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Okay I'm not obsessing over everyone OMG. I do not obsess over Christian some of my friends might. That's not my problem to control what they do. I'm not trying to start anything with you right now, but your kinda talking shit on ask. Obviously Christian would say Brenna is the prettiest girl he kno

Lmao you literally need to chill the hell out

well u didn't do my truth is and now I think u hate me just look through and do the ones u didn't do even if u hate me just tell me so I now

You should tell me who you are first and I can tell you if I hate you

Who cares jaimee is way prettier than Brennan shes fugly

*Brenna and I think you need a mirror because Brenna is beyond gorgeous❤️ and guess who was the prettiest girl Christian knows? Oh right it wasn't you it was Brenna. So grow up and get a life

Anytime ❤ Its just annoying. You aren't fat and you have boobs. Oh well, were sorry that you have nothing anon. Hopefully they realize that people have feelings even if they are one of the strongest people ❤

Thank you so much❤️

WTAF. She doesn't need to loose weight and her clothes do fit her? WE ARE IN 8TH GRADE she needs to worry about grades and fun not if she's "too heavy to fit in her clothing". Why Sydney? Because she's beautiful and has no reason to get all of this hate. I DARE you to come of anonymous.

You literally don't even know how much this means to me thank you so much❤️
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I know we aren't friends but I also know you're not a slut or whore or anything they're saying soo anon shutup go look up the definition of slut and whore because it doesn't define Syd

Thank you so much I really appreciate it
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at least I'm not an insecure bitch that shows cleavage to try to get people to think she's pretty and like her

Oh please go on it's not like I don't have any feelings or anything
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i have I'm trying to improve it by taking your nasty cleavage out

1. Stop 2. You're literally a pathetic little asshole loser who is flat chested and need to get a freaking life and stop hating on mine
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