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♾Salam gais, social media make me feels sick... 1. Bila aku cakap something, tapi xda sape layan dlm group. It makes me having anxiety. Apa salah aku? Padahal, aktif je? 2. Tgk gmbr, stories member semua duk mkn sedap², travel dll. Rasa insecure gitu. What do you think should i do to overcome tis?

1. Think about why you’re on social media in the first place. Is it to share stories and information, or to show off your life and compare with other people?
2. SocMed is not a full picture of someone’s life, so don’t judge people based on their social media posts. People pick and choose what they show to people, and if you remember that, you’ll realize that what you see is just the fun and happy part of their lives. So why the need to be insecure when it’s just a small part of their whole lives?
3. Regarding orang tak layan tu - reflect back on your relationships with them in the first place, and your personal relationship with them on a one-on-one basis. Pernah ke cakap something yang buat orang lain terasa? Are you saying things in a way that is easy to understand? Cara cakap tu ada buat orang tersinggung tak? Masa tu kena ke tak (as in timing of the messages, etc)? Context? Semua tu mainkan peranan yang penting untuk dapatkan engagement between people on SocMed.
4. Go on a social media detox. It’s fun and good for the mind. Macam aku sekarang - I’m off Instagram and Twitter for the whole month. Facebook je aku tak deactivate lagi sebab aku kena buat some group works and projects through Facebook. It’s also an important platform nak share my blog posts, so I can’t deactivate that. But Twitter and Instagram, aman je hidup tanpa dua tu. Sure, kadang2 tangan gatal nak buka socmed semua. But now I have more time to spend with my husband, and masa tu jadi lagi special sebab it’s just between us and takde rasa nak share kat Instastory ke apa semua tu. And it puts things into perspective because everything that happens in your life, stays between you and some closed friends and families, and that makes it a lot more special.
5. Stay off socmed. Know your limits. SocMed can be good, but it can also be toxic. Unfollow toxic people, even if they are your friends. Put some limits and boundaries on your SocMed.

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Artis yang berlakon tutup aurat/cerita islamik/ muslimah tapi in real life (IRL) hakikatnya mereka tak amalkan pun. So, adakah mereka dikira sebagai orang Munafik? Aku bukan nak tentukan dosa/pahala, itu kerja tuhan. Tapi based on my observation, ciri² org munafik tu ada...

Daripada fikirkan pasal orang lain, tak ke lagi penting fikir pasal diri sendiri?

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Aku tak rasa excited pun nak masuk tahun baru dan tak rasa nak balik rumah lepas final exam... is something wrong with me? And yeah, im just scrolling the social media this last night of 31/12 reading the whishes from my fren (tomorrow 1/1 my last paper) ...😌

Hope your last paper went well!
And don't fret. I wasn't excited much for the new year, except for the fact that the new year means a lot of new projects to be started and all.
But I wasn't as excited as I was a few years ago (went to watch fireworks with friends or staying up late with friends talking, etc). This year, it was staying up to finish some assignments while my husband sleeps soundly up in our room.
It's more towards growing up and knowing that while a new year is a holiday, it does not necessarily mean that you have to go all out in celebrating it. It means that you know it's just basically another day, another reason for people to go out and drink and party and make all kinds of stupid resolutions that they should just constantly make throughout the year instead of on a specific day.
But hey, to each their own. If you don't feel like celebrating it, go do you. If you want to go all out and have fun, by all means, go ahead :)

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