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What are some good reasons to get married?

marykateyelkovan’s Profile PhotoMary-Kate Yelkovan
Marriage is meant for those who are ready to take the next step in their relationship with one another. This is something that shouldn't be taking lightly and should be genuinely thought out by each person involved. Marriage is a lifetime agreement, it's the understanding of what love truly means, that you genuinely cannot live your life without this person and is a lifetime commitment. Get married for the RIGHT reasons and NOT selfish reasons. Marriage is more than a physical union, marriage IS about emotional, mental, spiritual, support with quality time, gifts, words of affirmations, communication, expression of love and affection. It teaches you what to cherish, to fight for, to grow as one and as a individual.

I want to love myself more I don't know how do you know?

"Gratitude and Self-Love" by Nico
This is such an important question and one that I have asked myself hundreds of times over the years. So the first thoughts that come to mind are: What is self-love, why is it so important and how can I make it part of my life?
There are four fundamental attributes to self-love:
1. Self-Awareness - Before we can love ourselves, we must know ourselves. Reflect on your authentic self and what drives you? Motivates you? Excites you? Disappoints you? Saddens you? Angers you? Inspires you? Relaxes you? Take time to consider your deep-seated values and how they affect your decision-making and your triggers. Your values are the blueprint for who you are as an individual.
2. Self-Acceptance - As you evaluate yourself and take a deep dive into self, you might not like what you see. That is ok because we are human with an abundance of imperfections. So own your problems. Own your mistakes. Own your values. Once you can fully accept and embrace your authentic self, the easier your self-love journey will be.
3. Self-Confidence - The best way to describe self-confidence is to think of it as self-congruence. When you show up as your authentic self in the world, and act on your self-acceptance, that’s self-confidence. It takes courage and bravery to decide to respect your own values and opinions more than others. But that’s what you have to do every single day. Not everyone will love you – but that doesn’t matter when YOU love you.
4. Self-Love - From here on out, you will make a commitment to yourself and to your growth. You will carve out time in your daily routine to invest in yourself, compliment yourself, reassure yourself and cheer yourself on.
There are three components to self-love:
1. Gratitude - each day write down three things you are grateful for and reflect on why you feel grateful. Try to connect your gratitude to your values. What are you proud of yourself for? What compels you to get out of bed every morning and keep going? Share your gratitude with others.
2. Affirmations and Positive Self-Talk - Remember, our thoughts, whether positive or negative, precede action and affect our behavior. Be careful how you speak to yourself. Show yourself love and gratitude by choosing kind and encouraging words. Have your own back especially when it comes to standing up to your inner critic.
3. Self-Care - Self-care can be defined as any act that nourishes the self. Some self-care acts might re-energize, while others might be for relaxation purposes. Typically, it’s used to rest, reset or reflect. Taking care of yourself can be divided into three different categories: mind, body and soul.

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I want to love myself more I dont know how do you know

What does "romantic love" mean to you?

People have been trying to describe love since forever and everything falls short. The songs, poems, pieces of beautiful music, monuments, art, IMO it still doesn't scratch the surface. To me it just feels like "home" or the perpetual sensation of falling. It's much more powerful than just a crush, much more frightening in its power than lust and it's almost like a permanent change on molecular level.
To me it means knowing after every fight you still care about them and even when stupidly angry you're knowing you'll work through this. It means giving up your free time to make this person happy because they are just so fucking important to you. Its about compromise. Its about late night laughter at stupid shit. Its about accepting they have flaws and thus realizing your own flaws are equally as annoying to them. To me, romantic love is just having someone there to share all these beautiful moments in this beautiful life with. I feel like I can love myself all I want, but when I see or experience something amazing and I look over (hypothetically speaking) and see that no one's there to experience it with me, it still feels awfully lonely. Maybe that means I don't love myself enough.
It never hurts to love yourself more, as I'm learning. Affirmations help, as does just sort of reminding myself that everything I'm doing is mothering myself in a way. I cook food for myself because I love myself. I read to myself because I love myself. That kind of thing. So if I'm seeing a beautiful moment, I'm doing it because I love myself, and that makes it feel not lonely (usually). However, I still want someone to share in those moments with too, and I still feel lonely about it once in awhile.
Edit: I think a lasting love is based on practicalities to no small degree. Common values, interests and experiences, or like interpretations of experiences. The overwhelming chemical reaction of physical attraction ensures the continuation of the species, but to have a companion, partner and confidante to go through life with joyfully is going to take more than surges of feelings. Never underestimate the value of unselfishness, and be prepared to sacrifice without rancor.
Love isnt the "wow she's awesome" after meeting someone. Love isnt the magical first date. Love isnt the infatuation with someone. Love is the enduring enjoyment of company with someone. Its wanting to cuddle even in the worst times, its wanting to comfort each other no matter the situation, it's all about sticking together no matter the hardships. Love is long term. I'm in an interesting phase in my life where I'm realizing for the first time that I don't need anyone else to feel perfectly fulfilled. For most of my life, I've leaned hard on romantic relationships to fill a void in me that turned out to be a lack of self-love (codependency). This turned romance into a sort of drug, and as my tolerance grew, the people I was with grew less attractive and newer love felt like a bigger and better hit.

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can you tell me about what makes you feel loved ?

ahmmeedd_marriioo’s Profile Photoit’s me mario ‘
🌷 To be honest, now I only feel genuine love from Allah. It's when Allah lets me know that He is always there for me and that He knows what's in my heart. Al-Alim made sure that I know that He knows.
It's when my circumstances were made easier for me by unexpectedly sending things or people my way. Just like the last Ramadan, I was confused as to why I wasn't feeling the hunger nor thirst when I fasted. But looking back now, I realised that it was because of Allah's love and mercy that I didn't feel those. Allahu alam what this person was already putting me through that if I were to feel hunger and thirst, I would have lost my patience with her right there and then. Or it could be for the sake of my children, who does not need to suffer if I were to lose my patience. Also Allah had sent assurance and affirmations through those 2 beautiful ladies whom I barely know (they said things which I needed to hear at the right time, even without knowing my circumstance), which made me felt more loved and stronger. They reminded me of who I truly am. Whatever this rude insecure woman did to cause trouble in the holy month.... they didn't break me. Alhamdulillah, I was able to just walk away from her and did not make a scene, because Allahu alam what I could have said and done.
Truly, Allah does not burden a soul with more than it can bear. S2A286. That is how I feel loved♥️

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Do you believe in the power of Daily positive affirmations? If so, share something that might inspire others.

I live day by day... moment by moment
If whatever I'm doing now... it's fine by me
F*CK affirmations.... live in the moment sometimes.... screw the world and what others think

Do you believe in the power of Daily positive affirmations? If so, share something that might inspire others.

Да, ежедневные позитивные утверждения это очень хорошо. Но с моей самооценкой это не очень то помогает, к сожалению..

Nu ți se pare că pag. alea de "motivational quotes affirmations" bagatelizează niște afecțiuni precum depresia/anxietatea? Sigur, băile cu spume, sportul, cititul, somnul etc., pot avea un impact bun asupra psihicului, totuși nu-nseamnă că-ți dispare-n mod miraculos depresia dacă le practici.

Nu dispare, probabil sunt doar niște exemple pentru a încuraja oamenii sa iasă din anumite stări, doar ca nefiind suficient explicat mecanismul din spatele lor, e posibil sa ajungi sa le faci mecanic doar pt ca e "bine", dar pt tine sa nu aibă nicio semnificație ca desenezi mandale, de ex. Sunt bune ca distractori în momente de criză, dar fiecare trebuie sa își găsească hobby-uri cu sens personal la care sa poată apela în caz de "urgenta"

Do you enjoy listening to motivational speakers and/or affirmations?

Yes I do. I use to listen to Zig Ziglar's motivational talks and Billy Graham's evangelical crusades. Now I tend to get absorbed with alternative media and authors such as:
- Steve Turley
- Victor Davis Hanson
- Thomas Sowell
- Russell Brand
- Dave Rubin
- Tucker Carlson
- Flashpoint
- The Duran
- The American Thinker
- Imprimis - Hillsdale College
I no longer subject myself to the lies, deceit and manipulation of the Legacy Media (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox News or NYTimes, Washington Post, etc). I also have no tolerance for the Woke Cancel Culture or our Mass Formation Psychotic society. And I am motivated and inspired by knowledge and truth, while I abhor intellectual laziness and government sponsored deception.
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And I was surprised that you said you’re “very spiritual” tbh because I’m assuming you’re a man and usually only girls say that shit

> And I was surprised that you said you’re “very spiritual” tbh
Based on your reasoning, I am a bit puzzled:
> because I’m assuming you’re a man
What does that have to do with it? Many philosophers, great thinkers and notable figures from history were men too and they have expressed similar ideas / opinions. Some women shared their notions and made similar proposals. This topic and its multifaceted inferences have never been bound to one specific gender.
> and usually only girls say that shit
Girls? Now I have a considerably clearer understanding of your reasoning - children might not have the benefit of our worldly or spiritual experience and foresight. In the future, try to base a higher percentage of your overall conclusions on the thoughts / affirmations of intelligent men and women. Otherwise, your risk of making childish assumptions could increase exponentially...

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What affirmations do you say to yourself?

I don’t really say any affirmations to myself on a day to day basis, but I may say some money related ones to myself on days that I’m selling - in regards to “attracting money in abundance”, and things of a similar vein. I appreciate that it probably makes no difference, but it helps me feel a little bit more inspired and positive about my odds for that day :)

How to escape from negative thoughts?

When you wake up, open your eyes and feel gratitude for the new day. Write down daily affirmations: “I love the people I work with,” “I make positive contributions every day,” or “I am open to inspired thoughts.” If a negative thought creeps in, think of a success you’ve had and the feeling that went with it. Positive thinking is a daily task, but worth it.

Hello!!! Do you do any special rutine for inspiration, like meditation, affirmations, etc.?

Yes I do have a routine and thats therapy, self therapy or talking about your weaknesses you can not change yourself until you accept you have something wrong.
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Suggest 3 ways to be emotionally mature🌸

Ambyrose21’s Profile PhotoRose
Cry if you want to cry it will not immediately makes you butterfly but it will disappear your anger and frustration towards the person ..
Stand in front of the mirror and use positive affirmations and if you can't cry talk to yourself and it will make you .. you can do this washroom
Accept that you hurt life is not meant to be easy on us do not live in denial aur pretend if you do so then you going to hurt you someone's else pretty bad.. Forgive yourself it wasn't your fault you tried ..

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