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What’s something you didn’t know was expensive until you had to buy it? When I moved out of home I was shocked at the cost of mattresses and I thought I could get a rug for cheap but no. I wanted a coffee table but forget that and new cushions for the lounge but forget that too 😂

Since young my parents have always involved me in budgeting. When I was 12, I was the one in charged of buying groceries for the house. So pretty much controlled the budget.
So nothing much tbh. Buttt I did get a shock when I found out how expensive hotels are in Japan. That was more of a cultural/regional shock I guess.
Based on all the countries I have visited - Japan was definitely the most expensive. Accommodation and food yikes.

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Sheikh how should a Muslim couple in Canada start their life? Does the man buy half and the women half, or is the man expected to buy everything ? Do we follow culture from back home? Not sure what Islam says about this

In Islamic law the marriage contract entails the husband is required to provide for accommodation and sustenance to the wife, in exchange for the wife giving the husband the right of intimacy.
So, yes. He is required to provide everything, unless she wants to voluntarily pitch in.

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If you had the opportunity to move away to a different country and start life afresh where no one knew you, would you do it?

asgardarts’s Profile PhotoLivi;
I’ve been in this position twice, and both times returned home 😕. Though admittedly on the second occasion I was sick and had no choice!
🌃 The first occasion was in the USA. After my job finished there, I wanted to stay there with someone I’d met and try to make a go of a relationship and find a job and so on. After my work visa and accommodation lease expired I spent a month between hostels and YMCAs and in college learning Spanish. But in the end finding work and somewhere to live longer term seemed impossible - plus I had a good job in Scotland to go back to which had been kept open for me. So I bottled out and eventually returned, a bit distraught, to my old job in the UK. I did try to return though, more determined to make a go of if it, and went back in November 2001 to see my friend, and discussed working full time at a university there with my former director. But immediately post 9/11 all deals were off and work visas were impossible to come by.
🌵 The second time I was working in Acapulco in Mexico. I had plans to move to Mexico City to work over the summer and then head to Puebla where a full time position was waiting fir me at the University of Puebla. However in Mexico city I got really sick and had to fly back to the UK to be hospitalised, so that put the Kibosh on those plans!

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Our government is trying to increase men’s retirement age to 75. In Glasgow in Scotland, men’s life expectancy average is 73, technically meaning many men won’t be able to retire before they die. What’s the retirement age in your country? Do you think poorer people should work until they drop?

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
You see , people in government have never done a days work in their life .
Especially the Tories , simply cannot comprehend what a days labour is like .
People who've done manual labour , or are active on their feet all day ; cleaners, farm labourers , heavy construction . . . . teachers with results , nurses (70% of the latter) . . .
~ should have the opportunity to retire anytime after 50 (earlier if injured obvi) on 4 x the 'living wage'
~ people who've fukt around all their lives , making hard-working people's lives unbearable , often killing them ~ should be required to go into 30 years hard labour at age 50 , for no pay ~ just dormitory accommodation & a bowl of swill .
~ I do believe it's currently 67 in UK with imminent scaled rises till soon 75 as you mention .
I wonder how far these base turds will manage to go , before they reap what they so .........?
~ I mean , they've effectively wrecked the hard won 'Good Friday peace agreement'
~ they've vilified European Peace & Compassion , choosing crave after American greed & trumpism . . . & planet destruction.
~ the first few to rise , will be slandered as 'terrorists' & slaughtered . . . .
So have to rise en mass & strike fast.

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Hey its not like im a mediator between two sexist societies trying to reach an accommodation so cut me some slack here 😂

Ahhh i see. Noted 😅🤣

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Hey its not like im a mediator between two sexist societies trying to reach an
+11 answers in: “Few people on this planet know what it is to be truly despised. Can you blame them? I am one of them. But it doesn't bother me much cuz of my spin control. I get paid to talk. I dont have an MD or a law degree. I have a bachelor's in kicking a$$ and taking names 😏”

Frankly speaking money can buy everything; We can buy people's time like "I'll be late for 5mins, don't worry I'll pay $100 for your time". We can buy people itself like "Hey girly, how much per night?" and etc. But when it comes to death yes you're right, grim reaper don't need money, no deals 😂

RiyanZul’s Profile Photozu
Hahaha! Yup, they don't need money coz they're not human. You can buy time and people if that person wants money. What if that person don't want money? Coz I know some people if others are late, they won't wait no matter what. And there are some people who won't accept money for a night. This thing about money makes me remember about this old guy who offered me an accommodation in a luxury place complete with everything I need, lots of cash for me to spend but I can't go anywhere or keep in touch with anyone... I need to stay there alone and he'll come whenever he wants. I think you know what he wants from me. And when I said no, he was really upset and mad. I'm not after luxury... If I want that, I would've been married right after my divorced. Some guys they thought all females are the same. Truth is not everyone want the same thing. What's important to some may not be important to the rest and vice versa. I know why some people choose money over everything coz they've been suffering for so long and they thought money can heal and buy back whatever they lost... Each to their own perceptions. I wish you'll have lots and lots of money, so that you can do whatever you want and go whenever you want coz you matters. 😘🤗🌹🌷

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+2 answers in: “What makes you happy?”

اسم المادة فيزيا البصريات ، المواضيع thick lenses (back and front vertex power) ,,,,, وال Accommodation

ما عمري شرحتها ولا شفت كتابها
خطتكم كلها مواد الاسم الخارجي مألوف بس من جوا المادة بعرفش كيف
مرة شفت مادة الكوانتم وقرأتها وعجبتني
بس ما كملت فيها😂
فلازم اشوف الكتاب
بزبطش اشرح اشي مش مُلِمّ فيه مية بالمية..

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اسم المادة فيزيا البصريات  المواضيع thick lenses back and front vertex power
+12 answers in: “شو بتدرس كرشك🤔”

is it more attractive to be a cheapskate or a flashy/big spender? (ik usually neither of those are ideal, but between the two!)

HeyGuysWantStuffJustAsk’s Profile Photoeggsy
You can get away with being the flashy big spender only if you have the income to maintain that lifestyle. Unfortunately it seems to draw those who appear to share an over-materialistic view of life towards you.
For me I’d choose the cheapskate - even if I was very wealthy, I don’t think I’d want to flaunt it aggressively.
In the U.K. there are various “dining clubs” affiliated with political parties and/or certain universities where their entire reason for being is to flaunt the wealth of their members. From hiring restaurants just to smash them up, or burning £20 or £50 notes in front of homeless people as their initiation challenge, I really dislike such aggressive attitudes of superiority.
When I worked I often used to take the train between cities. Some lines had a “weekend first” offer where you could upgrade to First Class travel for £10 if there were seats there that hadn’t been booked. Due to both my health and the frequently cramped conditions in the regular carriages I often took advantage of this. One time I upgraded and sat down across from a guy who smirked and said “much better away from the riff-raff, eh!”. I had upgraded because there was a cheap offer and I felt better in quieter less cramped accommodation - he was in First Class because he thought he was better than other people. Attitude is everything, I think 🤔 🤷‍♀️

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♔.https://ask.fm/The_Devil_With_An_Angel_Mask/answers/144656934238 & https://ask.fm/The_Devil_With_An_Angel_Mask/answers/144839830110

The_Devil_With_An_Angel_Mask’s Profile Photo【Kᴀᴛʜᴇʀɪɴᴇ Pɪᴇʀᴄᴇ】
∂ω ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀[ au; Winchester x Pierce ]
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ᴛ̲̲ʜ̲̲ᴇ̲̲ s̲̲ᴛ̲̲ᴏ̲̲ʀ̲̲ʏ̲̲ ᴏ̲̲ғ̲̲ ᴛ̲̲ʜ̲̲ᴇ̲̲ s̲̲ʜ̲̲ᴀ̲̲ᴘ̲̲ᴇ̲̲s̲̲ʜ̲̲ɪ̲̲ғ̲̲ᴛ̲̲ᴇ̲̲ʀ̲̲
Almost a week had gone by since the day the Winchester said goodbye to Sam's so beloved doctor, Katherine Pierce. But their leaving meant a perfect accommodation for the shapeshifter that wanted to get his hands on the Winchesters. With months, he was following the brothers, ready to attack them, but they were hard to catch. There was also a danger they were carrying with them all along. But now, it was supposed to be easy, especially because he knew Sam cared about her and the doctor cared about him. So, instead of going after them, he had decided to let them come to him by themselves.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀For days now, he had been visiting the doctor in the hospital on each hour, taking the body and voice of any human he'd find. He'd observe her moves and her way of thinking. It took him only two days to learn by heart the doctor's habits. As by the sixth day he was already standing on her doorstep, ringing on her bell, wearing the face of the one and only; Dean Winchester, the man whose footsteps he had follow ever since he was born, there would be no way in which he can do something wrong for the game to fail.
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀❛Hey doc.❜With one arm leaned on the frame of the door and also using it as a support for his ''weak body'', a smirk curved upward his lip,his bloody teeth showing up. A dark bruise was covering his left eye and there was blood leaking down his lip. ❛It looks like I need your help.❜

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Have you ever felt lost in life? How did you overcome that feeling? Do you feel like you're on the right path now?

I’ve experienced both feeling acutely lost and chronically lost. At the moment I feel chronically lost as I’m kind of stuck in suspended animation and unable to move on from it right now.
The time I experienced a sudden, acute feeling of being lost was on the plane ✈️ to Boston from Houston in 2001. I was returning from travelling in Mexico to Boston. My work at the uni there had finished, the main bulk of my clothes and books etc was still at my former accommodation, and I wasn’t sure where to go or what to do. I suddenly felt really lost and disconnected; I had friends there but no accommodation and no job to go to.
In the end I stayed in the city for a while, staying at hostels, the YMCA, and friends houses, enrolling at college to study Spanish, and then left the country when I had finished. And it was much better that way, having plenty of time to gather my thoughts and plans and say goodbye properly to everyone.
After I returned to Scotland I was due back in Boston that September and had a flight booked, but of course 9/11 happened.
So I went back in the November instead.

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Hey-Shakey ! . . . is that accommodation , meals & everything ? What about flight ? It's only $500 a month !! Do you stay in halls ? Hostels ? Or with an exchange fam ? Sweden does have a very high cost of living . . . . but at least you won't pay taxes ; health insurance ?? !

igotamatch’s Profile Photo~written~IN~chrome~
Uni fees will be the same as my current uni (which is 4.5k) coz it's partner university.
My break down:
Flight - 2.5k (both ways)
Monthly exp (including food and accommodation) - 1.5k per month?
I googled student living expenses. Haha most say 1.5k per month is pretty okayyy.
I'm not sure where I'll be staying. Hoping to stay on campus.
But yea Sweden is expensive :/ But so beautiful! :)

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From Personal Experience: Creepy Tale (C) “The Asylum Wing” This was in the number 2 spot if requested tales, so here we go:

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
In the rural northwestern English county of Cumbria, close to the border of Lancashire, there stands an ancient fortified mansion complex known as Borwick Hall. Built in the 1080s as a Norman stronghold, it was constantly added to over the centuries with, I believe the most recent additions being made in the 1500s. It was used in the BBC tv children’s series “The Ghosts Of Motley Hall” (featured as the eponymous Hall) in the 1970s and when I was there it was used as young people’s accommodation for youth group weekends.
I had organised a training weekend there for young people and their youth leaders from Lancashire, Manchester and Cumbria. It was clear that the place was seeped in history, and of course had its ghost stories and legends. The actual facts of the place were scarier than the legends of ghosts however, imo. For example, as was common in Mediaeval times, the architect who spent his working life in constructing the tower section was still buried upright in the tower stairwell. The top floor was used at one time as a mental asylum, though most of its long corridor was now closed off and the doors chained shut (more on this later). The room that me and my male co-worker were sleeping in was called “The Coffin Room”, and yes, it was an ancient stone room built in the shape of a coffin, which was apparently customary in such buildings during a particular period, for the room that used to store the dead until they could be properly buried. I gather that it was particularly well used during the plague era of the 1300s.
As things already were, additional ghost stories would seem trivial and pointless, the place was scary enough as it is (going to bed each night up a stone staircase with a dead body in it to my stone bedroom shaped like a coffin was enough, tbh), but it was allegedly haunted by two ghosts. One was a monk who was I think an asylum patient, and the other a traditional “white lady” entity that seem to haunt just about every castle and pub in England.
The great Hall which we used as the main training room was exactly that, complete with a giant fireplace, suits of armour, and a mantelpiece on top of which were two upturned wine glasses atop of which were two rotting apples, one on each. Nobody was allowed to touch the rotting apples; an ancient custom, they were changed to fresh apples every New Year at midnight, and left to decompose for the rest of the year. “Bad Things” happened to those who touched the apples, according to the guy who ran the bar (a lovely wee snug just off the great hall). The barman was really sincere about the “curse” and couldn’t stress it enough to the staff and any of the young people who’d listen. We dutifully told all the kids not to touch the apples. (This didn’t stop me taking an apple from the kitchen, grinding it in the snowy grit outside until it looked decomposed, then leaving it by someone’s bed in the night so they got a scare when they awoke, but that’s by the way).

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Where would you like to be in 10 years time? What would you like to have done, do you think you'll have settled down? What kind of house do you think you'll have?

In ten years' time I'd like to still be here (though who knows what will happen), I've done enough moving houses to last me a lifetime (I've had at least 20 addresses, not including all the hostels home and abroad and relative's houses I've stayed at in between moving homes and travelling). Actually I'm quite fearful for once if I have to move, as I've only once moved house while ill and it was a total nightmare. I'm also worried about managing on my own due to my health. There are sheltered accommodation places for disabled people but they're scarce and anyway are often not in the best of places, plus I might be limited as to how much of my stuff I could take. Even if I could, how am I going to unpack everything? I collapse with exhaustion sometimes just opening my mail! 😕 Anyway, I'll try not to think about it for now.

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The band Decapitated are being accused of kidnapping a female concert goer, I for one think she's lying about being forced into it, because the guys from Decapitated are very famous young men and they have women throwing themselves at them, so they don't need to kidnap a woman for sex, agreed?

Do you understand , your pathological hatred of women and anyone you can't recognise as identical to yourself , is a trait of autism that you can learn to overcome by learning to recognise common features? The 'aut' in autism, comes from Greek 'autos' , meaning SELF ~ you only care about yourself ~
~ your carer , if correctly trained , should helping you understand this .
~ If you don't very soon get adequate and long-term help , you are going to come a very sticky end . You will wake up one day and find yourself in an even worse nightmare than you could even imagine ~ your parents won't be around forever ~ find yourself a proper expert now , your gp should be able to refer you .
~ otherwise you may soon find yourself in secure accommodation for the criminally insane ~ NO JOKE ~
~ I do hope that vile group you refer to in your 'question' are remanded in custody ~ their vile type get no pleasure in consent, they prefer violation - they need to be removed from society , permanently .

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Asalaamualaykum sheikh, I've been offered a job at a store which sell cigarettes and magazines, my induction is next week and I don't know what to do, should I mention that I can't sell these products? And how can I say that in an appropriate way? What's your advice sheikh JazakAllahu khayr

It's okay to work in a store that a minority of its sales (less than 30%) are in prohibited items, as long as you're not carrying those sales yourself. Make it very clear from the get go that you require a religious accommodation because you can't handle alcohol, tobacco, gambling and pork products, and that you can do more work on other fronts if they can spare you these tasks. If they accommodate and offer you a job that doesn't require these duties then it's fine, and your entire earnings are halal.

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Do you have any advice on travelling/places to stay when travelling around Europe? I'm not very familiar with what to do, so I thought I'd ask you!

my advice is definitely to do loads of research on where you're visiting beforehand for places to eat/things to do/using the transit system and trips and tricks from people who have been there (youtube vids are a bonus). for accommodation i found Airbnb to be really good for value and experience.
i was personally very lucky to have somewhere central to be based so i was able to do small trips at a time and travel with light luggage-which meant cheap flights and adaptability. also try and book things in advance and track flights to find good prices (google flights is a lifesaver), oh, and learn a little of the language of countries you're visiting before you go! if you have any specific questions don't hesitate to message me or send more :)

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But those who feared their Lord will have gardens beneath which rivers flow, abiding eternally therein, as accommodation from Allah . And that which is with Allah is best for the righteous. ----- ( Al-E-Imran - 3:198 ) ❤️

Being_Adeel’s Profile PhotoADEEL
Beshak! The believer should be connected to Allah, whose bounties, grace and generosity are endless, with a great love and respect; he should think that HIS compassion and mercy surrounds everything, and he should not give up hope of being forgiven no matter what his sins are. Although he should not forget that HIS fury and torture is severe and he should fear HIM..
May Allah Guide us All..

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Do you have any unusual friends like a stranger with whom you talked when you were low, a beggar you see everyday and smile at, an old lady living near your house who waves to you.. People you don't know but you have a happy connection with?

Recently met an elderly man from England who got caught up in some major floods we had in the area not too long ago and he's probably one of the most fascinating people I've ever met. Well spoken, well mannered and just full of life despite having lost everything in the floods. When I first met him he was talking about his mobile phone and he said "the problem is it's a smart phone and I'm a stupid man." Which I thought was one of the greatest things I've ever heard. He's been staying at the motel that I "work" at through relief accommodation and he's just been a wonderful character to hang out with.

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