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میں لائبہ بخاری.
We are living in Pac-Man's World. You know what Pac stands for? P.A.C. Progran and Control. He's a program and Control Man. The whole thing's a metaphor. He thinks he's free will but really he is trapped in a maze in a system. All he can do is consume. He's pursued by demons that are probably just in his own mind. Any even if he does manage to escape by slipping out one side of the maze, what happens? He comes right back in the other side. People think it's a happy game, but its not a happy game, its a fucking nightmare world and the worst thing is its real and we live in it.

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Who do you trust?

I ... I ... I ... This is such a hard question to answer. Who do i trust? Uhm ... I don't want to say I don't trust anyone but ... Do you know what i would say? I would say I go through life with a healthy dose of skepticism and i think that healthy dose of skepticism as to what you're seeing and what you're hearing and who you're talking to is the best way to go through life

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Let's say you have a seven year old daughter in today's Pakistan. What one thing will you like to tell her? #justiceforZainab

The one, who calls you friend, is not your friend.
Those whom you call your relatives, don't give a fuck about you anymore.
That teacher in school who says you youre my favourite student is no longer your teacher.
Infact, whoever talks to you politely or sweetly slap them all hard. Because each of them has a fucking monster inside them which they hide in their long beards.
Trust no-one. I will force my daughter to repeat this after me. TRUST NO ONE. Because no-one is worth it. Except your parents, no one is yours.

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