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Would you rather choose to live in beautiful dreams or harsh reality?

umarawwan’s Profile PhotoUMAR
Reality is always better than dreams because it is the truth,the truth of acceptance is the truth of realization and it's okay to dream things that motivates our reality,aspirations can be woven around irrespective of existence, but then it's only a plot without portraying.

Your one mistake that you regret the most?

anonymousklara1’s Profile PhotoAnonymousklara
I'm now 22 years old and i'm pretty sure that I’ve made more than a million mistakes,only very late in life,i started to learn the value of it,i learned as much as i could from my mistakes,i've heard a psychologist once say that smart leaders always looks for talents who make smart mistakes,because they’re the pioneers of tommorrow,but i do regret some of my mistakes and felt that i should’ve realized it a bit sooner in life.
Growing up i relied on what other’s might think of me in whatever decision i make,very late in life i realized that what other’s think don’t account for our personal growth,our growth is totally in our hands and no one can do anything to it,i spent my better part trying to make some good friends but everyone i met wanted something extra apart from my friendship,it was then i realized that good friends will find their way to you no matter what,don't waste your time on meaningless relationships and with people who don’t care about you,so these are mistakes which i regret not realizing it soon,having said that i learned very much from it.

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What are you tired of?

omishqa_abbasi’s Profile PhotoUmishqa Abbasi
I’m tired of believing the people i made up in my head instead of seeing them for who they really are,i'm tired of being told I’m too naïve or i read too much into things,i'm tired of being told not to believe everything people say and watch their actions,i'm tired of falling for the wrong ones every time because they said they were right,i'm tired of seeing the best in people and believing that this is who they’ll be with me,i'm tired of being a victim of my own expectations,of my own intuition,of my own radar,i'm tired of being the one who is always left disappointed or shocked or baffled by someone’s behavior,i'm tired of being the one who’s always hurting,i wish i could meet more people who mean what they say,who call when they say they will,who show up because they want to,who talk to you genuinely and openly because they believe that you have a connection,i'm tired of faking things and making them look real. I’m tired of having deep conversations with people who forget them the next day,i wish i was able to forget looks,to forget sparks,to forget how someone made me feel,i wish i could just go about my day without thinking about any of it because it probably meant nothing,it was probably just a moment,it was probably just a mistake,i'm tired of mistaking heartbreak for love and excuses for reasons,i'm tired of believing everything that I want to believe and ignoring reality,i'm tired of reality of this shitty world.

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what is more valuable than money? 💫

Nisaal_Fatima’s Profile PhotoN
In my view there are many things important than money,one of my teacher always used to say that;
Money is gone nothing is gone,
Health is gone something is gone,
Character is gone everything is gone.
so here comes the two things more important than money and apart from this,to see your parents smiling and of course how could someone forget about time..

Feels like this world is not for sensitive being with alot of emotions :')

I'm too highly sensitive,sometimes i feel like a character from a movie or a book,seing the world throug a dreamy lens,i feel fictional,like there is a storyline in the background,everything erything is poetic,everything has a hidden message or meaning,all my blot songs are soundtracks to my life.
I get deeply hurt from mean people,betrayal and expectations that i should be someone else,someone less sensitive,someone less me,a heartbreak is so painful that death feels like the better option and the emotional pain lingers on much longer than what is normal for other people,the cruelty of this world is sometimes unbearable to comprehend,it hurts physically,being in love is what i imagine how,being constantly high on heroine feels like,one glance and i can read your mind,this kind of feeling and personality is called EMPATHY.
It's a beautiful thing to have as this world is becoming inmune to other peoples pain and suffering,i'm one of the and not ashame to admited,be very aware of your energy and give your attention to deserve people in your life and stay away from negative sources and people with that feelings,we sensitive people have a place in this world and we need to make way for our feelings as well,we are perfect for this world,we are here for a reason; to create the magic that everyone is deeply thirsty for,that is deeply needed to give this existence meaning.

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What's the best thing about being you?

MalikRizwanKashmiri’s Profile PhotoRIZWAN
I'm a great listener,i can literally sit for hours and listen to people without any judgement,i can listen to people talk about their life,about their stories,their heartbreaks,their insecurities,their doubts,their family issues,their favorite movies,favorite books,favorite characters,literally everything,that's why most of my friends turn to me when they are looking for some comfort talk and that makes me feel really good about myself,i may not always come up with a good advice but i can listen,i do this partly because i've never felt like people actually listen when I talk,they might respond affirmatively but there are certain things that no matter how much i say, people in my life just don't get it,and i know how does it feel like when there's no one to talk to,sometimes,there's so much within you that you want to express but no one to communicate to and even if you're lucky enough to find someone,they might not always get it or they might respond in a way that makes you feel disappointed,no
matter what,a part of them will always judge you and that sucks,so i get people,i get the life and i can listen with absolutely zero judgement,doesn't matter what it is about.

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What’s your definition of forever

maryamnatt’s Profile PhotoMaryam Iftikhar Natt
It would be something that is constant in the purest sense of the word,something that certainly has a beginning but has no end,something that stands the test of time,something than can never be destroyed by any force of nature,something that is always there,no matter what happens,that's the one and only thing that i can safely say that it will be there forever and ever and ever and on,everyday we wake up in the hope that we will have a good day ahead,when we write an exam,we hope that we will score well,when we lock our home and go to work,it is in the hope that it will be still safe and sound when you get back in the evening,when you send your child to school,you hope that he/she gets a good education,when you are ready to get married,you hope that you will find the love of your life,when a loved one is ill,we hope that they will get better soon,when you have a gun at your head,you hope for a miracle by which you will escape,no matter how tiny it is,there is always hope,it is something that never dies even after someone says that they have lost all hope,somewhere deep within them,they have a sliver of it left and hope is something that has been there in the world since the beginning of time and will remain until the end of time and that’s something that i'd call forever.

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Random thoughts!!! 🌼

MAIYDA’s Profile PhotoMaida Shafqat
"It is not their eyes that are blind but their hearts" Quran (22:46) whenever i read this verse i get my answer for all those people who are blind by hearts who can't see their cruelness,the pain,tears that they give to others,who just always play with people's feelings and hurt them who can't see the inhuman act and injustice towards others.


When you try to protect someone's reputation when you think good for others,when you have mercy on others Allah will have mercy on you and Allah will protect you and your reputation,everything gets back to you whether its good or evil observe your action its true trust me,everything get back to you no matter what if you hurt someone or if someone cry just because of your selfishness always remember Allah will never ever forgive anyone this dunia is called MAKAFAT-E-AMAL soo what you do is always get back to you in any form🙂


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