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I've read your facebook post just now, about the Obama visit to Malaysia stuff. I can agree a little bit, but "It's better to keep quiet than to say something hurtful" principle does not apply to politicians, seriously. In, Islam we're allowed to voice our opinions against those leaders who oppress

Aman, tanpa perang ^^
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Some advice for those who wanna be better?

Compounding interest is your best friend.
Doing 1% better every single day is so much better in the long run than doing nothing for months and trying to do 100% better in one day.

Bila nak buat powerpoint slides about something, katakan stress dan burnout, apa point point yang wajib ada dalam slides? Contohnya definition, differences, pastu lagi apa?

That depends on what’s the point of the whole presentation - no? Kau buat benda tu nak cakap apa sebenarnya?

Wld love to study in US but didnt get results good enough to apply for scholar. Got an offer to study foundation locally, but still praying for a chance to pursue degree in the US. Is it possible to do so? Still have to take SAT and do degree 4 years (locally degree 3 yrs je) even if i ada foundatio

You can start a foundation locally and do your first year of uni locally, and then transfer to American universities (or even Canadian/British/UK universities) for your 2+ years to finish off your degrees.
Going straight from a local foundation in Malaysia and starting a degree from 1st year in the US might be harder ‘coz not all will accept a local foundation program (as opposed to STPM/Matriculation).

I accepted UTP’s offer to study foundation. But i plan to study in the UK for my degree. Do you think its possible to apply UCAS with a foundation qualification? (since foundation is usually for the university itself)

This depends on the universities. I’d recommend checking with the UK universities that you are interested to apply to and see if they would accept it.
I’ve seen people going with a Diploma from Malaysia so that would most probably be fine.

Hi! Do you know any scholarship to further undergraduate business in Australia? 🥺🥺

Hi! Unfortunately I don’t know at the top of my head. Go ahead and just Google things like “Business undergraduate scholarships in Australia” or something like that to get you started.

Can I propose you to be one of our speaker for our program?

For anyone else in the future, you can reach out to me via email at contact@syazanazura.com for any speaker invitations or collaborations.

Greetings from an acquaintance from Stuff@School! I hope you're doing well :D

Hellooo fellow S@S-er! Hope you’re doing well too! 🥰

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