Ask @sylvadylv:

What’s the most embarrassing thing your have ever done?

I only get to name one? I’m an autistic weeaboo. I am embarrassing by default.
-I’ve cosplayed as a cat at high school football games when I was a freshman.
-I’ve admitted that I’ve touched myself to hentai during homecoming my senior year of high school. To someone I crushed on big time no less.
-In middle school, I would not only draw in class, but I would write full on fanfictions in class. One time my teacher caught me writing and read it to the class.
-There was a boys and girls club next to my middle school and sometimes when my mom didn’t want to parent I would go there after school. One time I was playing super smash bros brawl with a bunch of boys (this was like right before smash 4 came out) and they got mad at me for picking Meta Knight. I told them I only picked him cause I had a crush on him, and they all started laughing.
-Oh yeah, I simp for fictional characters. I’ve made it known to my entire high school that I wanted Prussia from Hetalia to fuck my brains out.
And the fact that I admitted this all in this answer right now also might haunt me later.

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