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Is it worse to have bedrooms one on top of the other or next to each other?

Irish dancers (who quite like to arrange parties) with three children live above my bedroom, an alcоholic аbuser lives next to my bedroom with an accordion player wife, a clarinetist son (my goodness, how he is out of tune) and a violinist daughter, occasionally he loses his tеmper and thrоws them at my wall, and they scrеam. When my roommate calls the pоlice, he makes them behave quietly.
They also have three cats, one of which suffеrs from topоgraphic crеtinism, constantly tries to climb on my window instead of his and yеlls there. I have to go outside to take a stuрid animal and move it to its window. sometimes it gets stuck in my ventilation under the floor or does as in the picture below. At the same time, of course, it scrеams until I get it. Pretty hard to choose, huh?)
Is it worse to have bedrooms one on top of the other or next to each other

absolutely 😹 i enjoy listening to it myself 😊. but it's the accordion version which is more suitable for a ringtone https://youtu.be/JmlRKVcfMKE I listen to the original one too, "yann tiresen" is a very talented composer! 💜

Gamila awii 💖 could you suggest other soundtracks or songs you have a delicate taste 🌸
+2 answers in: “Soundtrack that u love to listen to it 🎧”

Wat is het laatse dat je hebt gezocht op youtube? En google? / Que es lo último que has buscado en Youtube? Y en Google? / What is the last thing you searched on YouTube? And on Google?

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Holis Isa ? Buen finde, no hagas muchas locuras ?
Lo que publico ahora: en wiki los datos del grupo de música, y en youtube las canciones ?
? ♪ ♫
Of Monsters and Men ? (Islandia, 2010) ?
Nanna Bryndis (vocal, guitar, key, writes), Ragnar Þórhallsson (vocal, guitar, melodica, writes), Brynjar Leifsson (guitar1, voices), Kristján Kristjánsson (bass, voices), Arnar Hilmarsson (drums, accordion, key, writes)
Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks (2012)
https://youtu.be/IY8rOSyR5Rwsalquial’s Video 162477156409 IY8rOSyR5Rwsalquial’s Video 162477156409 IY8rOSyR5Rw
Of Monsters and Men - Alligator (2019)
https://youtu.be/NunAl4BRVx8salquial’s Video 162477156409 NunAl4BRVx8salquial’s Video 162477156409 NunAl4BRVx8
Of Monsters and Men - Visitor (2020)
https://youtu.be/Bq1lpEC70Hgsalquial’s Video 162477156409 Bq1lpEC70Hgsalquial’s Video 162477156409 Bq1lpEC70Hg
Wat is het laatse dat je hebt gezocht op youtube En google  Que es lo último que

Which are the worst/most difficult companies or organisations you have to deal with regularly? My top three are 1. ? My phone/telecoms company; 2. ? The government’s Department of Work and Pensions; 3. ? My bank. I try to avoid interacting with them (inc via tech) unless absolutely necessary!

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You know ; when I was on top . . . . . I used to have the utmost utter contempt for these total useless failures ~ they were the only people I enjoyed crushing & putting down ; totally incompetent & so easy to destroy ; back then , I'd seen how they crush the weak & break them . . . .
~ these pigs exist in all societies . . . .
~ I'd remove my bank from the list though ~ the RBS ordinary tellers have always been kind , helpful ; gone out of their way to make things as good as they can ~ (the bankers, the hierarchy are the opposite though . . . . closing all but one branch out of a dozen in the 'backward Borders' ; but the people you deal with have stood up for me against their bankerists . . .
~ I'd replace with 'council tax benefits nazis' ~ these are the most evil & thick I've ever had to deal with ~
~ and those agencies dwp & pip contract out to . . . . (I can't say more about them. . . )
* * * *
Thank God For:
The headlights swing across the naked heath
Through the silent miles, the empty spaces
With the drinking boys, the dancing wine
Somewhere outside the laughing glass burns in your eye
* * * * is still the king, the long road home
The flushed caress, the trembling heart
The ebb and flow of dancing hands
She's in your arms, electric chords, accordion bands
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gDQWso_mU4igotamatch’s Video 162849030010 _gDQWso_mU4igotamatch’s Video 162849030010 _gDQWso_mU4

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igotamatch’s Video 162849030010 _gDQWso_mU4igotamatch’s Video 162849030010 _gDQWso_mU4

Use accordion in a sentence. Guys, alam niyo ba gusto ko bumili ng British Shorthair na pusa kaso di ko ACCORDION. ge. Guys badtrip talaga ko, pero I want you to smile. ok? Sayonara.

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aww thanks, sana hindi ka na po badtrip
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~ I'm afraid the piano downstairs will never look like this again !!
~ Monte Helikon ~ as far as I can think , this is either a mountain in Greece or a make of accordion ? !
~ it's 03:38 in Scotland . . . I must sleep . . . thanx for chatting ~ again soon ! ?

Is it hubris and a sign of cognitive biases running rampant for adults to believe that they can teach their children in a more effective manner than trained professionals?

[ I believe it should be noted that some people need to be showed affection before willingly accept to be taught. However I do agree that some adults are not to be listened to. Not only because they are biased, but simply because not everyone is a great example to look up for. And here's a little something as to illustrate my sayings. ]
1883, Paris, France
“Guy, you scoundrel! Where have you been hiding?”
Playful laughs echoed in the room enlivening the accordion music even further. People danced midst golden ornaments. The room was filled with fine ladies, and gents. She found her groove in such milieu. Scholar discussions, about culture and the many distractions that came thereof. She needed distractions, and what better place than amongst them to find some.
The room brimmed with people avid for gossips. Guy de Maupassant, brilliant writer in the making was her very favourite diversion. Not only did he have high connections, but he was a gifted mind and – non-negligible criteria – a handsome lad.
“Ah, Lady Esther,” a bright smile appeared on his lips, “How good to have you home.”
He took her hand within his own, and she let him do so. Maupassant placed a kiss upon the top of her hand. “I am afraid Paris is not, in fact, my home, mon ami.” Questioning spark flashed through his gaze, “Where do you believe your home to be then?” he wondered. With a sweeping gesture, she threw her blonde hair behind her shoulders, leaving enough bare skin for him to gaze at.
/ You nasty boy, Guy \
“Midst my beloved children,” she answered. Oh, how priceless was the look on his face. “Your children?” he said. A teasing smile played on her lips, so what now – do you not hear me well, friend?
“My children indeed, and mama’s been away for too long.”
But she had not come home, not yet.
There had been Spain, Germany, Russia. And countless other destinations first.
And there had been Mikael.
Very much alive, but very much alone too.
Alone, and wandering – looking for their children.
For Niklaus mostly, oh
My boy.
He had not recognised her, not with her new appearance. And she did not want her husband to.
But crossing paths with him, reminded her that she had intended to find her children too. And there was no time like the present.
Well, my darling husband – may the best win.
Present time, New Orleans
ᴹᵃᵐᵃ˒ ʲᵘˢᵗ ᵏᶤˡˡᵉᵈ ᵃ ᵐᵃᶰˑ
ᴾᵘᵗ ᵃ ᵍᵘᶰ ᵃᵍᵃᶤᶰˢᵗ ʰᶤˢ ᶠᵃᶜᵉ˒
ᴾᵘˡˡᵉᵈ ᵐʸ ᵗʳᶤᵍᵍᵉʳ ᶰᵒʷ ʰᵉ’ˢ ᵈᵉᵃᵈˑ
Head bounced to the ground in a loud ‘boom’, following the horrifying cacophony caused by the gun shots. They watched him dropping to his knees, slipping to the ground. And as he began his slow descent, the trim figure of a woman appeared behind. Red lips formed a smile.
“Oh, sweethearts. How mama has missed you.”
ᴹᵃᵐᵃ˒ ˡᶤᶠᵉ ʰᵃᵈ ʲᵘˢᵗ ᵇᵉᵍᵘᶰˑ
ᴺᵒʷ˒ ʸᵒᵘ’ʳᵉ ᵇᵃᶜᵏ ᵃᶰᵈ ʷᵉ ʰᵃᵛᵉ ᵗᵒ ᵗʰʳᵒʷ ᶤᵗ ᵃˡˡ ᵃʷᵃʸˑ
[Now, trained professionals are more suitable for parent job than Esther will ever be]

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Is it hubris and a sign of cognitive biases running rampant for adults to

Accordion to scientific studies, 90% of the people did not realize I replaced the beginning of the sentence with an instrument. Be honest - did I get you?

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Me, a slight grammar nazi? Hell no, you didn't, I just mentally raised an eyebrow at your spelling for a second or two before reading the second half of the sentence.

Accordion to scientific studies, 90% of the people did not realize I replaced the beginning of the sentence with an instrument. Be honest - did I get you?

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Iespējams, ja šodien nebūtu tulkojusi tekstu uz angļu valodu, kurā visu laiku pielaidu tādas mazas kļūdas, kas maina vārda nozīmi, tad nebūtu pamanījusi. Vēl acs nav atradusi. Gan jau, ka citu dienu nebūtu pamanījusi un tad, jā, tad būtu - you got me.
Not today, not today.

Accordion to scientific studies, 90% of the people did not realize I replaced the beginning of the sentence with an instrument. Be honest - did I get you?

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- Klusum, draugs, mana angļu valoda ir sākumskolas līmenī, nu dien nesapratu Tavu jautājumu.
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Accordion to scientific studies, 90% of the people did not realize I replaced the beginning of the sentence with an instrument. Be honest - did I get you?

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Es sākumā neiebraucu teikumā, jo nevarēju saprast, ko tas akordeons nodarījis zinātnei. Tad pielēca, ka laikam vienkārši neuzķēros.
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Accordion to scientific studies, 90% of the people did not realize I replaced the beginning of the sentence with an instrument. Be honest - did I get you?

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You kind of did and kind of didn't.
Pirmo reizi, kad paskatījos jautajumu, nepaspēju izlasīt visu darba dēļ. Tad izlasīju according. Bet otrajā reizē izlasīju accordion.

Accordion to scientific studies, 90% of the people did not realize I replaced the beginning of the sentence with an instrument. Be honest - did I get you?

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Šodiena ir pārāk skumja priekš mūzikas jokiem.
Kāpēc labiem mūziķiem ir atļauts mirt?
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Do you feel that muscle/sports cars are mainly bought based on its style and for the name rather than the details of safety, mileage, and possible damage in a wreck?

Most cars can't handle hard impact, the taxi I was in during the crash was a 2016 model with "safety" features and still couldn't prevent a crash, no car can. But most sports cars crumple like an accordion during a collision.

Good afternoon to you 😃 you say that you're a pianist right ? I'm very curious to see or hear something you play on the piano .... whatever Beethoven,Mozart,Shubert or any other author's music :) please .

KingAkramito’s Profile PhotoA•K•R•A•M
Look! I'm playing piano and accordion and singing also, but I don't have any videos while playing piano, so if i recorded anything i'll post it surely 😊


kailangan talagang tatlo isend mo??? ano napala mo nung sinend mo 'to??? seryoso, ang dami mong oras ah. parang wala kang school works na kailangang atupagin at nakapagsend ka pa ng ganto-- THREE TIMES PA. clearly kasi u know nothing at all and u only judge from afar. bale nagjjudge ka ng libro from its cover. prolly kaya ang bitter mo kasi ganyan past sections mo?? wag mo kami itulad sa sayo/sections mo noon kasi obvi naman na iba kami. if u think na masisira bond ng rapha dahil sa ganto, well sorry 2 disappoint pero ur only making it stronger. kung tulungan mo na lang kaya ako gumawa ng accordion at monologue para naman maging productive oras mo. pls feel special pinaglaanan kita ng 10 mins para dito kahit hindi ko naman talaga dapat gawin yon. k love u

Tbh You Are Really Nice, & Chill (: Whoever Is Telling You That Shit Is Stupid . 👇 Dont Listen To Em' & Well See You At The Ms . Guna Dance With Crystal Or Wha? 😁

Jackelynnunez’s Profile PhotoJacky❥
Thanks you are too (: and I know haha they're fucking stupid 😅 but I know I'm excited for it 😈 Ramon Ayala and his sexy ass accordion 😍 haha but we'll see 😁👌🏼
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[Random Aufgabe von Gichi] Weil so unglaublich viele Leute dazu gekommen sind, schreib doch mal 10 außergewöhnliche Fakten über dich auf. c:

- Ich gehöre anscheinend zu 30% der Bevölkerung, die zu den Introvertierten zählen
- Ich studiere Deutsch und Geschichte - und das sogar nicht! auf Lehramt
- Ich liebe Reptilien (besonders Echsen und Schlangen)- finde diese Viecher einfach zu niedlich :3
- Ich würde gerne Accordion lernen, hab aber weder das Talent, noch die Zeit dazu qq
- Ich schlafe auf dem Bauch- scheinbar tun dies auch nur wenige °J°
- Ich fahre Longboard (bezeichne mich allerdings noch als Anfängerin)
- Ich habe keine bestimmte Musikrichtung, die ich höre; Von Dubstep und Rap bis hin zu Kirchen- und klassischer Musik höre ich echt alles °u°
- Ich kann keine Insekten oder sonstige kleinen Tierchen, die jeder sonst killen würde- da krieg ich viel zu schnell ein schlechtes Gewissen orz
- Ich hab kurze Haare und auf manchen Bildern/ auf den ersten Blick könnte man mich für nen Jungen halten
- Ich bin schlecht in Fakten über mich aufschreiben orz

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Accordion to a recent study, most people don't notice when an word in a sentence is replaced with an instrument.

what kind of black magic is this

# Возьмите последнюю букву вашего имени и создайте плей-лист.Каждому лайкнувшему вы передаете эстафету ,только пишите другую букву.

Julia Marcell – Accordion player.
Kanye West Ft. Young Jeezy – Amazing.
Audiomachine – An unfinished life.
Carter Burwell – A Nova Vida.
Various Artists – Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz - Cold.
Julia Marcell – Accordion player.
Возьмите последнюю букву вашего имени и создайте плейлистКаждому лайкнувшему вы

Have you ever had a very coincidental experience that made you say "shit if that was not fate, I don't know what is" ?

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SCENE: Tuesday,
Hot, sweaty afternoon,
Transjakarta stop in Thamrin.
A guy furiously BBMs his friend, constantly putting the screen on his eye level while he waits in front of the terminal door. His height made his eye level quite high, and his glasses, framing his round jaw, sits high on his slender nose.
The bus took its time to come.
I took my time looking at him.
It was a hot, sweaty afternoon, after all. Standing around waiting in a crowded tin can waiting for a ride home is a boring job, even with music blasting down your ear canals. He was an okay break from that mindless routine.
His height made his eye level high, which made him put his screen high, which let me look at his name.
It was beautiful.
We got on the same bus but we got off on different stops.
We went our separate ways.
SCENE: Wednesday,
Sunny, calm morning.
Transjakarta stop in Senayan.
It was a cold bus and I got on the accordion standing section. I leaned as music blasted in my ear canals. The doors open and the rush of people starts, looking for empty spaces to fill, walls to lean on. One settled next to me.
I looked at him.
Holy shit.
Exact. Same. Person.
But while we got on the same bus we got off on different stops.
We went our separate ways.
We have never meet again.

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"La mia anima è una misteriosa orchestra; non so quali strumenti suoni e strida dentro di me: corde e arpe, timpani e tamburi. Mi conosco come una sinfonia." Provate a descrivermi alcuni strumenti che compongono la vostra sinfonia, il vostro carattere, impersonificandoli con le vostre peculiarità.

EnneNaive’s Profile PhotoMisceladilettere
oh ohi che bella domandA!! Premettendo che devono creare qualcosa di ansioso pieno di suspence e climax ascendenti eccoti quelli che non devono mancare: archi TANTI ARCHI MAJESTIC più ce n'è meglio è, in particolare violini! lamentosi! stridenti e acidi che tagliano l'aria senza rimorso! linee di basso, arpe, la voce di Paul Simon, banjos, flauti traversi cinguettanti, suoni onomatopeici, chitarre al naturale con abbondanza di melodie E chitarre stracotte baked come i musicisti shoegazers che le suonano aggiungendoci litri di effetti mellow immersi nel miele e pedali; note sul punto di frantumarsi e cadere sul fondo del pentagramma suonate da un pianoforte scordato e preso a botte, vetri che si frantumano e cadono a terra perché è un bel suono di cristallina distruzione E gli ultimi ma importantissimi: accordion e bandoneón perché li sento qui che sfregano i vasi sanguigni del mio organo cardiaco
[disclaimer] questa risposta ha subito forti influenze artistiche da Hans Zimmer e la sua https://play.spotify.com/album/5R34nmGZeKu9WXtJvcVmb6 in particolare la track 3 che sono io in forma musicale e da http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colonne_sonore_del_Professor_Layton
probabilmente dopo aver ascoltato l'esito di tutto questo diventerei melofobica ma rispecchierebbe esattamente what im supposed to do when i look at my personality

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hello Beemo, can u tell me how to study early for next year o'lvl just like u said that u prepare for o'lvl next year..any tips?

Hello! Well.. Here is what I do for my early preparation
1) Prepare your utensils! Go crazy when you go back to sch shopping. You will need, loads of colored pens (half of the brain is attracted to something colorful, so I highly recommend colored pens), post its, highlighters, sticky flags or labels, accordion files, a planner, revision time table and etc
2) I make notes for my self, its all based on my knowledge. If you are making notes for yourself, it is only for YOU. They are your key words that only you can understand them.
3) Write down your notes on papers or notebooks. Label them like "History of Brunei: Chapter 4: Oil exploration In Bru". Write your your notes however you want them to be, mind maps, flash cards, Cornell notes, outlining notes, etc
4) study at least 1 hour a day, the more hours of studying the better. Just give yourself a half an hour break in between your revisions.
5) DON'T EVER PROCRASTINATE! Its hard but beat it! think about the pros and cons of studying, and think about your parents! I get scold for not getting 8 O's but its okay, hahahah
6) don't forget to pray, doa and tawakal :)

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hello Beemo can u tell me how to study early for next year olvl just like u said

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