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Ehab kia bany ga is political crises ka?👀

All eyes on Supreme court verdict, hoping it turns out in favour of Pakistan. Nothing is above the constitution, no party affiliation, no symbolic leadership or anything else. If they are traitors who were sentenced to be involved in changing regime then you who broke the constitution brutally are no less.
I deeply wish that the verdict comes out soothing, move-over in favour of the state, else fear the unwanted and be ready to witness (1960,1979 &1999).
May Allah protect Pakistan form any unforeseen circumstances. 🙏🏽

What is it like being in one-sided love?

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Yar the thing is love is like a wave..
Ata hy or chala jata hy..
It's not like k one sided hy ya double sided..
The thing which matters aloot is respect..❤️
You can love birds, animals and so so. We call it affiliation.. But where come respect then its called love 😍..

Who is your favorite president? And who do you think is the worst?

> Who is your favorite president?
In historical order:
No political affiliation - George Washington
Democratic-Republican - Thomas Jefferson
Republican - Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt
Democrat - John F. Kennedy
> And who do you think is the worst?
I would say that Republican George Walker Bush and Democrat Barack Hussein Obama were equally terrible warmongers, opportunists, opponents of the U.S. Constitution and pathological liars. Two fiendish globalist sycophants which history will not remember kindly.

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