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- شو اسمج ؟ - كم عمرج ؟ - من وين ؟ - اي صف ؟ - اكلج المفضل ؟ - شرابج المفضل ؟ لونج المفضل ؟ اغنيتج المفضلة ؟ اسم شخص تحبينه ولد ؟ اسم شخص تحبينه بنت ؟ في مرة سويتي مشكلة و شو هي ؟ متى اخر مرة حصلتي كف ؟

Ali , 18years , Jordanian , senior 12’ , everything , blue

Name:______ Age:_______Birthday:_______ Eye color:________Nickname:________Best friend:__________Favorite Color:______ Hair Color_______ Favorite day______ favorite name of boy _______ favorite name of girl ______ u like play _________ single_______where r u from (city)_____

wigati wimaya, 18years old, 6 november 1999, black, maya, felly and sara, pink, dark brown, friday and saturday, Kaindra Risk Sachio, Gelasia Ellora, get rich haha (just kidding), single, semarang indonesia

My name is Muhammad.. I am 18years old. I have created that fake account for this purpose which is making a survey about some psychological responses.. peace out??✌️ Analysis:top 20% ..a bit observant and can reveal some hidden tricks

Ali244u’s Profile PhotoScientific Capsules
فكره حلوه ع فكره لشخص عنده ١٨ سنه .. شابوه يادفعه ?✌?️

Name:___ Age:___Birthray:_____ Eye color:____Nickname:____Best friend:____Favorite Color:___ Hair Color___ Favorite day___ favorite name of boy ___ favorite name of girl __ u like play ___ single__where r u from __

Biology12345’s Profile Photoابرار
1: Muhammad Hamza Shabbir Khokhar
2: 18years 10months
3: 17july
4: brown
5: hamzi hamzu hamu etc
6: Awan sahab
7: Sky Blue
8: black and brown
9: Monday
10: Shahveer
11: Abrish
12: Nothing
13: Yes
14: Karachi, Pakistan

Hej prave ne😄 Musi tam byt "old", protoze to je fraze. Docela zakladni, ale to je fuck, neurazej se, jen ti radim. "18 years" je spatne. To je jako rict cesky "a nestaci rict, ze jsem 18? Proc bych musela rikat, ze 'mam 18 let', kdyz staci rict, ze jsem 18?", chapes:)

Ale ja som to tam nenapísala ako frázu 😃 to by som musela napísať I'm 18years old. 😃😃

Bhai!!!! Ap bade ho mujh se... Aur honestly bohot ache person ho ap... Mai itna bhi accha nahi.. ??? Btw mai srif 18 yeara old hun Isliye bio me age mention nahi ki.. ??? Log lyt lete age maloom hone se mai dikhta bada hun Lekin 18years ka hi hun

Taqi_Ali’s Profile PhotoTaqi
Apko kisnay kaha ma apsay bara hun? :3
18 year sai toh age ha.... At least you're legally adult?

Name:_____ Age:_______ Birthday:________ Eye color:______ Nickname:______Best friend:______ Favorite Color:_______ Hair Color_______ Favorite day_______ favorite name of boy ________ favorite name of girl _______ u like play _______u like school ______ single or relationship

Tahani , 18years , 7_April , Eye&hair colour: Brown, favourite colour : Black , single...
It's enough 😂😂

Full name:?nick name:?age:?battery %:? last persons in ur texts:? birthday:?something u love:? someone u love:✌ someone u trust:?Best friend:? last song u listen to: ✏ favourite colour:? favourite drink:?favourite movie:?favorite colour:?Perfect day:? relationship status: (S.T.A.I.F)

1. sachin Guptan ✌
2. sachu, gupu, appus?
3. 18Years 2months 27days✴?
4. 62%?
5. @sakshi_tiwari?
6. 11 October ?
7. my wrist watch ⌚
8. *o*r*?
9. mis NAIR?
11. Aaj din chadiyeaa?
12. black?
13. coke?
14. yaariya??
15. same as 12 ?
16. every day with my frnds is a perfect day for me..✌
17. taken?

I'm 18years old I love a boy and I know he loves me too,how could he be mine? I know we are made for each other I won't be able to untick myself because I don't want him to find out please help💃👈🙏👈👫👈

If you really love him and he loves you back nothing could stop you both by being together... You don't need to express your love for him if it's true he'll find out, just act normal with him try to get more close with him,he can't hide his feelings for long....

Why did you still using english when your grammar is such a random mess. Go to english course first kid

I don't really care when I commit ton of mistakes during daily conversation when basically every english speakers commit grammatical mistakes all the time. And well, as long as I don't do it on my assignments I think that would be fine , so why bother to be a grammar nazi? Lol
Kid? Iam 18years old and gonna turn into 19th in months, so I'm not a kiddo anymore. And if you are 'older' than me by saying that I'm a kid, why don't you talk to me directly instead of blabbering without giving me any proper solution? And btw, I have no money so would you pay for my english course?

Anon : 0
Hana : 1

How are you going to raise a child without a job or college degree? You can't rely on your parents forever

U know nothing honey I am in school and almost completed 10th grade jacobs in school almost done with 10th grade 😂 and he is working he has a job .. and I have my own income dear that's guarantee till I'm 18years old then I have a settlement waiting on me that I can build me a brand new home and put myself through collage I don't depend on no one for shit I have enough income coming in to take care of my baby my self just fine and believe me it's enough to take care of Jacob and me too he don't have to work but he wants to work for his family. So stay out of my business .. 😊

Bas chi eno ktachafet ede helo l hada ykoun 3enso ref2a, nghadaret w sar ktir osas w heke, w aa fekra ana max bi koun 3ende 2 ref2a w ma behke maa hada gher, fa bhal sayfiye nghadaret mn haw l chakhsen li bhayete li kenet adde kl iyeme ma3on like 14h bl nhar w kl yom, b2it mniha w ma ybayen 3laye

Ense shi esmo friends walla mafi true friends sad2ine aam behke eno l aghlabiye, my mom kenit taarif wehde for 18years keno mn hene w zghar maa baaed w kenit tdalla aana bel beit metel ka2ana wehde mena ekhir shi ghadareta la eme so ense

Name ~> Doly Didu From ~> România ( That is in Europe ) What country i like ? ~> Korea ,China , Vietnam all I love K-drama , K-pop , K-food Like dance and i like sweet ..... My favorite animals it Dog :D I have more bias wif K-pop I'm very friendly and good friend Need more more friends you?

DolyDidu’s Profile PhotoDoly
my name is jessica beh.
just call me whatever you like.
a 18years old malaysian chinese.
also like kpop and k-dramas.
omo, i love dancing too.
i can play piano and violin x)
i like cats. i have a cat named gaemi hahaha :D
bias? i'm multifandoms and ofc hv a lot of bias too but the top one is kai of exo <3
i'm also friendly and hope we can be a good friend :3

Name:______ Age:_______Birthday:_______ Eye color:________Nickname:________Best friend:__________Favorite Color:______ Hair Color_______ Favorite day______ favorite name of boy _______ favorite name of girl ______ u like play _______u like school _____ single_______where r u from ______

moslemana30’s Profile PhotoMöhämmëd Säëëd....... tïġër
Hey, my name is Thanushah D/O Soniyasee. I'm 18years old this year. My birthday is on 12/5/1996. My eyes color is black. LovelyShah is my nickname. My bestfriend's name is Renukhaa. Blue, black, white and red are my favorite colors. My hair is in black color. 17/7/2014 is my favorite day. Vinay is my favorite name of boy and Vionisha is my favorite name of girl. I love to play badminton and golf. I love going to school because I wanna be a educated person in future. I'm still single. :p I'm from Malaysia. :-)

alley...OMG em scared....you so much brave....sry buddy....oye tera dad businessman hai na....tu toh ni hai....mai khud ek businessman hu....aur abi sirf 18years old hu....jb tere dad ko 45years ki humar mei kitni channel hai....toh soch mjhe kitni hogi sirf 18years mei.....jus think kal baat karte

paulowais’s Profile PhotoAsad Ahmed Khan
You're a businessman? Yea thoda zayada ho gaya magar relaxo hai bada mazboot . Mai nahee lagata teri kasam . Go try and scare someone else . I don't have time for kids like you .

1 . when bts debut ? 2 . how old are jungkookie now ? 3 . pls list all bts song hehe New army here #staystrongjhope

Hi there,welcome as an Armys. BTS debut in June 13,2013 with debut song No More dream.
Jungkook is born in 1st Sep 1997, technically he is 17years old but in terms of korean age,he is 18years old. It would be a long list here.
If you wanna know all their album songs,visit their official page: http://bts.ibighit.com/
You should be able to get their info from there. Or you can visit this Facebook page and click on the More Information, there is a list of info bout them. MEmbers info,awards and such. LINK: https://m.facebook.com/BTSBangtanBoysCafe
Hope it helps.. lastly welcome to Armys Fandom..

actually 160cm isn't thaaaaaat unnaturally short.. I'm 18years old and 170cm and the tallest among my friends (ah and I'm from germany - not a small people country^^) ..so well you're not drastically short. anyways I'm a fan of yours ^__^

Oh I know, I'm pretty average. It's just that ALL my friends (except for perhaps three) are 170+ cm. And I'm standing in the group like hey guys. I look up to you all. But I guess it's not too short, it's around average in almost every country I believe. Still wouldn't hurt to be a liiiiittle bit taller though!
And thank you for being so kind! I don't like the word "fan" much but I'm super flattered <3
Liked by: Ana Petya 13.12. Qara

Is it possible tht a 24 years old guy studnt of civil engineering falls for a girl of 14 , while chatting with her? Was tht love? Either it is possible?

Why not possible??!! :/
Everything is possible in Love & War. :)
Age difference doesn't matter. xD
If a 15years old boy kid can fall for a 18years old girl, so why not 24years old guy fall for a 14years old girl? :))

моя любимая, красивая, родная, сказочная жаным!!! люблю тебя сильно сильнооо!!! 18years together ^___^

очень люблю тебя моя жаным❤️❤️с каждым годом наша дружба будет крепче✌️✌️

Move on isn't that easy they both are my childhood friends 18years isn't short and move on kra they both will fight more nd i tried this neither they nor me happy i went out for 1 month came back wow fights at heights ughhh i also don't want that i should loose my respect ir call a player but.. Ugh

Or just do this, tell them both that you don't wish to lose your 18 year of friendship on the name of relationship bcos if I chose any one of you this would for sure hurt one or the other either way so yeah I won't make this decision.
Liked by: Malik Taha

Bhargav we knw one another from jain college. Do you knw this girl called Heena. I love her alot. Help me bro plz! I am madly in love with her. She is your fb friend.. I love her man. But never had the guts to ask her out. Because she always rejects the proposals. Am 18years old.. Plz help me bhaiyy

Firstly: I don't know you :3
Secondly : as far as I know heena she won't get into any relationship easily.
Thirdly : if you really love her or like her then you should be telling all this to her and not me.
Fourthly : I am not a love guru.
So whoever you are, just go talk to her directly and hope for the best.

''Αν έχεις αγάπη για μενα θα σου δώσω περισσότερη. Maik 18years old.'' Υπαρχουν παρα πολλες κοπελες που σου εδωσαν αγαπη ή που ηθελαν να σου δωσουν αγαπη και ουτε τις εκτιμησες ουτε τους εδωσες την ευκαιρια :) <3

Οι αγάπες δεν είναι ίδιες δε χρειάζομαι οποιαδήποτε χρειάζομαι κάποια συγκεκριμένη .
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Cap de poser cette question au 10 premier qui aime ? Ton âge ? Ta taille ? Ta classe ? Violet ou rose ? Coca ou ice tea ? Chocolat blanc/au lait/noir ? Converse ou Van's ? Pull ou veste ? Short ou pantalon ? Nutella ou Oréo ? Bisous ou câlin ? Jaloux(se) ? Dragibus ou fraise tagada ?

MathildeColin971’s Profile Photo☀ Mathilde ☀
Yep sure :-D . 18years . 1.80cm .1year in university . Rose . Ice tea . Chocolat au lait noir . Converse . Veste pantalon . The both . Câlin . Non . No one . Tnx for question <3

Aah i know in summertime here everyone unfreezes and become warmer -.- in my city in italy it snowef ahaha i want snow and snowball fights!:( damn i feel like were so childish ahah and uh yeah im looking forward to know wgat the next summer will bring me, apart from 18years :P

ImTheItalianOne’s Profile PhotoLoading...
haha thats true its the same here people starts living again and not just sit inside when summer comes we open up both windows doors and hearts so thats the best time :) I have no rush growing up no matter how you turn it you gone be grown up longer than you are a child anways, Snowball fights for sure ;) I think you will have an awesome summer :)

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