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Kak, I am in love with this one guy without knowing he knowing bout it. I can’t really stop thinking about him everyday eventhough I tried. What should I do?

1) Have you tried talking to him? Or does he know that you exist?
2) Figure out why you're in love with him, and figure out if it's really 'love' or 'lust', or that you just admire him / his looks / his personality / his successes. Sometimes I feel like the word "love" is overused.
3) If it is indeed 'love' and you want to see if it can go further, then take the first step. Because nothing good ever happens if you do nothing.

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what did you do today? How are you?

Well, let's see.
Woke up this morning, Facetime-d my husband, ate brunch, cooked tomyam for late lunch, went out to the town with friends, binge-watched Twilight from Eclipse until the end, helped a friend with their resume, played Mario Kart, ate some more, and currently watching Kung Fu Panda.
All's in a good day, I'd say. :3

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How do you meet your husband?

I met him in INTEC Education College, back in July 2012 (if I get the month right, might've been end of June, but I can't remember).
I started my ADFP in INTEC as an Economics major, so I was placed in the non-science stream class (Eugene). I appealed to MARA to change my major to Actuarial Science, so after a month in Eugene, I was moved to the science stream class (Austin).
Aiman was in Austin, and we had to work on this group project for our Oral Communication class. Since I came to the class a month after the semester started, our lecturer (Mr Kamal) put me in his group because his group was the only one without a girl (there were only 7 of us in the class, most were guys because it's mostly Engineering students).
And things just started from there, I guess?

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Do you consider yrself extremely lucky esp when it comes to academic stuffs? U seem to be getting everything u applied for. Things look so easy for you!!! Any tips ?

I wouldn't say I got "everything I applied for" (cue all the rejections I've had in the past, most recently was this past June). Lucky, most probably.
I'd probably say that most of what helped me get where I am now is my privilege. I'm aware of it. I'm aware of the privileges that I have in my life.
And, yes, it sucks, I know, and sometimes I hate it that I get better access to things because of my privilege, and it sucks, knowing that I have friends who deserve the same, if not better, but they are not able to do so because they were not born with the privileges that I've had.
I had the privilege of attending an English kindergarten, a high school in the UK, a top government boarding school (SBP) and a private international school - all of these built a strong foundation of who I am as a person.
I'm a Malay - that helped me get the MARA loan for my undergraduate studies, without which I wouldn't be able to go to the US and learn all the things I learnt there.
My parents are pretty well-off - that helped me finance things that I wouldn't be able to so on my own, like my Master's program now. They were able to get me experiences that typical Malaysian kids have before the age of 18yo, experiences of which shaped my view of the world.
This privilege of mine, it's a double-edged sword. One on hand, it gave me a good jumping off point in life. I think the way I do and I write the way I do because of all these collective experiences. But on the other, it sometimes means that I may have had it (quite) easy in life, which isn't helpful when all I want to do is to succeed on my own merit, on my own strengths.
So I can't really give any 'tips' to have an easy and/or lucky break in life, because the truth is, life isn't always fair. But, what I can say to people is to never give up, no matter what life throws at you.
If you were lucky enough to be born with privileges (big or small), accept it, acknowledge it, and by all means, you can use it to develop yourself further in life. You're entitled to it, but never look down on people who are less successful than you and think "Wow, they should've worked harder to improve themselves", because not everyone has the same privilege(s) that you have.
And if you were not so lucky in life, or that you have *less* privileges, do not worry. That is not the end of the world. Have faith in yourself, and find opportunities that can help you reach your goals. It may take you a little longer, or cost a little bit more, or require a tiny bit more effort, but, trust me, it will all be worth it. So just keep pushing it - you'll make it there some day.
[not sure if this is the answer you're looking for, but oh well]
oh, and p/s - don't believe everything you see on my social media. I tend to hid a lot of my failures, because, frankly, who would want to know about them, right?

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