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Do you still watch Disney movies if you're an adult ..... And not just because you have to for the kids ...Im looking for the ones still singing along to every word of every song lol

MidnightxMadness’s Profile PhotoMidnightxKiss
At times I do yes, not always and not as soon they come out but I generally do end up watching and enjoying them ✅

When you were a kid, what were some of your favorite home-cooked meals that you always looked forward to your family making? Have any of those turned into comfort foods you regularly eat now, as an adult? Have you ever attempted to make any of the recipes yourself? How did they turn out? 🤤

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
I used to really love Sundays when I was a kid because I looked forward to my mom cooking our favorites like sinigang😄 Sinigang is a meat/seafood stew with sour fruits usually tamarind used as souring agent. It turned out to be one of my comfort food and I cook it myself sometimes since it's quick and easy.
Here’s a clip of my first time making it. It tastes okay considering there wasn’t much veggies, I only made do of what’s on my fridge😆
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have you ever blatantly told someone you didn't like a gift they gifted you?

altxoxo’s Profile Photomorgan↠
I might've done when I was a child but as an adult? Nah, I think that's a little mean. If someone has gone out of their way to get me something, even if it's something I don't like or have a use for, I'm still going to be grateful for the effort.
I might not necessarily keep it (I'm a big proponent of regifting! It's always better to pass an unwanted gift on to someone who *will* appreciate it than to let it sit in the back of a cupboard or on a shelf collecting dust) but I wouldn't outright tell the person who got me the gift that I didn't like it.

People who are 5 ft tall are weird. Like how are you 5ft tall as an adult, didn’t you drink ur milk as a child pls grow a pair of inches

No I didn’t drink milk as a child actually cause I never liked it 😂 and I should have been 5’2 but I stunted my growth, not that the pair of inches would have made a lot of difference. I am fine with my height, why you mad?

What do adult couples without children do to celebrate Christmas?

The same as couples with children 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ except we don't have to provide for children, we still buy for each other, have meals together, watch movies, the same stuff as everyone else 👍🏻👍🏻

You're not, making me jealous, I'm laughing at you little girl cuz you look ridiculously silly plus I know he'll never give you a chance

ups…. 🆘
at first i wanted to ignore it….
then i also wanted to answer rudely….
but i will answer like this…. how
much poison in you ….
drink something…. otherwise you can choke
on your anger….
first …. i’m not a little girl….
what a ugly eyes you have “mature woman “…. if you see me like you wrote about me ….
never before i’ not heard
words like this about myself….
you’ve even don’t seen me o know ….
your words told me about only one thing….
he won’t give me a chance…. i just become his🕸❤️ everything
a beautiful green eyes girl…. (not little) without whom he can’t breathe….!!!! ( in beautiful way….)
i’m his magical Inés ❤️
guys i’m upset right now…
did i deserve this words….?!
in this beautiful Christmas time….
in my grief….
in last time absolutely wrong
people with
someone writes…. you are leading us…. o my God…. i leading….?
for what …?! o my God….
it’s absolutely not true….!!!!
i’m not leading anyone….
need check your health those who write such words about me….!
and now
jealous woman….
i don’t want to write here …. addressing him….🕸❤️
it’s not beautiful some exes write
but i know if he finds out about it….
( and he finds out i feel that)
he will take the necessary measures…!!!!
but i want to say i don’t want even hear… not that they are wrote me about “all sorts of adult beauties “
in the process or writing the answer…. i even forgot about you…
you are ex…. and maybe even not an ex…. who know who are you ….
and i’m not trying to make anyone jealous here….
i’m in love…. and every word what i wrote write here….
every a little part of the what i’m feel about us….
it’s not your business but
and i don’t even think about any woman or about any men…. either exes or those who like him now…. you have megalomania….!
and i tell you one thing :
today you yourself have closed a chapter about him in the book of you life….!!!!
men need to avoid woman like you….
such women are already just trying to prove themselves that they can beat their rivals…. and get man back…. or don’t let go
just to prove themselves
and of course “all “ that this man gives…. -this is an important part of the additional source glory…. plus a name
even silly little girl know that….
but i’m not a rival …. nor yours…. or anyone else’s
i’m maddening love of his🕸❤️ life….the whole life….
bye ….✌🏻

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Well if I'm an abuuser then you should probably move out. I mean you're an adult and shouldn't live with someone who you think will abuuse you *Uno Reverse card*

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
Uhhhhh....I changed my mind...*Geno the ultimate chad xD* sorry mom.. A-and..I'm not a adult! I'm still young and cuter than all my siblings! *Mod facepalms*
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Do you think most friendships end or reduce when you become an adult? Me and my best friends reached a place when replies have become shorter.

I think it can be more challenging maintaining friendships as an adult only because, as part of being an adult, you have more responsibilities. Work, possibly a partner and/or a child even. And so it can be a bit more difficult planning time to see them, when plans may clash a bit, or either if you are more busy.
Also when you are in school etc, you see your friends every day there, so it doesn't require much effort to catch up, see each other frequently.
People tend to be closer at times when they work at the same place for the same reason, because they see each other most the time regularly.
Id say as an adult it forces you to put more effort into maintaining friendships with people, because if you don't put any effort in, then nobody talks or sees each other.

Can you please do me a favour?!

Salina192’s Profile PhotoSalina Smart
Don't be so hard on yourself. Be gentle and be kind to your body always. I know it's hard to stay soft in this harsh world sometimes and dealing with everything in life as an adult is never easy, but everything is gonna be alright. You and your heart are gonna be okay. 💖

What are you hoping to receive for Christmas?

using you question…. because i can’t found the question that i would like to answer about Christmas….🌲
everyone know there’s factory in China….which produces artificial Christmas trees 🎄🌲🎄
with my name - whose name is Inna….🌲🌹
i once helped a big factory owner …. with the translation…. a little bit …. and she sad that she had never met such a beautiful girl of light….
and she decided that in her factory should produce Christmas trees with my name…
but i’m not connected in any way with these fabrics and Christmas trees….
i really even when i became adult…. i decorated the Christmas trees…. like a little…. one every year …. and the spirit of the new year ….and Christmas…. even if i don’t celebrate
reigned in the house….bringing happiness….
and i don’t like artificial Christmas trees 🎄 even with my name….)
when my beautiful mom left me….
i even don’t remember how the new year passed…. i wrote here about …. in last year…. joy has left the house….
celebrate new year by the ocean…. somewhere far away from earth…. in paradise…. with him….🕸❤️
it’s moments from my dream 💭
about us…. it’s magical dreams places …. and i don’t want to describe them anymore …. because when you tell them…. ( my dreams)
they don’t come true with me…. maybe because wasn’t the time yet…. maybe because in that moment i’m not feel him 🕸❤️yet ….who knows…. but they should come true with us….
but choosing a Christmas trees…. preparing 🎁🌲🌹for Christmas…. new year or Hanukkah 🕎 🌹
if he🕸❤️ celebrates…. it’s traditions and the endless beauty of the life….
and guys now every time
when he 🕸❤️ and you are all…. a million peoples read me….
will see Christmas tree 🎄 you’ll think of me….😌
that is such cruel joke i will play with you…..))))
specially with him….🕸❤️
under every word only love… and beauty…)
i know he is feel what i mean….

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were you a rebellious angsty teen?

Nahhh, I was a hardworking, slightly troubled teen with a lot of facades but not much rebellion 😂 I've done far more stupid shit in my early 20s than in my teen years. Turns out you can do what you like when you're an adult and this is not ALWAYS a good thing (it's the old "there's probably a reason to eat dinner before dessert" thing) 😂

Czy łatwo wyznaczyć granicę między „young adult fiction” i „dorosłą” literaturą? Czy należy?

domstarcow’s Profile Photoperikarion
Szczerze powiedziawszy w wielu książkach młodzieżowych ta granica się zaciera, a to dosyć przerażajace. Z punktu widzenia młodszych odbiorców granica istnieje nie bez powodu, z punktu widzenia dorosłych young adult przecież i dla nich może być wartościowe, bo często skupia się na pewnych prawdach jakie odkrywa główny bohater, jego przemianie moralnej itd.
Wszystko zależy od tego, co zawiera fabuła, ale zakładam że książki +18 nie bez powodu takie są. A bez ograniczenia wiekowego to co za różnica czy ktoś przeczyta ambitną literaturę w wieku 12 czy 40 lat. Granice odpowiadają potrzebom czytelników i dopasowują się do poziomu intelektualnego i rozwoju. Zupełnie jak podręczniki w szkole. To, że ktoś ma zainteresowania odbiegające od średniej populacji w danym przedziale wiekowym, albo rozwija się ponadprzeciętnie szybko nie znaczy, że może czytać tylko trzy konkretne rodzaje książek.
Niesmacznie jest jak z young adult robi się motyw za otwartymi drzwiami, a 12-14 latki jarają się „spicy romansami”. Często wręcz przeciwnie - nie są gotowe na szczegółowe opisy scen łóżkowych w książkach reklamowanych jako YA. Tu granica powinna być jasno postawiona. Wraz z doświadczeniem życiowym zaczynamy też inaczej postrzegać pewne spawy i z literatury wynosić zdecydowanie więcej, dlatego książki dla starszych poruszają inne zagadnienia. Nastolatki potrzebują kontentu, który odpowie na ich potrzebę kształtowania tożsamości, strefy emocjonalnej i odniesienia siebie samego w kontekście społeczeństwa, więc najłatwiej będzie im się utożsamiać z bohaterami podobnymi wiekiem, którzy przeżywają podobne problemy, pierwsze miłości i zderzenia z dojrzałością. W literaturze dla starszych czytelników nie trzeba wskazywać palcem kto zły kto dobry. Wręcz lepsze jest pozostawienie przestrzeni na refleksje czytelnika. W młodzieżówkach należy wskazywać dobre wzorce postępowania, bo młodemu człowiekowi zafascynowanemu fikcyjną postacią łatwiej się zagubić. Chociażby powszechny problem romantyzowania bad boyów w romansach i niedostrzegania złych wzorców zachowań. Narzeka się też w sumie na powielany płytki schemat głównej bohaterki - przeciętny wygląd, zainteresowania i charakter, stoi na uboczu, ale jak trzeba to odpyskuje, nie robi makijażu, ma tylko jedną koleżankę/kolegę, a zła blondyna z klasy uprzykrza jej życie bez powodu. No i oczywiście zakochuje się w niej niesamowicie przystojny bad boy, od którego powinna uciec jak najdalej, ale jest taaaaaki przystojny i słodki. A przecież wiele nastolatek właśnie takich jest, innych niż wszystkie i takie tam. Poza skrajną perfekcją i uzdolnieniem wielowymiarowym bohaterki.
Z punktu widzenia przyszłego publikatora opowiastki uważam, że lepiej gdyby moja treść trafiała jednak do odbiorców 16+ i myślę, że ten wiek a niekoniecznie magiczna 18 jest w porządku wyznacznikiem jak na mój kontent.

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If you had braces, how long did you have them for?

I had them twice, the first time was around a year but the guy took them off too early (left me without a retainer for a week as well) and as a result I wanted to get them a second time as an adult, had them on for two years I think? He was meant to put a permanent retainer on the bottom and he didn't so even with the regular one, one tooth has moved out of alignment for a third time. So frustrating seeing as I paid a lot for them! I am considering a short course of invisalign to correct it and asking for the permanent retainer after

Life gets so rough when you’re nearing 30. I wish I was like 23 and careless again and not have this major adult weight on my shoulders.

This is a mood!
Being an adult sucks.. and you're not even properly prepared for it which makes it worse -_-
I remember thinking "I can't wait to be out of school, be an adult and not worry"... my god how naive I was -_-
Life gets so rough when youre nearing 30 I wish I was like 23 and careless again

Would you get irritated at a friend for constantly bringing you into their drama with random people you don't know? When they could just be an adult about it and ignore?

I would. I'd tell them to stop dragging me into their drama cos I have no time or energy for that. If you're an adult, deal with the issue with the person or don't but leave other people out of it

I still have feelings, but why fall harder if the other don't feel the same way

Once we make our relationship choices in an adult way, a prospective partner who is unavailable, nonreciprocal, or not open to processing feelings and issues, becomes, by those very facts, unappealing. Once we love ourselves, people no longer look good to us unless they are good for us.
David Richo
I still have feelings but why fall harder if the other dont feel the same way

What time do you like to get up on Xmas day are you a early riser ?

ghosthunter725’s Profile Photogary
Not as early as I did when I was a kid, that's for sure! I was one of those children who'd get so excited about christmas that I'd barely sleep the night before and be up at the crack of dawn, pounding on my parent's bedroom door screaming "Santa's been! Santa's been!".
As an adult, I still get up at a reasonable time on christmas day but not *too* early, around eight-thirty ish. That way my partner and I have time to eat breakfast, open our gifts, and just chill for a little while before we go and visit family.

When you like someone what's most important to you when looks, loyalty, sense of humour and sex are taken out of the way?

I want someone who will call me out on my shit and converse about it like an adult. I don't like arguments or raised voices - but do tell me if I'm wrong or if I'm out of line. It might suck at the time but I feel that's how we grow as people and it helps strengthen relationships when this level of honesty goes both ways in my opinion :)

What’s your honest opinion on guys who insist on not helping in household chores bec. he’s the one providing food, shelter and clothing for the family. 😳

Oooo do I feel bad for those people that think like this if they have roommates or have to live by themselves or even a single father cause y'all are gonna have a dirty home. Cleaning, picking up after yourself etc is part of being an adult. If you can't do that AND work...then your house will be dirty af.
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What’s your honest opinion on guys who insist on not helping in household chores bec. he’s the one providing food, shelter and clothing for the family. 😳

it's bullsh*t. if you live in a home, you're equally responsible for taking care of that home, whether it's cleaning or vacuuming or doing laundry.
if a family is a single-income household and that man is the sole financial provider, that isn't an excuse to put all that responsibility on everyone else. it's a basic part of being an adult.

What's the silliest/pettiest reason you and a friend have fallen out ? When I was a sophomore in HS this girl and I had a fall out cause I lent her a flat iron and she lost it. And it wasn’t even a high end one, those are like $500, it was a cheap low quality one that was like 100 bucks💀 so dense.

as an adult, the absolute worst was this girl who threw a fit and dumped me because I couldn't attend her birthday party because I had to fly out to see family that day

Do you look forward to Christmas as much now than you did when you were younger?

No Christmas to me is for kids once open presents all you have your dinner then soon you know it over with I'm not one that scream with excitement bacause it's Christmas I'm glad to get my room not looking like warehouse with the boxes thou the same feeling about Xmas from kid to your adult years isn't the same

If someone isn’t texting or calling you daily, can they still be considered a friend?

Of course!
People have lives. They don't need to call every single day. Life is stressful enough without feeling the pressure to be in constant contact with someone!
There's times where I haven't heard from people for over a week. I don't get annoyed or think "they aren't my friend" because I know they are genuinely busy! What with working and home lives!
It's part of being an adult lol
If someone isnt texting or calling you daily can they still be considered a

What advice would you give to a girl who is thinking about losing her virginity?

Make sure you're an adult to begin with. Besides that, make sure you're ready and are sure that is the man you're willing to lose it to. It sucks to regret losing it to the wrong person. And, do nothing you aren't comfortable with!
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
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What advice would you give to a girl who is thinking about losing her virginity

I mean being rude isn't a flex either, I'm 18 you're 25, you're supposed to be an adult here so act like one, lmao if you're rude for no reason you need to go to therapy and fix your issues you seem unwell

People telling you that you just read something so you're being dense isn't them being rude or mean. Not everyone has to threat you like a kid when you ask obvious questions. You're 18, not a child. If you can't handle people not always being "nice" that's on you. Stop using the word flex, you sound like you just learned about it.
You're 18, you OBVIOUSLY know how to read and understand things. This isn't a classroom. When they said "there are no stupid questions" they lied to you.

Welches Piercing (wenn überhaupt) findest Du bei einer Frau/bei einem Mann attraktiv?

Nadii_ne’s Profile Photoɴᴀᴅɪɴᴇ ♡
Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk . . . .
with PIERCING blue eye
Not so blue when adult
(aka red-tailed buzzard in UK)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9s1ClI6k8Q0igotamatch’s Video 171807054202 9s1ClI6k8Q0igotamatch’s Video 171807054202 9s1ClI6k8Q0
Welches Piercing wenn überhaupt findest Du bei einer Fraubei einem Mann

Egyszer minden felnőtt volt gyermek, s egyszer minden gyermek lesz felnőtt, de lesz egyszer, hogy minden felnőtt újra gyermek lehessen?

szerintem csomó (fiatal?)felnőtt alapból csak play alongol, teszi amit kell, eljátszva, hogy tudja, mit csinál - amúgy meg nem is gondol magára felnőttként.
idősebbekkel beszélve is előjön néha ez a “how to adult”, főleg, mikor valami új, váratlan helyzet adódik. nehéz dolgokat megélve eleve nagyon sokan regresszálnak. és akkor nem is beszéltünk még az ún. “belső gyermekről”, ami meg mindenkiben ott van, kinek mélyebben, kinek közelebb a felszínhez

After talking for two years, I decided to take things further. I don't get why he won't take the hints!!!

Stop giving 'hints' and be direct and communicate like an adult🤷🏻‍♀️ Idk a single adult who doesn't think 'hints' are annoying asf, just be direct and don't play games about it.

Daca ai primi bursa, banii i ai pune sus sau i ai cheltui lunar?

dacă aș fi primit pe perioada școlii, probabil i-aș fi cheltuit, având mentalitatea de atunci.
dacă aș primi acum, ca și adult, aș gestiona altfel situația.
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What do tattoos mean to you?

Prince_Junior’s Profile Photo᳆ J.U.N.I.O.R ☆★
what do my tattoos mean?
They are my skin.
They are the transition to adult life.
It's the cultures that welcomed me, my pain, my faith, my secret and my story. Every tattoo has a meaning, it's a beautiful journey to go on if you want to get to know someone

Do you have a Driving license? If yes, how long did it take you to get one?

n11shake’s Profile PhotoShake
" "Licence vs. License—Spelling Rules
License is both a noun and a verb in the United States.
If you live in any other English-speaking country, you will spell it licence when you use it as a noun and license when you use it as a verb." "
(above purely for information! - as well as respecting the English language [which americanes are hell-bent in destroying] it is useful in differentiating between noun and verb!)
Everyone in UK has a driving licence, at least 'provisional'
Unless they are delinquent !
(LOL ~ there are other circumstances for lacking!)
Even my Viki, who is Russian , has a UK driving licence !
Takes about 2 minutes to apply ~ a little longer if you're not a Brit ; about 2 weeks to arrive in the post.
Passing your test is an entirely different matter.
If you have a good mentor & are switched on ; a parent or similar can teach you the basics; clutch-control etc. (only american'ts & idiots drive 'automatics')
Then around 6 professional lessons (you can pass your theory while doing these) then pass your test, but need to apply for your test well in advance, because UK gov. are baffoons & 'slow' - like most.
If you pass your test in an 'automatic' (transmission) ~ your licence won't permit you to drive a proper car !
My latest BMW , although 'manual' (transmission) has too much auto stuff on it ~ such as no handbrake as such . . . . it is driving me nuts ; takes all the pleasure out of driving . . .
In UK , a driving licence is essential, unless you want to carry your passport everywhere . You see , in BRIT-land , it is a human right not to have to carry I.D. ~ so , if you LOOK under 25 , you need either a driving licence or passport if you have to prove you're over 18 ! (for adult indulgences!) . Though you can get a licence @ 16 , but not drive a car until you are 17 . . . .
{in yanky-land it's so different ~ babies are born wearing cars , as a translucent membrane , it hardens into a car at age 5, when they are allowed to drive without learning anything other than walk in a straight-ish line to entertain cops when asked}

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Do you have a Driving license If yes how long did it take you to get one

Do you find it more difficult to make friends as an adult? When I was a teen or even in my early 20s I would easily click with people, making friends seemed like an easy task. As an adult its different

.... I've never found it easy to make friends. I have social anxiety disorder lol. It's possibly one of the most difficult things for me to do cuz I literally question everything that I say or do...
Do you find it more difficult to make friends as an adult When I was a teen or
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Listen I'm coming to you as an ADULT letting you know from ME! I have never genuinely had an issue with you, so I'm just curious as to exactly what is the issue?

Lmfao . Again you know what the issue WAS. I thought it was weird af you blocked me and your excuse was I don’t tweet when I do . You act like I NEVER tweet or anything . Don’t tweet for 2 days so that means I’m inactive . Funny but whatever ion care anymore . Genuinely from the bottom of my heart

Why do i have to go through heartbreak? Why everyone has to go through this? Why can't people just be happy?

Pain and heartbreak are essential for growth. Has anyone ever been able to transition from a child to a teen or from a teen to an adult without heartache and pain? We don't like people who are immature and haven't grown up even if they're very old but we also don't want to go through the pain of growing up. That's not how life works.
Dont take pain as something unfair that's happening to you, it's compulsory for your growth. The reason behind your pain is not to hurt you but to help you mature. Change the way you perceive pain and it won't hurt as much.

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