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Boleh ke kita bandingankan stress kita dengan stress orang lain? Let say; dia jawatan lagi tinggi lepastu dia nak stress orng bawah dia sama dengan dia? Adakah relevan? Apakah pandangan anda? Masih ada kesinambungan ke atau mungkin rational sebaliknya?

“Stress” is subjective - why the need to compare it in the first place?
For people higher up in the management, they can stress out over macro issues, i.e. funding issues, policies issues, legal issues, thinking about long-term plans, etc.
For people lower in the hierarchy, they can stress out over micro issues, i.e. too many customers in a day, system broke down during a busy period, deadlines coming up, etc.
After all, with higher positions comes bigger responsibilities, no? Bigger responsibilities translate to bigger, but somewhat different, stress.
But that does not mean that if you’re in higher management, you can discount your employees’ stress level just because they’re not having the same stress that you are facing.
Everyone’s stress levels are valid, regardless of how minor it can seem to other people.

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Are you the kind of person who is affected by the departure of people??

I used to be.
It used to hurt a lot when people I called friends left me behind, and when friends just disappeared over the years.
But I got over it.
Some people are just not meant to stay in your life forever, so why worry about those who are only meant to be in your life for a short time?
You'll meet new people. You'll make new memories. And you'll find those select few people who will stay by your side throughout the years, no matter what.
Plus, if we're being morbid, at the end of the day - you're going to be alone anyway. So why bother?

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