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A tak w temacie - co myślisz o dziwnych fetyszach? Ostatnio sporo o tym czytam i np. Abdl (zachowywanie sie jak dziecko, m.in. noszenie pieluch). Niby nikomu to krzywdy nie robi, ale to chyba nie jest zdrowe i na moje to świadczy o problemach psychicznych 🤔

Warto się cofnąć w czasie. Wiele wątków bierze się z przeszłości, z traum, powielanych zachowań, a często po prostu ktoś coś lubi i tyle.
Nic szczególnego nie myślę. Każdy ma swoje upodobania i nie należy tego oceniać dopóki nikogo to nie krzywdzi, a to to też względne.
+4 answers in: “Jakie filmy możesz oglądać w nieskończoność? Miłego wieczorku!”

ظهراويةةة ❤ . فلسطينيةة يا خال ❤ . . غزلانيةة / مدريديةة /وحدات /اتحاد سعودي Neymar /Reus/Ozil /canon /اوكا اورتيجا / Jaz dhami/ بنزيما /Getar / BVB /راموس /زين مالك /هيب هوب /GTI / BMW / الجزائر / البرازيل /يافا / Nina Abdl malak ♢♡♡ JR ... The Revivo♥ عنيدةة ل سما ... ۆطُنْيَ گيَفَ لُآ آعشُقگگگ

ههههههههههه شو بالنسبة يعني .. بس ناقص 😆🐸👊

3agpnii Radek .. btw Rapenna Y5alihalik w y5aliky le Su7apek w dayman t3eChii Happy le ahlek w l su7apek w Trsmii l de7ka x 2alphom 2apl weshohom .. So Keep it Up .. ( 7apet SeQa ) Btw .. Like Ur Hobbie ^^'

PudiMAlik’s Profile PhotoDr. Abd L-Rahman TaR-EK
Mercii Kter abdL Rahman ??
Rpenaa y5lek w enta kman Yaret Tkon Masdra Sa3adat a2rb nas leek ??
w Mfesh a7la mn en Ykon 3andk SeQa
W enta betrod tlma motaked mn nafsk ??

Do you think that israel bombing is genocide? and why it's shouldn't stoped by the UN, more over genocide is a "heavy" human rights deviation.

1. UN can condemn things, it can't stop things. We're not living in a global governance, the only thing UN is capable of is giving countries' international pressure. UN is trying to be respectful bellow the authority that sovereignty has which makes the institution slow and ineffective.
2. Even in UNSC everything against Israel had been vetoed by the US. You can check on it. Israel has strong diplomacy and lobbying power right inside of the US governmental system, regardless of what Barrack Obama had said "bla bla bla Israel you should stop." it goes as much as spoken words but not much changed within the system.
3. Who sided with Palestine now? Well we sympathize and be all 'oh, it's sad' but the important thing is who fight for them now + who support their economy now? in the past under the leadership of Gamal Abdl Nasser Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, and Jordan were the ones who oppose Israel at all causes. Now King Saud allowed Benjamin Netanyahu to enter his kingdom lol, Syria is fucked up, Lebanon hates the PLO (read: black September), the mighty Egypt is crippled and can't even have one decent leader, Israel is one of Turkey's main economic partner, etc etc. Only Iran who shows it's opposition towards Israel and the Arabs marginalized Iran due to various reasons.

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Bagaimana kakak2 disini melihat konflik Saudi dan Iran? Apa pendapatmu jika ada yg berasumsi bahwa konflik ini menguntungkan ISIS?

Gak mau jawab Iran-Iran lagi kemarin disuruh orang re-ask eh ga doi gubris, padahal udah ngejelasin dari jaman 1950 sebelum revolusi 1979 dan El Musa waterway, balance of power shifts dari Gamal Abdl Nasser to Saddam Hussein dan seterusnya-seterusnya. Eh aku minta orangnya re-ask ga di re-ask jadi penjelasannya gantung. Padahal kalau mau belajar timteng emang complex dan harus belajar sejarahnya dulu. Karena tension antaara Saudi Arabia dan Iran itu bukan kerjaan semalem, bahkan kalau ditelusuri bisa sampai pecahnya Dinasti Ummayah.
But then again in ask.fm dan kerjaanku dibilang TL:DR padahal jawabinnya udah serius. Jadi aku males jawab kalau cuman di scroll-like doang. I spent weeks di Turki and 1 year disini studying about Middle East from their government, foreign policy, insurgency, etc, and I truly hate it when I am being serious and others arent.

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Ka Beeba, bersediakah menjelaskan kenapa dg Iran sekarang? Tentang kronologi pemutusan hubungan antara negara2 arab dg Iran. Aku sudah coba baca berita2 tapi kurang paham seutuhnya. Terimakasih sebelumnya, ka :)

it's going to be hard if you just read the recent news, the question which will arise would be .. but why Arab league? why so harsh to Iran? Iran, why you act like that? but since I this region is my focus area and apparently it's the current de rigueur, yea I can tell a thing or two about how things work in Middle East. Funnily, it all started with my first paper on the first gulf war and still affecting my last paper on the houthi insurgency.
what we needed to know about Iran is, Iran is different than the rest of Arab league countries.
1. they are Persian, not Arab (even though Arab breaks down into smaller clans, but still, the Arabs speak the Arabic language with different dialects while the Persian speaks Farsi)
2. their majority is shia, not sunni (okay UAE is like this but they are still Arab)
3. they are the only country in Arab with theocratic system of government
so yeah, Iran is this little odd kid from the Middle East playground, not exactly fulfilling others' criteria, and what's best, this odd kid is super provocative. Long time ago Iran used to claim Bahrain as its territory, in 1965 Iran dropped its claim over Bahrain, but on 1971 again, Iranian forces occupy three islands, including the strategic island of Abu Musa at the entrance of the Strait of Hormuz, claimed by both Tehran and the United Arab Emirates. The UAE agrees to share control of Abu Musa but continues to call for the return of the other two islands. However, it was all good in 1975, when Iraq and Iran signed a deal in Alegria, ending all of the outstanding border disputes. Iraq makes territorial concessions, chiefly relinquishing demands for the Shatt-al-Arab waterway shared by both countries in the Gulf. In return, Iran stops supplying Kurdish separatists with arms and money for their war against Baghdad.
1979 - Iranian Revolution, removal of Shah Reza Pahlavi, Iran became the Islamic State of Iran, led by Grand Ayatollah Khomenei
1979 - Iran hostage crisis, Iranian students took hostage of United States students at the embassy around 400+ people were taken into hostage (this angered the United States and became the fundamental cause of distrust between the two countries)
1980 - Khomeini calls for Iraq's Shia to rise up against the Saddam Hussein government. Saddam responds by annulling the 1975 Algiers Agreement. Both countries shell each others' borders.

and Iraqi military forces invade on September 22.
who supported Iraq, really? all Arab states, except for Libya and Syria. Since Iran captured the Abu Musa waterway, they united, by then the UAE submits its claims on Abu Musa to the UN. In the same year, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain form the Gulf Co-operation Council in response to Iranian threats.
so why? why Saddam Hussein took the lead in the Middle East region and altered the balance of power in the region? in 1950, the leader of all Arabs was Gamal Abdl Nasser, the father of Pan-arabism, (re-ask if u wanted me to explain)

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اسمک عبدالعزيز محمد عبد العـزيز 😂✌ 15 سنـة 1 ثانـوى عيد ميلادگ 16/6/2000 ، كل سنة و أنت طيب على ما يجى 😂🎇🎆🎁 بتحـب التصوير .. 📷❤ بتحب اصحابك 🙈❤ من الناس الدحيحة 😹📚 جدع و طيـب 💪✌ كفـاية كده .. 😁✌😹

Thx actaa;-)..... bas fe el a5ar Aziz msh abdl aziz bas msh mohm kolha asmaa :-D

walahi ana m4 3arf aolk aa ybni ❤❤❤ b3d l kalam lli nta olto da walahi 😍😍😍 hna t3gaz l kalmaat ❤❤ baC lli f l alb f alb ❤❤❤ 7apipii walahi Y abdl aziz ❤❤❤❤❤

يااااه انت اللى فى القلب اسطى ميشوو
بس بردك هتفضل صاحبى العسل واللى بحب اقعد معاه اخوووويا ♥♥♥♥♥♥

ليش عاد ليوم رفعو سقف لشعب كثير ود. محمد العجلوني اقسم بالله ما قصر مع حدا كل واحد بالوقت يلي بدو ياه يرفع سقف لشعبه .

jdwliii zab6 mn awal d8e8teen mn yoom el tsjeel :3 :)
bs nfsii abdl el asaleeb just :(

HEEJ JAG HAR SAKNAT DIG BLEV SÅ OROLIG😱😱❤❤ Beställde precis på Tena! Så taggad❤😚 Välkommen tbx till ask, har som sagt saknat dig❤

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Åhh tack gullet, fan jag vet inte hur jag ska hitta alla gamla vänner nu :( Gjorde du ? Hihi du måste visa när den kommer sen ❤❤❤❤ Tack hoppas jag får stanna denna gången, jag har bett dom 2 ta bort allt elakt som skrivit om mig som att jag är fejk för att en av mina bilder ligger på en blöjfetisch sida??? No shit jag la upp den på många forum inom ABDL sidor, så dom är dumma i huvudet :( och allt! Men dom kan helt enkelt inte släppa mig, så ska inte ge mig förrens deras båda konton med blir bannade för då försvinner iaf det dom skrivit om mig :( ❤❤
Beställde precis på Tena Så taggad

hhhhh at5si 2al abdl 2al 😂 anta 3arf 2li fe al3in 3ayzen abada w b3den tstwrdo dof3a mn hna b2a w t3mr al3in mn awl w gded 😂😂😂 a5er 7aga bs hna msmo7 lkol wa7ed b 20 g 7shesh 😂😂😂

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20 g bs l2 el7 hena mafeesh 5ales aslan aslan elsha3b kolo hena m7abeb y3am 😂😂😂 ana b5af agy gambohom wlahy

name:_______ Age:_______ Birthday:________ Eye color:________ Nickname:_________ Best friend:__________ Favorite Color:_______ Hair Color________ Hobby__________Fav.Song ____________

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Ibrahim Abdl Majed Ibrahim
19.5 sana
Abdallah magdy
Black ♡
Playing football
Fartka fartka :'D

Det är samma sak din idiot, att va lebb, att va abdl sån som blir kåt av blöjor och bög och transa. Det är samma sak en sexuell läggning lär dig något i skolan ditt jävla sär det är vanligare med abdl än att va bög det skulle va mer fel att vara bög än att gilla blöja

Oh herre Gud ... Skaffa ett liv.

Tbh: ma ba3rfk ktyr mhakek marra ymkn nafsitk ktyr helwe w enta kmn btw gd luckk hal sene w ana le72ak ya3ni SG :/ allah y3inak sahi abdl maser b 3lmk?

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Thx nadim .. btw 2estez abdl naser ktir mni7 bel lte3lim bas mechkeltou bi hayen mseb2at l3adi so byejina bel l2emti7an sa3bin btw you too nafsitak 7elweh and gd luck
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Ma sm3tosh 3'er la abdl halimm ha hafethh , Allah yr7mo b3dha twafaa galiii bgdrsh athllll 3ysh w ykoon 7d a7la mn 9oti , mat 3'ereh il meskeen ://

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ههههههه يا الله يزم معندوش أبدا روح رياضية -.-
طب اسمع عودة دسالك امانة غنيت لصباح ؟؟؟ لأنو توفت بليلة فيهاش نجوم هههههههههخخخخخخخهه

Ana mnni w 3alay 24 hours ✋ HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA w e3rafe meen l "mash'hur" had la ytla3 abdl haleem hafez w ehna msh 3arfen

Enti btshufeni awal ma as7a w abel ma anam 3shan hek 24 hrs n3'asheh :') b3den eskoti jad ana zay el tarsha bil zaffeh hahahaha

Büse kim kübra yeter bni dha kimle aldatcn? Ben artık bıqtm sndn annıor msn ben çok ciddiyim ama sen.. Malım tekisin bence buraya kadarmş tmm mı sakın aqlama çnkü aqlıcak bişey yoq hiç qomiq deyilsn hç sevmiyrm sni abdl pslk kşke hç tanışmasaydk tnşdıqımız günün aq umrumda deyilsin iyi gejeler. .sss

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yeminle oksijen israfısın

Bt2sm yomk ezay y3ne btzakr emta wdros emta w kda w bt5od english 3nd meen aslan . Asl Ana f sna tnyaw 3yza a3frd elnas elkwisen

bosii ana lsa md5ltsh gwa awi bs ms eman wsh w mr syd abdl azim w mr ramsis w glogya mr osama el zhar wsh w french mr magda tb3n el eng mrmervat
w ana drosii el sob7 kolaha brw7 anam was7a azkr blel

Shayfa le khlg abdl ? Chab fthe7a w bdalt w 76et 9aboun 3ala wahi w 6l3t shnu alfkra madre hhhhhhh almohem l2ana al7boub mswenli azma ma3leh ma7ashich f chab

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Tra al9aboun yzeedhoum lam trou7ern y36ounch 9aboun 7ga ahwa :)
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