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Какая хорошая новость была из последних?)

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Гильдия киноактёров (Screen Actors Guild) и Альянс продюсеров кино и телевидения (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) договорились возобновить переговоры о сделке, что может положить конец нынешним забастовкам. Грядущие переговоры станут первым шагом для достижения перемирия.
Пресс-секретарь AMPTP подтвердил запланированные переговоры и даже подчеркнув, что они "ищут возможность взаимовыгодной сделки сразу с обоими профсоюзами" — имея в виду и сценаристов, и актёров. Представители студий и стримингов готовы начать переговоры.
Президент AMPTP Кэрол Ломбардини попросила Комитет по переговорам Гильдии встретиться с участниками Альянса в эту пятницу:
"Мы возвращаемся за стол с готовностью заключить честную сделку, зная, что за нами стоят люди, и опираясь на постоянную поддержку наших союзников”, — заявили в Гильдии Сценаристов Америки (Writers Guild of America)
Она уточнила, что они готовы увеличить предложение на несколько минимумов для сценаристов. И даже готовы поговорить об Искусственном интеллекте, но менять условия работы и выплачивать остатки с прошлых проектов категорически не собираются.
Судя по всему, ничего особенного из нее не выйдет. Забастовка в Hollywood наносит ущерб экономике, работникам этой индустрии, кинотеатрам и даже обычным людям, которые не могу вовремя посмотреть фильмы и сериалы. Поэтому крайне важно в эту пятницу найти немедленное решение. Сегодня уже более 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ дней забастовки.
Двойная забастовка практически парализовала работу Голливуда. Гильдия сценаристов начала забастовку 1️⃣ мая, а вот актёрская Гильдия начала протесты 1️⃣3️⃣ июля. 1️⃣2️⃣ июля истек предыдущий контракт 3️⃣ лет, заключенный между профсоюзами актёров и голливудскими мейджорами.
Все стороны не смогли прийти к новому соглашению и началась забастовка Гильдии киноактеров и Федерации телевидения и радио США. В течение нескольких недель кинопроизводство и телепроизводство в Америке было практически остановлено, не могут сниматься фильмы и сериалы.

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Какая хорошая новость была из последних

Do you like quiz shows? What's your favourite, if you have one?

Emmagine_This’s Profile PhotoEmmagine_This
I rarely watch tv, so I cannot really say to be fair!
The quiz shows that are usually on tv here aren’t really fair in my opinion. For example, they sometimes ask about actors or happenings that were active or happening in/around the 80s and then act shocked when millennials don’t know the answer 🥴

Сделай выбор и обоснуй его: Книги/фильмы; Кот/Собака; Дом/Квартира; Лето/Зима; Луна/Звезды; прогулка по лесу/парку; кофе/чай; объятия/поцелуй

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Before, I'd choose a movie, because I'm lazy and I love to see the combination of great music, picture, and actors play all in front of my eyes. Unfortunately, there are not many movies that impress me lately, actually the opposite. The more new movies I watch, the less I have a feeling of watching something again. So, I choose a book 📖
Cat. Even though dogs love their owners more, I still feel more love for cats. Maybe because in Ukraine, cats are more popular to have, maybe because I never had a dog, but I don't want to get something that I don't know how to take care of 😼
A house, because it's a personal property, where you have your own private space and more room for creativity on how to make that space that you live in, your own place 🏠
Summer. Even though I learned to appreciate winter more, I still feel more disabled and like I can't do much during this season, but the summer is a season of vacations, hangouts, warm sun, and longer days ☀️
Moon. It always attracts me with its light and shape. So beautiful, so lonely... 🌛
Walk in a forest. I feel like I connect more with nature and myself. I become isolated from the city noises and it's more peaceful and quiet 🌳🌳🌳
Tea. Even though I used to favor coffee more, I feel like I've become a tea girl ever since I moved to the USA. Now, It's my comfort drink 💖
Hugs. A kiss doesn't always express love, especially nowadays, but hugs are comforting, give you trust in someone, and it just warms my heart 🤗☺️

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Сделай выбор и обоснуй его
Книгифильмы КотСобака ДомКвартира ЛетоЗима ЛунаЗвезды

Americans, are voting tomorrow? Non Americans: who’s your favorite American celebrity?

I don't really have a favourite lol
I don't follow what celebs get up to lol. I do follow some of the marvel actors on Instagram... but that's about it xD
Americans are voting tomorrow Non Americans whos your favorite American
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Say you got picked up to become a voice actor, what kinds of characters do you think you'd be able to play with your current voice? 🎤🎧🗣

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
It’s what I wanted to do as a child, and I still follow voice actors very closely today. I have a low voice, so I would be best suited for roles that are not very cutesy. I sound like a combo of grown woman and middle school boy. As for non-human, probably anything as long as the voice isn’t high and I’m not screaming (I can’t scream). A Pokémon professor would be cool.
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Do you think actors and actresses are apart of elite members of society and displays innocent behaviour but actually sick and twisted people who have alot of power or used as pawns spiritually and have no feelings for humanity

I don't think so. I actually do hate conspiracy.
In general, this job is difficult as people can easily be changed there on younger ones. And they are treated by producers as 'meat'. There's a small amount who's famous and influential, other don't earn that much as we think
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Poproszę o dość smutny cytat. 💔

„I look at it as fortunate, having been part of such a groundbreaking show. But at the same time, knowing the racial undertones and the stereotypes that lived in that, and knowing what other actors had felt before, and having to say lines where you felt so powerless — and you have to say them because the man on top says ‘do exactly what is written on that script’ — that never feels good. That just feels terrible. Whether it be racial or not, it’s that stuff that makes you feel smaller than, and less than”
Ryan Murphy nie zobaczy nieba 🤬

Я бы хотела стать актером, а ты?

Ma_Galetskaya’s Profile Photoɢᴀʟᴇᴛsᴋᴀʏᴀ
I hate all pretense and lies, and actors are professional hypocrites.
rarely do actors have their real position in life, most often they pretend all their lives, exceptions only confirm the general rule, actors who have become respected politicians in society, in the USA and other countries, these are rare cases of exceptions from the total number of actors.
Я бы хотела стать актером а ты

What is the point of having a celebrity voice actor in an animated movie? Do the viewers even recognise the voices?

dunno, I rewound subtitles as a child, and now I rewind them as well🗿 If they are celebrity singers, their spoken voice is different from the singing voice, so it is quite possible not to recognize. Plus, in most countries, this film will be translated by other voice actors... Yes, their celebrity popularity in the world will definitely increase, no doubt.

My favorite movies are those that focus on character development and the script could easily be written to be performed on stage. Have you ever been to Broadway to see a play? These old time actors and actresses had to sing, dance, do stage work and make movies. A lost era and lost art. :( /Alex

Alexander, hola. 🌻
Buena tarde, que estés bien. 🥀
Me recordó a los dos papeles que hizo Tallulah Bankhead en el teatro que fueron llevados al cine e interpretado por Bette Davis.
The little foxes fue primero una obra de teatro que interpretó Bankhead pero cuando decidieron hacerla película, en un principio, pensaron en ella pero sus escándalos y las tantas llegadas tardes al set de grabación decidieron darle el papel a la Davis, que por cierto, fue un éxito.
Nunca he estado en Broadway pero sí sé lo que tuvieron que pasar esos artistas, además, Davis también hizo teatro pero cabe recalcar que su vida fue el cine, ella lo prefirió así pero de vez en cuando se daba la oportunidad de una buena obra en el teatro. 🦋
My favorite movies are those that focus on character development and the script

Wie findest du bis jetzt die Staffel 4 von Stranger Things? ( also falls du sie guckst) ?😃

Smiilerx3’s Profile PhotoM
Very good series.
Talented actors and, in fact, we have them from Lithuania as well: - Karolis Kasperavičius (Russian security guard), Andrius Paulavičius (lead interrogator), Vaidotas Martinaitis (supervisor Melnikov), Saulius Bareikis (Russian doctor), Tomas Žaibus (Russian security guard)
I’m proud that something was created that caught my eye ☺️

What type of stereotypes you are most sick of?

FaaizAli’s Profile PhotoFaaiz.
Every fucking stereotype that has targeted pashtuns nationwide and is targeting pashtuns in the drama industry as we speak.
Fuck the actors for involving themselves in such childish writing, all for the sake of the 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰
And Atif Aslam, i love you man but pls your so called “attan” is an embarrassment to the pashtun community ❤️
Respect the people enough to properly learn their ways if you’re gonna “portray” them.
Don’t involve yourselves in shit that you haven’t had the chance of experiencing in real life ❤️
Thank goodness Kpk musicians are on the rise or else our poetry and art would have been made a mockery by these clowns too❤️

ما الافكار العالمية التي يتم الترويج لها حالياً و انت ضدها ؟!

Everything that may have negative influence on people.. It could be common stuff that we face in our daily life but still no need to publish it therefore normalize it and encourage it. For example homosexuality is around us, always been and always will be but no need to force it in each and every movie and all kind of media. The violence is another example, yes crimes existed since ever but nowadays reading about all kind of unimaginable crimes gives me the chills! I remember a movie that I watched it made me wonder what sort of ideas is this movie trying to insert in our heads! It was so disturbing I couldn’t understand how those famous actors agreed to take part in.. There’s another trend that I’m against: Metaverse.. where are we heading to!?
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Are women too emotional?

louisg450’s Profile Photolouisg450
Now which woman is that to whom you refer ?
~ there is more than one ? !
You should reduce your excessive masturbation down to , around 2x per month ; reduce gradually if you find it easier .
Once you get down to the recommended level , or less , try having a conversion with one of these mysterious creatures.
If you can create a normal non hysterical acquaintance . . .
An refrain from beating . . . . . above all , never again watch porn ~ those actors are rapists & victims , and mentally subnormal . . .
Your emotional perceptions may have settled somewhat .
Remember . . . . . NO-MORE:
Are women too emotional

Are there any minor things that annoy you? For example, it annoys me when youtube ads are silent since that makes me think something's wrong with the audio 😑

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
There are tonns of that. For example, downloading pics in blog just one in time. Or stuрid neighbour's cat, who always cannot find its own window, jump up into mine and screaming there, so i used to lock the flat, walk downstairs, go around the building, go upstairs, get this screaming and scratching animal out of my window grate and put it in the neighbor's grate so it can get home, then I need to go down again, go around and go upstairs. Sometimes it happens twice a day. Once it got into the ventilation under my floor and I had to disassemble the floorboard and insert some grid there so that it would not able to get there again, and - guess what - i returned it "to its homeland" again.
Or another, i hell hаte ads in my player, it is louder than my music, it is always same texts, the voices are disguisting and sounds very unnatural... like, people never talk like that. It would be better, if they just reading script or take normal voice actors, but this cheep fake "emotions"... arrgh! This make me furious.

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Are there any minor things that annoy you For example it annoys me when youtube

When you read something, do you hear yourself saying it in your head as you read it. Or do you hear nothing? (apparently there's a lot of people who hear absolutely nothing when they read, and others who hear their inner voice reading it out in their head)

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I’ve always read or think things through with my inner voice! If I’m reading a story with characters with different accents and such, I’ll hear that too, or an actor’s voice if they’ve portrayed that character (for example, I’m reading The Witcher, so I hear Henry Cavill’s voice, etc!). I feel like it’d be so weird to not hear anything, I swear I always hear my internal stream of consciousness ahah 🙈

If you could pitch whatever movie you wanted, what'd it be about? Are there any actors etc. you would've wanted to be involved? For example, I think a Team Fortress movie directed by James Gunn would've been insanely fun! 📄🎬

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I want something cozy, like Gravity Falls, with a love of detail, like in "only lovers left alive", so that there would be the same touching friendship scenes as Harry and Hermione in "dеathly Hallows" (for some reason, it's so rare to see this now... everyone is drawn to make a movie about love), and so that it all happens in space, and so that the ending is open - it is unclear whether the main character will survivе or not.
young Jeremy Irons and Jodie Whittaker would look good in this.

If you could pitch whatever movie you wanted, what'd it be about? Are there any actors etc. you would've wanted to be involved? For example, I think a Team Fortress movie directed by James Gunn would've been insanely fun! 📄🎬

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Amoung Us the movie starring 6 very well l own actors stuck on a spaceship that needs constant maintainence, and if course one of them is the imposter. But I would do it like the movie Clue and not give away who the imposter is till the last 10 mins, and film 6 different endings (each showing a different character as the imposter).

If you could pitch whatever movie you wanted, what'd it be about? Are there any actors etc. you would've wanted to be involved? For example, I think a Team Fortress movie directed by James Gunn would've been insanely fun! 📄🎬

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
My favourite movie is 2:22 🥰 I would like to be there instead of Teresa Palmer and not only because of Michael Huisman hahaha, all story is beautiful, includes romance, scifi and crimi 😁👌
If you could pitch whatever movie you wanted whatd it be about Are there any

Have you ever entered any competitions? If so, what kinds and did you win any?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
Yes, my school organized talent shows every summer, which I won every time I attended. Most of them were musicians some of them were actors. They also asked me frequently to sing something in the winter season on their stage.
I also attended fencing competitions but was never able to beat that one guy, he was not only fast, like me, but also strong. I always managed to receive my silver medal, tho. xD

Have you ever met a very famous celebrity in person?If so please PAP of who it was.

I've met varying actors at comic con :)
But I'm not gonna scroll through years of photos to find the pics on Facebook lol
I've met Ian McNeice, Chris Barry, Danny John-Jules, Robert Llewellyn, Hattie Hayridge, Louis Cordice and Jamie Waylett :)
Have you ever met a very famous celebrity in personIf so please PAP of who it

Welche Animes guckst du?

Ufff. Das ist eine Menge, die ich schon geschaut habe.
Mirai Nikki, Elfenlied ,Alle Higurashi no naku koro ni Teile, Corpse Party, Violet Evergarden Parasyte = kiseijuu: sei no kakuritsu, diabolik Lovers, Zetsuen no Tempest, Kagegurui, Date a live, Noragami, Naruto, Yo-Gi-Oh, Sailor Moon, Sao alle Teile, Attack on Titan, Free, Assassination Classrom, Shiki, Amnesia, Another, C3, Death Parade, Divergence eve, Kuroko no Basket, Mekakucity Actors, Ookamikakushi, Shinreigari: Ghost Hound, Blood C, Blood +, Danganronpa, Monster Mädchen, Your Name, Prinzessin Mononoke, Mein Nachbar Totoro, Das wandelnde Schloss, Ajin, B the beginning, demon slayer, Angels of Death, Castelvania, Akame ga Kill, Highschool of the dead, Deadman Wonderland, Tokio Ghoul, Death Note, Ghost Hunt, Hellsing, A silent voice, Chihiros Reise ins Zauberland, Das Schloss im Himmel.....
Und mehr fällt mir nicht mehr ein, habe aber bestimmt paar vergessen. Und es kommen ja noch mehrere hinzu. Es gibt noch so viele, die ich schauen will.

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Can you imagine one day politicians come out and bow in front of the TV screens to admit that this all has been a play to keep people entertained and some people had to be "sacrificed" for the show

There's a short story Babel's Children by Clive Barker like that. Politicians are just actors who rely on the greatest minds of humanity to give them instructions. But the greatest minds got old and bored and run the world by putting toads on a map of the world and see what they do.
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If you could choose one book or comic to make a movie adaptation, and know that it would be done perfectly, what would you choose?

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
If the Spiderwick Chronicles could be redone, and actually followed the books correctly, that would be great!
They changed so much and the ending was completely different and just fell incredibly flat for me.
We didn't get the awesome visualisation of Mulgarath's domain.. they battled at the house... we lost so much!
Also personally think some of the actors could have been chosen better.. but there we are...
If you could choose one book or comic to make a movie adaptation and know that

If you could choose one book or comic to make a movie adaptation, and know that it would be done perfectly, what would you choose?

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
Ooooh this is a hard choice. I think i'm going to go with my favorite book, The Lake Of Dead Languages. Mainly because it'd make for a great movie but also bc there's a part in the book that was difficult for me to picture in my head, i'd love to see it acted out the way the writer intended.
Also if they could just remake Doctor Sleep, all new actors and just do it the way Stephen King wrote it that'd be great. I hated Doctor Sleep like I couldn't even finish it lol but the book was fantastic.

How can I tell if somebody has depression?

Not all, but most depressed people are outstanding actors. They know when to conceal and how to steer conversations away from them. But there is a detail that only makes itself apparent when you have stayed with them long enough, or they trust you. They are severely bifurcated. In some domains their self-assurance shines through, their composure is borderline frightening. Switch the scene and that very person will seem so despondent in some situations that you won't be able to recognize them.

Why has bollywood declined?

1) Failure to give roles to good actors over shitty star kids ones who think having a good body equals acting.
2) Sticking to the same old formula of love stories, love triangles etc
3) Telling unrealistic and unrelatable stories.
4) The songs that they put in their movies are horrible. Movies shouldn't need songs at all but now they aren't even original ones. Just garbage remixes.
5) We grew up. Mainstream movies from Bollywood have always been shitty. It's just that we look back at them through the shades of Nostalgia. If you ask me the best Bollywood movies came way back in the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's when the art of filmmaking was taken seriously. After Amitabh's era I think it all went downhill.

Ruposh is over-rated or truly good?

highly over rated!
i was the one dying to see something like ruposh on pakistani media.
after seeing its mind blowing teasers.
i as a viewer cant feel the pain, fear, anger, intensity of anything.
the characters, dialogues, the story line the climax even the ending is not strong, infact they are weak!
i think just strong reflexes of that male character, song, picturization is not enough to please a viewer like me.
do you remember ahsan khan from udaari?
i use to fear his strong character sitting at home!
that's what actors are suppose to deliver.
body language, pitch of voice, tone, eyes everything should match the situation.
cuz' its not some random play at the school.
we expect more! 🌚🥀

In the student musical I'm a part of there are several sections: Stage, dance, band, prop builders, PR (💙), cooks, makeup, sewing, sound / lights and party-fixers. Imagine you were gonna apply to join, which of those sections speak to you the most? Why? 🎭👨‍🍳📸🎺💃

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Stage definitely!
I always loved seeing musicals and I loved the actors being able to be so expressive and making the story come to live, that I want to be a part of that as well. 😊

Do you follow some people on social media simply because they are attractive and you like their photos?

i can't think of a person i follow for that reason off the top of my head, tbh. i mainly follow friends and some select celebrities because i enjoy their work, whether they're actors or comedians or gamers.
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Who's the most famous person you've met?

dillonholland1999’s Profile PhotoDillon Holland
Depends on what you consider famous. I've met a few wrestlers including Mick Foley, Melina, Dana Brooke, Samoa Joe and David Hart Smith. I've also met opera singer Lesley Garrett, author Derek Landy, author Terry Deary, and actors Paul McGann, Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, John Leeson, and Terry Molloy.

Who are your favourite actors? And what were their 3 beat films?

TheD86’s Profile PhotoDean
Chris Hemsworth-Thor, The Avengers, Extraction
Ryan Reynolds-Deadpool,Red Notice, The Hitmans Bodyguard
Hugh Jackman-Logan, Wolverine, Van Helsing
Robert Downey Jr-The Avengers,Iron Man,Dolittle
Johnny Depp-Pirates Of The
Caribbean, Dark Shadows, Alice In Wonderland
Dwayne Johnson- Red Notice, Central Intelligence, Rampage
Jake Gyllenhaal-The Guilty, Donnie Darko, Zodiac

What movie/film can/do u relate to the most?

smugcobra’s Profile PhotoSmugCobra™
It is not that related to me, but it gave too many aftermath effects and life lesson learning for my life journey.
One little of tears is one of those ( somehow the main character related to me😅). Basically, it is a Japanese drama featuring a female teenager who had incurable diseases ( at that time).
Quick synopsis: It was a newfound disease; it took time to find an alternative way to cure it. The chance for her, to heal, was very thin. But as strongest, as she seemed, this clearly can be seen through her strong will and motivation to live her life every day, trying to improve and to motivate others through her writing. A kind and considerate person, she even decided to donate her body for the new disease research 😢. Imagined, the smart, the one who had a bright future, the one who had so many things to discover in her life and to achieve everything in her bucket lists had to go such an upside-down event in her life. It was a real story reenactment by talented actors and actresses. Recommended you to watch it, if you haven't.

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"Movies have gotten worse" Would you agree or disagree? Why? 🎬

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
My thoughts:
*I rarely see a movie that is very thought out and actually catches me by a surprise.
*Most of the movies are predictable. I can guess the ending at the very start.
*They have started mass producing movies. Quantity>quality
*Most of the plots are repetitive and similar to other movie plots
*The video quality has improved significantly.
*We have really good actors / acting has improved a lot.
* They have advanced technology, like they can animate animals and it's hard to tell that they're fake.
* Special effects are so much better than they were before.
So I believe that only the plot has gotten worse since we've seen it over and over again. Like there are 100 movies about a cabin in the woods.

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