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Warum denkt ihr Äthiopier dass Eritrea noch zu äthiopien gehört TF und im ethioTV ist Eritrea immer noch dabei wenn die die Umrisse zeigen wtfffff 25years her we ain't the same..

Wie ungebildet und inkompetent muss man sein, um so was von sich zu geben? Was will man überhaupt mit Sowas bezwecken meine Güte

Subha bakhair yaar aik baat kahin all my 25years life i never ever saw a person like u sooo caring sweet mara dil yo kahta hai kay ap ko sub say chora kay apnay hi paas lay aown or pora din rat ap say hi batain karon or apki suno bs with to be with u aP ko kona nahe no matter what

Mr ( Akbar )
Well, thank you, I guess?
But you do know I'm 14, right?
Anyway, I'm your friend and that's what I'll always be. Hope you understand. ^_^

let me suppose ur relation! May b 2 yr, r 3! Chlo 5.... Bt un 5 saal k liey aap maa k diey hoey 25 saal dao pay lga do gay???

25years r to long Mai aik min Kay barabar be magnate takleef she had replace nahe Kar Santa she is happiest now coz baba g Acha bacha ban Gaya hai subha office rat ko ghar no friends bs saad de zindage watch cartoon laugh Bs aik prob hai I m not the person I used to be bardast nahe Raho ab much Mai .:(Yasmin sat nahe chirtiiii na kesi ka hotiii hai na honey Dati hain:(still can't for get her :( no matter how hard I try

which universities are good for islamic studying (quran/hadith)? & what's the admission process and requirements?

The best University in the World is Madina University in Madina (Saudi Arabia). The ways to get admission is not that easy. The maximum age limit is 25years to get admission over there. It was my dream to study there, but unfortunately it didn't happened. 😐

O my brother! Apne yeh bilkul sahin kahan ke islam me marriage ki koi age nahi hai sath me yeh bhi bolo ke jabtak Allah(S.W.T) na chahe tab tak marriage nahi hoti.(I'm 25years old woman still unmarried)

I deeply apologise for it, please accept my condolence. Yes, definitely everything is according to Allah swt. He is the best of All planner. I thought it was understood. Anyways I should have mentioned it. Sorry 😐. May Allah swt make things easier for our Muslim brothers and sisters.❤️❤️

ok 25years old then.xd omfg,i imagine meet you and others.*~* the best day ever istfg.!! too many perfections,all boys are gonna be in love.xd omfg,corentin waiting me with my beautiful dress.;] I WANT IT NOW PLEASE..*~* hahahahaha,ok you can touch him but don't touch him too much or i'll get jealou

yaay tysfm bby,it'll be cute.*-* OMFG TOO MUCH PERFECTION IN ONE DREAM FRL*-* omf' all the boys are gonna be inlove with you too uff,like can i get a cute boy pls.?*-* ASDFGHJKL he'll be hot in that dress omf'..uff lemme touch his cheeks pls,can i hug him omf.D;

Tsharne can simply ask me if he wants mate and he does at least sometimes so shupppppp you just keep talking to him while I do work and when I finish that's when you guys start doing the work and I'm humble enough not to distract you guys while your doing you work ... And for about 25 years

We thought you were a good friend of ours, but maybe not. Its cool, you can just move seats next lesson; I think you should sit at the back by yourself :). Woahwoahwoah, you've had Fahad's mum for 25years now? How olddd are you then?
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U'll have to wait , a lot . Pehle I'll do b.sc then masters then chef then sous chef then executive chef then celebrity chef & sapne khatam ni hote isi me hi 25years lagenge w8 till then :P

Then finally ❤️❤️
Dude I'll wait ✌️
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Annyeong. Niel oppa, i'm Andriana.. 25years old. I'm from malaysian, kuala lumpur. i'm angel too.I want to tell about you all, about MH370.Now as i can read,USA and China were hide the plane in Indian Sea. Maybe its true.. But its secret. Btw, more info.. can ask me. Thanks oppa♡ I love u too.

Andriana Elisha Swag
what do you talked about? I dont care about this prob ... Im not victim in this prob. Sorry

Gc girls look like bitches,they use short shorts and show their boobs in every single instagram pic,they are...? Or they only look like.. ? and they also look like 25years old womans

they are ! nah just kidding.
it's funny because i've seen some girls on like instagram who seem like the biggest bitches but when you finally meet them they're actually down to the earth, beautiful girls. like yeah i know for a fact there are some bitches hanging around on the coast but i wouldn't judge a book by it's cover until you know demm.

next month sy contact amal pki we chat eah. hehe, em, sy adalah peminat rahsia amal. hope amal still single untill sy 25years and i will find u in sha Allah for serious relay (halal) jodoh, who know. only ALLAH rite. kita rancang Allah uga rancang :) kan-2 hehe,

hhahah omg ! peminat ? ...yahhh... still :) single...okey :o......betul tuh :o...but anda sapa erkkkk:/...

http://ask.fm/sophiedanielx give her hate, she gets bullied she's ugly and fat, her sister got raped HAHAHAHAHA pass this on

Well that's some life you got isn't it?
If she gets bullied don't you not think she doesn't need other people she don't even know sending her hate.
Who are you to judge who's pretty and ugly, and who is perfect and not?
If her sister got 'Raped' does it matter to you?
You say she already gets bullied right?.. Who would you like it if you got bullied? You would hate it wouldn't you? You'd think 'wtf have I done to people to get bullied.' How would you like to be in her shoes? You wouldn't . Why don't you take a good hard look at yourself and ask yourself 'am I happy?' 'Do I like making people feel useless,sad,depressed?' And think about this if you send someone hate and they kill themselves you'll have that to live with for your whole life, you'll regert it and you'll prob kill yourself in 25years if this person kills themselve over people sending her hate.. Ect.
Now good'bye and have a long hard think about what I just said. Bye!:*

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لو كنتي شاب ، إيش ممكن تتخيلين *اسمك * وظيفتك * سيارتك ولونها * شنب ، دقن ولا سكسوكه * متى بتقولين لامك تخطب لك * كم عمر الي بتتزوجينها :) * بيكون عندك استراحه وشلة * بتسافرين ووين ومع مين * تدخنين ، تشيشين ؟ * هوايتك وش بتكون؟ * بتلبسين سروال وفنيلة ما غير في البيت * شماغ ولا غترة - خيال ترا بس :)

Bader Abdulaziz
1, lw tft7 3ml alshy6aan ;p lw t5ylt ymkn t9eer blawy =D.. so bjawb;p
amse mdrii bs ma abe ykonn mn l,asmaa l,mutkrra :)
w'6efty,, wzeer sfeer wla alr2ees altnfee4y llmmlkah l,8ab'9h ;p
syarte,,mezarati black B)
ummmm 30years w 3umr alii b56bha 25years !
suree abee ashoof l,mut3aa ali t7son feeha >.< lool
3la 7sb l,mkan wl jww ba54 alii m3e :D
sheesha ;;)
kl shii bsweeh X.x
mfroooo'3 mnha xD Hhhhhhhh
alii lonha a7mr mdrii he '3trah w shmaa'3? ;$

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