no difference between a nw1 and a nw7, their bald zones are both locked with PGD2 expression. One just has a bigger bald area than the other. Would be fun to watch someone with that severe balding try it.

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Hellouser posted on HLT that FGF9 is necessary to fully regenerate hair follicles after wounding; otherwise, the resulting hairs are thin and wispy. Is it PGE2 that covers that angle? There's a paper from 2006 that suggests PGE2 induces FGF9.

George Costanza
WNT also induces it and so does wounding. That's what I mean when I say people obsess about one growth factor and forget the bigger picture. Many growth factors are actually expressed down the chain.

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Sorry if i may have missed it, but can you please share your exact daily regimen/routine step by step to get that awesome result?

It's not that easy. I'm going to explain the exact reasoning, the effects and the referenced studies. After that I will explain my current makeshift approach without access to specific substanced. And after that the approach which I consider to be superior with actual harder to get stuff. You will find all that in the category "The Prostaglandin protocol" when I find the time to write it all out.

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i have not been able to find castor oil yet. Do you think it can replace minox? I am responding quite well to minox with azelaic acid, somehow without azelaic acid i do not have as good a result.

Did you check ebay? There's a ton of people selling it on there.
No I would not replace minox with it if it's helping you, use both. Azelaic acid increases penetration. Most likely a bit of the minox goes systemic which does give you better results. I don't remember Azelaic having any other effects combined with minox.

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Have you seen that study about peppermint oil 3% regrowing hair better than minox 3%? I'm thinking of combining this with castor oil. What do you think?

Well I have now. :)
Looks like it upregulates some growth factor. Might contain an as of yet unknown prostaglandin agonist just like the ricinoleic acid in castor oil. Yeah I would try that if I was you. In fact I might add that to my routine.

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Swooping says wounding, lithium chloride, sulfasalazine, and PGE2 are all going to give you cancer lol. Any comment?

Well swooping also said he would "quit these shit forums and finally enjoy my life" after he got his transplant. Which he did get last year. Yet here he is again? Might it be related to his job with Kane (yes -the- kane) which according to him "pays more than my part time job ever did"? Hmmm. Maybe we should all just go back to keep being bald and using RU. Kanee's RU! I'm certain if we did that swooping would be very happy and see no more reason to troll us with lies. ;)
Yeah the guy did put in a lot of work into hairloss, that's why it's especially ridiculous that someone like him would claim a blatant lie like that, he definitely knows better. But I lost all respect for him when he started working for Kane two years ago. After calling out scammers he ultimately ended up becoming one himself. Tragic what people do for money. Please screenshot this post and if I ever do try to sell you something call me out on it. Let's hope it never happens though lol.
As for cancer, I answered that in depth here:

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Great job man! I'm deebly impressed. Please promise not to keep your formula to yourself or a company, when they come along in a couple of weeks, and offering you a billion dollars for your recipe.

Lol no worries I already put 90% out into the open anyway. I don't have a patent on it so it's not like I can sell it. And once we find cheap alternatives for the more expensive stuff in the protocol we won't need companies either.

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How effective would 250mg of sulfasalazine twice a day (500mg total per day) be? I'd assume much less effective, otherwise you wouldn't be taking such a high dose. I'll probably go with 500mg twice a day (1000mg a day), but I'm just wondering about a lower dose since sulf is quite expensive.

It seems to be dose dependent if we're going by the literature available.
Expensive? You can get a hundred 500mg tablets for 24$ at inhouse.

View more Could I apply this straight to my hair line , also how much should I use? Thanks swiss

Yes you could. Good find by the way. Not very expensive either. But if you want to use pgf2a I suggest you use Cloprostenol. It's the strongest and longest lasting pgf2a agonist (in fact it's a super agonist). It's also relatively cheap. The only problem is that cloprostenol is sold as veterinary medicine and prescription only. So you will have to be a bit clever about getting your hands on some. You can find some of the brand names here:
Some bodybuilding sites (just like that one you linked) sell it as "PGCL". Maybe you will find something this way. Probably easier than to get your hands on prescription vet medicine.
Also for further reading:

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RE: Sucralfate, I don't have half-life data but in this study they were applying it twice daily. Carafate is a generic. Systemic absorption through oral is minimal which is good for side effects. Some pricing:

Wow that looks pretty damn good actually! Price doesn't seem too bad either. Looks like a solid replacement for Seti.

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Did you read all that stuff about balding scalps lacking progenitor cells? How does your regimen work if you are not really inserting progenitor cells into your scalp? (

I actually wrote about it in "The prostaglandin protocol". Haven't finished that section though. You don't need exogenous progenitor cells you just need to use substances to trigger your own scalp to make them. Hypoxia is one, VPA is one, LiCL is one, there's a few different approaches we can use.

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Once hair has grown to similar to now, do you believe you still need to apply (lamp and all regime)... i'm assuming the hair is aga susceptible hair as it's from same stems as previous which were suscpectible, and thus treatment is needed to keep the hair long term?

Well my growth hasn't finished yet I believe there's a lot more to come. But as for your question, I don't see a reason to keep using PGE2 once regrowth is accomplished. We are after all trying to get the scalp back into pre-MPB state where it once again expresses the correct balance of PGE2 vs PGD2. That's also why the stem cell induction and mechanical wounding is an absolute requirement.
But you got the right idea, it's similar to turning back the clock. You will still need to keep some kind of maintenance be it pgd2 inhibition or an anti androgen of some kind.

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