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Do you think jasmines mom being an addict has to do with her actions?

It’s childhood trauma. She needs to heal that inner child

Do you truly think jasmine is obsessed with you and why do you think that?

I think it’s weird how you go from kissing ass to bashing someone you don’t even know thinking you know everything. 🤣🤣

Why do you think jasmine isnt pretty?

Because she isn’t. I have seen many many many many many prettier girls then that.

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I think jasmine made that exposing page of you the way they speak and spell is the same way she does

I mean I wouldn’t be surprised!
I think jasmine made that exposing page of you the way they speak and spell is

How is jasmine bigger than you when she's a size 14 and you're a size 16?

Honey people lie about there size all the time, her stomach is way bigger then I am. If her stomach is smaller then mine, it has to flat. But it’s not because her boobs saggy and sit on her stomach js…
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Are you a keyboard warrior?

Nope I let my fists do the talking. If I have to resort people to tasting the rainbow, then they get the rainbows 💁🏽‍♀️
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Why do you have a problem with jasmine?

I don’t deal with fake ass people, she went from kissing my ass too attacking me, thinking she knows me never had a conversation with her for her to know anything about me, I have been sticking up for myself because all she does it talk.
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Wtf https://ask.fm/x_LaReinax/answers/171562385488

I’m sorry I don’t live in the Getto of Philly. I live where people vacation. Where you have to have several jobs, to make it on your own, and you know moms are still moms, but they are working moms because it takes more then 1 Job to make rent. If I’m so waste of oxygen then why does she always need my name in her mouth 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 all day on everyone’s page as well. I’m sorry you are projecting all your insecurities on to me, but telling trying to say my parents don’t love me, is far from that. Don’t you think if they didn’t love me they wouldn’t have me here? I’m sorry you will never truly know that feeling because your mother chose drugs over you and and you were raised by your aunt, so if anyone isn’t loved it’s you. CLEARLY. You never seen a mothers love, you never had parents to understand that unconditional love and know wtf it feels like so please get help and seek help because your inner child needs help, it’s very clear and it’s screaming out.

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Ummmm yes you do. Most people who own a home have a mortgage unless you have 400,000 in cash.

That’s what I just said unless you pay all of it in cash you don’t. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ I think I would know when my best friend is realtor.

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Oof https://ask.fm/x_LaReinax/answers/171562324816?utm_source=copy_link&utm_medium=android

How am I living off my parents when, I have JOB something she doesn’t have. I make more then minimum wage, I pay for rent, I pay for my car, the gas that goes into my car, any other bills! So what exactly am I living off of my parents for??? Dumb bitch and it’s not yours legally that not your house, you are a RENTER! Point blank. You don’t own a home till you purchase a home. If you are renting a place that’s not yours YOU ARE A RENTER A TENANT!
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