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The first @ name you get say something positive about this person,if you can’t say anything positive about this person go to the second @ and so on 😌

funny_hot’s Profile PhotoMegan
@funny_hot Amazing, Special, Patient, Supportive, Irreplaceable, Caring, Confident, fantastic, courageous, Awesome, Smart, humorous, special, beautiful from the inside out, determined to make me smile, intriguing, athletic, motivated, trustworthy
@nourabdoun5642 Amazing, determined, adventurous, courageous, brilliant, patient, kind, caring, Confident, smart, darn right Awesome, astute, discerning, empowered, skilled, tenacious,captivating
@RyannWilson515, From where I'm from, so relatable, witty, smart, patient, kind, courageous, empowered
@NicoleBuckleyyx Special, sincere, compassionate, Supportive, witty, loyal, confident, smart, Awesome, determined, caring, patient, beautiful from the inside out, courageous, one of my first friends in this app.
@Inna Happy that she found her true love on this app, and they are finally together, engaged and look forward to taking y'alls wedding photos, soon.
@vivaciousviv Patient, kind, Awesome, determined, funny, courageous, beautiful, polite, darn right amazing!
@Apeshitz Crazy Dude, good heart, witty, kind, always makes me smile
@fiezuqa Inquisitive, observant, sincere
@natalehjayne Amazing, fun, sincere, trustworthy, kindhearted, amicable, optimistic, affable
@xohollyh obviously for a her weirdo podcast, if you haven't heard it, its hilarious, fun, witty, Often chats with well-known celebrities, definitely vibrant.
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An adventurous or stay at home type of a person are you?

demicorazon890’s Profile PhotoKaterina
Много зависи, но по-скоро съм приключенски настроена и активна личност. Не бих се определила като домошарка, но пък и не бих се навила на всяко едно "приключение". Хем имам нужда да презареждам батериите, хем не мога да мързелувам постоянно. Абе, с една дума - важното е да има баланс.
An adventurous or stay at home type of a person are you

"Makes sense ta me, I'm definitely more of a beast than the others who are pure Hylians. I'm much better dan I used ta be, but yeah being a monster makes hunting them much easier. At least, dat's what it seems like ta me."

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
"Well if you are ever feeling /adventurous/, I'm sure Yharnam could use a spry, cunning youth like you.
I... Can't remember the last time I saw a child of any kind, that was still /human/ at least..."
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Is there anything you were hesitant to try eating but once you did, you ended up liking it?

Honestly, a few things.
Because of my phobia, I’m not really adventurous with trying new food ( or new food places that I’ve not grown up eating)
So when I got with my partner, someone who likes to try new foods and places it was major for me.
Since being with my partner I have tried and found multiple new food places to eat from, I have tried multiple things from the menu at the Chinese, and I’ve tried salmon which was delicious

Say you were gonna be a speaker, what would you choose to talk about? 🎤 Why that?

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Tuesday - today it would be about beauty of snowy nature ❄️💕👇- a start with the sun ☀️, an adventurous trip on the most dangerous road in my country, a cable car to the top of one of the hills, a beautiful view and a walking in the snow 👍
Say you were gonna be a speaker what would you choose to talk about  Why that

Inspired by Freff, how are your omelette making skills? What do you put in them?

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoGet To The Choppa!
My omeleteering is pretty good, though I say it myself. Not that it’s adventurous. Plain cheese or cheese and baby mushrooms is the usual flavour. The main thing, if you’re making a big omelette, seems to be to get the grill on early and then after a few minutes in the frying pan, boom! You stick the whole pan under the grill for the last half minute or so. A bit of a side salad, maybe a couple of onion rings. Et voilà! Omelette à la Lizzy Pickles :)

Do you like to listen to music?

maresx’s Profile PhotoHave Faith In Me
Yeah I love music, and I have a really diverse music taste which makes everything all the more interesting and adventurous. Music can help my mood, it can help me to relax a bit more or feel more heard, sometimes music is the only thing I need when I settle down somewhere, putting my headphones on and I'm suddenly in my own world.

It’s Saturday!: What do you look for in a partner? These days I look for someone that’s affectionate and supportive.

BlueEyesWhiteGuy’s Profile PhotoReaper
Me too. I guess I want someone that's caring too, and adventurous, someonr who likes photography as much as i do that would be cool, someone who makes me laugh and maybe makes me fall in love with life, I've never actually had that before I've always hated life

At least polygamy is exciting and adventurous even with the hardships there are many advantages too. The women get sisters and friends in the form of other wives of their husband. They always have someone to look after their children when they're busy or sick.

I am not going to say that it is fun or exciting 🌚 but if some one is okay with that thn thats good for them 🙂

Which do you find to be more eerie, attics or basements? Why? 🙀 🎃 👻 🦇 💀 👍 🙃

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ тєηα¢ισυѕ тσммαу™ ▩ ♚ ☻
When I was a child about 6 years old, we lived in this "blue" house and my best friend in "pink" one and under her house there was a long dark cellar and we used to played there for hiding 😄, it was very adventurous and scary 😱👻I loved it 👍
Which do you find to be more eerie attics or basements Why

If you've the chance to fit in any of these groups, which one group would you prefer to be part of? •Beautiful •Wealthy •Famous •Athletic •Adventurous •Friendly •Leaders •Fashionista •Others(?)

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
Definitely adventurous, there's so much to discover and experience on and out of this planet. After all, we leave for the next world with intangibles (deeds, memories, love, peace etc) . Chasing after materialism will always shortchange us.

If you've the chance to fit in any of these groups, which one group would you prefer to be part of? •Beautiful •Wealthy •Famous •Athletic •Adventurous •Friendly •Leaders •Fashionista •Others(?)

paradiseeve5’s Profile PhotoDuaa.
i'd fit w goth ppl, there's so many aspects of being goth like literature, music, history, philosophical ideologies, art i could write a whole essay

Who’s ur inspiration

sathik_05’s Profile PhotoSathik
Every one is an inspiration as I'm surrounded with so many people who are from different scenarios have different stories. I can't say one name as I can learn so many things from so many around me ☺️ like I can learn so many things from my mom, friends, relatives, colleagues, elder ones, younger ones, adults, famous people... everything is different for each of them and learning there perspectives also something adventurous I say.
Beautiful and creative minds always inspire people!!!
Whos ur inspiration

Describe your personality 🙂

AdrianaRafaela98’s Profile PhotoAdriianna Rafaella
I am a very adventurous, courageous, energetic, enthusiastic person.
I'm a very organized person.
I would describe myself as an open and honest person who doesn't believe in misleading other people and tries to be fair in everything I do.
I have a personality that revolves around my goals and improving my situation.
I'm a delightful person; and I trust my own abilities and knows the value.
Describe your personality

How would you describe yourself?

I am a hardworking, unassuming and very conscientious person, undemanding and never looking for my own interests.
I am a good worker, a man of conviction, dedication and integrity who always shows courage and determination. Perfect, fair warning, my track record with friends is spotty. I've been called "depraved", "repugnant" and even "ursine" by someone who... in retrospect I don't think knew the meaning of that word. My last best friend was institutionalized when he had a psychotic break researching the life of Orville Redenbacher for a podcast and no one is sure why.
I'm a wallflower. I'm that guy who sits in the corner of a party after his friends convinced him to go, but if you give me a beer and try to talk to me, it turns out I'm actually a pretty interesting person who just doesn't like opening up to people.
It's namely videogames at the moment with a anti-sjw video and two rpg videos. I hope to expand out and become a more well known anti-sjw and gamer. I have plans for doing wrestling show reviews, news commentary and audio dramas in the future. My main youtube idols are Moogleftw, Gamehorder, Thunderfoot, Sargon of Akkad and the Amazing Atheist.
Fucking insane. Not even like in an edgy way, just I don't really have good impulse control when it comes to random shit, so people think I'm a weirdo. I am a major science enthusiast.
And I don't wander far from that place for a majority of my time, even though I'm an extensive global trekker.
I know I’m loud and obnoxious. I cannot contain my twerking when Cardi B comes on, I wear pajamas out in public and yeah I know my shorts are too small and my ass is out. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’m fully aware of my ratchet tendencies.
Caring, oblivious, vindictive, creative, trustworthy, indignant, self-pitying, verbose, introspective, affectionate.
Empathetic, self-motivated, nonjudgmental, endlessly curious about the human condition, introspective.
Empathetic, dog-lover, insecure, easy-going, wine-lover, intelligent, sensitive but strong, hard working, perfectionist.
Driven, confident, outgoing, curious, adventurous, fun, gregarious, hot-tempered, flexible, tenacious.
I'd say: insecure, overthinking, chaotic mind trying to relax and find a way to live without being troubled by feeling guilty for being a burden on everyone/ in the way.
Calm and funny are the two I've heard the most from people. And people say that I'm very kind, I guess I am but it's just how I am and like to be. I can't stan people that are mean and enjoy seeing others in pain.
If you know me, then deep, dreamy, kind, sweet and savage sometimes. Hard to please sometimes too.
I describe myself as a guy who cares deeply for my closer friends, likes to talk and daydream and I consider myself as funny.

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What do you love about yourself?

Nothing is off limits with me, I’m a super easygoing person. Literally if you ask any of my friends I am so open to any topic, I’d never shy away from anything, I’m always down for random shit, and I’m always there for people. Plus I’m a hype person, I love complimenting, and educating myself, open to learning about new things all the time. It sucks no one else is adventurous in my life tho😭 I’m always doing dumb shit by myself. I need a spontaneous buddy ☹️

I don't belong anywhere. How can I fit in somewhere?

Even after I try. I feel people ding me different. They're ok with me at first but eventually they start pulling away. I think I'm making myself too available. I don't see it as being too available but simply reliable. I should probably try to find people more like me...nerdy people...but those people usually don't like doing much. I'm a very adventurous introvert. It's hard for me to find people like myself. I believe I have a similar situation. I have a lot of "general friends", but they are all part of different groups so I don't do much with them outside of school. To a stranger, it would seem that I have 3 closer friends because we hang out with each other a lot but tbh, I wouldn't call us true friends as we do some pretty mean shit to each other keeping us not close. Just this week I found myself with almost nothing to do as school is over. I live in the city so there's not a whole lot to do without paying up, so I just find myself playing video games most of the days with my so-called "closer friends" and strangers online. Even then I feel lonely because we usually don't play with each other until the late evening. I just want to have some closer friends that are nice and want to do things with me so that I'm not stuck in my house doing nothing on some days.
I spent my entire childhood and teens with one or no friends. I'm incredibly particular who I let close to me. I made that choice when I had various friends around who ditched me, lied about me, or treated me like crap. As an adult I have one close friend who is more like a sister to me. I can imagine you're feeling somewhat depressed. I can imagine that you are feeling lonely. Something I've learned in my life is I really had to get comfortable with myself and with being alone. I happen to already be a pretty extreme introvert already so that actually helps me. Making friends, real friends, isn't easy for me. I've had to work at the friendship because my natural inclination is to be alone. But you really don't need to be outgoing to make friends you just need to be genuinely open to the idea. Try not to keep thinking like you are which is easier said than done but vital to you getting through this. If there's something you enjoy doing then start there. If you have the mindset that you'll never fit in or you'll never have friends, believe me, that's exactly what will happen.
No one belongs to anyone or anywhere. We all are merely passing by on this beautiful journey. Each of us is different and unique. With layers of complexities. Seek. Learn. Explore. In your own way. Misfits are the ones that have brought new things into this world. Meditate.
Forget about keeping up with the joneses and just cut loose. That would be great. But we're stuck in our jobs, stuck trying to be better than someone else, I'm stuck and I feel helpless to do anything about it. So yeah, you're not alone in this.

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What’s your idea of a perfect date (yes, of the calendar year)?

The perfect date may be different for different people. For one it may be a long walk on the beach, while for another, a dinner and movie would be ideal. And then, of course, there are some whose idea of a perfect date is a bit more adventurous. Perhaps a night on a mountain or a bike ride.

What is the quality you most like in a man?

My best friend and I have a confidence rating scale that goes from 0 to 100, where 0 is the guy from your high school graduating class that no one even knew went to your school because he was so shy and awkward that he couldn't carry a conversation or even come out in public, and a 100 is the cockiest asshat you can dream up - like Justin Bieber magnified. We've very non-scientifically determined that the optimal range for confidence is somewhere between a 75 and an 85 - confident enough to ask you out, humble enough to be attractive.
A man who knows what he wants, who doesn’t dick around & hope it falls into his lap, he works for it - achieves it. A man who will try every different way to make something work but if it’s a lost cause, admit it and move on. And finally, a man who helps those who need it, but doesn’t take every opportunity, like, he knows sometimes the best help is to point out that you are capable and do not need his assistance. Men who can be someone’s rock and role model are my favorite.
There are a few qualities that I absolutely require in both men and women: empathy, kindness, enthusiasm, and heartiness. I can't narrow it down any further than that. A person lacking any one of those qualities is not someone I would be interested in.
I like when a guy is confident enough to not give a fuck. Like comfortable discussing my period, offering to hold my purse or bags if I was going to try on a pile of clothes, helping me straiten my hair when I'm running late or taking it down while I'm taking off my makeup when exhausted after shitty day. When a man is comfortably doing anything that could be seen as feminine to someone who gave a shit about gender rolls I find that super attractive.
For me, finding a guy that that's a learner and ambitious, and isn't afraid of trying out new things is attractive. Someone who's kind and empathetic to others and treats others with respect. Someone who's positive and supportive to people. Someone who's charismatic and has confidence but is also humble. I love guys that are nerdy and have a sense of humor too.
I admire women who are confident and adventurous, who jump to try new things because "fuck it, it might be fun." It's funny because I'm pretty much the opposite of that; maybe that's why I like it, because I want to be with someone who would encourage me to do things.
Humor and compassion. I love a man who I can talk to for hours and always makes me laugh and one who melts at the adorableness of babies and animals. The biggest turn off to me is a bully and a douche bag. I can not stand a guy who acts like a dick to other random people.

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answering my shout-out question: 🌺If you were paid to give an attractive stranger a long kiss, as a social experiment, would you agree to do it?🌺

kate4882’s Profile PhotoKate N
I might, if they paid me a lot and that person (M or F 😝) is attractive... well, if I was feeling adventurous (rarely ever), I would do it for free if I was very attracted to that person. 🤣 but honestly, I would probably be too nervous/shy to long kiss anyone except for my hypothetical boyfriend....
btw my question was inspired by that "first kiss social experiment" 2014 video from a long time ago. but turns out it was a just a fashion ad with beautiful models kissing. lol. but someone else did do a social experiment in 2015 where people have to kiss a stranger, blindfolded!!
answering my shoutout question
If you were paid to give an attractive stranger a

Hi!!! 👋 Your perfect date? Describe where, with whom, and what you do

I would absolutely love getting lost and then adventuring an area and then going out to eat together there after we get a room at a random hotel that we like getting dressed and then going out to eat there together and then going off and finding somewhere to sit and chill together and talk. That's a really cute mysterious and adventurous type date sounds perfect to me. Maybe even rent a room near a beach where there's a private area just for the two of us. Hot tubs are pretty amazing private hot tubs

Who is someone from your life who inspires you and why?

As cliche as it sounds, my kids. When I see those little guys I want to do my best to provide for them. My daughter (3) also dig hearing stories, and I enjoy telling her stories. I aspire to be a writer and watching her hang on my words just makes me happy. I know the opinion of a three year old really doesn't hold any wait when it comes to becoming a professional writer, but it does give me a strange sense of motivation.
Mine would have to be my Grandfather who passed away a year ago today. He was 89. This was a man who was very hard to kil. He was a war veteran who was shot 9 times in the war. He lost his eye and part of his ear in the war. He used to take out his eye and let me hold it as a kid which was equal parts awesome and gross. After leaving the war he worked as a postman for 30 years. At the age of 54 he was diagnosed with cancer and the outlook wasnt good. They told him he'd be lucky yo be alive in a year. He fought cancer and he won. Lived another 35 years before finally succumbing. He lived a good life. Had 4 kids. Would do anything for anyone. He was a great role model and I miss him dearly. I think about him whenever I get down or complain about how hard life is. Mine would be my grandmother. She's the most altruistic, caring, genuine person I know. She had an extremely difficult life growing up and she never complains about it, but instead only wishes for a better life for her kids and grandkids. Whenever I talk to her she is always coming back from doing some kind of community work, whether it be helping at the polling booths during elections, working with the local church, or assisting in organizing events in her apartment complex. It's small stuff, but she just always seems to be helping someone. She's 93 and still so involved. To this day, she has never forgotten to send me a card on any holiday (Valentine's Day, Easter) or my birthday. She really is incredible, and a crucial fixture in my life.
The persons that inspires me the most are my uncle an my mom. My uncle has such a wonderful outlook on life, without losing his realistic side. He always seems to know the right answer to any problem we might have. He has accomplished so much, but he never loses his true self in that. I love how he can be very serious about certain topics but has never lost the joyous, adventurous part of himself. He taught me some amazing life lessons I live by every day. My mom is just an amazing person with incredible strength. She has been through a lot, but she's handled things incredibly well. She's been a huge supportive factor in my life. I know my mom will stand by her children no matter what. She is the most genuine, honest and altruistic person I've ever met.

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