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samin ng mga friends ko ako na lang yata ung hindi marunong maglipstick o make up eh.. weird ba?? 21years old na ako..

Hindi naman weird 'yon. May kilala ako mas matanda pa sayo pulbo lang talaga ang puhunan. Hahaha. Mas oa pa mga lalaki sa kanya mag-ayos ng mukha. Keri lang. Basta kung saan ka masaya do'n ka.

اني اغلبكم مااعرفكم>< ف اذا ممكن تكتبون اسمكم و العمر و تحصيل دراسي و اي معلومه عن نفسكم. رح ابدي اول شي-.- أسمي روزانا عمري17 رابع ادبي مفروض سادس تفكيري شويه غريب احب اغاني الراب عربي و اجنبي و كافي. دوركم.اعتذر للأطاله

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21years old
Computer Science
third stage

tbh: your name is omar you're indian philpino 21years old you love 1000 you are a professional singer bs not better than me akeed you have a black hair you have a black shirt with your name on it

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HahahaHahahaha now that's the most obvious TBH I've ever received omg you are so true. HOW DID YOU KNOW?? Wow you're so intelligent! My oh my! LOL

21years old liau..... happy belated birthday to you, sorry for the late wish.....btw do you have fun on your birthday party? hope to meet you once in my life at sg..... last but not least, may God bless you forever!!!

Thanks you! Hahaha i really enjoy my party with my " botak " hahaha thanks so much who ever you are :)

◕Nombre completo: ◕edad: ◕Equipo: ◕Color: ◕Pais: ◕Que te hace reír: ◕Que no te gusta : ◕Fecha que nunca olvides: ◕ Música: ◕Estas enamorado,de quien es: ◕Extrañas a alguien: ◕Eres feliz:.... pasate.. !!! 5 Mg

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Hay Bebé, carrilla que me has dado ^W^ Haha! veamos Hermosa, es lo siguiente:
-My name is Juan Ortiz Ramírez
I'm 21years old
-I'm from México
This life crazy
Bad moments
Orquestal and sinfonica
Yes, My God Mother and God Father
God Elohim
My family celestial, My House
Very Happy :$
Okey, yo paso Cariño n:___:n Haha! Besos ;3
Nombre completo edad Equipo Color Pais Que te hace reír Que no te gusta  Fecha

Name:______ Age:_______Birthday:_______ Eye color:________Nickname:________Best friend:__________Favorite Color:______ Hair Color_______ Favorite day______ favorite name of boy _______ favorite name of girl ______ u like play _________ single_______where r u from _____ XD ♥ ♥

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my name is mohamed .im 21years old .from mansoura my nickname is sheka .my eye colour 3asly xD my birthday 14/3 xD kfaya kda :p

Shenny I'm 14 years old and I really like this boy who is 21years old.My feelings for him are really strong and he has strong feelings for me.I tried making these feelings go away but I can't.Do you think it's wrong to be in a relationship with someone that age and what would you do in my position x

girl, srsly, you don't want to put a bad name out there, do not do anything at this age, there is 7 years difference, so maybe when you're a little ollder, when you are 21, and he is 28, it wont seem as bad as a 14 and 21..
it would be classed as Pedophilia. ❤

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