Ask @swsdevon:

[1]Age? _ [2] Fav color? _ [3] Height? _ [4] Single? _ [5] Best Memory? _ [6] Color Underwear right now? _ [7] Last kiss? _ [8] last hug? _ [9] Crush? _ [10] Kisses or Cuddles

1. 16
2. red
3. 4'10
4. yea
5. meeting one of my fav bands and one of the members knowing me from mario kart since i play mario kart with him occasionally.
6. i prefer not to say thank you.
7. nobody
8. my dog.
9. nobody atm
10. cuddles.

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Do you believe in past lives? If so, what kind of person do you think you were?

i totally do. i also believe that birthmarks are scars you had in your past lives and i have two birthmarks, a port-wine stain on my lower back, and an oval shaped one on my left shin and i believe those were from things that happened to me in a past life. i feel like in my past life i was someone who was very brave and courageous and went on some pretty cool adventures, but i could be wrong.

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