Ask @symphonymermaid:

Which song do you want to cover the most, that you haven't done yet?

There are a lot of songs I have the power to cover but they're super difficult to do so I've been putting them off. I'd say the biggest example of this is Abstract Nonsense from Neru. I haven't heard anyone scream that in the original octave, which is what I'm aiming to do... I'm slowly working up my voice to do it without it sounding unpleasant or forced. One day...

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How does one sleep?

if you're me, you don't. you screw up your sleeping schedule so so bad.
buuuut in cases where i can't sleep, there's always the 4 - 7 - 8 breath technique. inhale for four seconds, hold for 7, exhale for 8? it's tedious but that's the point.
i also like to look up and listen to noises of rain, waves, etc.
mainly it's about calming down, trying not to think about "OH my GOD I CAN'T SLEEP AND I HAVE TO WAKE UP EARLY", just pretending like you have all the time in the world, i think!

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What kinda made you decide to start your YouTube channel?

Well! I started using my channel back in 2011 to make comments. Then I started doing piano stuff, sometimes with Synthesia. I had a video up at one point of me performing in a musical but it's been unlisted for a while now haha. I made a first attempt at a Vocaloid cover in 2015 but the mixing and timing was soooo bad (I had no idea what mixing even was, I just put my vocals and the instrumental together in Sony Vegas ahaha). I took it down, and I'm actually hoping to redo it sometime very soon...
Sometime in March, I believe? I posted the Madoka musical concept video. People seemed to really like my voice, so I decided to do a cover of Hikari Furu. I thought it was really fun, so I stopped hesistating with the whole youtaite thing and just went for it! I did a sort of test cover with "Tsumi no Namae" (the short Japanese version), and then started officially with RIP in the Gossip Sea.
(sorry this is sort of long)

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