Ask @syirasaleh:

deyh manusia in ask fm!!!! mntak tolong jupp... cuba bkk profile fizie jupp.. cpt bukak!! tngok liker tu.. T__T sikit kan?? so, nak boom like from korng boleyh?? fizie akn reply pnyer.. ^__^ seyuz! janji nie. :P sedekah amalan mulia oo.:O boleyh2?? p/s- MENTION(ASK) FOR BOOM BACK

Fizie Choi Siwon
Sikit Fizie kata? omg tu terlebih banyak namanya. Sedekah katanya :o oh owkayowkay. Kejap ye.

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do you like awin yang comel tu? -anonymous ha.

Yes, I do hate her. lololol yah, like sanget. shes the one who love to call me nasi lemak. ketagih nasi lemak mai betul. lol

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what you will do when your friend stab behind your back? *ask and boom me back*

Maybe I should go through them and give my superb nicely little pounder. lol cewah. Entah, I dont ever know what I'll do.

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