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What have you learned today?

Sundas Ali
*Be Safe People*
Today I booked an Uber from Isb in the afternoon. It took nearly fifteen minutes to reach my location. As I got into the cab, the driver politely asked, "Heater on kar doon sir?" to which I replied in the affirmative, and put on my earphones. Since I don't carry cash or card with me, I texted my mother the amount, and called her to check whatsapp.
As I reached near my house, the driver drove straight at a location where he had to turn right. Since he missed the turning, I asked him to do the needful to which he nodded. I reached my house and found my mother waiting for me with the money. I paid the amount, and he asked me to rate him on the app. While rating him, I got out of the car and went upstairs.
Those who read the entire story gluing their eyes onto every single letter and word, thank you. That's how a normal Uber journey works, and apologies for not providing y'all with another communal cringeworthy snippet.
By the way, this was my driver... :)

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