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Do you have a favourite quote? If so, what is it? 💬 👍 😇

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Answering a block of questions
Отвечаю еще на блок вопросов
1. “How can I tell you... I have lived quite a long life... Does Ibrahim tell you anything? Beautiful name. Allah Akbar. I went through the Afghan war. And I wish all men to go through it. A MAN IS DETERMINED BY A DEED, NOT A WORD. And if I wear a candibober on my head, this does not mean that I am a woman or a ballerina." (С)
«Как вам сказать... Я прожила довольно долгую жизнь... Ибрагим вам что-нибудь говорит? Прекрасное имя. Аллах акбар. Я прошла Афганскую войну. И я желаю всем мужчинам пройти ее. МУЖЧИНА ОПРЕДЕЛЯЕТСЯ ДЕЛОМ, А НЕ СЛОВОМ. И если я ношу кандибобер на голове, это не значит, что я женщина или балерина». (С)
"Man finds time for everything he really wants." F. M. Dostoevsky
"Человек находит время для всего, чего он действительно хочет."
Ф. М. Достоевский
2. I love black and white shades, I would definitely refuse colors if it concerned life and death of course
я обожаю черно-белые оттенки, однозначно отказалась бы от цветов, если бы это касалось жизни и смерти конечно
3. emotions and feelings, the brain is the strongest weapon
эмоции и чувства, мозг это сильнейшее оружие

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Do you have a favourite quote If so what is it

Has modern technology helped or hindered the creative process?

I think it has hindered it.
The most creative people are those who can spend hours without relying on anything to distract themselves. They are forced to think about their problems, find the best possible solutions, think about or imagine a bright future and find creative ways to reach that future etc.
I often visit my village and many Afghan refugees live there. These people can't afford technology, most of them don't even have refrigerators in their homes but if you talk to them for a few minutes, you'll learn that their minds are extremely quick and creative. They are the most intelligent people, at least among all the people I've seen and met.
The mind develops a lot more when it doesn't have to distract itself with technology. Just my opinion though!

I think every harsh word I've heard or read about Malala has come from Pakistanis. What is it about her that you think they don't like?

They don't like the hypocrisy of the west when they make Malala a hero and ignore all the people they killed in drone strikes as "collateral damage". Just recently I read this news about the US apologizing for accidently killing 10 Afghan civilians in a drone strike, like an apology is enough and Afgjan blood is so cheap. I don't think some Pakistani's hate for Malala is because of Malala herself as a person.

How could the withdrawal have not been botched up? They were a disaster for the whole 20 years. Even their last bit of drone "retaliation" for what happened at the Kabul airport ended up wiping out 10 civilians (7 of which were kids). Seems appropriate that it ended exactly how it always was.

Ofcourse you are right, and as I said, foreign powers had zero business in Afghanistan in the first place. This whole mess started with the cold war. It should never have happened. Also the Afghan government of that time let the Soviets in so some of the blame is on that particular government aswell.

August 30 the final withdrawal of the Americans from Kaboul Afganistan. What do you think?

The USA and NATO couldn't stay there forever, eventually they had to leave. Though I will say that the withdrawal was completely botched up, either unintentionally or very well on purpose. The way the Afghan government and army surrendered to the Taliban in a matter of days is simply unbelievable and something does not seem right about it. US invasions have caused a mess not just in Afghanistan but also Iraq and Vietnam. Overall I think this whole mess in Afghanistan is a result of the cold war. Foreign powers should have stayed away from going there, be it the Soviet Union or the USA. Looking at the current situation, I don't think the Taliban would ever be able to form a stable government. They are now under threat by ISIS-K and it seems like Afghanistan will turn into another Iraq. Also the whole "nation building" goal of the US and it's installed regime went to waste. The Afghan government was corrupt and you can clearly see the wealth they had accumulated over the past twenty years (see the videos of Taliban taking over the governor house).

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What to do when there’s a misunderstanding going on somewhere here..

People talk about how the USA funded Israel but never how we also fund the Islamic states.
"Built and trained at a two-decade cost of $83 billion, Afghan security forces collapsed so quickly and completely — in some cases without a shot fired — that the ultimate beneficiary of the American investment turned out to be the Taliban. They grabbed not only political power but also U.S.-supplied firepower — guns, ammunition, helicopters and more."
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Thoughts on Afghanistan? 💭

i don’t know honestly. my thoughts are convoluted. half of my family is rooting for the takeover while the other half condemns it. i personally feel like none of us have the right to decide/speak for the death and displacement of innocent afghan lives, it should be in the hands of afghan citizens. i think none of the governments (esp not usa with it’s severe saviour complex) have afghanistan’s best interest at heart. not the previous afghan govt, neither the taliban. but i hear that the citizens did not resist the takeover, they helped it, i hear that taliban is misunderstood bcs our perception of them is based on mainstream media that lies. but i also hear that women are forced into marriages by taliban. i hear their ways are extreme. and i also hear that the taliban were funded by usa to destabilise afghanistan as a dirty politics play. i also hear that usa pulled out so taliban would wage war against china and pakistan. i also hear that the taliban went rouge and decided to instead form secret alliances w china and pk and all of usa’s efforts went in vain. i hear alot of things. there is so much contradictory information for me to have any opinion. how do i differentiate facts from false journalism and conspiracy theories. only thing i’m certain about is that i care sooo deeply about afghanistan my heart sinks 50 feet deep thinking about the pain and trauma people went thru, the citizens and the land that fell prey to this blekh power plague. they deserve democracy, they deserve peace after being at war for 20 years. i can only hope that the people who took over yesterday give them that, i don’t think that is the case, but i hope and pray they get their freedom

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That's true. Why do you think so many of the ones who want religion guiding international relations are so inconsistent on what to take a stand on? Like Saudi & China are held to different standards Israel. Are they just the product of well targeted propaganda? If so, what could fix that?

yes, Saudi Arabia has been known to fund a lot of activities in Pakistan, and as much as I know, extremism has increased since the 1970s, also the USA has a role to play in it too, because they did encourage and fund extremist thinking in Pakistan during the Afghan war and they did so for their own interests (to get rid off Russians). and I know many people say that Pakistan should never have involved itself in Afghanistan in the first place and yeah that's right, if we weren't so involved with Afghanistan we would have saved ourselves a lot of trouble, but what many people do not know is that since Pakistan's creation Afghanistan has been claiming a huge chunk of it's land eastward of Durand line (which they to this date refuse to recognize) so obviously Pakistan was involved from the start. Personally I believe we made a huge mistake by allowing extremist ideologies to penetrate our society so deeply, it's almost irreversible at this point.

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I don’t need to prove my loyalty to a filthy afghan cast. Chee nafrat hai mujhey pathano se i should rather block you

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Tou kerloo bhen kis nay roka aapko? 🤔 ker lo block 🤨
+2 answers in: “Pakistani quom corona ki waja se halak ho jaye sari ameen har cheez ko mazak samajhtey hain government ne vacations de hain ye log sair sapatay kr rahy hain BC enki behnon ko lagon main”

Agar ap aam admi ha phr hum saray phakiyan bechnay walay han? 😂 aam admi ko pak afghan youth ambassador banaty han? 😅 kasmien itni izzat sa Allah naah muja nawaza hota maina apni shirt per likhwa kar phirna tha main yeh yeh hon 😂 salam sa pehla apna pora taruff karwana tha 😂 esse liya Assa nai ha😂😂😂

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Bas tabhii ap nahii hain 😂😂
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Bei Gott bin so eine treue Followerin von dir erinnere mich auch noch an deine alten Freunde aber leider vergessen wie die hießen aufjedenfall ein halb grieche und rumänier glaub und dann noch die afghan boys der eine fette da dann der kleine dünne und dann gabs noch einen hübschen

@jb64 ist der Grieche/Rumäne
Der Rest ist irrelevant
Und nenn dich nicht treue Followerin, wenn du die ganzen Jahre über nicht den Mut hattest einfach anonym weg zu machen
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Write all the dates in sequence for example 1947 then 1953 then 1965 etc etc and un k samnay events aur phir lgaen ratta ? kbhi nai bholna

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Yeh yeh hota han parhna likhna wala loog ask walon dekho ?? aween nai banda pak afghan youth ambassador, sar e aam member or RJ ban jata ?MA SH ALLAH ❤️
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After u and me eat Mazadaar dinner we Drink Rooh Afza Cold and Sweet mazidaar. Dont Horror ur dress i Tell my servant Tarbooz Khan to put Special imported Afghan Carpet on Roof . Dont dirty clothes i buy new Pink dress.

We drink rooh afza with milk of that mekha and goat in it which we had earlier in dinner and i wear black dress you also wear black dress. We match thn we take puto and we like it.
*we should stop here kani khabara ba wada ta orase ??

US To khud hi yahi kahega kyunki vo khud hi Afghanistan terror se effected hai vo to chahta hai ki tum afghan se lado taki afghani America pe attack na kare. Aur baat Rahi news ki Bbc or CNN ke owners ne khud kaha ki they are more focused in left leaning news kyunki unhe popularity milti h

We aren’t fighting against Afghans . We washed out jo Pakistan May ay thay . American troops waha 40 years say bethay. Jisay aap apna abu mantay. U can never win against afghans lmao . Russia aya , jo b super power Ai Afghanistan us ka graveyard bana.

HAHA bht he izzat sa baat kr rha hn ungli pakrai ha bazu nahe pakro matlb asylum dia ha chup kr k raho or phr apni country bhago! our pashtoons and our pathans( born here or take our country as their own) would die for our country :) manzoor pashteen on the other hand is biased and iswith aghanistan

Pushtun 5000 saal pehle b Afghan tha aj b Afghan hai or hmysha rhy ga
Or according to Pakistani qawanin 1985 mein pak ko balochistan or kpk wapis Afghanistan dyny thy or Kia diye?
Bhai kon se right Punjab ki jitna paisa sarak pr lgta utna pury balochistan pr lgta insaniyat Kahan hai? Wo kiran Hai hum logon ka
And wo kahin ka b wo insaniyat pr baat krta yun to mughal e Azam akbar ko b brysaghir rule ni krna chaheya tha akhir to muslaman tha na? And.. insaniyat kahin b lai jskti

Humara tax bhi sb se zyada army ko hi jaata hai Kya zaroorat hai har Captain aur uss ki family ko protocol dene ki

Captain tumhe protocol de tou theek. Agar uski family kou mile ghalat. Wah. No doubt,humara tax zyada tar military kou jata. Kabhi socha keh kyun jata hai? India ke sath achi banti hai? Kia Afghanistan se bare ache terms hain? Iran se koi maslaa nahi hai? Bhae apki sarhadein nahi mehfooz. Sirf China se ache terms hain. CPEC bhi army kee wajah se aya. Zarb e Azab hua aur Rad ul fasaad hou raha hai, terrorists nikale. Northern areas clear kiye. Phir tourism aur trade ke liye ijaazat dee. India ka sabko ptaa hai.Kulbhushan ka naam tou suna hee hoga. Through Iran Pakistan mein enter hua tha. Phir aatey Afghanistan per, Afghan border use hou raha hai Pakistan per attacks ke liye. Yaad hai jab har waqt news ati thi, Waziristan per amreeki drone hamlaa, ab naa hony ke baraber ati hai. 5% halaat theek kiye hain. Sindh mein search operation kia. Ab karachi mein bhi kafi sakoon hai. Yeh tamam facilities,ik captain kou awein plate mein nahi milti. Apni aadhi zindagi woh borders per guzaar ke atey hain. Humara mulk bohut peeche chala gaya hai, army ne isko bari problems se bachaa lia hai.

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+8 answers in: “Vote dene zaroor jana Polling pr Fouji bhi hoon ge ?”

i’m following lots of new people, and refreshers are nice! what’s your name? are you in a relationship? do you have any pets? how many languages do you speak? how many kids do you want? where are you from? :)

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- My name is Ellie but 95% of people in my life call me El.
- I am in a relationship, yup!
- We have 4 cats that have been rescued. We're definitely more dog people though and ever since we lost our Afghan Hound, we've been pining for another dog.
- Just English, I can speak a little bit of French but not enough to even try to have a conversation lol.
- I want 2 kids, preferably girls lol.
- I'm from the UK, with a terrible, terrible accent!

loh emang ngga tau? waktu prince harry ke afghan lalu keberadaan dia diketahui musuh, dia langsung dipulangin ke inggris demi keamanan krn dia waktu itu putra mahkota ke-3 (william blm nikah). ya mereka kerja buat simbolik aja biar ngga terlihat malas, krn tanpa kerja pun ekonominya udah aman.

Tahu. Kalo saya jadi dia sih saya bakal bete banget. Saya ingin kerja untuk passion, aktualisasi diri, bukan sebuah simbol yang tidak punya pilihan dan dibedakan dengan orang-orang lain.
But then again, kebutuhan kamu masih di level sekuritas makan dan minum, jadi mungkin nggak mengerti kebutuhan tingkat lanjut tersebut.
+17 answers in: “El, tentang AI, kamu termasuk golongan Optimis atau pesimis kelak meningkatkan kesejahteraan manusia? Saya termasuk yang optimis El, menunggu semua produksi dialihkan ke mesin, lalu kita lebih santai kerjanya, dan mendapatkan Universal Basic Income juga.. ?”

Mama has that whole ghr mei kuta ajaiy tu nmaz nai hti thing. I am thinking maybr when i am settled in a city permanently then i will adpot one. Which breed do you suggest?

Tbh I love siberian huskies but the weather doesn't favor... irish setters or german shephards... Afghan kuchi are love too❤
+1 answer in: “You know when we presented our initial draft we were like pakistan sy andhery khtm krein gy. And then we realised that the potential difference was in micro volts. Still there is the solar panel pavement concept to work on.”

Pretty cool mashallah , I just thought that you are are because you really look like them 💛 . And btw afghan peaopl are cool ; Well it's nice to know you man 👩😻

Haha im thinking you're an Arab too lol...even black ladies have called me an arab...next time some ladyasks me this I'll simply say "for you I will be one" lamooo 😂
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Thanks to the UK. The only thing that I have been in touch with you, but it would be great. The list of the Office, I have a great time to do it for you to do so. I am looking forward to the Crown Estate is the best way of getting a little bit. I'm not a problem. If you are a few minutes to get the

10/10 stoned by Dank Afghan kushhh!!

Aaaa i more like to embrace my book shelf with flowers like this... A thousand splendid suns is about afghan girl she is illegitimate... how she spend life before marriage and thn after marriage how she become friend with local girl... thn taliban take over and their brutality etc

Please TCS it to me 😂😂😂 kidding I buy a lot of books but when My czns or frnd come they open the shelf and take what they fancy 😡
+4 answers in: “I have read both novels of khalid khosani The thousand splendid sun and the kite runner..... They are awaum 👌”

Alright, lady, we lost 90000 civilians ,para military personnel to terrorism because of musharaf , Naqeeb ullah Masood was killed , millions of dollars during the Afghan war was given to our generals and where is it? Kiyani and his brother were called corrupt by international community so?

RanaHamza396’s Profile PhotoHamza
Han toh sahi hai na mujse kya larr rhy ho jao country run kro 😂

I always wonder how someone can be so beautiful? The only explanation I came up with, was that you're an Angel. The prettiness, the calmness in your face, the being beyond cute, it's all just something to marvel at. Your resplendent nature just amazes me. I'm going WOW here. Just wow.

10/10 high as fuck on dat dank afghan kushh

My father doesn't like me to take part in the Eid prayer bc it's not common for afghan women to attend salatul Eid (back home they didn't go to the mosque bc there weren't women's sections). Is it ok not to go to the mosque (considering if I'd tell him that I wanna go, he'd accept but not like it)?

Eid prayer is obligatory upon the community, not upon every Muslim.
Obeying parents is obligatory upon every Muslim.
Do what is best for your hereafter.

I'm in love with an afghan girl. We're from the same ethnic background but due to the border (I'm pak) we speak different languages. I want to learn her language to propose to her (her parents won't accept me otherwise), is it wrong to learn another language before arabic? I feel so bad about it :(

Love is a crazy thing eh? Pray istikhara first.

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