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2 minutes silence for those who believe in: Friends forever I will never leave you Tumhari jagah aur koi nahi le sakta🐼🙈

zeshan_69’s Profile Photoسید ذیشان علی شاہ
2mins silence for those who don't believe in this just becuz xyz toxicity
I believe in this and Allahmdulliah mashallah it's been 14years of epic sisterhood ♥️♥️♥️
Forever exists for those who are willing to accept, forgive , support and loveee you

mekkerdeszhetem h mi az h yo a 14 melet? mivel mindig nezem h itt yoznak hat mondom k es akkor utanna mindig megyek a wcre es lehuzom a wc azt a dolgot ami ralyuk hasonlit (aszarom) :)

wtf MEKKERDESZHETED! 14YEARS OLD a 14MELET a yo! amugy én nemtudom ez hogy jött össze neked, de GRATULÁLOK!
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1:vergeben?💑 2:verliebt?😻 3:rauchst du?🔥 4:trinkst du?🍺 5:Alter?😇6:deine Größe?🙌 7:Geburtstag?🍰 8:Lieblingslied?🎶 9:Lieblingsessen?🍟 10:Lieblingsmensch?👧👦 11:Lieblingsstar?😎 12:Jedem liker die Frage?😏

1. nein 2. nein 3. Shisha 4. ehm @xlucija 5. 14years 6. 1,68 glaube 7. 15.05 8. Keins 9. 🍕 10. @xlucija . 11. Keiner 12. nein

1. trinkst du? 2. rsuchst du? 3. jungfrau? 4. wie lange ist dein letzter kuss her? 5. hast du eine/n BF? 6. hast du schon einmal ein mädchen in unterwäsche gesehen? 7. findest du dich schön? 8. grösse? 9. alter? 10. singel? 11. jedem liker diese frage??❤

1. noed vill
2.nei rauche noed
3. ja bin jf
4. leider scho öbbe 3wuche..
5. sicher:)
6. yess haha
7. chund ufe tag drufa
8. ich bin um die 1.75
9. 14years old
10. nei bin noed singel
11. sory han kei bok und hans beantwortet wege langwilig?
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Nombre Completo:✏Edad:?Estatura:? Cumpleaños:?? Zodico:? Mejor Amiga:? Mejor Amigo:? Enamorada:?Nombre de Unos de tus ex que estrañes:?Crush:?Te gusta Alguien:?Ultimo Beso:? Ultimo Abrazo:? Apodo:? Pasa Tiempo:?Chocolate Favorito:? Ultima Llamad:? Ultima Persona Con Quien Text??

quemonespopussec18’s Profile PhotoSec. #18〽
Carlos Daniel NaTera Ramirez, 14Years old, 1,80, 13/04, Aries, Reymar Hernandez, No, Si, Ehmm No, ?no?, Si LANH, No?, Mi Mama?, NaTera, Jugar béisbol, Cri Cri, Mi Mama✔?, Vanessa..

?how old are u? : ?single or taken?: ❤fave color ❤: ?want kids : if,so how many?: ?snapchat ?: ?cats or dogs?: ?evil or good ??: ?fave sport ⚽: ?fave person : ?weird??: ?do u have haters ?: ?funny or nah?: ?apple or samsung : ?smart ? : sa3teen baktob jawbo ???

14years old?,single?,mint green?no?,bio?,dogs,evil☺️,basketball?, @MarahTwal_ @Abutwal319 ❣,sometimes?,yes I have??,funny??,apple?,little bit??

1. Trinkst du? 2. Rauchst du? 3. Jungfrau? 4. Wie lange ist dein letzter Kuss her? 5. Hast du ein/e BF? 6. Hast du schon mal ein Mädchen in Unterwäsche gesehen? 7. Findest du dich schön? 8. Grösse/Schuhgröße 9. Alter? 1o. Single? 11. Jedem Liker diese Frage?

1.nä 2.nä 3.yas 4.ungeküsst 5.nein😢 6.nein 7.geht so 8. 1.82/44 9. 14years 10.ja.. 11. wenn ich bog habe

well..oops imma tell to him😂😂 he think your elder sistah is younger than u..like 14years old he said😅dunno whats in his mind ...

Haha she is 16 this year.how old is ur friend?

chill You are 14years old what's wrong with you YOU ARE 14 and you only talk about your sexual life normal 14 years old people goes out with friends and they didn't have a sexlife

lmao fuck off i like the way i live im not changing for anyone to like me and im happy why should i be all fake with something i wont be happy about

of course, following u al ready. i've seen ur city and it seems to be beautiful and quite interesting place to go to:)

stenioivaniel’s Profile PhotoStenio
Okay, thanks😊
Yaa, there are many a beautiful place here😄
okay, hopefully you can come here🙋
Oh yea, I'm 14years old😄 and still at junior high school😄 sorry for bad english, cuz I'm still learning😀

Hahaha okay. I find this all pretty amusing because.... well, it's ask.fm, this is social media and it's open to everyone. To the smart ones and to the shallow ones, even to the detol2 you said. We just gotta live with that aren't we? Being butthurt won't change anything imo. Have a good night!

Yes, including me.
Therefore, lo (atau mereka) ga bisa ngelarang gue calling out those stupid 14years old here…
But you can just not give a fuck, you know?
It's much easier that way and nowhere be as half as obnoxious.

i'm a 14years old girl and not get menstruation yet. is it normal for me? i'm a runner anyway. sementara temantemanku ratarata sudah 'dapet'

normal, babe. you may ask ur mom, mgkn ada gen kaya gt.
apalagi aktivitas km yg sbg runner itu mgkn bs jd pengaruh km blm 'dapet'.
dont be afraid ya. itu bakalan nunjukin kl km udah dewasa baik fisik atau pun mental. tapi gak munak juga sih. bakalan sakit bgt pas periodenya. jaga emosi ya. jgn sampe kayak aku hahahah
libas kanan kiri. senggol dikit, bacok
im a 14years old girl and not get menstruation yet is it normal for me im a

Im 14years of age and i am married to someone from pakistan and my husband said he wants a baby at this age what should i do

If you are done with Rukhsati (bidaee) then it is your duty to obey to your Husband. But Family planning is a good thing so, if you don't want a child at this age then you can convince your Husband.
And more over you can discuss this with your mother, as she knows you better than us.
May Allah bless you and bring ease. Ameen.
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Привет??Это наш новый аск и нам понравилась твоя внешность. Если ты хочешь,чтобы мы тебя опубликовали-Прикрепи фото и напиши возраст+имя и ты обязательно попадёшь к нам??

Beautiful_PeopleKld’s Profile PhotoКрасивые люди Калининграда
Sergey Zaytcev
14years Kaliningrad
ПриветЭто наш новый аск и нам понравилась твоя внешность Если ты хочешьчтобы мы

Personally, in soshi, who do you think are the closest to each other? Just want to know your opinion ^^

From what I see... Firstly it'll be Taeyeon & Tiffany, followed by Taeyeon-Sunny-Tiffany & Hyoyeon-Seohyun. As for the rest, I think they are all close to one another as well, but in different ways. Like different members bond with one another closer through different matters and/or things. (e.g. serious topics, fun times, etc)
Taeyeon & Tiffany because they are simply close, everyone in the fandom knows that. They've (literally) lived together ever since Tiffany moved to Korea. From trainee dormmates, to group dormmates (till now). They know one another not just as friends but have lived with one another perhaps just as long as they have with their family members (Tiff lived with her family for 14years before she moved to Korea, hence living with Taeyeon for 12 years since she's 26 now)
Since Taeyeon's family is far away in Jeonju and Tiffany's family in the US, they are literally one another's family in Seoul.
Taeyeon-Tiffany-Sunny because they've lived together for 7years (debut at 19y/o till now). Even Tiffany said herself on Radio Star that she would consider the two of them to be closest to her - while ofc still being close to the other members. They are also very comfortable around one another (not that the others aren't) but they are especially so, understandably since they live together.
But why I ranked this below Taeyeon-Tiffany is because Sunny has her family living pretty near their dorm, so she visits them sometimes. However, just like Tae&Fany, most of her family live far away (parents in Middle East, 1 Sister in US). Another reason being, perhaps since Sunny doesn't post photos as often as Taeyeon and Tiffany does (lol) we don't see that many photos from her like Taeyeon&Tiffany selcas, hence as fans we wouldn't feel how 'close' they are. Though, posting photos together isn't necessarily a representation of how close friends are. A lot of TaeNy are fanservice - but I definitely don't deny their close friendship :)
Hyoyeon & Seohyun... I don't know, need I explain more about this? Haha I think this one is pretty obvious. Since they became roommates, haha, their friendship is really amazing. Being complete opposites but being so open to learning from one another ^^

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hey basically i am 14years old and I've liked this girl for a very long time but my friend is trying to steal my girl what should I do?

ohh shut up y'all the only girl you have is your momma downstairs cooking for your ass now go do your hw and focus on your education😊
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Hello, I have a question about numerals. Rei or Zero? Yon or Shi? Shichi or Nana? Kyu or Ku? Why? And 17 is じゅうなな?

1) Normaly we are using "Zero" like english. but official is "Rei"
2) example : i'm 14years old → watashi wa ju yon sai desu. in other hans, the case of only count.
1,2,3,4 → ichi, ni, san, shi, go....
3) same as 2) i'm 17years old → watashi wa ju nana sai desu. 15,16,17 → ju go, ju roku, ju shichi.
good luck for your learning..<3

you and umair are gunna start dating at 14years old, then you two are gunna break up once when you two are 16, umair is gunna get a gf but then his gf will cheat on him after a month and then you two will get back together and get married at the age of 28 and then you two are gunna have 3 kids

Wow you put a lot of effort into this but a few mistakes. I wanna get married at 24-26 and I wanna have 4 kids but A* for effort ???????
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I am not even a fan of gg but i hope you can see what you want and i hope also leaving gg is not make you sad?

clsfans’s Profile Photocl
Of course this made me sad somehow because i didn't think that this will happen after 14years with S.M Ent and 7years with SNSD~ i wish that everyone keep support me forever and please support GG because i was with them for years and i can't forget them quickly, they'll stay in my heart and my memory, they're such as my sisters or no not like sisters, they're really my 8sisters that weren't born to my mom~ and it's not my miskate or Girls' Generation's miskate ?❤❤

Holaaa!!:3 Hablemos De tu mejor amigo/a Como Se llama? Cuando años tienes? Como es? Como la/o Conociste? Que tienen En comun? Viven Cerca? Cuantos años llevan de amistad? Que tal se la llevan? Te la llevas con su familia? Que tanto se quieren? Eres su mejor amiga/o? INSERTA FOTO? Pasateee

RachelKarolinaAgueroDibacco’s Profile PhotoKarolDiBacco*-*
Hola:3 Claro hablemos7u7, Tengo 2 mejores amigas (Jesús y karlimar) pero la más cercana y apegada a mi es MiChiquitaFav<3 (Karlimar), Se llama karlimar rodriguez mora (alias: tarli), tiene 14years igual que yo, Es hermosa, gordita, atlética y muy** buena persona, La conocí desde que tengo uso de razón (aproximadamente en pre-escolar) , Nos gusta la pizza y somos completamente opuestas (es lo que nos hace mejores amigas), si ella vive cerca de mi casita7u7, creo que son 12 años de amistad (cumpliremos 13 en septiembre), nos llevamos muy bien y jodemos mucho, su familia es como una 2 familia para mi, La QUIROOOOOOOO mucho así como mi estupidez que es infinita (La amo) , si yo soy su MEJOR amiga (La ÚNICA bitches).
Salgo rara, pero estoy con ella<3 *---*
Hablemos De tu mejor amigoa Como Se llama Cuando años tienes Como es

💕Likers get npy's tbh💕TBH my best friend in the universe💕TBH 14years is not just kidding💕TBH always dou know each other's thought💕TBH ho dor ppl wa ngo dei so alike💕TBH ngo dei always bei yun jelly😂TBH wa jor summer holiday yiu do n things💕TBH non-stopping topics💕TBH tmr yau geen💕TBH 💕✨💕

candyng_npy’s Profile PhotoCandy Ng

Holaa *-* :D Un Día ? Un Mes ? Un Año ? Un Amor ? Nombre Completo? Equipo? Edad ? Fecha De Nacimiento? Comida ? Fruta ? Color ? Lugar ? Signo? Una Letra? Un Numero? Mejor Amiga? Mejor Amigo? Novio/a ? Deporte ? Pasate

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10,octubre, 2010, Wvsb:33, AnaibetCarolinaMarquezSira<33, RealMadrid, 14years old, 16deDiciembre, Pizza*o*, Todas menos, la lechoza y el nispero-.-, Azul, MiCasa, Sagitario, D, 26´, Aarp:3, Vadbu.u, Daniel<3, Futbol y Beisbol....

1. likers limited diganti pake ow : salken 2. udah makan? 3. hai cantikkk 3. pap buat aku dong 4. single/taken 5. intro dong 6. sekolah dimana? 7. kelas berapa? 8. age? 9. 5 ter 10. desc me

ayumasdewanti’s Profile PhotoAyumas
1. Salam kenal jugaa 2. Belom kwkw 3.hiii juga 4.single 5.nabila Kartika yumna taekwondoin 6. 11jhs 7.g8 8. 14years old 9. Terunyuz terramaah terbaik tergauuul terfriendly 10. Kecee,gauul,baik,seru keknya salken yaa;3

he cries " never leave me alone fight by my arrow to bring my sons rights , to keep my name in minds and raise my flag high to reach the stars . I need you more than any other time " zainab 14years #Zamalek #20Martyrs

We'll Never Leave it alone <3
that's our life ^_^ we'll with it to die ^^
We love it to the moon and back <3 ^_^
#ZaMaLek <3
#20_Martyrs <3

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