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syeda9’s Profile PhotoSyeda
کافر کافر کہنے کا مطلب پتا ہے تمہیں ؟
صحاح ستہ یعنی دو صحیحین ( صحیح بخاری ، صحیح مسلم ) اور چار سنن ( ترمذی , ابوداود , نسائی, ابن ماجہ)
میں ایک سو باسٹھ (162) شیعہ راوی ہیں جن سے سولہ ہزار چھ سو
( 16600) روایتیں روایت کی گئی ہیں ،
پھر آپ کو صحاح ستہ سے ہاتھ اٹھانا پڑے گا ۔
میرا خطاب محبین اھل بیت علماء سے ہے اور محب اھل بیت ۔ع۔ کا اطلاق شیعہ سنی دونوں پر ہوتا ہے "
مفسر قرآن حجت الاسلام و المسلمین علامہ شیخ محسن علی نجفی۔

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Y did u block him/her??!!!??? 👀👀😌😁

farwa15baloch’s Profile PhotoFarwa
I have blocked many people for different reasons.
1) For sending inappropriate/immodest images.
2) For sending inappropriate/immodest texts.
3) For misbehaving/cursing
4) For being careless enough to disappear for weeks just to come back with an excuse and without guilt
5) For being rude
6)For being annoying and for expecting me to follow their way of life.
And lastly.
I'm a very strongly opinionated person, I tend to follow my own set of beliefs and observations, and that makes me intolerant of people who try to mould me, when I'm not making them do something similar.
I don't have problem with people following their beliefs, they should try to not interfere with mine.

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Wesy MDCAT k test me students k sath nainsafi hoi ha aur hoo rhi ha we should be a voice on social media at least To change system of education for this country

hassanzubairkayani’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Hassan Zubair
I usually participate in social media movements but let's just be real, no cares what the students and their parents (who force them to select the old prestigious fields thought to be best according to them) are going through, they have converted the education system into a money making machine.

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