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Have you ever made a purchase which you later came to regret? 💸😕

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
In 2017-2018 I used to spend my money on winter Christmassy themed sweaters, and damn they aren’t practical.
Also, 2 leather dresses I spent so much money on and they don’t fit me or my current aesthetic anymore
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How'd you rate your phone's camera? Maybe post a picture you took with it that you really like? 📱📸

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Well, it's fully ok for me as I make pics just for myself and my friends, so I don't care muxh about quality of camera and aesthetic meaning of what I make pics of 🤣 However I like make pics of surroundings I live in, like architecture, parks, food, ppl. I have interesting experience abroad and my friends like watching it.
Howd you rate your phones camera Maybe post a picture you took with it that you

Hey, I’m new user. Can someone please help me how to use askfm?

• Click on (💌Inbox) and answer questions that make sense to you.
• For checking who liked your answer, or for other notification. Tap on (⚡️).
•To read answers of your friends/people you follow or the answers your friends liked, click on the (👁)option.
• Ignore lame/inappropriate questions.
• Block people when necessary.
• Put and aesthetic display and background picture.
• Avoid using profanity.
• Be funny, but respectful.
• Hate ko serious mat lein. Kaafi aam hai yahan.
Aur baki feature bhi ahista ahista smjh aa jayeingy. Good luck!

Is there something that amazes you about yourself/family?

n11shake’s Profile PhotoShake
Yes, I am often astonished about how resilient and how mentally strong I am. I've been through so much and so many ordeals. Life has not always been kind to me and yet here I am, standing tall in front of all of you. Life has made me weary.
It's true that my sensitivity has been hardened by many hardships. Creativity, being humble but comfortable in their own skin, gentleness and of course they have to be huge music lovers. Kind, gentle, and humble, and also this isn’t as important as the there others but I would prefer if we shared the same sense of humor, though maybe that’s just for me who likes when people laugh at my jokes.
Authentic. Loyal. Kind. And most of all, LIKES GENSHIN IMPACT (JK OF COURSE ) ok seriously that doesn't see weird features as turn off, like being an anime fan or a Genshin Impact fan, or taking photos of sky or thinking too much etc. Somebody who returns the affection that I give them and puts as much effort as I do in the relationship, trustworthy, open minded, can talk about deep concepts, is interested in my ideas and supportive of me. This may seem like a lot, but I want them to do for me what I will do for them basically. Originality and confidence! I love someone who knows who they are without fully committing to an aesthetic, culture or anything for example.
You're very welcome, at first I thought of telling y'all 5-6 times but then I thought "you know what? Most redditors are sharp enough to get it after only twice.
Personality and intelligence. Can't stand being around people who act like a carton of milk or cry every time I try to make them laugh.
What's the point of living if you're only going to care about yourself? I'm a firm believer in the idea that being kind will get you farther in life than any amount of backstabbing selfishness or pessimism. I'm an addict, that's for sure. The good news is that I'm addicted to being nice to others and making their day better. The sensation I get when a person smiles at me is greater than any drug I know of. It doesn't hurt that every good thing I do goes to pay off a debt.
I don't ask for money or favors, because I refuse to be a burden to anyone else. Or, maybe burden isn't the most accurate word, but I definitely don't feel that anything is necessary or important enough, that it can't wait until I'm capable of acquiring it myself.
Everyone tells me I'm pretty laid back and easy-going. I just don't have that many shits to give. I don't gossip or talk bad about anyone. I just don't care. Just sit down, grab a cold one and play some X-Box with me, and just chill.
Being caring and intutitive to how I'm feeling, but also being emotionally stable enough to know when she needs to talk to me. I just want someone smart, cute, kind, determined, and caring.

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Posta una foto di quando eri felice e sapevi di esserlo

lauragagliotta9’s Profile PhotoLaura
La foto non è del tutto chiara, ma è voluto, gli da quel tocco di… boh ahahah di un “Aesthetic” molto relativo diciamola così; qui ero a Lisbona con mio cugino, ed ero felice anche perché c’era mia sorella (la ph della foto in questo caso) e non la vedo mai perché lei vive in Francia col suo ragazzo, quindi qua avevamo organizzato una vacanza insieme ed è stato bello… per non parlare del fatto che ogni tanto, quando si hanno tempo e risorse economiche ovviamente, ci sta sempre staccare un po’ da tutto e tutti, uscire dalla zona di comfort ed esplorare il mondo perché alcune volte ci dimentichiamo troppo spesso di essere soprattutto esploratori ✨💚
Posta una foto di quando eri felice e sapevi di esserlo

what is your favorite cafe that you would love to go to anytime ?

I honestly don’t have one! I actually enjoy trying to visit as many speciality coffee shops as I can; partly for the aesthetic as they’re usually pretty lovely to visit, but also to try different blends of coffee. If I had to pick a favourite, I really like The Gentlemen Baristas, but sadly there’s no branches near where I work anymore 😔
what is your favorite cafe that you would love to go to anytime

Do you like when it‘s autumn now, Livi 😀🍂 ?

SimonHess’s Profile PhotoSimon Hess
I do! I love the aesthetic of autumn more than any other season, but I’m not really a fan of the cold! That’s primarily because I work outdoors though - if I didn’t, then I probably wouldn’t mind! 🍁🍂🥮
It’s worth it to witness nature in such a state of splendour, and there’s something so cozy and comforting about autumn, it’s like being wrapped in a hug. How do you feel about autumn? ☺️
Do you like when its autumn now Livi

Te láttál mostanság valami különlegességet? (Legyen az egy autó, valami nagyon szép hely, egy híres személy, akármi, ami számodra különleges). Le is fotóztad esetleg? Szerinted melyik a legkülönlegesebb hely Magyarországon?

DupleXDreemurr’s Profile PhotoBojler
Ahányszor ennek a boltnak a közelébe megyek, mindig igyekszem lőni egy képet, mert annyira rare aesthetic :D
Te láttál mostanság valami különlegességet Legyen az egy autó valami nagyon szép

🌸🌻 What is your favourite thing about each season? 🍂❄

kittiemeowsie’s Profile PhotoKittie Meow.
Spring: It's always nice to see all the flowers and such starting to bloom again! Especially where I live, the rapeseed fields bloom around May and that's when I think my area looks it's best 🌻
Summer: It being hot enough to be able to swim in the ocean and that's when many of our Swedish traditions take place, such as midsummer and crayfish parties ☀️
Autumn: Many of the buildings in the town where I live are covered in ivy so they all get so colorful and aesthetic! The best time to take pictures according to me 🍁
Winter: The cold makes it so much easier for me to sleep. And it's always so cozy to wear sweaters and cover yourself in thick blankets. I also like winter fashion the most! ❄️
What is your favourite thing about each season

What makes men attractive to you?

That and one real point for me is seeing them cook. Something to do with not expecting their partners to pick up what their parents did for them, and it still being an occasional attitude to see where some men have no idea or interest in learning the basics of being an adult, or see it as something only lesser people do.
For me it's their sense of humor. A man can be hot as hell, but if he has the personality of a wet noodle I just can't. He's gotta be funny. I love a man that can make me laugh.
That might seem like a snide response, but it's the truth. I can tell you what I find personally appealing on an aesthetic, emotional level and intellectual level, but -most men- aren't attractive to me, just some particular men. I can, for instance, acknowledge that Chris Hemsworth appears to be an aesthetically pleasing specimen but he does nothing for me, personally. On the other hand, Richard Ayoade (Moss on the IT Crowd) - yes, please! For many other people, it'll be Hemsworth over Ayoade, and no doubt some that would happily take both, and for others, neither.
Let’s start with personality: I love a man who is dominant, energetic, and assertive. This means that he’s bold, and confident in his surroundings, when he walks into a room he’s not overdone, but has a strong presence which is in good taste. Men are attractive when they are appropriate, they understand how to be a gentleman but they’re not trying to shove their personalities down other peoples throats. I love a classy man that knows how to carry himself in public. Being laid back is also highly attractive along with a good sense of humor. In terms of looks, I love a man with a beard and with height, dressing conservatively and age appropriately is always attractive, along with having expensive taste.
It’s not that they want them to be all things at once, it’s that they want them to know how to be appropriate with the qualities they present to the world. Don’t go to a serious business meeting and be that one person that wants to lighten the mood with untimely humor, or be the person that wants to assert their intelligence in the meeting when there’s no competition or need to compete. Be appropriate.
I honestly don’t know. I like how they are tough on the outside but you can see another side of them and view them entirely different. But as for physical appearance it’s probably how chiseled their bodies are. It’s very alluring to me.
Comfortable with himself without being a braggart or aggressive. Funny without relying on puns or “dad jokes” (just my personal preference). Clean clothes that fit well. A nice smile. Smells good. Gives good hugs.
Humour and humility 1000%. I know it sounds like bullshit when chicks say personality makes a difference but, I can honestly say, an average looking guy that can take the piss out of himself and have some banter will be so much sexier than a conventionally attractive wanker who thinks he’s better than everyone else, so much so he can’t take a joke.

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Jaká je vaše oblíbená květina a proč?

embraceyourawesomness’s Profile Photoembraceyourawesomness
Já celkové mám ráda luční kvítí, především kopretiny 🥰 a proč? To je těžká otázka, na kterou znám odpověď, ale nechci se tu moc otevírat a tak si to nechám pro sebe. A z takových těch víc "aesthetic" květin to je asi pivoňka 🥰.
Jaká je vaše oblíbená květina a proč

Update zu o b s i d e o.

Hallo ihr Lieben <3 lange, lange ist es her, aber ich habe heute eine gute Nachricht für euch :)
ich habe mein Krea-Tief überwunden und intensiv an der Website gearbeitet, sodass die Charakterseiten jetzt fertig sind. Stöbert gerne ein bisschen rum, ich hoffe, das hilft euch, wieder einen Zugang zu dieser Geschichte zu finden. Mit dem ersten richtigen Kapitel komme ich gut voran, es ist etwa zu 70 % fertig.
Bei Ansgar ließen sich zwei Links für die Charakterbilder nicht öffnen, deswegen habe ich bei ihm noch zwei selbst rausgesucht.
Bei Caja habe ich mich komplett verselbstständigt @SilverWolf3024 weil ich leider den Link zu ihrer Aesthetic Seite verbummelt habe, Schande über mich... ich wollte euch die Seiten aber nicht länger vorenthalten, deswegen habe ich ein paar Bilder rausgesucht, die aus meiner Sicht recht gut zu ihr passen. Natürlich werde ich die Bilder gegen deine ersetzen, sobald du mir den Link nochmal geschickt hast.
Und zu guter Letzt: Der Cast hat noch einen Zuwachs bekommen :) Trommelwirbel bitte...

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A múltkori kérdésem külsőséges verzióját is szeretném feltenni csak úgy kíváncsiságból. Van olyan külső vonás, stílus, frizura stb., amit általában szépnek tartanak, viszont számodra nem az, illetve olyan, amit a többség nem tart szépnek, de te igen?

alkalmikerdesek’s Profile PhotoAlkalmi kérdések
❤️Szépnek tartják, de számomra nem az:
💙A vörös / szőke haj + világos szem + porcelánfehér bőr inkább egy ilyen fura Tumblr aesthetic klisé számomra. Nyilván nem mondhatom, hogy csúnya, de számomra olyan semmilyen.
💙 Életemben nem láttam még feltöltött szájat, ami esztétikusan és természetesen nézett ki
💙 A szilikon mellről is ugyanez a véleményem. Legalábbis amiket én látok olykor – olykor, azok leginkább két labdára emlékeztetnek. Elég fura.
💙 Borzasztóan vékony lányok. Nem akarok senkit bodyshamelni, pláne, hogy amilyen mértékű soványságról én beszélek, az már szerintem valami betegség (vagy annak tünete), de amikor valakinek meg tudod számolni a bordáit, olyan vékony a lába, mint egy átlagos ember karja, és ilyen nagyon furcsa, beesett arca van, az már számomra inkább ijesztő. Nagyon sokat esztetizálják ezt, különösen ezek a coquettecore meg egyéb Tumblr hülyeséges csajok.
❤️Nem tartják szépnek, de számomra az:
💙 Mindig inkább a különleges, érdekes arcok tetszettek az esztétikussal szemben
💙 Ha példákat szeretnék hozni az előző állításra, pl nagyon tetszik a hegyes, vagy aqualine nózi. A köznyelv mindkettőt csak szimplán nagynak hívja, de wtf, nem minden nagy nózi szép számomra, csak ez a két említett típus :D Vagy nagyon tud tetszeni a sűrű, sötét szemöldök. Meg a „táskás” szemek :D
💙A fogszabályzó szerintem cuki
💙 Nyilván bizonyos mértékig, de szerintem full hot, ha valaki husisabb
💙 Borzasztóan szépnek tartom az androgynous embereket, vagyis akikről első ránézésre nehezen tudod megmondani, hogy fiúk-e vagy lányok. Hányszor hallottam már azt a „A mai világban má’ azt se tudod megmondani, hogy ki fiú és ki lány😡” hülyeséget. Hát nekem az a tapasztalatom, hogy akiről tényleg nem tudod megmondani, hogy fiú-e vagy lány, az az esetek nagy részében gyönyörű :D
💙 Számomra szebb a sötét szem, mint a világos. A világos olyan rideg
💙 A színes haj a legkúlabb haj
A tetoválást csak azért nem írtam az utóbbi kategóriába, mert nem tudom minőségtől függetlenül értékelni. Ha igénytelenül van megcsinálva, vagy maga az ötlet eléggé cringe, akkor nyilván jobb lenne, ha nem lenne :D Ha viszont igényes és van valami értelmes mondanivalója, akkor imádom őket.
Meg unpopular opinion, de nekem a nagyon sok, szabad bőrfelületet alig hagyó kitetováltság már túl sok. Elvagyok én a minimalista cicakutyáimmal.
Random kép egy számomra nagyon - nagyon esztetikus emberkéről:

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A múltkori kérdésem külsőséges verzióját is szeretném feltenni csak úgy

Jadi perempuan itu yang mahal bukan harga skincare, harga ootd, atau harga gadget. Tapi harga diri. Setuju?

treaouchers’s Profile PhotoUr Treasure
definetely 100% agree. the fact is nowadays you can easily find a lot of aesthetic clinics, a beauty-mechanical transformation (idk what to say but changing ur body or face structure) or whatever skincare that you use in daily with various price from the cheapest to the most expensive you already can found beautiful woman in every places. i would like to say that beauty or even your fucking rude hedonism lifestyles not being such an exclusivity nowadays but your brain and your values dude.
kamu bisa nemu cewe cantik dengan macem macem jenisnya hampir di setiap perempatan, atau gadget macem i phone yg di punya oleh tukang becak. di zaman edan kek gini sekarang yg bisa di jadiin pembeda cuma yang 'waras' karena dunia mostly isinya orang sakit dan gila. so kalo kamu punya basic bagus dalam pendidikan, latar belakang keluarga, tata krama, dsb please improve it. belajar seluas luasnya karena ilmu itu unlimited, get curious about everything around you, how the world revolving. belajar sopan santun, beretika yang baik, menghargai dan menghormati orang lain karena itu paten alias basic manner, ngga lantas buat kamu redup begitu aja. popularitas memang penting, tapi kualitas diri itu segalanya.

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👗 How would you describe your style? Do you fit into a specific aesthetic or does it change?

I'm still working out what my style is haha, I don't like to box myself into a specific label, I'm just me. I like alternative styles but when I'm out with the horses and stuff I'm in leggings and a t-shirt 🤷🏻‍♀️ Most of the stuff I like I don't have the confidence to wear so I go for a toned down version haha

What is your opinion regarding of non-mandatory use of uniform by DepEd?

daniquuee’s Profile PhotoDanica
Non-mandatory use of uniforms can be anti-poor and could create opportunities for bullying. Non-mandatory means hindi required so pwede pa rin piliin ng students na mag uniform; however, with the current situation, parents and those people who raise children will be in a difficult position because of price hike, dagdag gastusin ang pagbili/pagpatahi ng uniform kasi hindi naman lahat kayang makahiram or makahinge at makagamit ng lumang uniform. In addition, na-embed na sa utak ng ibang mga bata/students ngayon ang pagiging, "aesthetic," as one of the fashion standards. I've encountered some posts as well on mocking people who are aesthetic. It can be problematic pa lang sa part na may ibang, "aesthetic" people na nang she-shame sa mga taong paulit-ulit na lang daw ang sinusuot, and vice versa. I suggest to make the uniforms accessible in the public schools para naman maiwasan ang paggastos ng mga taong may pinapaaral at para hindi na mamroblema pa ang students sa susuotin nila araw-araw.
Mag-aaral ka na nga lang, bibigyan ka pa ng problema. This might not be that important for those na walang pake-alam sa susuotin nila and can take the harsh parinig parinig. Kaso, hindi naman lahat pare-pareho ng mind-set at tatag ng mental state kaya we have to consider others din.

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jakie plany na najbliższe 5 lat?

spygg7592’s Profile Photospygg
O I to jest dobre pytanie odnośnie planów
Właściwie mam dwie alternatywy
1. Jeśli dostanę się na studia to oczywiście ukończenie kierunku, zamieszkam również z chłopcem i będę w wolnych chwilach malować obrazki i uczyć się robić bardzo szczegółowe pixel arty bo na razie robiłam same proste i to mnie nie satysfakcjonuje
Potrzebuję robić coś trudniejszego
Mam w planach staranie się o stypendium naukowe i będę musiała też w tym celu robić więcej zdjęć jak to miałam wcześniej w zwyczaju i zgłaszać je masowo na konkursy
Będę się uczyć w aesthetic klimacie przy świeczkach w mojej ulubionej, zimowej piżamie
Jeśli na tem drodze wszystko pójdzie zgodnie z planem chciałabym się zatrudnić w jednej z galerii sztuki w moim mieście
Chociaż ogólnie marzy mi się mieszkanie nad morzem więc możliwe, że i tam będę
2. Jeśli się nie dostanę na studia to najpierw sobie popłaczę, potem spanikuje co ja robię ze swoim życiem i poprawię portfolio, które robiłam
Będę szukać gdzieś stażu omijając wszystkie januszexy jakie są dostępne
Ogólnie będę się czuć przez początkowy okres jak gowno bo będę musiała oznajmić światu, że się nie dostałam a nie lubię mówić o swoich porażkach
Delikatnie mówiąc
Po tym całym żalu i rozpaczy może znajdę jakąkolwiek motywację
Po coś też robilam z tej grafiki komputerowej kurs
Jeśli dostanę te przeklętą pracę zamieszkam z chłopcem
Jak będę miała money money zrobię u fryzjera zabieg trwałego prostowania włosów (na pół roku, bardzo trwałe ja wiem)
Chce tez mieć kotka bo wiem, że to byłby mój najlepszy przyjaciel
A ogólnie dalej będę dryfować po swoim nieuzasadnionym żalu, bujać w obłokach i przeprowadzić w głowie rozmowy które się prawdopodobnie nigdy nie odbędą
A co

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Is it weird that I put on a Gregorian chants playlist? I'm not a traditional religious person at all but these songs are very relaxing, they so match these new candles I bought. They're similar to church candles and they give off this no electricity just candle lights ,17th century aesthetic vibe 🕯

Everyone has their preferences :)
Recently I've been listening to hang drum music that has natural sounds like rivers, streams, birds, leaves etc as a backing!
But what you're describing does sound relaxing :)
https://youtu.be/jmPBk3GW0Ackittiemeowsie’s Video 169894012245 jmPBk3GW0Ackittiemeowsie’s Video 169894012245 jmPBk3GW0Ac
Is it weird that I put on a Gregorian chants playlist Im not a traditional

Is it weird that I put on a Gregorian chants playlist? I'm not a traditional religious person at all but these songs are very relaxing, they so match these new candles I bought. They're similar to church candles and they give off this no electricity just candle lights ,17th century aesthetic vibe 🕯

That’s not weird at all, Gregorian chants led the path to discovering solfeggio frequencies, all of which resonate with the body in various ways - and they are quite calming and stabilising in nature. It must be a very tranquil ambience you’ve got going on there, with the candles as well! 🕯
Is it weird that I put on a Gregorian chants playlist Im not a traditional

💢What's your X that makes Y better?

Sawal poochnay wlay ka aur sawal sun-nay walay aur jawab dene walay ka intellect aik jesa ho ye lazim nahi hai lekin its a must thing for all three of them that their aesthetic approach should be same to understand each other on emotional or let's say spiritual level or if you want you can call it intellectual level... I wish i could understand you on any of these levels to answer this question meaningfully... I am afraid i dont know the answer... Or maybe I'm just unaware of it... 🙏🏽💐

Pra você : 3 da manhã é a ''hora do medo''? ou Supertição?

Robsonatural22’s Profile PhotoRobson
Pra mim é a hora da magia. (num sentido mágico mesmo).
É quando o portal se abre, e o mundo real e sobrenatural estão na mesma frequência. (dependendo da sua frequência você estará num nível baixo/perigoso)
E é possível ouvir coisas misturadas entre o real e oculto ao mesmo tempo que a tua consciência está debilitada implorando para dormir.
''De repente um barulho!..você pensa: '' agora o espirito veio me pegar'' e é só o motor da geladeira velha.
Você liga a tv para distrair a mente e aquela vinheta do corujão com a coruja piando é tão aesthetic mas também tão assustadora! oh eu quero minha mãe🥺️'''

Dobry dzień! Zadaję Ci drugie codzienne pytanie, które mam nadzieję, że Ci się spodoba: czy uważasz, że niektóre okoliczności, doświadczenia lub bliskie życie są w jakiś sposób romantyczne? Czy uważasz, że w pewnym sensie ta romantyzacja może mieć pozytywne konsekwencje?

Pewnie pytanie inspirowane tym trendem z romantyzowania swojego życia?
Myślę, że jak najbardziej
W takich małych, drobnych rzeczach można znaleźć coś romantycznego, pięknego i juz nie chodzi o relacje partnerskie ale to co nas otacza na co dzień
I właśnie temu ma to pozytywny wpływ, świat bardzo pędzi, a takie zachęcanie się błachymi rzeczami to spowalnia i doceniamy bardziej to co jest wokół nas
Może to mieć też skrajną stronę gdzie ktoś musi koniecznie żyć swoim aesthetic żyćkiem bo inaczej sis czuję niespełniony i to generuje kolejne problemy: zbędne wydatki na codzienną kawusie w pięknej kawiarni itp itd

Do you enjoy having lots of belongings, trinkets, items etc or do you prefer more simplistic living with minimal belongings?

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I like having lots of things! Just interesting, quirky things! Or pieces that remind me of fond memories etc!
Plus if I see something cute... I kinda impulsively buy it at times xD
I think my room was described as a "creative homely cluttered aesthetic" xD
Do you enjoy having lots of belongings trinkets items etc or do you prefer more
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What’s your favorite heart emoji? And why?

✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
The black one. I'm drawn to the black heart emoji. 🖤
I don't know why. Maybe because I like the aesthetic, maybe because I think it's my vibe. Idk.

Growth can never be aesthetic , it will always be chaotic ,messy but will shape in with time or it can be according to the planned scenario ?

dictator_1059’s Profile PhotoBarty crouch jr
Insaan rishte badalta hai, ghar
badalta hai, dost badlta hai phir
bhi wo preshan q rehta hai? Q k
wo khudko nahi badalta isliye
Mirza Galib ne kaha hai "umar
bhar gaalib yehi bhool karta Raha dhool chehre pe thi aur saaf aaina karta raha".

Would you like people to be honest with you if something look bad on you or are you the type don't care wear it still do care of people opinions of your clothing choices ?

I like honest opinions when I ask for them. I dislike unsolicited opinions from people who dislike my aesthetic or want to change me or shame me.

blitzumfrage, meine girls and gentleman

die bielefeld-website kann man sich ja echt nicht ansehen. uah. da ich zu mehr aktivität am pc verdonnert bin in den nächsten nächten (arbeit und so):
was wünscht ihr euch fürs redesign?
- ein ausführlicher ministeriumsführer. mit stockwerkplan und allen
- detallierte unterseiten für jeden fall (a la akteneinsicht)
- GANZ VIEL 2000 aesthetic (so mit britney und bunten bändchen und währungsreform)
- memes. mehr memes.
- ein Handbuch für den deutschen Zauberer, damit alle Kulturschocks endgültig geklärt sind (was soll da rein?)
- eine kleine mitmachsection (pss!)
so, und was wünscht ihr euch?

How do you define beauty?

I'll define beauty with this popular phrase : " Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it." But do remember that beauty is not just a visual experience; it is a characteristic that provides a perceptual experience to the eye, the ear, the intellect, the aesthetic faculty, or the moral sense. It is the qualities that give pleasure, meaning or satisfaction to the senses, but in this talk I wish to concentrate on the eye, the intellect and the moral sense.

How beautiful is your avatar! Did you choose it for aesthetic reasons?

I chose my avatar because the heart, a universal symbol of love, contained the colors of an ocean wave, autumn leaves, and a sunrise and sunset.
For me, the question remains: How does the world sound?
A world that is perceived as a symphony, with counterpoint, arpeggios, scales and major, minor, dominant, diminished, ascending and descending frequencies, moving in all directions, with a constant pulsating rhythm like waves on the ocean, a shooting star , a summer's breeze or a melody of larks. And so, I suppose the avatar I selected represents what I perceive to be the essence of my life in this moment in time.

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