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halooo kak i really love to hear your cover on soundcloud, may i ask you something? kak itu instrumenya bikin apa gmn aku juga pingin ngecover lagu kore tapi susah bngt nyari instrumenya

Halo juga :) Aku instrumennya dapet dari youtube kok, soalnya gak bisa bikin sendiri hehe
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Why do girls' and boys' clothes have buttons on opposite sides?

Pernah baca sejarahnya ini sih tapi rada lupa. Pokoknya dulu tuh gara-gara cewek selalu dibantu dayang(?) kalo pake baju, makanya biar gampang kancingnya ditaro di sebelah kiri. Iya gak sih?
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Post a picture of your favorite movie actor!

Orang ini pernah main film gak? Di hape cuma ada foto orang ini.
Post a picture of your favorite movie actor

What was the last time you were angry? What happened?

Yesterday, because....... my brother ate my oreos :|

What do you think Ask.fm has, that no other site has?

...that we're able to ask any questions to ourselves -_-

If you came across an old dumb toothless and legless donkey tied to a sign says each time you are able to (gently) grab its tongue with your toes you magically get a random prize, what would you do? lol

Then I shall do it LOL


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