relating to that, in ask fm, i've never seen u talking about how insecure u are abt ur studies. in ask fm, u seem like so confident and so sure abt what u're doing. so when u curate, u talk abt ur confusions, it surprised me. ;)

'Cause nobody actually asked anything related to it, I guess? I mean, I would open up if there's a need for it. If there's no need for it, then I wouldn't mention it. :)
And I think I did mentioned some of my insecurities before, like this:
I don't mind sharing my personal stories, and to be honest, I have no idea what I want in life and if you ask my close friends on the countless times I called them and yelled and screamed about how confused and insecure I feel, well, they could attest to that. But yeah, sometimes you just have to act confident to be confident :)

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