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Isn’t it selfish that your spouse owes taxes over 10k (they don’t tell you), they persuade you to file taxes with them along with the child’s & it gets taken by the IRS… Now they want to play victim & lie.. ISNT THAT SELFISH!?

qxeennb’s Profile PhotoxAnacaonax
My wife and I both work. All of the money we earn goes into a joint checking account. We pay all of our bills from that joint checking account. When it is time to pay taxes our accountant reviews our joint income and we pay our taxes jointly. We NEVER point fingers at each other or condemn each other because one person earned $100k while the other person earned only $25k. We understand that our marriage is not only a legal contract but our relationship is based upon trust, friendship and love. So each person contributes whatever they are capable of without incrimination or accusations of being lazy, or not contributing enough or of being selfish.
You want to ruin a relationship, keep playing the I earned $100,000 and you only earned $25,000 so I get 3 apples and you only get 1 apple. My son did the same thing in his first marriage and his wife divorced him. He tried to do the same thing in his 2nd marriage and I had a come to Jesus moment with him where I told him to grow up and that if he didn't treat his wife as an equal and with respect, he would be divorced again.
Remember, in any relationship one person will earn more money or work more hours than the other person. That does not give that person the right to insult, belittle or denigrate the effort or sincerity of their partner. Marriage and relationships are built upon trust NOT false accusations and contempt. We should always give our partner the benefit of the doubt and trust that they are contributing to the best of their ability. We are NOT the judge and jury and it is not our place to criticize or condemn.

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Wat r u thoughts on people spending the same amount of money on each other in a relationship

louisepeyton21’s Profile PhotoLouise Landsey

Hi Shaireen. Do you enjoy working as an accountant? It seems to me that accounting is a profession that pays well and is always in demand. What would I change? Lots of things too numerous to list/describe here. One mistake I made with music was not relocating to Nashville when I was 25.

Hello Alex. How are you? Apologies for the very late responses because I have a quite a bit of a hectic schedule this week.
Yes, I enjoy it although it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. Haha I wish that is true here in our country & in public accounting.🤣
I do understand how you feel about working away from home. I also feel uncomfortable thinking about leaving my mother when it's already time for us to report to the office.😔

What are you most passionate about right now?

beingaliraza110’s Profile PhotoAli Raza Damsaz
My Degree/ My Career
And honestly speaking I wonder if ever I would be a chartered accountant I wish my baba would be there to lift my degree up, to present me the pride of my life because all kudos goes to him for raising such a hardworking daughter and being a wonderful role model to teach her most important lessons if her life.
For teaching how to earn risaq e halal balance her education, career and take up all other responsibilities!!!
For teaching how to fight the quarrels in life and win all the medals in this competitive world!!!
For teaching her the definition of true success and humbleness from building her confidence to serve humanity and fix her family!!!
For being a true gentleman of her life❣️
(InshaAllah will ace it from this medal to all other medals and degrees💯)
What are you most passionate about right now

What’s your secret dirty fantasy?

Don't tell anyone but it involves several women! My lawyer, my doctor, my housekeeper, my accountant, my broker and my assistant - in my fantasy, they decide to waive all fees until the end of this year. What's more arousing than saving shekels? ❤️

If you could join any past or current music group which would you want to join? 🎶 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ㄒ乇几卂匚丨ㄖㄩ丂 ㄒㄖ爪爪卂ㄚ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I really dont know what I could do in music group 😂 - maybe their accountant or manager for Slovak concerts😅👍.... From past bands Erasure and from current 21 pilots probably ❤️😁
If you could join any past or current music group which would you want to join

Oh so you're from lahore too..that's great... I am a business graduate..& What else?🤔 i lovee pizza or anything that has cheese ...ummm okaay now its your turn 😂

Oh no im not from lahore but i work in lahore I'm a Chartered Accountant but 😂 i discontinued that and working as a chef 😂 and i can make the yummiest pizza and tones of other things made by cheese 😂

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Two lawyers
Tax accountant
Public relations person for the press conference
Hedge fund manager (me - no salary)
Experienced consultant for creating a Not For Profit
I’d invest 75% of the money immediately. The remaining 25% I begin to disperse to people who really need a hand in life over the next three years.
In the fourth year I would disperse the profits off the 75% I invested which should be sizeable by then.
Ultimately I would give every penny away minus fees for the people I had to hire initially - not including myself. I would not take a dollar. It would be so much fun! Robin Hood rides again! 🦙👍
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What would be the first thing you'd do if you won the lottery?

I would be in total shock as I am good at determining statistical probabilities. So I would never play a lottery in the first place. It’s a complete waste of money.
But if I did, I would hire a law firm, a tax accountant, a media relations person, and finally someone with experience in setting up a not for profit. Then I give every last penny away.

actors and musicians have a poor strike rate in marriages.... you should marry an accountant or something lol

GiveUsBackOurThreads’s Profile PhotoEric
Christina married nick who was a firefighter and now works in construction
Katherine married max who used to be a girls coach for track. And hes a personal trainer, and specialist
Lisa is married to new found glorys guitarist chad gilbert
Amy is single
I'm in a relationship but have dated a captain of football player, and someone who is in like rocket engineering and that
And dani is married to a band member
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Accountant Position Qualifications: 1. Bachelor degree in accounting/finance 2. 0-2 years of experience 3. Fluency in the English language is a must. 4. Excellent computer skills especially Excel. Location: Haram Factory How to apply: • Send your CV tالترجمه⁦🤦‍♀️⁩

مؤهلات لمنصب محاسب
١. بكالوريوس في المحاسبة المالية
٢. من صفر لسنتين خبرة
٣. لازم يكون بيعرف انجليزي حلو جدًّا
٤. لازم يكون بيعرف يشتغل على الكمبيوتر خاصة برنامج Excel
العنوان : مصنع الهرم أعتقد
أزاي تقدم على الوظيفة : ابعت ال CV

I am an accounting major (currently w/ an Associates degree in Accounting) now working towards my BA in Accounting. I am a JR Accountant (Salary) and honestly feel like pursuing a career in the Medical field. I am currently 24 yrs - is this a stupid Idea to do?

Nothing is ever a mistake. If that’s your calling go for it?

مسا الخير جميعا 🙋‍♂️ مين عندو اسم فلم او مسلسل تركي ،اجنبي ، صومالي، هندي اي اشي 😂😂 والي بعطيني اشي مرتب الو عزومة على وجبة شاورما بس قبل ما يخلص الحجر 😉😂😂😂😂

omarbanat506’s Profile Photo|| OMAR BANAT ||
احضر the last samurai , the accountant , the revenant , harry poter
تركي : العروس المخملية ، الشريك الصغير
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Wow this is cool.. I hope it works out for you.. Hehe btw it's fine marry someone rich :p I'm becoming an accountant lol. Not something I wanted to do but Ig it is what it is.

SyedAnasZaidi’s Profile PhotoAnas
Thanks xD
Hahaha yeah agree on that 😂😂
Uh that's nicee. But I hated accounting at school haha. My friend loves it 🤦‍♀️
Well sadly we dont always get in life what we want. If you had the option, what would you like to be/ to do?
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Faculty of commerce accountant section😂💜🌸وجيران يباشا بس انا خدت براءه اخر سنه السنادي والتنظيم وكده اسلوب حياة... بحب تشيك الكلام والكتابه جدا جدا

أحلي جيران والله 😂 صحابي كلهم في تجاره بس انا أول مره أشوف واحد في تجاره كاتمه مُرتب كدا 😂 انا عندي اخويا اهوه بقالو اربع سنين في تجاره ما فتحش كتاب طول الأربع سنين ونجح وجايب جيد جداََ مش عارفه ازاي وكلامه ما يفرقش حاجه عن كلام الشمامين 😂
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There's a news story in Massachusetts of a 14 year old boy getting mauled to death by the dogs he was looking after. Apparently he's watched them before. German shepherds and some other kind.. Who should be held accountable? The owner of the dogs (cages were also involved ), the child / his parents?

lnr87’s Profile Photome lol
Perhaps the reason is the difficulty of caring for this kind of dogs. So the owner is the first one who should be held accountable because he knows how dangerous it is. His parents are also an accountant for this because they are the ones who allowed his son to keep what he couldn't tame, right?

HamZo❤️ ye silna nahe aata mujhe😅😅 Aur wese bhi na Maine puray 2 saal se sambhal kar rakhi hai wo😂😂 Her time is over now😂 Game Over😎😂 Aur Mujhe toh jaana hai😭mai Bina CA bane bhi jan lunge..wo bhi sabse baray accountant se "HamZo Khan😍"😂😂 Only if he gives an appointment sometime😂🌟

AmBii ❤️❤️ Seekhlo Bohat Kaam Ayega 😂 Wah Diary Tho Aged Nikli Isliye Halat Kharab Hai 😲 Chalo Jub Mujhe Pata Chal Jaega Mai Bata Dunga K Kaisy Kiya Jata Hai Ye SuB ✌️ And AmBii ❤️ ❤️ Don't Worry Apko Appointment Lenay Ki B Zarorat Nahi Parhege You Can Come Directly 😍😍 Bus Ek Baar Ban Jaon Sirf ❤️❤️
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مفيش حاجة اسمها فرص شغل اكتر الشغل بالتقدير والكورسات اللى معاك طيب ماهو لو واحد تجارة انجليزى جايب جيد وواحد فى عربى جايب جيد جدا ومعاهم الاتنين كورسات اكيد مش هيسيب بتاع عربى ويقوله لا انت عربى مينفعش طور من نفسك سواء انجليزى او عربى واكيد هتلاقى شغل

كلامك صح بس اغلب الشغل يعني بيحتاج Accountant مدركين ال الاكونت بالانجلش اكتر م العربي ده غير الكورسات لانها لازم بس انجلش بتطلع متأسسه انجلش لان دراستها بالكامل انجلش ، و غير لسه ف كورسات للغات تانيه و فوق كل ده التقدير لازم لانجلش مش عربي اد كده
الفرق الوحيد الاساسي اللغه و الله
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Ameen apke bi achae papers ho jaien! Hn g bht acha haey CA charted Accountant bnta haey bnda! Easy hota haey bas agr bnda sath sath parhta jaey!

tawwabpannu’s Profile PhotoTawwab bin Jawad
hayeee mughy thooraa guidee ker do......mughy samjh nhee aa raha k mein karun ya na karun ager me army me select naa hoi tu wohi soch rae the karun gi...kitna timee lagta ha CA kerne me....
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For your information, CA - Chartered Accountant Australia New Zealand. CPA - Certified Practicing Accountant Australia. MIA - Malaysian Institute of Accountants. Persoalannya, adakah beliau seorang akauntan bertauliah? March Intake : www.tarc.edu.m

damn, wth you put the link to me 😂😂😂
Jawapan :
I do know account is a tough subject. But to have him came out strong saying he is a certified accountant is on another level. Hebat. Wow. Amazing.
Yeah. Kena tipu lagi.
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Rupees 50 on rimsha k liye chachay ki fries Rupees 70 on rimsha k liye food street ki cofffee Rupees 50 on chocolate shake for yourself Rupees 30 on rimsha k liye pani ki bottle Rupees 20 on khud k lie chocolate chips Alu wala paratha and Muli ka paratha for yourself :p

Okay mere accountant :D

Actually yes, cuz I do actually like reading nowadays tbh. Happy or not, but if tha poem is good or captures my interest then I'm sold. Go for it, if you must. Keep striving and climbing cuz most of us wanna perfect in things we like or and live for

Okay I will!!! I try when I do it! Maybe this week cause I did say I was gonna study accounting because I just wanna be a perfect accountant but I'm not in the right mind so I put that off until the 1st of jan to give myself a week for it
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It means so much coming from you, thank you ninja. we're still working on the content, trying to make it student friendly because we’re afraid that they would perceive the idea as distant and a bit foreign. I owe you 50$? 20$ or nth . هلا انت مدين لي عشان عم بعلمك تفاصل بأصول

You are welcome, and good luck ahead.
Lol This is not how people negotiate, this is called manipulation you little fraud. i take back what i said earlier about your bright future, you will end up working as an accountant for the Italian mafia.
It means so much coming from you thank you ninja
 were still working on the

Bobsy, I was reading this column about s3x work by a s3x worker and she was talking about discrimination. In some places white girls got a higher rate than say, Asian girls, and she was saying in other jobs ppl would be horrified if a white accountant got more than a brown one. I thought it was a >

"> ridic thing to write tbh. Isn't it just supply vrs demand? It's not just about race either, I assume younger workers generally get a higher rate than older ones and blondes or redheads could charge higher in some instances? I'm sure Asian girls could too, depending on the location? Thoughts?"
Are you really asking me, a socialist, whether the vagaries of supply and demand justify something?
I think this is a useful touchpoint to refer to: https://ask.fm/rmaynard85/answers/151536486522
You are right that because of various precarities and circumstances, and bargaining, it's not possible to guarantee equal compensation for the same work - it's a crushing reality in the sex industry that traits form a *part of services* the worker offers, objectification in the most literal sense.
But listen - reflect on why you want to shoot someone down for wanting to be treated better? Sex workers are already among the most vulnerable workers, even in places where it's regulated-ish and safe-ish. What is the impulse to put them in their place, and say (to anyone!) "you don't get it, you are exactly where you belong, and you will get exactly what you deserve, because the market is the purest form of justice"? Fuck supply and demand. Fuck needing to fuck strangers to get by. The market poisons the world and makes us cruel to each other.

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