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Do you think actors and actresses are apart of elite members of society and displays innocent behaviour but actually sick and twisted people who have alot of power or used as pawns spiritually and have no feelings for humanity

I don't think so. I actually do hate conspiracy.
In general, this job is difficult as people can easily be changed there on younger ones. And they are treated by producers as 'meat'. There's a small amount who's famous and influential, other don't earn that much as we think
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My favorite movies are those that focus on character development and the script could easily be written to be performed on stage. Have you ever been to Broadway to see a play? These old time actors and actresses had to sing, dance, do stage work and make movies. A lost era and lost art. :( /Alex

Alexander, hola. 🌻
Buena tarde, que estés bien. 🥀
Me recordó a los dos papeles que hizo Tallulah Bankhead en el teatro que fueron llevados al cine e interpretado por Bette Davis.
The little foxes fue primero una obra de teatro que interpretó Bankhead pero cuando decidieron hacerla película, en un principio, pensaron en ella pero sus escándalos y las tantas llegadas tardes al set de grabación decidieron darle el papel a la Davis, que por cierto, fue un éxito.
Nunca he estado en Broadway pero sí sé lo que tuvieron que pasar esos artistas, además, Davis también hizo teatro pero cabe recalcar que su vida fue el cine, ella lo prefirió así pero de vez en cuando se daba la oportunidad de una buena obra en el teatro. 🦋
My favorite movies are those that focus on character development and the script

I haven’t have big boobs !Do they accept me??:(((( why this matters to boys alot:((

Sweetheart. It doesn't matter. Personality matters. Carrying yourself with confidence and dignity matters.
Ever seen beautiful actresses with flat chest and yet they are so pretty and every other guy's dream?
And it's not even about guys, beauty will fade, the right person will see you for you!
Trust me , big things are trending right now, in a few years every women who got injected herself would be getting those chemicals out of her body because the flat chest trend will be on.

Who's a talented actress that's oversexualized in the movies/series she's in, not allowing her to show how talented she actually is?

Margot Robbie has become one of the most talented actresses in recent years. She’s had a pretty impressive Hollywood journey so far, making a name for herself and getting rid of the “overly sexualized” pigeonhole she was in during the initial days of her career.
Fans think she’s been labelled as the dumb sexy blonde in her roles inThe Wolf of Wall StreetandSuicide Squaddespite her true talent.
She knocked us with her performance as Queen Elizabeth I inMary Queen of Scots
She got an Oscar nominationI, Tonya.She also showed us she could be a great producer too.
In an interview with Vogue she told that one thing she hates being called is “bombshell”
“I hate that word. I hate it—so much. "I feel like a brat saying that because there are worse things, but I’m not a bombshell. I’m not someone who walks in a room and the record stops and people turn like, ‘Look at that woman.’ That doesn’t happen. People who know me, if they had to sum me up in one word I don’t know what that word would be, but I’m certain it would not be bombshell."

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Whos a talented actress thats oversexualized in the moviesseries shes in not

What movie/film can/do u relate to the most?

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It is not that related to me, but it gave too many aftermath effects and life lesson learning for my life journey.
One little of tears is one of those ( somehow the main character related to me😅). Basically, it is a Japanese drama featuring a female teenager who had incurable diseases ( at that time).
Quick synopsis: It was a newfound disease; it took time to find an alternative way to cure it. The chance for her, to heal, was very thin. But as strongest, as she seemed, this clearly can be seen through her strong will and motivation to live her life every day, trying to improve and to motivate others through her writing. A kind and considerate person, she even decided to donate her body for the new disease research 😢. Imagined, the smart, the one who had a bright future, the one who had so many things to discover in her life and to achieve everything in her bucket lists had to go such an upside-down event in her life. It was a real story reenactment by talented actors and actresses. Recommended you to watch it, if you haven't.

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Do you have a favorite female actress?

Not really!
I admire actors and actresses in general! Just the way they are able to convey varying characters! But I think when an actor has a strong accent in general, like Saoirse Ronan, but then are able to basically null it for other roles, I admire that more! :)
Do you have a favorite female actress

Are there any movies, shows or video games coming out anytime soon that you're really excited about? 🎬📺🎮

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I am looking forward to see Dune (premiere October 2021) with one of my favourites Timothee Chalamet 🥰❤👍 - you know, I am watching some movies just because of my favourite actors and actresses 😁😅
Are there any movies shows or video games coming out anytime soon that youre

What can people learn from animals?

JoshyHartwell’s Profile PhotoJoshy Berecz
The power of silence, loyalty, common sense, teamwork, personal integrity, and a good sleep in front of the fire in winter. Also they are the best actors and actresses, able to put across what they want without saying a word...
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Is there a story behind your profile picture? What is it?

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There is history behind it. They say I'm a pretty woman. Since I had a husband, more and more comments appeared - "such a pretty girl got married, it's a pity". It started to annoy me. previous account has been deleted. A new account was created and actresses or Mona Liza were inserted into profile pictures

Give a review about a favorite movie or series. (in more then one word or sentence please!!!) Je review over een favoriete film of serie (in meer dan één woord of zin aub!!!)

My favourite movie is Cloverfield. I just love the way it is filmed, it makes you feel like you're right there in the movie! The actors and actresses are good, the animations of the monsters are good. It's just a good movie!
Give a review about a favorite movie or series in more then one word or sentence
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Thoughts on Anne Hathaway, Robert Pattinson, John Travolta, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kris Jenner, Lindsay Lohan, Kristen Stewart, Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus, Simon Cowell, Shia LaBeouf, Kim and Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Matt Lauer, Jesse James, Stacey Dash, Anna Gunn, Jane Fonda, Hedy Lammar, Tery Hatcher?

• Anne Hathaway - I seen her as a real princess, i don't care what anyone says she is one of the best actresses of all time. Beauty.
• Robert Pattinson - If he wasn't in Harry Potter series (and he is Hufflepuff just like me) i wouldn't cared about him a bit tbh..
• John Travolta - This man is goat.
• Gwyneth Paltrow - That movie abot Virus similar to Covid is some weird asss shit tbh, other than that i think she is good actress, nothing really special in my opinion.
• Kris Jenner - Mamager, this woman is really talented and no one can convince me otherwise. Very smart and knows what she is doing.
• Lindsay Lohan - I am happy she is dooing good after all the this she went thru, loved her in Parent Trap.
• Kristen Stewart - Great actress, i think that role in Twilight didn't helped her at all.
• Chris Brown - No.
• Miley Cyrus - Queeeen. Love her voice, love her music, i am not really fan of coumtry music but this girl was really born for it. TALENT shoud be her name. (Destiny Hope is kinda cool also i guess hahahaha)
• Simon Cowell - Narcissistic.
• Shia LaBeouf - I am not sure what to rhink about him, kinda legend, kinda a mess.
• Kimye - I love Kim, she is my libra, i know that everyone thinks that she is stupid and that she is only famous for her tape but i think that she's changed a lot - she is studying to become a lawyer which is not easy AT ALL. Proud of her. Kanye on the other hand - pure mess.
• Justin Bieber - Narcissist that only respects his wife on social medias. Great music tho.
• Matt Lauer - Know him, don't know anything about him.
• Jesse Lames - Don't know him.
• Stacey Dash - Don't really have a opinion on her.
• Anna Gunn - Don't know her.
• Jane Fonda - Beautiful lady, don't know much about her tho.
• Hedy Lamarr - Sadly i am not familiar with her life.
• Tery Hatcher - I only watched her on Desperate Hoisewivesand she was really desperateon there so yeah 😂

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Thoughts on Anne Hathaway Robert Pattinson John Travolta Gwyneth Paltrow Kris
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haha what I said was just an idiom. Whenever we talk about looks, we find Indian actresses most beautiful. Yeah everyone had their own preferences. By the way i always wanted to be a Hero in bollywood!

avi1985’s Profile Photoabhinav
Nope ..!!😁
Hahaha I can understand what you wanted to say ...
I have other long term goals ..
Bollywood is not my cup of tea .!
+7 answers in: “hey how are you lambu? so how is your exercise going on, and if you can please post your latest pic just to let us know, is what you doing really working?”

Imran Khan: we will be translating ertugrul so our youth can learn history Our youth : Assalam alaikum halime baji app Pakistan kub arahee hain

I don't understand why Pakistani people are so hypocritical. I've seen comments on Esra's posts like "you should not dress like this, look your legs are uncovered" this that etc. She's totally on a fine line, she's following what her religion/culture ask her to, but we never let any moment pass without being critical to others. Our own Pakistani actresses are not properly following our culture not even US, but being critical towards foreign actors is very important. Pathetic, illiterate public.
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Could you tell about something you love and how you came to love it? Could be a hobby, a film, a piece of music, an item, a pet, anything!

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Hi, sorry for the late reply, I honestly wasn't online much yesterday, I did see this message but I had wanted to wait until I had more time to actually respond, also I had wanted to wait until I was on my laptop as I am absolutely sick and tired of my phone changing words (auto correct!) ugh, especially at the last minute just as I've just submitted it to post! -.-" ...
Anyway, sure, it's always nice to receive questions from you! ^_^ ..
Well I love a lot of different things, a lot of the things that I love and adore I grew up with from things like fine art, classical music and so on, other things I came to love due to being exposed to it whilst travelling and so on...
But to be more specific, I love old movies (thanks to my Grandmother who actually used to like to spend time with me as a child!), she was a huge fan of the old timers (the best I might add!) from people like Jimmy Durante (he's amazing! I love this in particular: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D07t31GHdh4draconianlord’s Video 161573947627 D07t31GHdh4draconianlord’s Video 161573947627 D07t31GHdh4 and so many other things by him!) to other actors / actresses from the past, two of my favourite movies (yet again due to my grandmother!) are the Maltese Falcon ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3a9YU1SVbSEdraconianlord’s Video 161573947627 3a9YU1SVbSEdraconianlord’s Video 161573947627 3a9YU1SVbSE ) and the Eagle has Landed!...
Music, well I love lots of different genres of music, I very much so, grew up with Classical / Opera and so on so as such, I absolutely love such things! (I'll attach one of my favorites at the bottom of this post!) to other genres like Industrial (EBM) due to travelling, example, I was invited to an underground club whilst in Bavaria (Germany!) by some extremely girls who I had befriended so I was introduced to such music when I was around about 14 years of age, then I heard such music again whilst in an underground club in Russia who again, I was invited to but this time by some other people (not getting into that!) and my love for that music only grew over time! Both myself and my beloved wife @armageddongoth both absolutely love that type of music also I might add! ...
Pets, I grew up with two Stallions, Brunro and Stardi (I named them that based on there personalities and also there appearance!), I had a pet cat named Nipper, but he had passed away a few months ago, I've currently still got a pet cat though and that's my beloved Orion! ^_^...
Hobbies, well I have a lot of different hobbies from collecting certain items, to learning new subjects and what not, most of my hobbies aren't the type that most people would share (enough said!)...
I'm not sure what else to add here, but if you have any follow up questions, then please and by all means, ask away and I shall try and answer, as best as I can!
Anyway, I do hope that both yourself and your beloved daughter, both have a very wonderful day! Take care and stay safe! (to the both of you, as well as your boyfriend I might add here!) ^_^...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFoT6UUNLZcdraconianlord’s Video 161573947627 GFoT6UUNLZcdraconianlord’s Video 161573947627 GFoT6UUNLZc

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Could you tell about something you love and how you came to love it Could be a

Try She Was Pretty... You Know I Had This Really Bad Habbit Of Falling For The Female Main Lead Of Every Drama That I Watch So This Time I Though I Would Watch A Drama With An Average Looking Actress And This Was So Lovely Man I Don't Fall For The Actresses But The Characters. Best Drama Though.

I've seen it 😍
Park seo joon and jung eum 😍😍😍😍
Have you seen kill me heal me, jung eum is in it. I LOVE IT 🔥
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What's your opinion on Christmas films? Have you seen the new Emma Thompson film "Last Christmas", which is set in Covent Garden?

I enjoy Christmas films! A lot of them are rather cheesy, but sometimes it’s quite nice to see something that’s “easy” to watch and you know will have a happy ending, even if it’s super predictable. My favourite Christmas films are probably The Man Who Invented Christmas, Scrooge (the 1950s version), Fred Claus and The Grinch.
I haven’t seen it! I could have attended a preview screening but it was on a day I wasn’t working and I didn’t want to pay the fare to go up to London to see it on my day off 🙈 A lot of the sellers had to lose out on work days due to filming last year, so we were offered some perks, one of which was to go to a preview screening, just for the sellers. I’d be intrigued to see it, partly because it’s so familiar in terms of being there all the time, and I do like Emilia Clarke and Emma Thompson as actresses :)

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Hiii! I saw a movie where the actresses had to jump off a boat into a lake with dresses, heels and stockings on, lol! ?? Would you do that scene if you were an actress?

How much time did it take for you to come up with this question?
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