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What do you fear the most ?!

At this moment i am like stressed abt my nephew health n its my exams time . you know how it feels when you are trying to focus with your tearful eyes . Your heart is beating faster . You are just praying ka Ya Allah please arham ko theek kr dein . I have found him after 20years .i cant even think ofanything bad for him . Like this is the moment you feel like you can fly to lhr n be next.to him

مستحيل اشوف Abdullah وقراها عبدالله لازم انطقها ابدولاه وموهامد وكاليد وابدورهمان ، كيفهال انتا جين هبيبي؟???

ولازم أقرا 20years “عشرين years”?
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have you ever had an imaginary friend? were they named? (i briefly had an imaginary friend named Gertie!)

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I didn't.
I had a younger cousin who had an imaginary friend who we all assumed was just an imaginary child her age.
It turned out her "imaginary friend" was a middle aged man who's age, description and name were the same as the man who died while building her house.
She'd only play with her imaginary friend while at home, in her house or garden.
She didn't know about the man dying and neither did anyone who knew her.
Her parents only found out after she already had brought up her imaginary friend.
To this day, my cousin still doesn't know about the man who died even though it's 20years later.
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gue baru aja diputusin sm cowok gue setelah kurang lebih pacaran setahun. Dengan alasan kalo kita berdua itu ga cocok. Dia juga merasa ga nyaman dan ga bisa terbuka sama gue. Gue mau nanya, wajar ga sih diputusin dgn alasan itu? kenapa dia baru bilangnya sekarang?

Well even 20years long married couple could get divorced over 'ga cocok' reason???
What you expect? Learning to get to know someone can last for a lifetime, there will be something which manage to surprise you every single day, human is like an endless layers of thoughts and perspectives. Maybe he felt he was comfortable and could click well, but as time goes by it might be faded away from one fight to another, from one sharing time to another. Maybe the spark is long gone, idek.
Breaking up hurts esp when you love him so, but try to look at the good in everything, you no longer shud waste your time with a wrong guy and could start mending your heart for another journey with someone else.

I heard there's a video do Em and Kim together for his BD is it true? if so where I can find it ? can you see Em¿ I didn't know he invites her for his BD ....

It's an old video, not recent. She doesn't spend his birthday with him since when they divorced, he doesn't even invite her... the video you talk about is really old. Like from 20years ago.

u said in the past nate had "inappropriate" behavior wz friends of the girls...what exactly did he do? and how do u know abt it was it the girls who said it or ur source?

Whole Clinton Township was talking about this and some of Hailie and Alaina's friends spoke about it in public with them ( myspace times ).
... I am not going to say how he was acting because I guess ask would suspend me lmao, but you can perfectly imagine yourself... Just think what is inappropriate that around 20years old guy can do with little girls... It obviously was supposed to be all for fun, but for Kim it wasn't funny at all.
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Dude...do uh kno anything about the story behind 20years plan????and yes surely uh kno me damn well...

this cant be happening.... i thought no one of 'us' has an account on ask..
nd yes i know everything about 20 years plan, as of now it is not gonna happen , reply tak to aata ni bhai ka but lets pray.
and yeah now i think that i know you nd u know almost all the things ..
untick(unleash the devil behind)

حتي لو كنت تتكلم لغة انجليزية 20 years😞 فإنك سوف تنطقها عشرين مش twenty😂😂😂😂😂 و تستمر برادة 😎😎😎😎

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اكيد حتا لو فاتو 20years تانية 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

My whole question was about that 20years old guy XD Actually I see in our society the people who knows less are more happy and easy-going But knowing a lot makes the person more of a "psycho" and have some sort of Schizophrenia with others Knowledge and abnormalities in thinking effects both ways

know less→ more happy→ normal → easy → ur average human.
know more→ smarta$$ → psycho → less happy → ex: House/ the Mentalist... etc.
u know what I mean!!
everything comes with a price , including both knowledge and ignorance.

I am a 20years old boy. My full name is Sahil Sabherwal and i like to play football and like to play tabla which i am doing since 6 years. Your profile is so amazing. When you will see 7 wonders of the world with you in the mirror then there would be only one wonder WHICH IS YOU THE MOST AMAZING.

yaar ap kehna kya chah ry hu?
mjhy naai smjh aa ra

This question is derived from Game of Thrones. You met a woman who could tell your future. However, you could only ask 3 questions. What were your question and why would you ask them?

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first, 'what will i do in future' or specificly 'what kind of job that i'll do' why? because i can prepare it from now and also i'll definitely choose the right way➡️ next, 'how my life be like 20years later' why? cause if there's a problem or something like that i can fixed or solved it from now(the past) and the last is.... 'how about my future family? such as my mom, dad, sister, brother, and alsoo future husband😂✌🏻️' what the fckn silly everyone definitely want to know about that👌🏻 just 3?😭 actually i hv 1000 more questions🙄

i knoe .. you will see me after 20years بالعربي .. راح ترجعي تفتحي اسك او فيس بعد سنة صوئية كاملة ههههه

لا ابدا مو هيك
يا ويلك من الله دائما ضالمني تبا لك ئي
اعد ع البك وحياتك

I am so sorry for your loss laiba cant imagine what you and your family is going through prayers for you guys and ubaid Allah usko janat main uncha muqam dy aur tum log ko sabr ! I have a 20years old younger brother i was reading your answer and could see my brother's face teared up i guess all

Aww thanks for understanding my pain & what I am actually going through May Allah save each & every sister from this sorrow because without a brother its real hard! Thanks once again for putting your kindness in such words!
Stay blessed :)

Wow you surprise me. Pendidikan itu menjadi free karena pemerintah (dibantu suntikan dana dari orang2 kaya & CSR) supaya orang2 di Indonesia tuh well educated

oh dear darling arent you cute.. if the powerful wanted everyone to be educated they would've been overthrown 20years ago. here, in Indonesia, education is just another form of business

U know... Saying racist things... Means not to be a racist? Im Saying 20times per day: fuck you little polnish thief!... it is racist yeah... but my Best friend Since 20years is a polnish guy... u cant Call someone racist because of his writings... (other thing is to Spam Nazi shit)

Oh my god. There's a difference between using things jokingly around friends who knows you're joking, and being a highly respected musician writing racist shit openly on Twitter for millions to see and actually mean it. She's not just jokingly using something around people who knows she's not serious, she's expressing her racist opinions on a social media where lots of people targeted are following her.

Owoh! 5 ! Attogulao expect korini! :v thanks! Mile gese! I wish u knew me in real..or personally! In this 20years of my life i've done nothing by thinking! And that has left many things for me to regret! So i think now...since last year i really do!! :-P

Ok..I hope u had ur lessons...But my policy is like "Right n wrong r relative things...they changes with time...So u did what u felt right then which may seem wrong now...So now as u have started thinking very cautiously after 20 more years that may wrong too ( i just hope they don't)...So don't regret n do what feel right...Sometimes we win sometimes we lose...They're All part of life...Accept it n move on...Keep smiling coz u r alive n stay Happy till u r dead :)

sorry to hear it...sometimes it's annoying to have a ge..hahaha..means if your ge is still alive,he will be 20 years old,right?

haha yea its sometimes must be annoying ㅋㅋㅋ yea he will be 20years old same with jinnie jie 😄

what are you doing with your life? this is a serious question because it's been two years since high school and you're still clutching at that dream of getting into med. Are you going to move on or hold onto the hope you'll make it in some day. Neither time nor money are in your favour at the moment

and how do you know what i want to do with my life ? i have one goal atm actually and it does not include med . so fuck off you condescending piece of shiy . oh , you do med yourself ? congratufucking lations. you must be on top of the world . oh , not med ? have you already achieved your life long goals ? congratufuckinglations once again . whatever it is i dont care and neither should you about MY apirations . you are negative and discouraging and must you argue youre not so irl , then you are one heck of a false and pretentious person . lawl . say i want to be a librarian . i wouldnt care if it took me 20years . id feel so happy once im there . time doesnt worry me but if it worries you then gr8 . and money ? lawl money has never been my concern . i dont plan on living luxuriously or paying my hecs asap . im just aiming for satisfaction in the simpler things in life right now . surprisingly . why must you be so mean and cold anyway ? doesnt make any of us better , only you worse really . to conclude : so yeah im a fuck up. do you realise i could want the abstract things in life right now that a medical degree or money cqnt buy ? lawl go away of talk to me irl . truth is , i know i suck at many aspects in life a d academia but im just taking a breather and considering the things i really want right now . but yeah thank u for your comment , you really inspire me to be the person you are not ^_^

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a best friend....believe me...in 20 years time, you will hate them and cut off ties cos they know too much and snatch away your bfs.

I believe me and my bestfriends's friendship will grow stronger within 20years and we wont just let go like that.

The results of a recent survey show that 87% of single men would date someone more intellectual and more educated than they are. Why do you think the other 13% are against dating individuals who are intellectually superior to them?

Maybe those 13% would like to be the one who wear the pants in the relationship, the one who says the final word. Im sure 20 years ago the percentage was more than 13, and im sure aswell 20years in the future it will be less than 13.

Lol um maybe if that guy wants to respect him go to his grave where his name is spelled correctly andy Koch** sorry i dont like how people dont even know the kid but act like they were his friend and are actually gonna remember him in 20years morbid i know but truth sorry venting and rip andy koch

First off I did know Andy so don't act like I'm the fucking villain here. I feel like it would have been more respectful to have spelt his name right, but it wasn't me who asked the question. All I know is I hope there's a heaven for Andy because he fucking deserves one.

your fucking thirsty asf for likes, nobody wants to do it all i hear from all my friends is that your annoying asf and make mad acccounts and flirt with everyguy thats 20years older than you and date every guy out of the state chill your like 11

K_riss1300’s Profile PhotoChris Woodruff
yeaa mhm yah ur the one that was gonna date a senior cuz nobody ur age wants yo nasty ass and yea im thirty u fucked a girl and ur 14 ur fucking thirsty and uuuuuuuu date evvvvverrryyyoonnneee and play them so SIT YO ASS DOWN BITCH
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I dont see how Jazmine can talk about couples in band not being about to show that they're a couple when shes in a relationship too. Such a hypocrite

First off, Kelly was the one that pointed that out on behalf of the band parents. NOT ME.
Second, MY BOYFRIEND IS 20YEARS OLD AND IS IN COLLEGE. I see him outside of band. Not in band.
Third, when we're in public, we very rarely show ANY public displays of affection.
Final statement: Don and I are way more attractive than you haters. Lulz.
I dont see how Jazmine can talk about couples in band not being about to show

Justin Bieber A. Has no music talent so he just uses autotune B. is a shit idol bc he takes drugs, goes over the speed limits and doesn't go to jail C. Is rude, racist and swears at random people D. Ain't even that good looking

A. Whatever but I'm sure your a great singer aren't you? B.he's 20years old, he's still going to make mistakes like every other normal person. C.Okay, that's why the majority of his friends are black✊and sorry have you met him to know he swears at random people? D.because I'm sure your sucha buff ting && E.dont come on my ask and chat shit about someone I admire because I'm sure you've got an idol that I don't like so goodbye :) enjoy this picture because he's 'racist'
Justin Bieber 
A Has no music talent so he just uses autotune
B is a shit idol

OK i need to ask you a serious question OK, promise this doesn't change our great friendship, but i had to ask you eventually so i might just get it over and done with here and now........ Do you know the Muffin Man?? - I could't resist not asking :D

It's a long sad story but yes I met him once, I was a rock bottom on the side the street and he approached me a said 'would you like a muffin' I graciously accepted and limitless did I know he had infused heroin into the Muffin so I was tripping ball on the side of the street and police pulled me up. The muffin man is the reason I served 20years in prison, so I swear I will find him and I will kill him :D

no but that was not the point..she said she loves you and u said that..why ppl say that when it's not true?!!love don't come by knowing someone..comes like a hurricane.u get to know him/her on the way, not "you have to know all my 20years to say i love you" i hate when ppl say that cuz it's just NOT

Here i am , rock you like a hurricane♫

hey fellas 5q ya 1. drama fav lo? 2. describe chara yg lo mainin coba 3. menurut lo anak rpw skrng itu kyk gimana? 4. menurut lo bs ga ubah rpw dgn cara ngeluh di tl kayak 'duh rpw dulu blabla kok skrng blabla'? 4. menurut lo gue gimana? tbh ya. ohiya yang belom followback gue tolong followback yea

1. dream high, you who came from the stars, playful kiss, monstar/?, 20years old 2. udah pernah gue answer 2 kali, jadi scroll down aja yaa._. 3. ada yg gak kacang, dan banyak yg kacang 4. ya gak bisa lah, percuma ngeluh ngeluh doang tapi gak ngelakuin apa apa, itu cuma buang buang waktu 5. baik, dll(?) iyea sip
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l2 sd2eny walahy momkn te7sl we ebnk eh bs ana 20 sana :D eh ra2yek b2a tdeny forsa we n722 e7na el 7elm

nta btkalm fe eh ana 3ande 15 years old w nta 20years old enta btkalm fe eh w b3den mafech 7ad be7b 7ad bgd
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And just because your brothers 21 doesn't mean he didn't start at a young age. And if you think about it like 20years ago not even kids always had sex.

Okay well my brother has c'mon sense,
Unlike some people. I'm not even smart. But I'm smart enough to know that drugs kill you and sex is for when your older

hi i dont really (i know u ar a singer)(hhahahaas) know u but i do listen to your songs. im not a BIGGGGGG fan of u (shorry im still young) but u really hve a tallent n you are really pretty. can you tell me a few things about yourself?

Sure x Well , I am an Actor and Singer. Im a Sucker for music. I starred in some TV shows on Nickolodeon such As Victorious and Sam&Cat. Im 20Years old , I live in LA. And Yeahhh....! #AskAriana #HelpArianato10Klikes

BECAUSE YOUS LOOK ALIKE (-: Yuup! hahha Here's my mouth -------> :O i'm waiting for my elbow like you said. :p Are you finished ? :O <----------- see still waiting :p hahaha

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*getting held back* G your lucky my shadow was holding me back -____- YOU PMTFO. Watch your front k. Like...In the next like? 20years sometime. I'll make you cry :-)

hahah my mum walked past you the other day, came back and said to me 'I can't get over how fat that Tia is' and then did this impression of you! Was hilarious. You're a joke though, walking round like you own the place. Have you looked in the mirror recently? You're mingin'. & No, I can't come off a

o be honest i know i am fat and i am already working on it:)!
lool generation is fucked i am even getting judged by someones MUM,ahahah.
here is a little message to your mum: Grow the fuck up,i'm 13 and your doing impressions of how fat i am ahaha fuck off you twat you can't really say it too my face can you to be honest as you are probably about 20years older than me.
but whoever this is can,so i am waiting hunny:)
fucked up mum swear down

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