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Do you prefer to be alone or around people?

The answer to that is a mess of conflicting thoughts that will drive me to madness.

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Would you rather live in the mountains or on the beach?

Tough question, I love them both!
I'd probably choose the mountain though, easier to live in peaceful isolation up there away from the madness of society. Beaches are nice but they often have lots of people around too.

Have you ever heard rumors about yourself? 🗣 Share them!

No, I haven't. If there are any out there, I sure as hell would like to find out what they are. I hate gossips and the drivel they spread.

How many Microsoft employees are need to replace an overheated light bulb?

Just one, but the bulb will be replaced with a faulty updated version that causes some other sort of issue or fails to work at all.

What changes do you like while you are getting older?

I've already hit full maturity, there are no benefits to getting older at this point! Just the dread of knowing that inevitable time is coming when aging begins. D:

A home lizard? Want one?

I would love to have a lizard in my home, especially an Argentine black & white tegu! I don't have the means or money to care for one though so I'm holding off on that for a good long time.

What was the first thing on your mind this morning?

"One last day of work until an extended weekend. I can do this!"

What habit that others have annoys you most?

Leaving something almost empty but not finishing it before getting another. Examples are paper towel rolls, bottles of cleaning spray, or drinks. Drives me crazy when there's a mass of nearly-empty things bunched together and taking up space. How hard is it to just finish them? >:(

What are the qualities you like about your best friend?

They accept my quiet nature and remain my friends even despite how little I talk with them.

How hot is it today where you live?

81°F with a heat index of 89°F. Probably would have been noticeably higher without the clouds and rain.

Would you rather choose a high paid office job or a low paid adventurous job?

I might take the low paid adventurous job. If I'm enjoying life at work, then that means I can save money on leisure and rack up savings anyways because my job would already be providing excitement.

Do you tolerate heat or cold better?

The cold. I find it much easier to stay warm than it is to keep cool. Also, I live in an area where the summer heat is usually accompanied by high humidity to make it even less tolerable.

How can you tell that spring is in the air?

You find your car covered in yellow dust not even a day after you just cleaned it.


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