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When you've applied for jobs in the past, how has it been for you to write resumes, personal letters etc.? 📄

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I had to search jobs in 2020. It was the MOST depressing thing ever. I was trying to look for a job when companies were literally going into lockdown mode due to Covid.
If took me 1.5years after finding a job, to get over the trauma. Was pretty depressing.
Gotta tell yourself it's okay to take some time to find a job. Just don't give up and apply everywhereeeee. All the best!!

My boyfriend wants me to convert to Christianity. We've been dating over 1.5years and he's never mentioned how serious he is about it considering we've already done the deed multiple times. He told me he's struggling & thinks we won't work if I don't convert. I love him but idk what to do

Just because he's your boyfriend doesn't mean he can force you to do or believe in something you don't want to do

Would you rather only be able to watch one show for the rest of your life or only be able to watch the first episode of any show for the rest of your life?

NicoleBuckleyyx’s Profile Photonikki ☻
Oh😱 no cant do it I couldn't ever watch a show ever again if those where my options 😔 this brings me sadness my favorite show Supernatural has ended the way they ended it even brought a tear to my eyes dont tell anyone I wont admit that again 😆 but 15years is a long investment almost like saying goodbye to a best friend😌

جوبوا اسمك : عمرك : شعور دلوقتي : كام الساعة : اخر شخص كلمته : زعلان من حد : لون موبيلك : لونك المفضل : رقمك المفضل : اول حرف من اسم حد بتكره : اول حرف من اسم حظ بتحبوا : تحب المناسبات : عنك لونها : تحب السواقة : شعرك طويل : عجبك اسمك : بتقدر تحبس دموعك : هل تفتقد احد : اسم بنت حلو : اسم ولد حلو :

مخنوقةه ?
يمني ♥
ايوة اوي ?
بمبي ❤
ﻻ مش بحب الزحمة ?
بني ♥
سواقة العجل بس?
ﻻ كاري ♥
ﻻ خالص?
ﻻ دموعي قريبه ?
ايوة اووي ?
نور ♥
انس ♥ ، نضال ♥

1.Trinkst du? 2. Rauchst du? 3.Jungfrau? 4. Wie lange ist dein letzter Kuss her? 5. Hast du eine/r BF? 6. Wie findest du Freundschaftplus? 7. Findest du dich schön? 8. Grösse? 9. Alter? 10.Single? 11. Jedem Liker diese Frage?😊

1. Gelegenheitstrinka 2. niemol 3.jaa klar 4.phuu keine ahnung 5. ja hab ich 6.is nt so meins😅 7. Topmodel😂 8. 1.80m 9. 15years 10.jaa 11.Kan bock😂😂😂

just wanna say hi and Thank you for inspiring me. I m 15years old. i m feeling much better to living up my dreams. I wannabe a great artist someday when i grow up. :) I m now determine to study arts and also music which my parents dont allow me to do so.. THANK YOU BIGBANG!! 💕💕

Work hard for what you want and do it with passion

1:vergeben?💑 2:verliebt?😻 3:rauchst du?🔥 4:trinkst du?🍺 5:Alter?😇6:deine Größe?🙌 7:Geburtstag?🍰 8:Lieblingslied?🎶 9:Lieblingsessen?🍟 10:Lieblingsmensch?👧👦 11:Lieblingsstar?😎 12:Jedem liker die Frage?😏

laramarques9’s Profile PhotoLara
1. nope
2. maybe
3. han shomal
4. nöö
5. 15years old
6. 153 cryy:(
7. 18.7.01
8. PND - only u
9. fast food natürlich
10. han vieel
11. pnd
12. nö keibock💖

1.vergeben? 2.Jungfrau? 3.verliebt? 4.wann letzter Kuss? 5.rauchst du? 6.trinkst du? 7.kiffst du? 8.alter? 9.größe? 10.jldf=jedem Liker diese Frage?

1.nein2.juckt?3.juckt?4.zwei Wochen5.nein6.ja wenn ich mit meinen mädels bin haha7.nein8. 15years old9. 1,70m groß 10.kb

you are really really really so gorgeous arsn❤❤ my mom die when i was 15years old and i my dad live in N.Y because his work is there and he never ask about me or come to see me for 2 years so i live in miami alone and the lonely killing me that why i know a lot of thing about you because i am lonely

Thank you❤ I'm sorry for you..
Why you don't go and live with your dad?
It's difficult to be lonley .. Whenever you want you can talk to me :') and I can hear you , I wish that I could help you more than just hearing you :")

1.One best friend?? 2.Do you have a sibling??? 3.Top ten priorities?? 4.Something you miss?? 5.Something you want atm??6.Something which makes you happy?7.How old are you?? 8.Birthday?? 9.Single/taken/crush?? 10.A subject which you like the most? ? (STAIF) Please answer

1.I have five @bhaktipokar @Ruchita_VD @kinjalpatel5839 @the___sarvesh_ Harsh limbani & Abhijeet khillare. ?
2.Yes I have.??3.Food,water,Mobile,Net,Parents,Friends,Love& music thats it.?4.I miss her,My old days,Childhood(Most),Old behavior of closer ones.?5.Waiting for the dream bike to come??? (After 10th maybe)?6.Anything that attract me within 7 sec makes me happy. 7. 15Years Old I am.?8.2nd Jan. ?9.SINGLE.?10.None.?

i hv mmbe snce stndr 3but i anggp dia as my sahabt frvr cs dia alwys ada dgn i. we sit in the same class snce stndr 4 we're fine until awl thun 2016 . then she pinda cuz family prob since that i get a new mmbe n she also .snce tht we always fight like wtf do . tbh i sdh dh. nk genap 5thn dh kwn 💔😭

U i have a friend of MINE CALLED BY ME ITS MINE FOREVER! i really love them omg! And i kenal dorang since i was 4years old! And now im 15years old! Hurm but till now i still kwn dngn dorg banyak gila gaduh, dengki, geli, benci, menyampah, ergh bnyak ah bad thing i tought about them but suddenly i tersedar that my whole life wont be happier if they are not withh me dorang lah jiran i dorang lah kawan i dorang lah bf i they are everything to me :) its alya,shikin and yunus (:
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Well... to be honest, you have 15 years, you dye your hear, you wear heal-ish boots, and you wear lipstick to school? I don't think that's okay for your age.

Ohhhh really? Once wasn't enough for ya? You had to come back with the EXACT SAME FUCKING QUESTION that you sent 2 months ago?? https://ask.fm/ClaraaaTW/answers/136211044021
But I'm on a good mood tonight, so I'm gonna give you a different answer sweetheart :
You're right. I'm so sorry. I shouldn't wear or do all these things when I HAVE only 15years. My bad. While I slowly grow up until a point you seem fit I should wear those stuff, I suggest you do the same. :)
SERIOUSLY. First of all, I don't know about you but :
- I AM 15years old
- I dye my HAIRS
AND I don't think it's okay for you to tell me what is okay or not okay for me to do. Have a nice life.
Well to be honest you have 15 years you dye your hear you wear healish boots and

der r rumors nidhi ditched pallavi , der 15years of frndship broke because of preesha ! Is dat true ? how does nidhi matters 2 you soo mch ?

Rumors are always meant to be 'rumors'
I am no one between Nidhi and Pallavi.
I myself appreciate their friendship.
If people think so, let them think.
I still no where count my self between them.
Nidhi needed a shoulder, i had been there for here.
She does matter to me now, because we hav made memories, we share stuff, i had been for her, so does she hav.
If people think its because of me?
I Honestly dont give a fuck!
PS : The thing is between Pallavi and Nidhi. Dont ask me! Nidhi still cries for Pallavi.

i just wanted to say that you're really an amazing personality!! i mean your answers are just awesome and your display is just breathtaking :") i really wish i knew you!! i really do, cause you're one of the most alluring girls out there :) just thought you should know :)

Hotvirus’s Profile Photopassion_Wild
For 7seconds I smiled like an idiot .
If this is a STAIF , I will kill you 😒😒
Thanks for sending this though 🙈💜💗
But if you don't know me , let me tell you this that my entire display is fake, Lol 😁
Secondly, my answers are lame because I know I try to be funny which I am actually not xD
And lastly, after reading this I wanna ask you " What do you want ? 😊"
Isn't it quite obvious Question ?
I have lived 15years of my life and learned that you get nothing for free :)
There is always a payback time ✌

Name:______ Age:_______Birthday:_______ Eye color:________Nickname:________Best friend:__________Favorite Color:______ Hair Color_______ Favorite day______ favorite name of boy _______ favorite name of girl ______ u like play _________ single_______where r u from _____

Shahed / 15years / 8.8.2000 / brown / ode / mtani @mtani_musbah / black.blue / brown / haven't / Mohamed / rana / basketball / something spacial / Libya

Please do this. Dear ex. Dear self. Dear mom. Dear dad. Dear sibling. Dear future guy best friend. Dear school. Dear college. Dear boyfriend. Dear future husband.

Dear ex, I have nothing to say to you, especially not on ask?
Dear self, its time for you to start your sociology project.
Dear mom, can you give me some extra money plis. I'm running short.
Dear future guy best friend, I'm sorry but you don't exist cause I ain't replacing my current ones. But if you do, lets go get waffles.
Dear school, I owe you 15years of my life.
Dear college, You're a beaut, but you aren't meant for me.
Dear boyfriend, its time you stop playing hide and seek now.
Dear future husband, I am gonna be the kinda wife you're gonna find baking a cake at 2:00am in your hoodie. And then we'd have crazy sex on the kitchen counter.

Nick name: age: iPhone or android: birthday: battery percentage: last person you text: favourite person: person you trust: favourite colour: hair color: last song you listened: favourite drink: weight: height and lastly personality type:

Nick name: yusrayy, yussii
Age: 15years 2 months
iPhone or android: iPhone
Birthday: 12th October
Battery percentage: 19%
Last person you text: Muqadas
Favourite person: nimrah
Person you trust: I have trusting issue. Still I am not sure, who is trustworthy.
Favourite colour: blue💙💙
Hair colour: black
Last song you listened: love me like you do.
Favourite drink: I am happy with orange juice.
Weight: 51 kgs
Height: 5'4"
Personality type: I don't know.

I Can't Get Over How My Mom Treats/treated Me. 98% of my childhood memories are of my mom mistreating me or treating me differently from my brother. She was always very hypocritical and I always felt unloved or neglected by her. I am now almost 15years old and she is still treating like shit.

awww..i know how u feel :')

Сколько тебе лет? Какой рост? Цвет волос? Цвет глаз? Любимый цвет? Время года? Время суток? Любимое число? Нравится кто-то? Любишь животных? Лучший друг? Задай тот же вопрос тем, на кого подписан

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15years 👑🔝❤️
164 🙈
Рыжий теперь 😂
Зелено-карий 💚😌
Мятный 💙
Весна 🌸
Да 😍
Обожаю 💞

La foto se me olvido me gustan todas jaja, Foto mía que mas te guste, frase, 5 cosas tuyas 5 cosas mías.♥

JhoenAliCarrlloRangelAkd’s Profile PhotoJhoen Rangel
jajaja ^-^ jhoensitooo:* eres bello*o*, me gusta lo q escuchas:3, t vistes bien, tienes el señor abdomen:Gg, dices q t olvido :c
mias: soy odiosa, nunca olvido es descuido:), cabello largo*o*, ojos caffe, 15years esa me gusta:*
La foto se me olvido me gustan todas jaja Foto mía que mas te guste frase 5

At least I have option of being a housewife jeita respectful but you toh will be running after boys 15years later also oi indrani mukherjea r Moto obosta tor..

Mehnazzz!! ????
Thambi please?
Dekh bhai, tor moto amar cheleder pichone douranor dorkar pore na. Sheta tuio janish.
Indrani Mukherjea ke niye obsessed hoye gechhis. Idolise korchhis naki oke?
P.S School e face to face kotha bol dom thakle. Ask.fm e untick na kore chodabi na. School e face to face aay ami toke asto rakhbo na. Mere mere tor obostha kharap kore debo. Ekei mukhta distorted marle ki hobe bhabte parchhis? ??

I am girl. 15years old. I have done zina many times with two of my boyfriends although I asked both if them not to. now I have none. and I don't want to have any until n unless any of them make me his wife. I want to turn to Allah but I have a feeling that I will not be forgiven. I am hurt.wht 2 do?

(2ND Part) "I mthe girl who messaged u b4 of 15yrs old one. I pray 5times a day. offering my kazas too. rejecting my parents opposition i m doing hijab I have left everything for the sake of Allah and ask for forgiveness again n again n ihv witnessed many if the things that makes me feel that Allah is with me.
actually the question limit was exceeded so I m asking that whether I will be forgiven or not? if stoning is my punishment then I m ready to throw my self and ask people to stone me till my death but I just need Allah ... His firgiveness.plz help if u want to say me any thing I won't mind zanigirl"
Were you a muslim before when you were doing the act? If no and you converted, you are actually all forgiven.
But if you were a muslim and now you repented day and night, I don't want to say. There is noting bad I can say to you even if I tried. Your intentions now are BEYOND pure in my eyes. If I say you still need to stone yourself, but Allah fully forgave you already, I would literally end up crying as I made someone loose their life for no reason. But I can tell you a actual story that occurred in the time of Prophet(S.A.W)
There was a women in the Prophet's time that commited zina and came to the Prophet crying asking how she can be forgiven (As you came to me although I'm not half as knowledgeable as him) and told him her situation. She told him she was pregnant with a child and wanted the Prophet to free her of the sin too. So the Prophet(S.A.W) told her to go and give birth to the child first as it would be murder to kill the baby when she got stoned. But what really surprised the Prophet was when she came back 9 months later after she gave birth to the child as he though she would have forgotten. He then told her to nurture the child until he became interdependent on himself (Didn't require her to breastfeed him anymore) She did that and came back a 3rd time and was told to give the child to someone who may look after the baby. So then she got stoned. Stoned, all the way until she died. One of the man threw the stones so hard after her death at her that the blood splashed him from where he was standing and he began to smile as he won something. Upon seeing this the Prophet (S.A.W) got so mad and said something along the lines of ",THIS WOMAN'S REPENTS WAS SO GREAT THAT IF YOU HAD AN ENTIRE SINNING NATION, THIS WOULD HAVE FORGIVEN EVERYONE PLUS A FEW OTHERS." (Something Like that)
I have probobly said this 6 times now though: ALLAH FORGIVES. Beg him for forgivness. There is this quote my mom told me "Make wudu like an elderly, pray like a youth and make dua'a like a baby." People get annoyed when you nag them, but not him. Turn to Allah(S.W.T) Cover your bad deed with a good one. I'm not saying kill yourself, NO. but my advise it to help yourself by doing as much good deeds as you may.
May Allah forgive and guide you and us to the path to Jannah
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvnkNiObUYAOur_Ummah’s Video 132038998170 pvnkNiObUYAOur_Ummah’s Video 132038998170 pvnkNiObUYA

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Our_Ummah’s Video 132038998170 pvnkNiObUYAOur_Ummah’s Video 132038998170 pvnkNiObUYA

بما انهه ملل ? ابي فاكتس عني تعرفني ما تعرفني شير الي يعجبني بنحظر عليهه وبنشرلهه ووو بس #احبكم????. لحد يشوفك ?

1-your name is abdulaziz✖️.
2-your birthday in 27-7-2000.
3-you're 15years old✖️✖️.
4- from kuwait✖️.
5- tn'3th etha a7d galek chub.
Ou bas walahh..

Te geweldig da wij elkaar na al die jaren hebben teruggevonden, een vriend als u is het beste wa ik kreeg als kind 🙌🏾

LifeFromAnotherView’s Profile PhotoJoaquim Fa
Doe normaal eh kerel, die emotionele shit is niet goed voor mijn hart!
Maa nee ge hebt gelijk ik heb just hetzelfde, still after 15years ofzo best friend!

its not that anyone gives a shit about you just screwin you if its thoae questions! you are like 15years old!

Haha 16 actually
Get your facts right before you try getting at me
Glad no one gives a shit about me anyway
Let's not get fishy
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I'm gonna ask you something! Many of my friends told me that if you heavy weight you won't be able to grow up and you can grow up taller if you weight loss like 50kg if you are 5.5 but Im still confused! Can I grow up taller fast like 3 inches after 15years old if I weight loss..? Tell me clearly ♥♥

Seriously speaking weight has nothing to do with your height...m your height depends on your genes. If your parents are talk you'll definately grow tall...and you definately have time to grow your height..try swimming and cycling ??and have a healthy diet...
And definately weight has nothinf with height i weigh 37kg still 5'2ft short??

I'm gonna ask you something! Many of my friends told me that if you heavy weight you won't be able to grow up and you can grow up taller if you weight loss like 50kg if you are 5.5 but Im still confused! Can I grow up taller fast like 3 inches after 15years old if I weight loss..? Tell me clearly ♥♥

that didn't really make sense..but to put it simply, you need weight to grow, think of it like..when you stretch a blob of blue tack or playdough, for that to stretch long enough, there needs to be enough of it, if you've got a tiny amount, it won't stretch far
I hope you understand?
so to grow your tallest, you need to be a healthy weight up to about the age of 21 when you stop growing all together
height is mainly based on your genetics, being how tall your parents are and such, the amount of weight, although can effect growth won't stop your genes from doing what they've been made to do
I could go into more detail but..I dint want to be annoying😂

Aw, that must've been irritating. But I know you could get over with it, Kak. It's not like they're any better than you. Anyway, do you have any experience where someone secretly likes your style and say it out loud when they don't acknowledge that you're actually an Indonesian?

Yeah but it's okay, tidak pernah diambail hati so it's okay XD i just love seeing their shocked expression whenever they found out i understood everything hahahha XD
Yup i experienced several times, sometimes (not all the time okay) i even approached them and personally thanked them, i know it's SKSD but idk i just feel happy, and we usually ended up talking somemore, some even changed contacts with me, i love making new friends yay! ❤❤❤
There was one young mom approached me in gandaria city (last year if im not remembering it wrongly) and asked where did i buy my shoes cause her daughter wanted it, then i approached her daughter (she was 15years old^^) and we ended up talking for half an hour and we ended up going to H&M together❤

You are nt on FB so lemme post it here... Happy Birthday Ananya <3 Blssed 2 have u as a frnd ! One thing i really like abt you is that U r vry practical :* Love your nature Stay Same :D You r just like a sweet sister to me <3 Helping me with my problems always ^_^ Teri vajah se 2 no. pe wish kia >.<

AnuragMishra162’s Profile PhotoAnurag Mishra
Hahaha. I'm so sorry Anurag. :P
Vese call badi mazedaar thi. XD
Aap bhi mere bade bhai jese ho ^_^
Thanks so much, for everything.
Aur bade bhai udaas nai rehte, haina? :*
AAP ab so jao.xD
Yup. Itni respect.xD
And seriously, I thought you were someone else. Acha hua meine guess nai kiya, katta ho jata mera :/ :P
Chal Thanks though :P <3
Your sweet si chhoti si behena(jo ab 15years ki ho gaya hai :3),
Ananya Vadhera <3

I'm gonna ask you something! Many of my friends told me that if you heavy weight you won't be able to grow up and you can grow up taller if you weight loss like 50kg if you are 5.5 but Im still confused! Can I grow up taller fast like 3 inches after 15years old if I weight loss..? Tell me clearly ♥♥

The way this is written is hurting my brain
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I'm gonna ask you something! Many of my friends told me that if you heavy weight you won't be able to grow up and you can grow up taller if you weight loss like 50kg if you are 5.5 but Im still confused! Can I grow up taller fast like 3 inches after 15years old if I weight loss..? Tell me clearly ♥♥

I really don't think that weight has an effect on how tall you are. There are many thin ppl that are really short and many bigger ppl that are tall. I'm not overweight, but I am like 170cm. I've got a friend who is like 37kg and only 155cm. It just depends on your body type. Also, you stop growing some time. Girls usually when they get their period like two years after maybe and boys at like 21 or so. Now if you want to get taller, there are some excersices you can do to gain tallness. Go search them up if u want. But I don't really think it depends on ur weight that much.♥ I hope I helped a little bit ☼

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