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It's always guys expected to take girls out and wine and dine them, when has a woman ever asked you "hey what do you like tonight baby, cmon over, I will make it for you"

When will people like you understand the true meaning of communication? Lay down your expectations, let your partner lay down her expectations, begin the negotiation and settle on a shared arrangement, accounting for various aspects such as physical and emotional needs. It doesn't have to be complicated.

How hungry for power are you?

I think a lot of those things would be interesting, but on examination I'm more after power (such as it is) for the sake of stability; power/money provides a buffer from being batted around by life and other people.
I certainly want to be great in some area.
It could just be the need to excel, the side effect your seeing is power, however if you invent something the side effect others see wont be power, it will be a cure for something. My lack of a social life makes me feel unaccomplished, so I feel as though acquiring power would give me that feeling. The top of maslow's hierarchy of needs. I've realized that all my obsessions, fantasies, and what I want to do for a career all center around power.
I wanted to be a magician because I used to think I could make magic real with technology in the future. I wanted to be an inventor so I could actually make that technology. I wanted to be a genetic engineer so I could straight up play with life, and now I want to be a businessmen so I could use money to exert my influence on the world(Because I'm too lazy to do any lab work, and I genuinely believe technology is at a point where you actually need large labs full of people, having one inventor just won't do). Not really... I'm more of a behind the scenes kind of guy (quietly making a difference but never in the limelight). I am always craving for more power and for more accomplishments, wherever I can.
My biggest career accomplishment is making the leap from a strictly accounting role to moving into general management and strategy, which I find very rewarding.
If you've ever watched "House of Cards" you could probably see how being power hungry affects politicians especially in a bad way. Personally, I feel like you should focus less on gaining power and more on helping others. If you earn respect by doing this and that leads to you gaining power, then more power to you.
What’s wrong with having ambition? You’re ambitious, you want people to either fear or respect your authority, you want to be in control and there’s nothing wrong with that. Who cares if your happiness comes at the expense of other people. Worry about yourself. If it feels good then who gives a damn. I’d say good on you for taking the initiative to take what you want when you want. People like to ask those in power “What gives you the right?” all the time but that’s just it. No one gives us the right. We take it.
Depends on the kind of power you are looking to wield. Are you looking to control people, to show how strong you are by making them miserable? Then yep, this would be a person who ought to have as little power as possible. Were it up to me, such a person would be at the mercy of a little girl's pet hamster. (I can be power hungry too.) If the power being sought is one aimed at lifting people out of the ancestral thuggish soup from which we are all derived, then, depending on how that power would be wielded and guarded from corruption.

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How many times did you change your mind about your career before you figured out what you really wanted to do or do you still not know?

Never. I knew from the beginning what I want. It took me two years after college to decide what I want, but life showed me what it should be.
My option was either criminology or finance and accounting. The campus I wanted and I was able to travel to, didn't have criminology, so I knew what path to choose.

hahah youd get alot of such tests on web if you try finding them! WOULD NEED A LITTLE OF YOUR EFFORT lol but yes these IQ checkers can be difficult if theyre time bounded. our psychometric tests are more like this but have more of accounting mental maths analytical skill checkers and number patterns

so basically you just picked up my answer and now u selling me your website damn 🤡 amazing how gullible i can be, even more amazing i’ll actually check it out🤡

السلام عليكم في السياق القانوني يوجد فرق بين firm/ corporation / company في الترجمة العامة من عربي لانجليزي ممكن تستخدم أي كلمة منهم مش هتفرق؟

وعليكم السلام،
فيه فرق طبعا 😀
كلمة company بتستعمل للبزنس الصغير و الأهم انها بتستعمل للشركة المملوكة لفرد واحد هو ال owner
اما corporation بتستعمل للبزنس الكبير وبتطلق على الشركات المساهمة (يملكها مساهمون كل واحد فيهم يملك حصة من الاسهم اسمهم stakeholders)
لما يكون في نص مستعمل الكلمتين فهو يقصد بالأولى: الشركات ذات المسؤولية المحدودة و بالتانية شركات المساهمة (و ده فرق قانوني لأن كل واحدة من دول لها هيكل قانوني مختلف).
كلمة firm بتستخدم بالأساس لوصف شركات المحاماة Law Firm و شركات المحاسبة Accounting Firm وكذلك شركات الاستثمار Investment Firm. وهي مش شركات بالمعنى القانوني لكنها قائمة على فكرة الشراكة partnership

Shaireen, were you and your father close?

Yes. He was very reserved, spoke very little and highly principled but we used to have a friendly banter about anything and everything. And when curiousity hit me, I was asked to think on my own and expected to look for my own answers. He loved giving me books as well, I have even read his accounting books fr when I was still in high school haha. He also loved playing guitar and we often sing along to our favourites. Ah I miss my Papa. I miss our father & daughter dates. I miss playing badminton with him and the fam every weekend. I miss going out for a walk at night with him to witness the full moon and the dazzling night sky, but he's now already among the stars. I wish he's happy up there.

How does Genshin Impact work?

Alright, let's try to keep this concise:
Genshin Impact is a gacha game running on the same engine as Breath of the Wild. It's very technically competent, battles feel good, and exploration and the world is gorgeous and well done.
As it is a gacha game, the game's primary focus next to the main story is getting the characters you want and equipping them. The main currency to pull for characters are "Primogems". New accounts early on in the story receive ten pulls (called "Wishes" in the game) in total. Primogems are primarily earned from daily missions and exploration. About one pull can be farmed every day by doing all dailies and some explorations, plus minus.
Characters come in two tiers, four star and five star, with five star characters usually being more desirable/stronger, and usually also sporting slightly more appealing designs, without accounting for personal taste. There is a one in twenty chance for any pull to be a four star character. Every 90 pulls is guaranteed to be a five star, althoug it might be a weapon or a character. Point being, chances are astronomically low.
There is manufactured digital scarcity in the game. Many characters are only available for 30 days, and then do not reappear in a long time, which is the main driving force for peope to spend real money, because it is impossible to guarantee getting the character you want without spending.
Out of the offers the game throws at you, only the daily login bonus and straight up primogems have any real relevance.
The actual gameplay is rather good, it is a typical, but well executed, character switching combo game, revolving mainly around hitting good elemental combos. To play the storyline of the game, no specific characters are needed with halfway competent play.
The main story is gated behind level requirements. This requires a decent amount of grinding in between story segments, which mainly consists of running the same mini dungeon again and again, which also serves as the primary way to get gear and upgrade materials for your characters. In general, the game is massively grindy after the first few story parts. Acquiring exp, materials and so forth is locked to a time-gated resource, which refills over time. This is usually fine, as long as yo uare the type of person that doesn't want to power grind, and only wants to play maybe 90 minutes a day and then call it quits to the next day.
In general, if played in a relaxed fashion, the game is pretty good, but if you get hooked and end up desperately wanting a specific character, it is easy to get addicted. Monetisation is VERY predatory, and prices are straight up insane. Guaranteeing to get the character you want during an event cost ~200 Euros, eg. The game also does emphasis playing daily, due to these resource systems, although it doesn't matter as much if you are very casual.
I played quite a bit, so if you have any specific questions, I can probably answer anything.

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Imsecure bgt baru 20 tahun sama sama lulusan smk dan satu angkatan udah punya jabatan supervisor finance accounting dg gaji 12jt+, yaAllah gue buat dapetin gaji umr aja susah:((

apalah dayakuu yg lulusan s1 baca inii :")
tapi yaa gapapa. smua org ada masa nya masing masing. tinggal kita usaha sebisa kita yaakkk 💪

لو لم تكونوا في وظيفتكم الحالية ؟ أين تجدون أنفسكم ؟

Mano0ora8’s Profile PhotoMaNaR !
ممكن تبع Graphic Design
لأن هو و Accounting
شغفي وأكثر اثنين أحبهم وعادي أجلس عليهم بالساعات علشان أنجز أي شي يتعلق فيهم
وأي أحد يعرفني شخصيًا يعرف أني أحب تخصصي وعندي حسن فني وأحاول أتعلم في Graphic Design

Misty says you're a f.ucking liar and she never sole any money from your paypal

Yeah I’m a lair 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 when all she ever does is lie. If she didn’t steal money from me how come my bank said PayPal, and then when I called them they asked my relationship to a misty wildfong, and I said ex friend, and then they transferred me to accounting, and they had to change my bank info. Because she had.

Hi Shaireen. Do you enjoy working as an accountant? It seems to me that accounting is a profession that pays well and is always in demand. What would I change? Lots of things too numerous to list/describe here. One mistake I made with music was not relocating to Nashville when I was 25.

Hello Alex. How are you? Apologies for the very late responses because I have a quite a bit of a hectic schedule this week.
Yes, I enjoy it although it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. Haha I wish that is true here in our country & in public accounting.🤣
I do understand how you feel about working away from home. I also feel uncomfortable thinking about leaving my mother when it's already time for us to report to the office.😔

انا لو قررت اتخصص محاسبة اي الكورسات المناسبة اني اخدها ؟

رقم 1 لازم يكون مستواك فيه كويس
electronic accounting
دى ممكن تاخدها فى الجامعه او اى اكاديمى مش بتفرق المهم تفهمها
دول اهم اتنين وممكن متاخدش غيرهم عادى ولو هتصرف فلوس كتير هقولك الباقى

Fortsetzung dieser Antwort (1): https://ask.fm/normanz9761/answers/167958036763

normanz9761’s Profile Phototh1rsttrap
Der britische Großgrundbesitzer Chief Factor (ein wundervolles Wortspiel!) hat sich extra eine private Kuh importiert, um, wie sich zwei Trinker im Saloon erzählen, «Milch zu seinem Afternoon Tea» haben zu können. Also eine Kuh ganz für sich alleine, die er auch in einem sehr gut umzäunten Bereich seines Anwesens hält.
Otis und King-Lu beginnen in der Folge des nachts einzubrechen und die Kuh zu melken. Das Resultat dieses Diebstahls sind großartige Backwaren, die die ganze Stadt begeistern. Allerdings wird Chief Factor mißtrauisch, stellt die Diebe und am Ende des Filmes wird ihnen ihre Flucht zum Verhängnis.
Dieser Film ist eine ganz offensichtliche Parabel auf den Kapitalismus, garniert mit intelligenten Wortspielen (beginnend beim Titel – der Ausspruch «cash cow» sollte jedem bekannt sein). Eine übersatte und reiche Klasse leistet es sich, die Produktionsmittel unter höchsten Sicherheitsstandards von allen fähigen und kreativen Menschen abzuschirmen – und das nur aus Gründen des eigenen banalen Vorteils (Milch zum Afternoon Tea). Das ist das Resultat einer Gesellschaft, die sich auf Akkumulation gründet.
Das damit einhergehende Denken, das nur auf Akkumulation und mathematische Logik ausgelegt ist, wird sehr gut in einem Dialog zum Thema Bestrafung zwischen Chief Factor und einem Captain dargestellt:
CHIEF FACTOR: When one factors the loss of labour from the punished hand versus the gain of labour from those hands who witness the
punishment, a stricter punishment can be the more advisable path. Even a properly rendered death can be useful in the
ultimate accounting. It is a highly motivating spectacle for the indolent, let alone the mutinous.
CAPTAIN: Yes, fair enough, but some calculations can never truly be made.
CHIEF FACTOR: Now, there you are wrong, Captain. Any question that cannot be calculated is not worth the asking.
Alles an diesem Film ist eine Kritik an dem kapitalistischen Zivilisationsbegriff, der hier im Kontrast zur Freundschaft der beiden Protagonisten nicht mehr besonders fortschrittlich und zivilisiert, sondern genauso rau und lebensfeindlich wirkt wie das Bild selbst, das in einem extrem dunklen grüngelben Kontrast gehalten wird.
Die Taz ist an einer Stelle mit der H2-Überschrift einer großen Sache auf der Spur, in der steht: «Männer sind und waren eben nicht immer nur tumbe Typen, die nur S.ex und Gewalt im Kopf haben.» Es ist bezeichnend, wie sehr gebildet man sein und trotzdem an dem Kern des Problems vorbeischreiben kann. S.ex und Gewalt, Reproduktion und Kampf ums Überleben, sind beschränkende Handlungsmuster, die Situationen entspringen, in denen der Überlebensmodus die einzige Motivationstriebfeder ist.

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تجاره انجلیزی ولا تربیه انجلیزی ارجوکم ردو!!!

eman_emad_’s Profile Photoإيمآآن♡
بصي انا مقدرش احكم علشان انا معنديش ال experience الكفايه اللي تخليني اقولك كليه ايه احسن من التانيه ، لكن كل اللي اقدر اقولهولك انتي بتحبي ايه او مايله لايه
مايله لشغل accounting or HR or finance in general يعني خلاص ادخلي تجاره وهي فعلا كليه حلوه مش وحشه مانا كنت تجاره بس خارجيه عادي ، انما لو مايله اكتر للتدريس او حاجه زي كده خلاص خليكي ف تربيه ❤️
واقدر اقولك صلي استخاره وصدقيني دي سحر وربنا هيرزقك بالاحسن والخير ليكي . ربنا يوفقك ان شاء الله ❤️

• ‏" عَسَىٰ رَبُّكُمْ أَن يُبدِلَ أَحزانُكُم فَرَحاً قَرِيباً " 🤍.

▪️ مؤسستك بين ايديك مع " Odoo ERP SYSTEM " وهتقدر تحدد الاتجاهات السليمة لمسار شركتك وتطويرها باستمرار
▪️ جانب للـ " Accounting System " اللي بيساعدك على نقل صورة فعلية بموقفك المالي للشركة
▪️ لأنه بيتم ربطه بجميع قطاعات وإدارات المنظمة سواء فرع أو اكثر وبناءاً عليه تقدر تاخد قرارات صحيحة من خلال أرقام واقعية
▪️ رؤية العمليات والانشطة داخل الشركة في وقتها الفعلي وتأثيرها على القوائم المالية والتقارير المحاسبية داخل الشركة
▪️ تقدر تسجل جميع المعاملات من مختلف الإدارات :-
▪️ المخازن - المشتريات - المبيعات
▪️ النقدية وحسابات البنوك
▪️ المصروفات و الإيرادات
▪️ الأصول الثابتة
▪️ الموردين والعملاء
▪️ وده بيوفر لك تقليل معدلات الخطر والخسارة والقيام بتحليلات دقيقة من خلال البيانات المتداولة باستمرار والحصول على تقارير سريعة بأداء المنشأة
▪️ هتقدر توصل للحلول المناسبة لمجال عملك بابسط الطرق وأسرع وقت
▪️ ولمزيد من المعلومات
▪️ المبيعات : 01129027376
▪️ المبيعات : 01012926676
▪️ او زوروا موقعنا
#Oddo #Voip #CRM

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عسى ربكم أن يبدل أحزانكم فرحا قريبا

You get trapped inside a pyramid and can only escape by solving increasingly tougher math questions as you walk through the pyramid's various rooms. You only have a few hours to get to the top until the way out closes forever. Do you think you'll make it? ⚱💀⚖ (Inspired by a game I played as a kid)

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I think I would do fairly well, I would def have to brush up on my math though, it’s been years since I’ve been in school 😂 but math was my favorite subject! Even took 5 math classes one semester and I excelled in them all. Including finishing 2 business math classes in half a semester (online). Not trying to toot my horn or anything, just expressing how much I loved it xD plus I was studying accounting so there you go :p

damn i hate it😂economics is love.wish i had an option of economics and accounting :( upar sa mara sath sab bacha hain and they treat me like im their age fellow aur mujha wo bacha lagta hain.aur masters wala jo mari age ka hain they treat me like bacha too.bad scenes chal rha hain😂😂😂🌚

hahahahaha nahi nahi just keep going with the flow. you are going good. btw which university?

هو انا مش سااال السوال اللى فوق بس كنت عاوز اسااال هو fmi ليها كورسات عندك معى العلم ان بدرس اداره اعماال قسم accounting

مش عرفه بس معيد بتاع الكليه عندى بيدى بس وقفنا الفتره دى
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If you were given a time machine to travel backwards in time, what are the three mistakes that you would want to rectify?

1: I would choose cricket over studies.
2: i would not go to lahore its my biggest mistake.
3: i would go for BS Accounting & finance rather thn going for CA.

awwwww good for you po, sana ako din mahanap, malaman kona ano ba talaga gusto ko🥺 kase same diko din gusto mag abm now grade 12 nako and no choice kundi aralin accounting ket ayoko naman talaga but qndito na eh, thankful parin❤ thanks sa pag reply stay safe sa bagyo!

you’re welcome!! sooner or later mahahanap mo din ung gusto mo and kung di man agad dumating, it doesn’t mean na never na dadating. madalas sa mga bagay pag hindi mo hinahanap kusa nalang dadating. stay safe din sa inyo ♥️♥️
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+1 answer in: “Ako lang ba? Yung sobrang natatakot sa future ko🥺 like diko pa alam kung anong gusto ko sa buhay, i really dont know kung saan ba talaga ako magaling, dirin ganun ka taasan mga grades ko sa school, di ako kasing talented ng iba. Mahirap pala talaga pag simple kalang🥺”

حقيقي وحشتني الجامعه مع اني مكنتش بنزل كتير بس وحشتني ، وحشني كورس ال Accounting اللي كنت ببقي قاعده م فاهمه فيه حاجه وحشني كورس ال Mathematics اللي كنت بطلع منه بحس اني دكتوره ف الماده دي😂🧡 رجعوني الجاااامعه 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

sarsor584’s Profile PhotoF R E S K A ツ
دبلر بيتكلم اول مره اشوف دبلر بيتكلم😅😂

انا قسم محاسبة ( Accounting ) و الماده الي شلتها و إمتحنتها سمر اسمها محاسبة تكاليف ( Accounting costs ) انت متخيل كمية الوكسة الي انا فيها.

عندك قانون تجاري تقريبا !!
+5 answers in: “صباح الخير يا إكسو 3 سنينين مرو كالريح ما علينا من حسبة الايام والسنين حبيت اشاركك بس ‏المرة دي هتكون درس صغير مش سؤال. "انتهاء العلاقات لا يعني بدء الحرب، كونوا ذوو أصلٍ طيب، أنهوا كل شيء واحفظوا الود، فمن عفا وأصلح فأجره على الله، وافتكر كلمتي ليك زمان لا تحزن علي ما فات واستبشر بما هو آت" 🇲_🇴”

نزلتي فيزياء و كيمياء ؟ 🌚 ، لو قوية رياضة و هتحضري ع الأقل ال accounting لأنها أهم حاجة و هتهتمي ادخليها ، طب ما تدخلي لغات خاص ، مجالها حلو وبما انك قوية ف الإنجليزي ف هتبقي قوية ف اللغات مع الوقت

aklma113008’s Profile Photoسام
النص فزيا و كميا ٣٣ونص
اه دماغي حلوة ف الرياضه وكنت عايزة ادخل علمي رياضه بس الحج كان عنده امل ادخل صيدله 😂💔
حلو موضوع لغات خاص ده 🌚
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حقيقي وحشتني الجامعه مع اني مكنتش بنزل كتير بس وحشتني ، وحشني كورس ال Accounting اللي كنت ببقي قاعده م فاهمه فيه حاجه وحشني كورس ال Mathematics اللي كنت بطلع منه بحس اني دكتوره ف الماده دي😂🧡 رجعوني الجاااامعه 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

sarsor584’s Profile PhotoF R E S K A ツ
الحمدلله مش عاوز ايامها ترجع بلا هم

Mera scene kuch aisa hai ke mene CA start kiya tha, walid ke sth mamlaat kuch ache nai bane to is time chora howa,having a 25% complete CA jiska mjhe faida tk nai,like value ni itna complete krne ki and i am currently earning +100k per month through Freelancing and Online kaam, to CA krlein ya nai ?

Daikho bhai agr ap CA dobara start krty ho to, honestly speaking freelancing ni kr sako gy because CA or freelancing dono time taking hain. But hain Agr mashwara doon to yeh hoga k kisi uni mai admission ly k graduation complete kro. CA k hisab sy BS accounting and finance karo to woh b achi field h. Or CA ki trh time taking ni hai. Dono cheezyn manage ho jyn gi. Shukriyaa.💯

I am an accounting major (currently w/ an Associates degree in Accounting) now working towards my BA in Accounting. I am a JR Accountant (Salary) and honestly feel like pursuing a career in the Medical field. I am currently 24 yrs - is this a stupid Idea to do?

Nothing is ever a mistake. If that’s your calling go for it?

حلو انك ماخذه تخصصين ... الموارد البشرية مطلوبة لان كل شركة تحتاجها بالاضافة الى تخصص ادارة الاعمال تفتحلك مجالات اوسع غير الموارد ... ما شاء الله احسنت الاختيار اتكلم عن شي اشوفه بالدوام ( ترى انا مثلك تخصصين ) Bachelor of accounting and MBA

an0oo0’s Profile Photoanas
م شاء الله بالتوفيق💕 احب التنويع 😎😂ويخليك شخص مختلف عن غيرك ومطلوب اكثر في الوظايف✌🏾
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Ofcourse and I will be in hawler in September I think because when the pandemic came to hawler a cameback to Jordan... I'm a medical student in faculty of medicine... Maybe you will be my freind in the college If you want to study with us🌸 اه صحيح نورت بوجودك 🌹

Yeahh when the pandemic came all of us went to our house and quarantine life started
Inshallah in September we’ll go back to our college’s
I’m a student at administration and economics
Accounting department
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Yr mjhe ye smjh nai a raha ka intrst se kia mtlb hai i mean fsc ki hai mane i have done thori bht basic programing in matric that seemed tough to me to ab agge aik br try krna chahye?😅 i mean yr cs lene se pehle to lazmi nai ka hr bnde ka intrst ho😅

Agr basic programming bhi tough lag rhi hai tw i will suggest you dnt go for it
And i have no idea accounting walon ko cs k konsy subjcts ya languages prhai jati hain so its better to get guidance from a senior may be ?
+3 answers in: “Hey! I have a few qs regarding takng CS as a minor. Can you help me a bit😅”

شركات تامين اذا sales انسي خليها تخلص هالمشكلة واشوفلك في بنك صفوة والأهلي والتجاري والكويتي والاسكان بتعامل معهم

لا مو sales ب ال accounting بنك الصفوة ما بياخد الا المعدلاتهم فوق 3 والباقي قدمتلهم بس ما حد رد خبر ??‍♀️
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