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Answer all of these please: 1) Who is that one person you never want to loose?♥ 2) Whats your age?♥ 3) How many sibblings?♥ 4) Name your bae♥ 5) 5 people you never want to loose♥ 6) One thing you love the most?♥ 7) One guy bestfriend and one girl♥ 8) People you are recently attatched to?♥

ansii112’s Profile PhotoAnasMuhammad
#1 Saif ♥
#2 I'm 26years old. (Wish me on 10th august when i'll be 27years old xp)
#3 Just 1 twin brother.
#4 Saifo♡
#5 Saif, heera, khadija, aneeqa,waqar.
#6 Singing & creating art
#7 Asad ali quereshi aka smiley & heera
#8 Saif, ahad, heera & khadija

ka, do you mind to share about your earlier days on ask.fm before you became famous? like what's your first answer that got so many likes or why did you create an ask.fm account in the first place?

Well, i don't think i am THAT famous unlike those celeb.ask.. They're on a way higher lvl than i.. So please stop thinking of me as someone famous.. ^^
My first answer that got many likes (20ish likes) was the question of the day asking 'are you afraid of people?' And i answered 'very much' + quote.
Then the next was about Rio, the paperboy.. I did a fundraise for him with help from friends, including @dythaticha and 7 others.. It got 3000+ hits..
Soon after i gained more friends everyday. And more questions coming my way. Until today which is impossible to answer each of them. I am trully sorry if i missed your question. (>.<)
The reason i played ask.fm was because @marcorandyy and @marloernezto recommended the app to me. And i was bored.. So yeah, i played this app just to kill time..
As time passed by, i realized that this app could be used for lots of other reasons such as to help friends. From learning english to personal problems. And i think imma keep it that way..
Oh not to forget those that liked my horror stories.. They've been around for quiet sometimes and they've been asking for more. I am so sorry that nothing special happened recently. In fact, if you noticed, i only have 14-15 stories from this 27years course of my life, which i told them all to you. So yeah.. Scary story doesn't come that often to me. If you wanna hear more and you couldn't wait, i'm suggesting you to look in the internet.. But i promise you that i will tell you if something scary happens. ^^

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TRANSFER SPECULATION: Manchester United have made an offer of £20 million for 27-year old Juventus midfielder Claudio Marchisio. Reports in the Italian media suggest that Manchester United are confident of landing Marchisio, whose starting position in the side at Juve is being threatened by the emer

We sell them pogba for nothing & get a player
they reject at 27years for 4x the cost. The world
is crazy. •__•

That isnt even mine wtf? and i am nice i dunno what that guy is tryin to do and i dunno why u would beleive an anon person?

I believe that anon because my friend racheal made an account called 'scarlette' or something and you totally chatted her up on there ashley. She told me on facebook that you rang her and called you a pedo hahahahahah, i fucking knew there was somthing up with you, why would you chat up 15 year old girls thats just wrong. I just needed solid proof and thats what i got off that anon. You are 27years old and should not even be on here.

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