Sorry if this will offend you. If your ultimate goal in life is to be a teacher; educator. So why you do acturial science then?

Educator, yes.
Teacher, not necessarily.
One does not need to be a teacher to be an educator.
One does not need to have a teaching certificate to be an educator.
I chose to do Actuarial Science because I find it interesting. It really is interesting, and I like a good challenge in my life. While I may not pursue the actuarial industry as a career in the near future, the skills and knowledge that I gained throughout my years studying Actuarial Science can be applied in many different fields.
I believe in the fact that you can choose to major (study) in whatever program in university / college, but if you put your efforts into it, you can venture out into a myriad of other career paths after graduating (other than going into the 'super professional' career path like the medical or law world, since you WILL need qualifications for those).
I believe in flexibility, and I believe that despite majoring in Actuarial Science, I can be a good educator should I decide to continue in another field. I trust in my own self, knowing that I will do whatever it takes, even if it's a super challenging route, to achieve my goals and to fulfill my passion, be it in the typical education world (school / university) or in life in general.
I value knowledge, and I value passion. Both are important in life, and you can never have enough of both, no matter what you do. :)
Hope this answers your question :)

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