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Do you know what falling in love feel like?

It’s when you do things not just for yourself, but for someone else as well. You don’t plan things by thinking about what’s best for you, but you take into consideration the other person’s perspective.
You fight and you argue, but at the end of the day, you know when to apologize and forgive each other.
You care about them, their goals and wishes in life. You support them in their journey, constantly pushing each other to do better in life. You sometimes are willing to sacrifice some parts of your life, because you want to let them shine.
At the end of the day, falling in love is like finding a best friend - someone you can share secrets with, someone who picks you up when you’re down but is not afraid to talk some sense into you when you’re being a pain in the ***.
And yes, I know the feeling because I’ve found mine.

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Some advice for those who wanna be better?

However hard things may be, just do it. Sometimes changes are hard to make, especially if it’s something we’re not used to. But if it helps us to change for the better, just do it. Forget about what other people may say and just do it for yourself. Always remember why you’re doing it and constantly reflect on yourself and your improvements. And remember, good things don’t happen overnight.

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What do you think that shapped that culture?

Because we are used to following the norm.
In classes, students are not allowed to question the teachers. Our system is a didactic system - the teachers tell us thing, we follow them step by step.
This can lead to students growing up to think that they have to follow whatever society tells them to do and say and act. So when someone (or some group) acts in a different manner than they are, they get all “OHMYGOD WHAT ARE THEY DOING OHMYGOD PULIS PLS HELP” instead of putting the effort to try and understand why they’re behaving or acting the way they are, or at least to be open to the fact that there are different perspectives and beliefs in the world.

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+1 answer in: “If you could change one thing about the culture you live in, what would it be? Why?”

If you could change one thing about the culture you live in, what would it be? Why?

The fact that people are hard to be open to new suggestions, ideas or beliefs (?).
i.e. if someone does not conform to what the 'society' is used to, they're just condemned or are subjected to criticism, etc. This happens in different aspects, such as religion, sex/gender issue, career/work, schools/universities, etc.
Where is the freedom in life?

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It seems people on Instagram have a good life. For example, traveling, enjoying good food, wearing good clothes, etc. Are they real or fake?

We are all fake in one way or another. No one's ever truly real, because subconsciously, we all filter out what we show to people on Instagram / social media. Nobody ever wants to post up their failures, their weaknesses, because in a way, everyone wants to show their good and fun parts of life.

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