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En un par de días me mudare y estaré un par de días sin internet, recomiendame algún juego interesante para móvil que no necesite conexión de internet. Espero tengas un buen día.

Parchis, Angry birds Friends, Fruit ninja, Subway surfers, Temple run 2, Minecraft, Candy crush saga, Alto's Adventure, Pokémon quest, Cut the rope 2. Tal vez se necesita el internet parar comprar unas cosas, pero de resto se juega de chill.

Hi Barbie! 💗 Do you feel like a special adventure outside Barbie Land? ✨

SHINYCHVNEL’s Profile Photothe ⠀⠀p i n k y ⠀⠀✦ ⠀⠀man
⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ to⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀do⠀⠀⠀⠀exactly ⠀⠀⠀⠀what?
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀nonetheless,⠀it⠀might be a true⠀fun,
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀so ⠀⠀⠀⠀ buckle⠀ ⠀⠀⠀up,⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Ken!
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀oh, and don't forget your rollerblades
⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀♡
Hi Barbie  Do you feel like a special adventure outside Barbie Land

شنو نوع الأفلام ألي تفضّلوها بِالعادة؟!.. +أقترحوا فلم عَ حسب النوع ألي تفضّلونه♥️..

Zezo_429244’s Profile Photoزُبَيْدَة.
Crime & Mystery & Horror & Drama / Thriller
- Black Swan || Drama | Thriller
- After shock || Drama
- Truth or Dare || Thriller | Horror
- The Sadness || Horror
- I am All girls || crime | mystery
- Blood Dimond || Adventure |

Recomiendame juegos de móvil y juegos de Nintendo Switch (Si puede ser sobre anime mejor), y recomiendame hack roms de Pokémon. Buen día.

Algunos juegos de Nintendo Switch te puedo recomendar unos que son muy buenos así como Hogwarts Legacy (una bendita maravilla pudieron haber creado, ya es un vicio que no puedo soltar así como así, me falta las misiones secundarias), The animal crossing (estan adorables las animaciones), The legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild, Super Smash Bros: Ultimate, Pokémon escarlata y Pokémon púrpura, Fall Guys (de tanto verlo en stream era inevitable de tenerlo y jugarlo, me parece gracioso), Kirby y la tierra olvidada, Stardew Valley (se me hace super relajante y en pc si le aplican unos cuantos mods sería de otro nivel), Persona 5 (me ha fascinado), It takes two, Adventure Time: Pirates of the enchiridion (me hace ojitos, pero lastima que es de pago), Overwatch 2, Rocket League, Super Kirby Clash, Brawlhalla, The Elder Scrolls: Blade. [Unos de ellos no los he jugado, pero si los he visto por allí en unos streams se me hacía entretenido].

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Был ли любимый импортный мультфильм в детстве? Чем он привлёк твоё внимание? Помнишь по какому каналу шёл показ?

konda2018’s Profile PhotoПоэт из Днепра
Любимых мультфильмов у меня было множество, но с первым мультом, который мне понравился буквально до фанатизма, я познакомился уже будучи подростком.
"Digimon adventure" или "Приключения Дигимонов". Его показывали по нашему местному 9-му каналу. Ничего подобного я раньше не видел и аниме до этого не понимал. Всякие "Сейлормуны" не зацепили, а "Покемонов" я воспринимал исключительно как прикольную игру на приставке, не более. Мультфильм показался мне скучным.
"Digimon Adventure" же не просто заинтересовал меня доселе неведомым жанром аниме, но и увлёк настолько, что я начал рисовать по франшизе комиксы, выдумывал по ней собственных персонажей, истории, составлял собственные артбуки и подсадил на эту фиговину пол-класса.
Ко мне приходили толпы одноклассников, чтобы посмотреть "Дигимонов" на видике.
Да, я записал все серии на видеокассеты. Каждый день сидел в ожидании эфира и терпеливо записывал по одной серии. Семь мaть их кассет😆
Чтобы иметь возможность записать весь мультфильм, я около двух месяцев прогуливал два последних урока, т.к. иначе не успевал на трансляцию (мульт начинался, по-моему, в два часа дня или в половине второго).
О том, что у данного мультсериала есть второй сезон, который у нас почему-то не показывали, и множество других экранизаций, я узнал уже после того, как в нашем доме появился интернет. То есть досматривал я эту детскую фигoвину уже будучи здоровым лбом. Впечатлений, кстати, было не меньше, чем в детстве :)

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Был ли любимый импортный мультфильм в детстве Чем он привлёк твоё внимание

Anime suggestions 🌚

dragon quest : the adventure of dai 2020 "مغامرات داي الشجاع"
انمي الطفولة اللي وقف بالزمان على ٢٦ حلقة و ما كمل على سبيستون أخيرا انتهى بعد ١٠٠ حلقة🥺
Anime suggestions

1.Would you say you're picky in friendships? Like is there a specific trait you want your friends to have or to not have (what traits)? 2.What kind of people do you tend to avoid/never will befriend? 3. What's a friendship dealbreaker for you? 👥️️

M1ssSemy’s Profile PhotoStar. i
1. To a degree, yes? I really gotta check the vibe/interactions we have... I feel like I can get along with "juuuuust" about everyone... Or at least keep it cordial? 🤷‍♀️ It's just getting past that point of being a "close friend", that is what I'm verrrry selective about... Because in the past, I didn't make the best choices in my friendships... And I have to feel open/free to be myself/comfortable with that person! If I get a judgy feeling from that person... I'm more than likely going to keep it all on the surface, and never go fully in depth...
As for specific traits... Humor is an absolute MUST!! Trust is also important to me... They need to live life the way they want it/not give a FLYING FERRET what anyone else thinks, lol. I kinda have been attracted to people that have a bit more feist.. more sense of adventure... And kinda tells ya how it is! Also, very extroverted, true and authentically themselves, lol
2. I tend to avoid people that are fairly two-faced... Very judgy... Likes to play mind games... Is always complaining about life or others/has a negative outlook on it, those that feel entitled/the world owes them something... Arrogance... And those that come off really, closed minded. Anyone who uses you, to feel better about themselves...
3. Friendship deal breaker would probably be someone who lacks courtesy and respect for me as a person... If they take advantage of me for selfish reasons and doesn't place effort and value into the friendship, I'm walking away. Plain n' simple!

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1Would you say youre picky in friendships Like is there a specific trait you

https://www.instagram.com/p/CkVlo44PPW_/?igshid=MDE2OWE1N2Q= Can you please explain this!

ali11es99’s Profile PhotoIram
In very simple words, we look for the things we lack in other people. When we find it in a person, we start getting emotionally attached to the presence of that trait but since that trait exists in a person, we start assuming we love that person.
For example, I know of a girl who used to be my classmate, she wasn't a risk taker. She always liked to live safe, never took any risks and always wanted to stay in her comfort zone. There was this guy that was the complete opposite, a total risk taker. Always bunking classes, smoking, arguing with teachers etc. He was her crush and when he approached her, she was head over heels in love with him. None of us understood why because he treated her so bad. She lacked adventure and the will to step out of her confort zone and he was exactly that. She got attached to that trait and the feelings of excitement that came as a result of that trait but she thought she was attached to him because he embodied that trait.
So people usually fall in love based on their own shortcomings. Sometimes it's good, for example someone falling in love with their partner because of his self confidence and stability while she lacks that. This also causes her to cultivate some confidence and stability while being in a healthy relationship with a good guy. But sometimes it can be negative and toxic as well.

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[C] Buenas noches ✨💜Porque existe parejas a día de hoy? Si ni siquieran duran , el amor ya no existe 🤷

loree_1840’s Profile PhotoLoree_1840
@loree_1840 🍒 Lore, espero que estés bien, pásate 🍹
Ettoo... amor y pareja son independientes, aunque pueden coincidir. Es una manera de independizarse, convivir, defenderse, tener beneficios sociales, amor y lo demás ✨
📺️ 🎦
Cine 💎 Largometraje 💎 Parte 14

Isla del Dr Moreau (1977)

Jackie Brown (1997)

James Bond 24 Spectre (2015)

Jardinero Fiel (2005)

JoJo Bizarre Adventure (2018)

Joker (2019)

Jorge de la jungla "George of the Jungle" (1997)

Joven de la perla (2003)

Jóvenes ocultos (1987)

Jóvenes Prodigiosos (2000)

Jóvenes y brujas (1996)

Joya del Nilo (1985)

Juego de Ender (2013)

Juegos de guerra (1983)

Juegos del Hambre 1 Distritos (2012)

Juegos del Hambre 2 En Llamas (2013)

Juegos del Hambre 3 Sinsajo 1 (2014)

Juegos del Hambre 3 Sinsajo 2 (2015)

Juliet "Amor de vinilo" (2018)

Jumanji (1995)

Jungla de cristal (1988)

Juno (2007)

Jurassic Park 1 (1993)

Jurassic Park 2 (1997)

Jurassic Park 3 (2001)

Jurassic World 1 (2015)

Jurassic World 2 (2018)

Jurassic World 3 (2022)

Karate Kid (1984)

Karl Marx "Young Karl Marx" (2018)

Kick-Ass (2008)

Kill Bill 1 (2003)

Kill Bill 2 (2004)

King Kong 1/4 (1976,1986,2005,2017)

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C Buenas noches Porque existe parejas a día de hoy Si ni siquieran  duran  el

Why girls avoid marriage at the age of 23-24.? 🤔

Alakazam995’s Profile PhotoDaniyal Ahmad
It’s probably becz we’re all fed the “career before marriage” wala scam on media and by elders- as if marriage is such a terrible thing that’ll lock you up lol.
As long as you have a good man and his supportive family, you can have both.
Its either that or maybe they just wanna live more of their youth in adventure and experiment, which is fine too.

Klopapier 4-lagig mit Duft? Coffee to go von Starbucks? Welche (eigentlich unnötige, aber bezahlbare) "Luxusartikel" gönnst du dir manchmal?

Videospiele! (Manchmal habe ich da einen üblen Kauf-Flash dank Steam-Sales *hust*.) Kann dir im Übrigen "Paradigm" sehr ans Herz legen. Es ist ein skurriles Point & Click Adventure mit einem ordentlichen Touch Jim-Humor, einem mutierten Hauptcharakter mit russischem Akzent in einem dystopischen und sehr viel mit Popkultur durchsetzten Setting. Es gibt zahlreiche Anspielungen auf andere Spiele (Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle ...) und die vierte Wand wird so oft durchbrochen, dass es fast schon zu viel des Guten ist. Aber es war ein wirklich gutes Spiel und sehr relatable. :>
Dann noch Bücher, puh. Vermutlich noch unnützer Krimskrams wie Sticker, Washi Tape, Lesezeichen und TASSEN. Ich liebe Tassen. Dann noch Stifte, Zeichenpapier und drölfzig Notizbücher, die ich oft unbeschriftet lasse, weil ihre Schönheit mich einschüchtert.
Was ich mir auch wirklich regelmäßig "gönne", ist so ein transparenter Lippenpflegestift, weil ich im Winter sonst eingehe. Eigentlich überflüssig, aber ich fühle mich damit einfach wohl. Wenn ich Mal ohne das Ding das Haus verlasse, ist der Tag weniger angenehm. Kein Scherz.
Ich überlege sogar, mir eine teure Matcha-Teemarke zu gönnen und mir auch ein entsprechendes Set dafür zu holen, einfach, weil eine Freundin von mir den immer so gut zubereitet, dass ich den selbst einmal ausprobieren will. Für Tee ist es das aber wert. :(

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الي متي هذا الشعور المحزن.

Negotiation and conflict are somewhat indistinguishable, and it's easy moment to moment to avoid negotiation conflict but you bay a terrible price for it in medium to long term
It's better to face conflict forthrightly and make peace for medium to long term.
Feeling resentment falls down to two reasons
But first you need to grow up and quit winning,
So the first reason is you may just feel sorry for yourself and if that's the case you need to think that through or talk to someone you care about and find out those reasons.
If you're not feeling sorry for yourself then you have something to say, something that you need, and that's the second reason.
you need figure out what you want, develop a strategy and put that forward,
Most people will not get what they want because :
a) they don't specify it
b) they don't ask for it
You have to allow yourself to act courageously, at the end it's your life, your adventure, act and see what happens.

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ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ— https://ask.fm/the_salvatorebrothers/answers/170769082943

the_salvatorebrothers’s Profile Photosᴀʟᴠᴀᴛᴏʀᴇ ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀs
The few seconds where she felt Damon’s breath on her neck only served to heighten her anticipation, her grip on his shoulder grew stronger as she readied herself. The feelings of sharp fangs sinking into her skin only caused Katherine to release a soft moan, eyes shut tightly while her body relaxed into his, giving into him, her hands wandered his back, grabbing onto his shirt in desperation.
Her heartbeats grew faster, breath became heavier as she held onto him, already regretting the moment he’ll inevitably has to pull away. The though of the only thing that could make this better, made the doppelganger moan louder once it crossed her devilish mind; could there have been a more satisfying feeling than to be drained and filled at once, if only he could take her again against that very same wall.
With some effort her hips started meeting his, matching his own rhythm, legs still wrapped around his waist. The concept of time became foreign until the brunette felt his fangs withdraw from her neck, the small puncture wounds slowly disappearing but the effects still lingered as Katherine struggled to regain the steadiness in her breath. Katherine’s eyes met his and her hand instalty went on his cheek, the thumb wiping the trace of her own blood off of his lips before she brought it to her own mouth, it was less than a drop; she’d learned that Damon was rather greedy with her blood, doing his best to savor every drop, regardless, it was exhilarating to taste her own blood on his lips. Licking her own thumb with whatever trace she’d managed to gather as she kept the eye contact. His words resulted in a playful eyeroll as she remembered his promise. “I guess you do keep your promises, don’t you?” she teased back with a smirk just before leading her lips to meet his but they’d never arrive. The sound of the elevator’s doors manually opening quickly got Katherine on her feet and facing the door. “oh thank god, I was starting to get claustrophobic in there!” Katherine exclaimed, an expression of professionally-faked gratitude on her face as she spoke to the two men that got the door to open. “thank you.” she repeated with an uncharacteristic smile, not allowing the men enough time to react once she turned to Damon ever so innocently. “I think it’s best that we leave now, Mason.” She quietly provoked, still expressing her appreciation to the maintenance men until he and Damon were out of their sight and then out of the building.
She sighed deeply at the feeling of the fresh wind tickling her skin, still a little shaken by their last little adventure as she looked to Damon, her signature smirk, gracing her lips. “Same car, Mas-“ She interrupted her question dramatically holding a hand to her mouth. “oops. I’m sorry, my Damon.” Her gaze quickly dipped to his lips before meeting his eyes again. “Don’t worry, I’ll name you Stefan at the next stop.” She added a wink. Provoking him had became a hobby and it was rather addictive at this point.

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ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ httpsaskfmthesalvatorebrothersanswers170769082943

ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ— https://ask.fm/the_salvatorebrothers/answers/170728831295

the_salvatorebrothers’s Profile Photosᴀʟᴠᴀᴛᴏʀᴇ ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀs
So focused on keeping him there, Katherine hadn't even realized how rare that moment was until her head laid on his chest, only relaxing once he finally gave in which left Katherine feeling a certain heaviness fall off her chest as she nuzzled her face into his chest, finding the best position before slowly giving in to sleep, the hand on her back only easing her into it, serving to make her worries go away.
The sun shining over them made Katherine curse under her breath in silence, preparing to get up and cover the windows, she was startled as the realization hit as to where she is.
She remained perfectly still, savoring a moment too precious to pass so quickly. Her eyes began fluttering open as they met Damon's face. A small smile curved her lips and she slowly slid off of him, stretching lightly before she settled on her side, flashing him a smile. "I did actually, you?" She asked as she turned around, sitting up with her back to Damon as she found and put on her bra and panties. "Thanks for keeping those in one piece." The doppelganger playfully teased, hinting at their little night adventure. "Are you sure you want us to leave this hotel so quickly?" She provoked as she turned to lay eyes on him, a suggestive smirk and a tilted head made her suggestion rather obvious.
There she was including herself again; there was simply no way out of it. There was a good chance Damon wouldn't return if he left on his own and she had been forced to confront the fact that this wasn't something she could live with, it never was. "So, where are we going? What's the plan?"

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ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ httpsaskfmthesalvatorebrothersanswers170728831295

What is the craziest idea you’ve ever had?

Haha i don't think I'd ever do it tbh haha. But there have been times I had the idea to sell everything, and buy travel to some random location or country. And then disappear sort of haha. Not because I hate everyone or am running from anything. It's just the idea of completly starting fresh and being new, has such an alluring sense of adventure to me haha.
But I'm attached to friends and family, so doubt I'd be able to do that haha. At best I'd maybe be able to up and move somewhere...
Without the disappearing part haha

If you were going to choose a genre of film/TV to help you fall asleep, what genre would you pick?

Mine would be thrillers or true crime, because I'm a bit strange I guess. Something without a laugh tract or loud music. I find films from the 30s or 40s are fairly mellow - no war movies. Maybe a drama? I was raised in a small house, so I was used to falling asleep with the distant sound of the television. Spirited Away. Wonderful movie, I've seen it a million times and the adventure never gets less breath-taking. But when I want to fall asleep it's perfect. Soft yet rich colours, whimsical, airy and childlike tone and that wonderfully soothing soundtrack
The Ring The muted color palette and the abundance of rain makes me feel super cozy under the covers. Once you've seen the movie a dozen times there really aren't any more scares to be had and I usually fall asleep during the first half so miss some of the jump scares of the second half.
John Wick. I know the movie so well I probably quote it in my sleep. I always enjoy watching it but I know it so well that missing parts of it while dozing off doesn’t bother me. I can fall asleep 20 minutes in and then start up from the same point the next night
I see I'm not the only one who does this exact same thing. I put on movies that I know well so I can follow them in my head as I try to fall asleep. 3 that I use quite a bit are Jerry Maguire, Fools Rush In and The American President. Maybe give them a try, they work for me at least.
Anything by Apichatpong Weerasethakul. I say this as an admirer of his films: extremely pleasant to watch 20 minutes of and then just drift off. They're slow-moving, gentle, and have really engaging sound design so they work like a charm. Most of them tend to have pretty dark/subdued color palettes too so it's not a strain on the eyes.
I’ll be the one to actively not post movies in the movie group. I listen to podcasts a lot at night. Less exposure to blue lights when trying to sleep, infinite topics to pick from, most don’t feature abrasive audio. They are usually a steady stream of lower voices. I typically put some smaller ear buds in so that it’s not uncomfortable so the volume can be adjusted as needed. Hell, I listened to a movie podcast last night with Edgar Wright and Quentin Tarantino. If you do specifically want movies, I will always throw on Fellowship of the Ring on a sleep timer. Love the movie and seen it a billion times, so the pressure/desire of staying awake to watch it is minimal. The opening and set up is just long enough that before they even leave the shire I am typically out.
I also have tinnitus, add very bad insomnia for extra bonus points. I also use movies to help me fall asleep- and when a movie is working I'll start it every night when I go to bed until it quits working (I have an android tablet set up by my bed with both USB and microSD, with several medium with many movies on them). I'll also restart the current choice when I inevitably wake up several times through the night.

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▬▬▬▬▬⠀∫⠀Continuation ⊱

fangsandstilettos’s Profile Photokatherine pierce.
They were still in the gas station, Katherine couldn't help but smile as the realization hit her. This was way too risky but Damon was doing things to her that she believed herself to be immune to. She brushed pass him, heading to their freshly stolen car, stepping over the body their little adventure started with.
She quickly got into the car inspecting her surroundings before she found herself smiling to herself. She still felt dizzy, she could still taste Damon in the back of her throat. Her finger involuntarily rose up to her lip, an expression she'd quickly have to erase once Damon joins her in the car. She wouldn't want to give him that satisfaction just yet; to know that he had rendered Katherine Pierce breathless.

У вас есть песня, которую вы не удаляли никогда?

shtosomnoi’s Profile Photoshtosomnoi
В смысле не удалял из плейлистов (Aimp, телефона или ноутбука).
Сложный вопрос. Пусть будет Crush 40 - Open Your Heart (Sonic Adventure DX 2006 ost) или Spring Day от BTS
Так что как-то так)
https://youtu.be/uEzXFuYN89kCerber2099’s Video 170575444761 uEzXFuYN89kCerber2099’s Video 170575444761 uEzXFuYN89k

You should go for a walk today and think of it as an adventure. Do you have headphones so you can listen to music while you walk? I am talking my dog for a walk in a few minutes and then I am attending a funeral mass for a teen member of our church choir who passed away recently. :)

Hi there!
Yes, I read your post. Very sorry about that teen, it’s very dreadful 😔
I also hope you can feel better after the surgery you had 🙏🏻
I’ll probably grab my headphones and go for a small adventure. Thank you 😊
You should go for a walk today and think of it as an adventure  Do you have

Na Yatta nie mogę znaleźć komiksów z serii Adventure time, a widziałam, że wydaliście razem jakieś kilkanaście tomików. Niestety dopiero teraz zobaczyłam, że wydaliście komiksy z mojej ulubionej kreskówki😭 Czy będą dodruki tych komiksów? Jeśli nie to dlaczego?

SJG: One już niestety dawno wyszły ze sprzedaży - komiksy amerykańskie, które wydawaliśmy nie mają tak "przyjaznych" licencji jak mangi - nie bylibyśmy w stanie przedłużyć licencji na sam AT, musielibyśmy kupić ogromny pakiet różnych tytułów, a to niestety nijak się nie opłacało. Ale można spróbować z drugiej ręki, nie powinno być problemu. :)

Confess something?👀

kattykites’s Profile Photokattykites
This is a brilliant video , fascinating , revealing . . . .
Of a daring adventure to the place from where Yuri Gagarin made the first ever manned space flight . . .
And , where the 2 surviving BORAN are hidden
They got caught by FSB after breaking in!!!
But they only got a small fine , cups of tea , and a free ride home !
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fZ-r5Qe3tMigotamatch’s Video 170894690170 0fZ-r5Qe3tMigotamatch’s Video 170894690170 0fZ-r5Qe3tM
Confess something

Which is the lamest, lousiest, as well as the cheapest and most horrible, most awful, despicable and dumbest zodiac sign that shouldn't even be alive?

I’m very cautious when it comes to Libras and Scorpios. They can easily stab you in the back. I find them a bit arrogant too. I know a lot of Scorpios and they hold a very special place in my heart but they can be the ruthless people you know when you cross them. I’m a Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Pisces Rising. I always accepted people as they are. I’m the type of person that befriends outcasts. A lot of my friends hated me for that. I don’t care if they’re weird according to others or if they have a dark past. I can get along with someone who has a different view and morals as I do, but I'm not as open to myself as much as I want to be. I can be highly critical of myself. I crave adventure but I would feel conflicted doing it.
For example, a friend lets me try smoking weed. I'm a curious person and I don't want to eliminate something without trying it out first except for hardcore drugs or extreme sports (lol). So I did try it, but the feeling of contempt starts to sink in. My mind would tell me that I shouldn't be doing it and that, this is not real me. My family consists of Libras. I don’t like it when they act that they act but really they don’t. You would think that they’re an open book but those people don’t even know they’re being talk to behind their backs. Also, I never met a libra person who acknowledged their wrong doings. It’s always the other person’s fault. I get along with Aries and Cancers more. There’s good and bad for each.
I’m Virgo sun, Scorpio moon and rising. I’m very reserved and watch. Once I’m comfortable with people I’m very open, very dominant and blunt.
One of my bffs is Gemini. They’re great. Greatest heartbreak Gemini. Hottest romance Scorpio and Sagittarius. Greatest challenge tie between Aquarius and Pisces. Hard no on both. No zodiac sign is horrible or despicable. All zodiac signs are good. I am Capricorn. Do you like Capricorn?

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Buonasera, ti piacciono gli anime? Se si qual è il tuo preferito?

AlexPterodattiloRedaelli’s Profile PhotoAless(io)
Segui anime e manga? Quali sono i tuoi preferiti? Sì e sono Fairy Tail, Jujutsu Kaisen, Digimon Adventure (solo anime), Detective Conan (solo anime), Tokyo Revengers (solo manga), SpyxFamily, Orange e Zankyou no Terror.
Faccio copia-incolla dalle faq nella bio perché i vengono chieste sempre le stesse cose e nessuno legge le bio.

Ciao, come va? Ho appena creato questo nuovo profilo per trovare gente appassionata all’arte, al fumetto, al mondo animato, e qualsiasi altra forma artistica. Ci sono delle opere ( musica, disegni, ecc… ) che ti hanno particolarmente segnato e alla quale ricorri nei momenti tristi?

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Allora, le opere animate da cui traggo conforto e che mi hanno aiutata sono Fairy Tail, Tokyo Revengers e Jujutsu Kaisen (sì, lo so che gli ultimi due sono principalmente angst hahah), ma anche Digimon Adventure ora che ci penso.
Parlando di opere non animate, direi Friends, la trilogia di Iron Man e Captain Marvel.
Come musica non saprei, va a rotazione.

¿Por qué Adventure Time > My Little Pony? Es mi duda o.O

Hahaha. La verdad nunca he visto AT, así que con certeza no puedo mencionar cuál de los dos podría ser mejor (si los comparo objetivamente, claro). Nunca me llamó la atención hora de aventura xd
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Qué canción debería de escuchar🔝

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@mariajzo 🌻 Holi, ten buena semana, pásate si te apetece 🍹
Ettoo... puedes escuchar cualquiera de las canciones que publico en mi Ask, según tus gustos 🙃
🎶 ♫ ♪ ♬

Bryan Adams - Here I am

BTS - Fake Love

Buckcherry - Everything

Bullet For My Valentine - Your Betrayal

Burzum - Dunkelheit

Bush - Comedown

Busted - Year 3000

Candy Hearts - I Miss You

Cannibal Corpse - Encased in Concrete

Carcass - The Granulating Dark Satanic Mills

Carnal Forge - Blood War

Cartel - Honestly

Celtic Frost - Circle of the Tyrants

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - In Friends We Trust

Clutch - Earth Rocker

Coal Chamber - Fiend

C.O.D.E - Imperfect Love

Coheed and Cambria - Welcome Home

Cold - Gone Away

Coldplay - Adventure Of A Lifetime

Coldplay - Clocks

Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend

Coldplay - In My Place

Coldplay - Trouble

Coldplay - Yellow

Coronatus - Vor Der Schlacht

Counting Crows - Mr. Jones

Cradle Of Filth - Nymphetamine Fix

Creed - One Last Breath

Crowbar - Symmetry In White

Crown the Empire - Memories of a Broken Heart

Crucified Barbara - Rock Me Like The Devil

Crystal Viper - The Witch Is Back

Daft Punk - Pentatonix

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Qué canción debería de escuchar

Holii🤗 sabes de algún juego chulo para móvil? Así que entretenga y no se tenga que ver mil anuncios? Jajajajaja

Xaira04’s Profile PhotoXaira
Hola 👋 si claro, hay varios
Call Of Dutty, Darkness Rises, Evil Lands, GrannyHouse, Mimicry, Subway Surfers, Horrorfield, El bebé de amarillo, Nowhere House, Mafia City, Uno, Sky: Niños de la Luz, Identy V, Lucid Dream Adventure: Mistery, Mario Kart Tour, Yandere School, Plato...

How is your summer going so far ?

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Oh I've been out of school for years. But did love summer vacation as all kids do. And totally understand people getting the blues in winter...just my wires got crossed and now I get 'em in summer. But a stroll through a cemetery on a cold gray day...gives me the cozies just thinking about. Plus I love long sleeves and sport coats. Stuff I can't really wear in summer. At least here in the southeast. 😄 Motorcycles have found their purpose once again. There's a very big forest near my house where people have made some interesting tracks for enduro bikes.
It's so boring to the point that I just want to go back to school. More productive than usual. Got a remote job paying $15/hr, working on drawing, and going to college soon!
Productive, lonely, and lazy all at the same time.
I went to go see Paramore and Foster the People last Friday and Zac said it was his favourite show in the entire tour. Also, my guy friends were testing the noise levels of the concert goers. I’m currently in the middle of a D&D campaign that a good friend of mine is DMing and my character (And my party )has almost died a few times. Another close friend is also hosting a D&D campaign called the Curse of Strahd, which is the perfect opportunity to add more depth to my character’a lore. And I've spent the majority of my graduation money on VHS tapes.
But next week is my birthday and in just three weeks I'll be leaving on a trip to Austria with all my friends for a whole week! We've been there last year already and it wad SO beautiful there, I'm looking forward to it.
Pretty awesome! I've been keeping super busy. Started the summer by seeing Janelle Monae last month (SO AMAZING). Went to Disneyland a couple of days later (for free!) to celebrate me and my partner's anniversary. My son's 6th birthday party was this past Saturday--he had a total blast. Went to Pride on Sunday and saw TLC. This Saturday is Comic Con (for free!) and then seeing Crazy Ex-Girlfriend live that night. Finally winding down next month, only thing on my calendar is going to Disney's California Adventure (for free!).
It’s been kinda shitty. Sure, I got my first job, but the work has taken a toll on my back and legs, and they don’t have any resemblance of a steady schedule, and the pay is extra shitty because it’s minimum wage, except there’s also union dues, which cost me almost a quarter of what I make. And I havnt been able to get anything I wanted to do this summer done because any day I do have off I’m too tired and sore to do anything but play games. And my one and only big goal, the main reason I wanted a job in the first place, is looking less and less possible, not because of the money, but because my Mum. And also I got a concussion a few weeks ago which is still making me very dizzy some days. overall it’s just been shit.

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Hai mai letto manga o visto anime e se si qual'è l opera che più ti è piaciuta?

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'Segui anime e manga? Quali sono i tuoi preferiti? Sì e sono Fairy Tail, Jujutsu Kaisen, Digimon Adventure (solo anime), Detective Conan (solo anime), Tokyo Revengers (solo manga), SpyxFamily, Orange e Zankyou no Terror.'
Aggiungo che guardo anime dal 1999/2000 e leggo manda dal 2010, faccio cosplay e colleziono diverse cose a tema.

Vannak még rajtam kívül itt Gamer-ek? Ha igen, ti milyen platformon játszotok, s mit? Mi a kedvencetek, illetve mit szeretnétek nagyon játszani, ami jelenleg nincs meg?

DupleXDreemurr’s Profile PhotoBojler
Kifejezetten gamer laptopom van, ennek ellenére 3d grafikai alkalmazásokkal van tele. A way out 2017-ben volt az első ami felkeltette a figyelmemet, attól kezdve figyelemmel követem mi mikor jön ki. Játszani nem játszok (tartok tőle hogy letenni se tudnám őket ha egyszer ebbe belekezdek), végigjátszásokat szoktam nézni helyette. Az indie, horror, adventure kategória szinte mindig tetszik, de persze ezen kívüliek is szóba jöhetnek.
Viszont egy álmom válna valóra ha egyszer sikerülne bármilyen játékkészítésben részt vennem:D

According to you, what is life?

justicelady’s Profile Photojusticelady
So you’re telling me , there’s Justice AND a JusticeLady? 😂😝
Jokes apart, answer to your question :
According to me, life is an adventure, an adventurous ride where your choices, your hardwork and luck determines what is your next adventure. Your choice are hardwork are your own efforts, and luck is like the salt jn hash which makes the outcome unique for everyone even if their choice and hardwork weighs the same. Life is incredible with all its experiences!

If you had a completely unlimited budget to organise a trip with your boyfriend, where would you go and what would you do?

Orlando, Florida :)
It was an idea to go in 2020! We were gonna go to the Harry Potter World as well as go around the other Universal resort areas and stuff. But obviously Covid happened and we had to cancel those plans!
So I think that would definitely be up there! Plus my boyfriend and I have never flown that far before! So it would definitely be an adventure for us :3
If you had a completely unlimited budget to organise a trip with your boyfriend

Какой сериал самый любимый?

koksik_kokosik007’s Profile Photo``~!¡ hønęýběe ¡!~``
Хочу-хочу глянуть, что другие написали... А самого любимого у меня нет, но первое пришло в голову это:
Over the Garden Wall (За садовой оградой)
2014 ‧ Adventure ‧ 1 season
Пересматриваю часто... В Хэллоуин

las tres se estrenaron antes de 2005 como recientes ene xd

StrongerThanYou4’s Profile Photomstp.
No me se las epocas TT me fui a revisar y entonces
1 adventure time aunque a veces si me aburria especialmente cuando cambiaron el doblaje de jake
2 gumbal
3 regular show
mencion especial a clarence y over the gray garden que igual me gustaba verlas uwu mas stevan universo que tenia buenos momentos a veces y lapiz era piola tambien amatista menos cuando de ponia rabiosa porque decia ser un error

If you have flown, what do you think of the general experience of flying? 🛩

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I actually kind of like flying.
I don’t like being enclosed with strangers but I’m short so leg room never bothered me and I love looking out the window and realizing how small and fragile we are. And you see beautiful landscapes. I always wonder how we possibly made this big ass contraption stay in the sky haha.
And I’m usually flying to a new adventure :3 it like signifies something exciting. so I actually kind of like it! Also the best is when you realize no one is sitting next to you!! Lol
If you have flown what do you think of the general experience of flying

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