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Do you think Gundam Versus for the PS4 will be rated T or rated E when it comes to America?

T, I guess?

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Do you think Boruto will replace Shippuden sooner or later?

I could see it going either way, but I'm leaning towards 'no.' I get the impression that they're content with just having Shippuden.

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If Gundam VS for the PS4 comes to America, do you think Tom will make a game review for it?

It's possible. Wouldn't be the first time they reviewed an anime game.

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You think the live-action Ghost In The Shell movie will be descend?

I think it will descend in the box office, yes.

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Is there any good live-action shows that you would recommend?

Better Call Saul
Arrested Development
Pretty much all the Marvel Netflix shows
Dead Beat on Hulu (if you're into oddball stoner comedies)

I really don't watch a lot of live-action tv, sadly.

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Could you have made Highway Blossoms without Raithfyre?

HB exists precisely because of my friendship with Josh. He secured funding for the project, reached out to the artists in my place, was my co-writer, and also the filter that kept me from doing things that were too stupid.

HB might've eventually existed without Josh. But it would've been much different and on a smaller scale. I also think it wouldn't have been nearly as good as it turned out being.

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Why haven't you switched to CuriousCat like the other cool kids?'s mobile porn/virus popups are horrible.

I probably should, honestly. Just stubborn and holding out.

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Wouldn't it be awesome, if The Walking Dead got turned into a anime?

The farm arc is now 52 episodes. Even less happens between episodes. Because of this, Shane becomes a sympathetic rival character with greater popularity than Rick.

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Do you prefer day or night?

Look at the time of day this was posted and you'll have your answer,

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How come a game company doesn't partner with Adult Swim to create an open world RPG about Tom traveling around to save Sara from her kidnapper who is Moltar?

This question was asked nine months ago and is depressing in retrospect.

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What things help you relax the best?

I'd say writing, but that's more terrifying than anything. Good thing I dig horror flicks.

Overwatch and anime seems to be the sweet combo lately, though.

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Thoughts on the ASMB shutting down?


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What's the meanest thing you've ever told someone?

Once, Josh said "I hate Steinbeck," and I immediately responded with "I hate you."

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what's hrp

Michael Nguyen

A thing people think I don't work on ;_;

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What would you do if you had the reigns of CN and Adult Swim?

I wouldn't really do much different for Adult Swim since it's a beacon of really cool art and creativity. Maaaybe put some anime in the DVR theater slots, but otherwise I think [as] is perfect.

For Cartoon Network, I'd probably push for more action cartoons. But otherwise, I also think they're doing fine, regardless of how I feel about some of their shows.

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Any advice to someone who wants to write?

Think smooth.

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Are you gonna participate in any game jams? Maybe the yuri jam? =D

Eventually probably. But I have lots of more pressing projects and goals to attend to first.

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What rating would you give Highway Blossoms? How do you think it compares to other yuri EVN's?

I'd probably give Highway Blossoms a 7 or an 8. Probably somewhere in the middle. It has a few consistency and polish issues unfortunately, but I genuinely think it has good characters and carries emotional weight (even if some of that weight could have been built up more).

Obviously, there are muuuuch better commercial VNs out there, both EVNs and JVNs. But as far as recent EVNs go, I think we're one of the better ones. Though I'm probably biased.

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So what's next now that Highway Blossoms is out?

Well, the Human Reignition Project, first and foremost. That is our main priority and we are going full speed ahead on the progress train. Seriously, expect more information and news regarding HRP to come out at a much faster pace. Things are heating up.

As for me, I'm doing a very tiny experimental project with Shiyun on art, Jake on music, and Badriel on backgrounds. There's not really a huge push for it like there was with HB, so I'm not concerned about making constant progress, especially with HRP being where my head is at the moment.

Also, Trio side stories.

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What has been the lowest point of your life so far?

Sneaking into a Smash Mouth concert.

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What are your thoughts on One Punch Man coming to Toonami?

Really excited. It's a great series. Won't be there for the night of the premiere though.

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Are we gonna go to AWA?


I'm seriously considering it. I need to start planning for it soon if I do.

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What do you like to cook?

Baking and stuff is fun

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When will HB be released?


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Go edit goddammit



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