Ask @tabby_will_steal_your_baconn:

I am 15, I'm doing online school full time, while taking care of my one year old. 2 months ago I started working part-time. I enjoy my job and I need the money, but I have been so overwhelmed and my grades and going down since I started. On top of that I feel i never see my daughter. Advice?

Do whatever you feel is best hun, in my opinion school should be your top priority if, of course, theres a way your child can still be supported financially.

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Is it ever ok for a man to hit a woman? If a man is getting hit by a woman should he hit her back, or not touch her and call 911? What are your thoughts on people who say a man should never hit a woman no matter the circumstance?

I don't believe a man should hit a woman ever to be honest. Well, I just don't believe in anyone throwing punches unless it's in self defense and absolutely necessary. I can see why some would believe men shouldn't hit women no matter the circumstances.

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