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Life's biggest misery?

Abzquad’s Profile PhotoAbdul Ahad
the fake and mean ones.
I may be the most caring and selfless person in friendship. But being betrayed once, twice or thrice, and being let down at tough times is all that takes me to be numb towards the whole existence of a person.
And it is miserable, isn't it?
To have a heart but no mercy.

Is the boyfriend/Girlfriend culture is that prevalent in Pakistan?

Funkyali’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Zargham Ali
Yes it is prevalent.
And it's reasons are various.
1) Our main source of media is T.V. And television serious movies or dramas, both are either promoting it or demoting it in a rather unacceptable way.
2) Mostly when people are kept in a religiously rigid environment for too long, and by religiously rigid I mean to say that their wishes and needs are not fulfilled, they are exploited in the name of God for so long that they break that cage, they abandon everything and everyone when they find a chance.
3) Usually, when our youth enters a new environment, the trends of that environment are so attractive that they leave the lifestyle they have been brought up in, so that results in having such relationships for the sake of trends.
4) Sometimes the youth wants parents to become their support but parents bring in their ego and that results in such a thing as a boyfriend girlfriend relationship, and it too breaks one day.
5) Sometimes it's pure inferiority complex that is the reason of this all.
Whatever the reasons are, these can be solved.
Our culturally enriched society pays no heed to religion. Rigidity in religion is not the right way to make youth religious, it only makes them run away. Islam is a flexible religion , there's a lot of love for those who what to see.
Parents should also be more understanding. And children (to parents even a 40 years old is a child) should be patient and responsible to save themselves from anything as such.
Our society needs responsible, humble, loving, patient, sensible, kind and mentally tranquil youth.
I hope we can be that.

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Is it really that important to get married when you are getting old?

usmanaay1’s Profile PhotoUsman
No its not.
Marriage is something sacred.
You need to make sure the person you are going to entrust half your faith with is faithful.
You need to make sure that they are humble when dealing with people and blessings.
You need to make sure that they don't fake manners and obedience in front of you and your family but when everyone they interact with.
People are so selfish these days they think that a person is fine if they treat them well. It's not just you that they need to treat well. The person should be humble towards humans in general.
You need to make sure that the person you choose isn't an oppressor, it shouldn't be like this that they are sweet towards you and your family but violent towards people in general.
You need to make sure that they are honest. It doesn't matter if they are sincere towards your family but a fraud in nature who has deceived many.
There are a lot of things you need to attest before you give them the eligibility certificate.
Because it is the law of nature,
if a person is powerful and prestigious,
people will show them their best side ,
but their real behaviour is only visible to those people
whom they have to interact with daily.
Their neighbors, colleagues, relatives , classmates and servants.
Just be careful that you choose a humble soul.

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Do you believe in Karma?

DawoodJunaid328’s Profile PhotoDeeJayyy
Karma is a European notion.
We call it Mukafaat e Amal in our religious jargon.
One goes on with doing what they can when blinded by power, money or fame.
But the reality is a little harsher than the present trauma someone may face due to us.
We humans are quite forgiving and forgetful when evaluating ourselves.
We see our sins as mere mistakes and those of another as unforgettably heavy unforgiveful sins.
But what we can't witness in our blindness is that one's deeds get to travel in circles, and a deed once put in the circle comes back with so much force that once someone is struck, it momentarily uproots one's soul from the body as realization hits hard and painful.
Zaida sach to nhi bol diya? 🙃


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