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Do you think Nct dream or 127 members make more money? I was thinking it might be dream but with 127 tours it might not be dream.

dream make more from album sales, but 127 make more from advertising and tours. dreams advertising actually very cheap for a group like them idk what sm is thinking
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What are some red flags you look out for when you meet people? 🚩

J_A1996’s Profile PhotoJordan A.
🚫 Advertising "FREE CANDY" on the side of their windowless van
🚫 Afraid to tell anything about themself
🚫 No have a real job
🚫 Wanting to connect on apps but never showing their face or telling their name

Do you have a best friend? If so, how did you meet them? 👍 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ tēຖค¢i໐นŞ t໐๓๓คฯ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
3 best friends - one from every stage of my study 😅
👉Basic school - she is a nurse in hospital and she helped me a lot with surgery of my father and son🥰
👉Secondary grammar school - she is fin. manager and we are in the touch via fb mostly
👉University - she works in advertising company and we use to meet regularly in some cafe and talking, talking, talking a lot 😁😅👍

What are some red flags you look out for when you meet people? 🚩

J_A1996’s Profile PhotoJordan A.
1. Advertising "Free Candy" on the side of their windowless van
2. Carrying a large fully automatic weapon on them in public
3. If their eyes don't wander down my body even once during a face-to-face conversation
4. Remaining completely anonymous on here - without their name, or a picture, and never seriously answering any personal questions

What are your expectations from this app?

no more. When I downloaded it a couple of years ago and there wasn't all this advertising yet, "look, we're such a dating app" (bruh), I thought it was something like erudition tests. Now it's more like Twitter, but with a more pronounced intellectual component. Well, at least to answer, you need to think a little. To ask an original question, you need to think too.
Btw, i prefer browser version, app is so ridiculоusly designed.

Which profession youre looking forward to adapt? I MYSELF AM STUDYING AND LOOKING FORWARD TO WORK IN AN ADVERTISING AGENCY 🦋

Ramsha_parachaa’s Profile PhotoRamsha Paracha
I already do my dream professions! I love taking care of animals and modeling.
If you rather receive video answers, please use #video in your question.
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Which profession youre looking forward to adapt 

Has a movie, book, show, game etc. ever made you emotional? How easily does it happen? 😄😡😥

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Yes, The Crying Game. I did not like the ending. To me it was false advertising, manipulation, deception dishonesty and grooming.
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Do people learn more through their experiences or by age?🤔

noorulhudakashif3’s Profile PhotoNoorulhuda kashif
Age is just a number.
We learn through experiences.
If I hadn't published my first book in 2020, I would have never learnt the mistakes I made in composing and advertising, and now I'm learning promotion strategies along with a better way of presenting my work.

@Aiman021 personal chats main deti hai.

Kyu us ne bt krny se mna kr diya to tm log ab bkwas krna shru kr do gy 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ ni mtlb kya tm log chutiye idhr a gaye ho ... idhr a k apny ghr walo ki advertising krty ho wo b dosro ka nam use kr k or koi jgha ni mili tmhy apny ghr ki advertising ki ???

Sunbites or bake rolz? And why? *I expect a fully detailed answer*

Muhamed162’s Profile Photoididn'tASKforthis
I actually don't like them both 😹
But let's make a rational comparison, sunbites was always advertised as one of the high quality snacks being "made from the goods of nature" and all, it has a more fancy packaging, the chips have a more different texture than any other chips out there. Bake rolz on the other hand is closer to the weird snacks that we always had as kids _which I totally like don't get me wrong_, it has a more modest advertising and a very normal unimpressive packaging.
So, it's clear that sunbites is superior to bake rolz 😹

Eh tita pano yung mga thinking ng girls pag naglilive in kasi baka di na maisipan na pakasalan ng guy kase alam na ung feeling ng magasawa. Pano po yun?

Marriage is not a trap. It's the most important commitment you will make in your life. You should only marry someone who still wants you even after years of living with you. Kung ayaw ka pakasalan for any reason, why would you want to marry that person? In the same thinking, so point lang ba ng babae makasal kahit na ayaw na sa kanila after magsama sila pero trapped na yung lalaki? Try not to entrap anyone by false advertising na you want to build a life with them pero you just want to imprison them when they are no longer happy with you. Maraming maling tinuturo sa kababaihan katulad ng may mawawala sa iyo kung ayawan ka ng lalaki. Ayawan mo rin sila for being worthless an unable build a life with you? Be more empowered and not just a passenger in your life. Hawak mo ang buhay mo.
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لو كنتو من المشاهير كم يكون الأعلان بحسابك ؟ وعلى اي اساس حطيتو هالسعر ؟

flgjm’s Profile Photoغفران
يعتمد ع اي قد يتابعوني و يتأثرون 🦦
لين وااااجد
٢٥٠ 🦦🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
واشغل اغنية Stephanie
MONEY, HOUSE, PAPER, Look down upon my shoe alligator 🦦👠👠👠 @miss_amo0ona اذا ما غنيتينها ليي اذا شفتش بزن ع راسش 💅🏻💅🏻😂😂😂😂😂😂
ليييش حطيت هالسعر
لأنو والله استاهل ي غفران 😭😂💅🏻
I know I’m a trusted source an whatever it is that I’m advertising, I’d have faith and complete honesty in 🦦
وبس والله

Seeing this site says'chat with locals', who here is actually within 20miles of northants? 🤨 I claim yet another site false advertising 🤓

daveb2186’s Profile PhotoDynamarmite
Aye, it's flat out bullshit. I'm in the Durham area, but I'll often get shoutouts from people all over the world. It's daft.
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Seeing this site says'chat with locals', who here is actually within 20miles of northants? 🤨 I claim yet another site false advertising 🤓

daveb2186’s Profile PhotoDynamarmite
Nope, in fact, I am almost two hundred miles north of you! Ask has a bit of a problem with false advertising, unfortunately, and this is not the first time. Last summer they changed the log-in page to include the slogan "meet and date people!", alluding to Ask's potential as a dating site, even though it has never been a dating site. Ever.
There was also an issue last week with app users getting false notifications saying they had been tagged in a secret answer when they hadn't. And those are just two examples, there are more I could give... But then this post would just go on forever!
Ask is a total trainwreck at this point but, as far as trainwrecks go, it's one of the more enjoyable ones! Despite it's flaws, this site still has a whole lot of entertainment value. I think so, at least.
Seeing this site sayschat with locals who here is actually within 20miles of

In a chocking turn of events, I seem to no longer be getting those obtrusive ads! Have you experienced the same thing? With ask apparently listening to feedback for once, what more do you want to say to them? 📧

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
That's great) I don't really believe that they will completely give up advertising - they need to earn money somehow. I wonder what other useless function they will replace it with.
In a chocking turn of events I seem to no longer be getting those obtrusive ads

- ما هي أول وظيفة قمت بالعمل بها في حياتك؟ * وما هي تلك الوظيفة؟

sam_iq97’s Profile PhotoSAMA SABAH ײַ
هي شغلة وحدة مشتغلها من قبل ٨ سنوات وبعدني الى هسة بيها
عدنا شركة مال Digital marketing & advertising
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why do people send out s*xual stuff? that's so bad. this is a site where children are allowed. things of s*xual nature do not belong here.

Ask the people who send it, tbh.
They claim the creators of the app are advertising it as a dating site which would be illegal as the age requirement is 13+ & not 18+.
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What changes would you make to Ask.fm?Why? 🔧

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
-stop advertising as a dating site and get back to question/answer roots
-drop chat feature and re-introduce threads
-make the app and the website consistent
-generate funds from ads and an ad-free subscription option, not this weird leaderboard coin mess

Does anyone else long for a life without the internet?

Once I broke the habit of checking my phone 'just because' -- in line, even at the urinal -- the rest came pretty easy. I uninstalled the social apps, disabled notifications, moved most apps off my home screen, and now keep my phone in my bag/on the table instead of my pocket. I always say that if I ever get rich i'll toss my smartphone and laptop off a cliff and delegate all my internet tasks to other people. But since I'm a working person, I can't really live without it. I have no choice but to moderate, which sucks. I think a life without internet would be the ultimate luxury though.
You absolutely do not need a Facebook account. I don't have one. There is some effect that happens, it's like what happens when you stop reading the news. People around you find out you are not plugged in and love to fill you in on things you don't know.
I actually kind of wish the internet wasn’t a thing. I miss what life was like before I had a constant connection with the entire planet, but damn is it convenient to be able to access literally anything I want with a small thing I keep in my pocket.
I would destroy the internet it’s broken normal interaction you can hide behind a phone screen computer type rubbish that hurts. All the perversions in humanity reared there ugly head. I wish I was born before social media, I wish I could un-see videos and images burnt in my mind. It seems all people care about is attractiveness, wealth. How many posts are the same thing, nobody is asking how to be the best they can be. It’s just pointed out the monkey In the man and highlighted a load of advertising bleeding my eyes algorithms that mean nothing. No ones accountable and big company’s take your information and sell it for capital without paying any tax.

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how has your october been so far? 🗓🎃🍂

nurbzee’s Profile Photonurulhuda
It's been busy but fun! I'm currently part of the crew for a student musical and I've been busy working on posters and other advertising material since I'm in the PR group! With that comes many other activities for those involved and it's been a ton of fun to meet so many new people ☺ I've also had my usual activities with my student organisation and the swim team! Yesterday I went to a Halloween party for those who've worked at my student nation and I have two other Halloween parties scheduled next week 🥳🎃
how has your october been so far

how do you feel now that ask.fm is considered a dating site, will you continue to use it?

it isn't a dating site, officially or anything at least. it won't be unless they formally advertise it as such, which they haven't in their sections for terms & conditions, advertising, etc.
if it does end up becoming a dating app, then i'll leave.

in what ways are you a stoic?

Philosophically, I acknowledge the world as it is, relying on logic and reason to understand it. This is beneficial in several ways and I firmly believe that it has put me at a tremendous advantage in numerous respects. Regarding the four stoic virtues - wisdom, temperance, courage, justice - they can guide one through the most challenging trials, adversities, dilemmas or circumstances. On a more personal level, I am a stoic in the sense that I choose to refrain from advertising my difficulties and I've learned to endure / overcome pain, both physical and emotional, without complaining and burdening others.
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Do you think businesses should be limited in what they're able to subject the general public to when advertising?

I honestly think businesses "should not" be political in any formation... Why does it matter, what a business stands for? At the end of the day, one company is going to follow the other company they are competing against (whether it be for pride, blm, lgbqt, ect)... it's never "actually" because they truly "want" change? It's solely out of greed. Money. Need to feel a part of something. Need to bring in the consumer. Let alone, isn't that business just a place where I purchase from? What do I care what political party they support, as a consumer? It's not like I'm announcing my party to others... why do businesses, NOW feel the need to have a voice/part of such?
When things become one side or the other, it becomes very segregated and fairly superficial, imo. People tend to want separation of church and state, and personally, I just want separation of politics and business/media/celebrities. I miss the simpler times! The good ol' days... when we could just have some fun, joke around (not get butthurt/feel the need to correct another/debate about what is a social construct or racist/ect) and just be happy with each other, even happy for each others differences! *sways old lady cane around*... woe is me, i suppose, lol.
Don't worry... I'll build a bridge and get over it... eventually! xD

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Married people need to take care of their spouse and NOT be on here. What are they here for? To find romance? To find potential lovers? Their primarily focus should be their spouse.

1st of all just because the site is advertising as a dating site NOW doesn't mean that's what it has always been, stop being stupid.
2nd of all...married people can have friends and be on social media.
I'm going to go ahead and guess you're made because you're getting rejected by married people on here.grow up kid

Do you still use Facebook for anything other than communicating with family and friends?

I hardly ever use Facebook. Yes I have an account, but I only look at it once a week for no more than 10 minutes maybe to wish a friend happy birthday or to post something that I believe to be of interest. I also have a twitter account and instagram account but never use them. I use my tumblr account to post poems and I use askfm to communicate with followers while practicing and improving my writing skills.
askfm is interesting because of the ability to ask or answer questions. The problem with askfm are the repetitive shout outs, the silly VIP program & leader board and incessant advertising popup windows. What is very upsetting about askfm is that the executives who run askfm do not give a damn about good writing and seem to have no understanding of what the original purpose of askfm was: (1) to ask good questions and to (2) receive thoughtful responses. Now, one could argue that askfm has turned into a "dating site" where people go to find their "soulmate" and to ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after. Such nonsense!

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هو خريج إدارة أعمال ممكن يشتغل اي ياصفيه !؟ ضمن مجاله يعني واي افضل حاجه ف نظرك ف الكارير دا .

والله على حسب علمي يقدر يشتغل في كذا حاجه زي الـ public relations, marketing, advertising, finance, logistics, hr كده يعني
هتسألني ايه دول او اشرحهملك هقولك معرفش .. انا دخلت ادارة أعمال عشان مكونتش بذاكر وكنت بلم المادة ليلة الامتحان وبدخل اهبد ، و كل ده كان بسبب اني عاوزة ابعد عن قسم محاسبة للي مبعرفش احلها وللي فُرصها اوسع واحسن وافضل من ادارة الأعمال
لكن انا أصلا كنت عاوزة ادخل قسم اقتصاد بس مش متوفر لسه في جامعة المنصورة! فاهم حاجه؟😂🤌🏻

do you think teens on this website werent subject to that before? you’re screaming about ask.fm being a dating site now so under 18’s should be banned but in the next breath saying its not soley a dating site? i give up, white women are the worst

the issue is that askfm is promoting it as such — of course people were using it for dating purposes beforehand, but that wasn't the purpose of askfm & it went against terms and conditions at that point in time. nowadays, askfm is purposely advertising dating on their site, and for the purpose of protecting children, i personally believe that they should raise the age of enrollment to 18. it isn't just an issue of predators, but it's also a legal issue, too.
i apologize that you do not understand this, but regardless, that is my stance. take it or leave it. being a white person (who isn't a woman, btw) is irrelevant to this conversation, as well.

ok, i am going to point out the hypocrisy of you and allison as simply as i can so understand. allison had made it clear she is not interested in dating on here, so have you. so by that logic you both should be leaving the platform since its now a “dating site”, right?

askfm advertising itself as a dating platform does not mean it is solely a dating platform (although i wouldn't be surprised if it transitions to such a site in the future). should that happen, then yes, i would leave askfm.
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What would make Ask better in your opinion?

dear @ASKfm_eng , please take note
-bring back threads. there was no reason to get rid of the one feature we all liked.
-stop advertising as a dating site there are children here and most of us aren't here to date, we're here to ask and answer questions
-Drop premium prices from $5.99, which is unreasonable, to $1.99 or less a month, and let the main benefit be ad-free access. Coins and popularity and leaderboards are unimportant to most of the users here.
-Let premium access and advertising be your two main income sources, and forget about coins and marketplace and buying popularity.
-Drop chats, and any other features that are only accessible to app users. Make sure the app and the website both have the same features across the board.
-stop with the bots it's overwhelming and annoying
-Blocking seems to have improved since years past, so that's good, but it's still too easy to be harassed and bullied by users bypassing blocks with multiple accounts. IP bans should be used against repeat offenders.
-Have a notification system in place when someone is getting a warning, so they know what they're being warned for. Have a three-strikes rule, or something similar, instead of just closing down accounts on the first offense.
that's all I got for now. I personally would prefer the age limit be raised to 18 as well, but I know that's not the most popular opinion.
If you agree, press "like" so others see this

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What are your favourite things about Autumn? 🍁🍄🍂🎃

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl
Many of the buildings that you can find on my university campus are absolutely covered in ivy and they turn so pretty during Autumn! Like, it's a meme around here that many stop by the main university library to take pictures 😆 But you can't really blame them since it's so gosh darn pretty lol Also, Autumn is the time where many of our most fun activities are, such as the student musical that I just learnt I've been chosen to be a part of starting 4th of October. I'm gonna be in the advertising group, making posters, videos etc. and I can't wait! 🥳
What are your favourite things about Autumn

What do you think that this app need ?

- stop advertising as a dating site
- drop chats and re-introduce threads
- keep the website design and the app design and features consistent with each other
- re-focus on being a question and answer site, making money through advertisements that a premium membership can opt out of.
- lose the coin and leaderboard aspect
- raise the age limit to 18 +

Lmao. You don’t have “natural immunity” if you actually caught covid, you absolute idiot! 😂😂😂😂

According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
Active immunity results when exposure to a disease organism triggers the immune system to produce antibodies to that disease. Exposure to the disease organism can occur through infection with the actual disease resulting in *natural immunity*.
In the future, please abstain from advertising your ignorance...
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Coś mlecznego, ale niekoniecznie z mleka?

Julciopat’s Profile PhotoPani w okularach ☺️
Something milky, but not necessarily milk?
Cookies made on the basis of coconut milk. Regular milk comes from animals, while coconut milk comes from the fruit of the coconut palm. In the photo, OREO cookies with the addition of coconut milk (advertising covered)
Ciastka robione na bazie mleka kokosowego. Zwykłe mleko pochodzi od zwierząt, natomiast mleko kokosowe pochodzi z owoców palmy kokosowej. Na zdjęciu ciastka OREO z dodatkiem mleka kokosowego (reklama zasłonięta)
Coś mlecznego ale niekoniecznie z mleka

Jak myślisz, dlaczego jest tak, że kłamstwo zdąży obiegnąć całą ziemię, a w tym samym czasie prawda zdąży założyć jedynie buty?

Why do you think it is so that the lie will have time to go all over the world, and at the same time the truth will only have time to put on shoes?
I understand it when asked as an artistic metaphor or an artistic comparison. In the twenty-first century, the media, for example, for profit television, often provide false information, treating it similarly to advertising for which the advertiser pays. The advertised object or message may have an undesirable effect on the recipient, therefore, for example, the advertised drugs contain an annotation to contact a doctor or pharmacist before use. Through the media, a lie can spread the globe, while the truth in the media is too often distorted or ignored because it contradicts the sponsors of paid advertising
Rozumiem to pytane jako przenośnię artystyczną bądź artystyczne porównanie. W XXI wieku media na przykład telewizja dla zysku często podają nieprawdziwe informacje traktując je podobnie jak reklamę, za którą płaci reklamodawca. Reklamowany przedmiot lub wiadomość może na odbiorcy wywołać niepożądany skutek dlatego na przykład na reklamowanych lekarstwach jest adnotacja, żeby przed użyciem skontaktować się z lekarzem bądź farmaceutą. Poprzez media kłamstwo może obiec całą Ziemię natomiast prawda w mediach zbyt często zostaje zakłamywana lub pomijana, ponieważ jest sprzeczna z sponsorami płatnych reklam

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Have you noticed that AskFM is actually advertising themselves as a dating site now? Seriously I just logged out of my account and the log-in page said "meet and DATE over 400 million users at askfm" or words to that effect. am i the only one who thinks this is ridiculous? Ask has gone so downhill.

That’s insane.. I wish they didn’t do that lol, I really don’t want this to turn into a dating app even more because I’m tired of explaining myself to people that want to meet up or chat 😩

Have you noticed that AskFM is actually advertising themselves as a dating site now? Seriously I just logged out of my account and the log-in page said "meet and DATE over 400 million users at askfm" or words to that effect. am i the only one who thinks this is ridiculous? Ask has gone so downhill.

I haven’t seen this, but all the changes to Ask recently have been frustrating.
This development must be particularly bothersome for those in relationships whose partner may now wonder why they’re on a ‘dating site’!

Is there a field / subject you're especially knowledgable about? You mind saying something you know relating to that which you think most other people don't know? 🧠🤯

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Rather than one specific subject I'm now mostly knowledgeable about a wide field of topics. There are a lot of people in my daily life hitting me up on anything they have questions about.
I was once indeed quite knowledgeable about clinical psychology, especially about forensics. I spent my whole teenage years gaining knowledge about that and finally started attending university, so of course I would know a lot other people didn't know. But regarding this topic many people think they can be experts since it's just "in our heads", so the gap between me and other people became a lot more noticeable to me than it may would've had if I studied something else.
But, now the sad news, I'm not longer into recent research. Of course I know what I once learned (but I forgot a most technical terms) yet this field is developing so fast, one have to constantly educate themself further to catch up.
But here we are, what's something people may don't know till today?
Oh, I won't stop talking about how dangerous MBTI is. In general, psychological tests have a lot of requirements to give a valid result.
Oh, and maybe a really basic one: You all for sure know this joke "Oh, someone's a psychologist, they're constantly trying to analyze me!" - in fact, it works nothing like that. First, not every psychologist is interested and works with people in front of them (advertising for example is a field where psychologists are working in), furthermore not every psychologist is a clinical psychologist (that are the ones interested in mental health and stuff), not every clinical psychologist is a therapist!!! and finally, psychological diagnosis is a field with one basic rule: There is a question and you try to find the answer. Exactly, it has to be ONE question. And the question has to be relevant. If there is no problem or relevant topic for the individual or their surroundings, it's absolutely uninteresting for psychologists. So as long as there is no diagnostic topic that requires a diagnosis (that don't has to be in a medical way), if the psychologist in front of you starts "analyzing" you, they're just the same presumptuous, invasive people all the others are who try to do that. The "results" are irrelevant either way. But most psychologists just want to have a normal chat with people around them and don't want to think about work, haha.

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If you could change something in today's society, what would it be?

The lack of common sense.
I wish people were kinder. Everybody is sarcastic and mean.
Cooperation. Just look at how, we, as societies, evolves in 50 years. Now, imagine if all of us would actually cooperate. There's no telling what we could accomplish. But that's impossible and that's sad. At least in the US, our obsession with work. We do not need to be working as much as we are. We do not need to measure the worth of ourselves and others by how much we work ourselves to death.
The social acceptibility of white lies. There are delicate ways to tell the truth ('that haircut doesn't flatter you') without lying. Truth is good, I'd like to see more of it.
The education system is seriously flawed at least in the United States. Like you said, trade schools are a great way for people with lower grades to get really good at something and be successful with it. For example, in Germany, a large percentage of students become apprentices in a certain trade rather than going to university. Socialization. Of all the basics, not just libraries and roads. Food, water, education, healthcare. Leave luxury products on an open but regulated market with demand for higher standards, repairability and zero waste as a goal.
I know people will hate me for saying this, but if everyone went vegan, it would reduce a lot of air/water pollution, cut methane emissions that are contributing to global warming, and allow us to make MUCH better use of arable farming land & fresh water. Meat production is pretty wasteful and polluting per calorie of food it provides.
Slowing people down - even slightly - might create an environment where the BUYBUYBUY marketing technique isn't nearly as effective. This would lead to (hopefully) a balanced and useful approach to advertising focused on the merits of a particular product or service. Following that, if consumers are looking more into the actual benefits of any given thing the demand for quality will likely rise, over-consumption will drop and with it the culture of excess and waste, and the world will be a better place.
My mom was a teen mom, my grandparents who raised me were subsistence farmers, and we were POOR. Our clothes were hand-me-downs or handmade, most of what we owned was ancient and we recycled things over and over again. My favorite toys were blocks of leftover wood that my Grandpa had sanded and painted bright colors. But we were clean. We didn't litter, because it costs nothing to throw your litter in the trash can instead of on the pavement ten feet away. It costs nothing to refrain from tagging all over the businesses in your neighborhood (in fact, it drives business away, making your neighborhood more crime-ridden and poverty-stricken than ever.) It costs nothing to refrain from breaking windows. We certainly never went around doing that. It’s obsession with finding someone else to blame. Fewer people decide to be an example of something good.

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Have you noticed that AskFM is actually advertising themselves as a dating site now? Seriously I just logged out of my account and the log-in page said "meet and DATE over 400 million users at askfm" or words to that effect. am i the only one who thinks this is ridiculous? Ask has gone so downhill.

i used my browser to go onto the login page to see if this was true, and holy crap. what the actual f*ck.
askfm should never be a dating site, there's so much wrong with that.
Have you noticed that AskFM is actually advertising themselves as a dating site

Have you noticed that AskFM is actually advertising themselves as a dating site now? Seriously I just logged out of my account and the log-in page said "meet and DATE over 400 million users at askfm" or words to that effect. am i the only one who thinks this is ridiculous? Ask has gone so downhill.

WAAAAAIT wait wait seriously??? Like I mean there's a bunch of other signs on this hellsite pointing downhill (random spam bots, lack of security, Ask programmed social and complimenting bots)... But is this for fűcking real???
I mean I've already been considering leaving this platform for a while. But this is just making me wanna pack my bags and head out. Fűcks sake.. instead of dealing with the perverțs that use this app to hit on and harass other users, they'd rather market themselves all for it?
Have you noticed that AskFM is actually advertising themselves as a dating site

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