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TBH Syd, you're absolutely stunning, and it's not fair.. Haha! But you're beautiful inside and out, and I hope everything is going good for you this year! I miss the Round Valley days with you.. Haha! Have a good night Syd! 🙂

hann_waasdorp’s Profile PhotoHannah Waasdorp
This made my night, thank you Hannah 😊 I can say the same about you, hope things are great! 💛
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Tbh// How you been Syd? Haven't seen you in such along time. How was that pie that we shared earlier? Moist.... I love you Syd!! See you in the morning💙 Rate// Cant rate, You're unrateable.

TuliLemus’s Profile PhotoTuli Lemus
I've been alright. Think we need to hang out soon, it's been too long. I love you lots but especially when you don't say that word 💛
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TBH Squid we have some good memories from cg like Danica's model walk and whatever else we all did haha. Your a stud at vb and your friendly and beautiful 💕 rate bms

alondra_tbone’s Profile PhotoAlondra Meza
Aww much love Alondra! You're the sweetest 💛💛💛
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