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Can I borrow $7.99 and that poofy dress, Rachel? Send me a message on OnlyFerns if u wanna see my sapling. Stop being so mean to me or I'll call Bacchus. What do u like about agriculture and crop dusting? Call me if u need any open-pollinated non-GMO seeds. -Sage

Can you do crop circles too? Aliens or man made? Call me if you need to know about geometrical patterns.

Tell a little about your farm-life ? (do you own . . . size . . etc.) [I've been in agriculture all my life ~ as a grower + shortish spell in a friend's forestry management + some live stock experience, long ago!]

igotamatch’s Profile Photoigotamatch
I grew up on a farm my entire life, with the homestead being 40 acres plus 200 acres of field land. When I lived in Texas, I had 20 acres on top of 40 with a mixture of beef cattle and goats, sheep, and horses. Once I moved to California, my cousin allowed me to take over his farm as he's a top model/business man that wants nothing to do with that lifestyle. There's over 400 acres that I share with my uncle, and we raise a mixture of beef, dairy, goats, sheep, horses, pigs, ducks, and chickens We have a huge garden for canning. We do beans, corn, wheat, oats, and hay. We'll support some local businesses with daily fruits, veggies, and bread. Trying to give back to the community as California is so expensive.

Have you ever considered becoming vegan?

Alphabearry’s Profile PhotoJoel
There is none such thing . . . . it's all a delusion .
It is good & honorable to be pro-vegan, or vegan-friendly . . . or vegetarian (the latter which I was for 8 months ; 27 years ago . . . but)
My work in bio-control systems , in intensive agriculture , proved absolutely that veganism is a delusion .
You either eat small animals (insects, parasites, micro-organisms , even larger predators . . . .) or you support their destruction , one way or another
Life is dependent on death
Have you ever considered becoming vegan

Allah karey aapki aney wali tamam naslein Nawaz Sharif jesi hi houn... Ameen

Ameen Suma Ameen kiu key aesa saabir insaan hi hona chahiye sub ko joh apna maamla rab e zuljalaal pey chor dey aur khud sabar kar key beth jaye.
Aik aur baat suntay jao. Aap bi youthiya ho toh sub youthiye aik hi jaisey hain. Aap key zehan mey bi yeh ho ga key bai aaj bi petrol pak mey sastaa doosrey countries ki nisbat aur pak mey aaj bi mehngayi kum doosray mulk key samnay. Bhai petrol ki prices ko sirf compare nahi kartay sath per capita income, dollar rate, GDP etc sub bi dekhtay hain. Hmara mulk agricultural country hai aur agriculture ka kya haal kiya huwa andaza bi hai? We can’t compare developed countries with developing countries. Developed countries mai isliye farq nahi parta kiu key they protect their citizens from inflation by adjusting GDP per capita, maximum wage adjustment, subsidies. Leverages on industries especially which played a huge part on their economy.
But Unfortunately pakistan jahan agriculture apki economy ka 25% hisa hai aur apko 49% labour force agriculture sector sey attached hai. Yahan toh hona yeh chahiye tha k baki har cheez mehangi ho jati but agriculture sey related cheezon pey khas dehan dena chaiye tha.
Fertilizers ki prices increase honay sey choty farmers crop nahi lgayein gein aur joh lgayein gein woh fertilizers use nahi kar sakien gey jiski waja sey yield decrease ho gi or uska impact market py aye ga, demand ziada ho gi but supply nahi ho gi aur is situation mai apko import krna paray gi or mazeed burden aye ga awam pey. Inflation aur uper jaye gi prices increase hon gi, devalution krna pary gi and overall debt increase ho ga.
Facts and figures ki base pey jub baat karna shoroh kar do gey toh chor chor chor sey agay ki bi duniya nazar aye gi Inshaa Allah.

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What are the functions of water tanks in homes?

A water tank is a container for storing water. Water tanks are used to provide storage of water for use in many applications, drinking water, irrigation agriculture, fire suppression, agricultural farming, both for plants and livestock, chemical manufacturing, food preparation as well as many other uses.

How do you honestly think the world will end?

The world won't but civilisation might, by:_
- over-population,
- massive soial and political effects of climate-change with sea-level rise and more extreme weather,
- very large migrations from areas rendered uninhabitable and unable to support agriculture,
- disease,
- water and food shortages,
- depletion or abandonment of mineral resources with no satisfactory, sustainable replacements,
- political and religious strife,
- over-population...
... So basically by we humans being our own weapons of self-destruction.
Happy Friday.
The "world" itself, i.e, Earth?
By being fried by the dying Sun's atmosphere expanding to near or even past our orbit. We won't be around to experience that though. I think the astronomers give the star's life as about another 4000 million years yet. It will get moved to a non-primetime timeslot and then the season gets pulled and not renewed. Itll get either very hot or very cold, we will die but the planet will be fine.
Corporations will steal it while we're busy surviving. Alien takeover, they'll destroy the planet and pillage our resources
Honestly...I am surprised humanity has survived without offing itself this long.
We will just kill each other off eventually.
The internet will irreparably break and it’ll we all over 😌😬
Sun explosion, long after the human species is gone.

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↳ Wie wohnst du? Zeige uns ein Bild von deinem Zuhause oder gerne auch ein Moodboard und schreibe dazu einen kleinen Text, um euer Zuhause näher kennenzulernen.

JustAskUsx’s Profile Photojust ask us
The best decision: Living on the Farm. It makes me smile every single day. I love what I do, but it's a hard job. We didn’t know anything about Agriculture as we movedto the Farm. It's a long learning process. Farming isn't easy, but at the end of the day I'm thankful for everything.
Wie wohnst du Zeige uns ein Bild von deinem Zuhause oder gerne auch ein

As you are probably aware, a ‘lexicon’ is a collection of terminology from a specific area of work or knowledge, and this can sometimes form a way of speaking that is unintelligible to those outside the field. Do you have/ever use such a lexicon? If so what is it based around?

CactusDoug’s Profile PhotoDoug
Probably subconsciously ~ thought one becomes painfully aware when the dumb incomprehension my so many hits one in the face . . . .
~ Agriculture & the Natural World ENVIRONMENTAL DIVERSITIES
~ but . . . . I don't think I'd thought upon the phenomanae in such a term . . . .
Although you're right . . . . . it's everybodyelse that's wrong ~ they've forgotten who they are . . .
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mgbu--IC1sEigotamatch’s Video 165953644666 Mgbu--IC1sEigotamatch’s Video 165953644666 Mgbu--IC1sE

good what are you doing I am rana zain rasheed from the university of agriculture Faisalabad i am actor model on hum tv i am international level actor model my international level rating is 4.5 other i am singer dancer script writer prankster

zrana4072’s Profile PhotoDr Rana Zain Rasheed
Hainnn tou mai kia kro.. 🤔
Kahi prank tu nhi ho raha mere sath. 😂
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I am rana zain rasheed from the university of agriculture Faisalabad i am actor model on hum tv i am international level actor model my international level rating is 4.5 other i am singer dancer script writer prankster and you

zrana4072’s Profile PhotoDr Rana Zain Rasheed
ايه يسطا دا كله اللهمصليعلنبي ، لا انا مريم بس عادي 😂🏃🏻‍♀️
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welcome what are you doing I am rana zain rasheed from the university of agriculture Faisalabad i am actor model on hum tv i am international level actor model my international level rating is 4.5 other i am singer dancer script writer prankster

zrana4072’s Profile PhotoDr Rana Zain Rasheed
Nice to meet you rana zain 🙂, I am Warjin from Kurdistan-Iraq and I am a university student , business administration department
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لان انا faculty of agriculture وكنت بسمع ان ممكن ابقا دكتور تغذيه منها ف مش عارفه ده صح ولا ف قولت اسئلك ❤️

صباح الخير 🤎
بصي ياحبيبتي هو التغذية علم واسع بيندرج تحته تخصصات كتير اوي بصراحة
اه طبعاً انتوا ليكوا في مجال التغذية وعندكم دبلومة لكن مبتتعامليش مع medical cases
في الأغلب بتبقي clients with stable health condition

what ideas do you have for a million dollar invest ?

There is a lot can be done with a million dollars it all depends on what you are willing to invest into and the mindset of you on business, these are just the ideas I have in mind right now and if I have the money I would consider starting a business in those fields.
-Real Estate development in The Fifth settlement or October the best option yet and the safest by far.
-An Auto shop a real good one that service all kind of cars and offers a really good services with reasonable prices.
-A snacks factory.
-A private school.
-A clothes factory.
-Steel and Cement distribution outlet.
-A chain of restaurants or cafes in a different places.
-Imports of food or exporting of agriculture products from Egypt

اه هما بيتقمصوا فعلا حصل انت مش بتكذب ????? ادعيلنا احنا كليه الكويزات والشيتات الي بتتسلم وحاجه اخر بهدله like you ?? Faculty of agriculture ??

الله يعينك يبشمهندسة ???
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How do you stay away from any kind of meat? You mentioned you haven't had any in the last 4 years. I need motivation.

SyedAnasZaidi’s Profile PhotoAnas
I watched some documentaries (i.e. “Food Inc.”) on how the meat industry and in general animal agriculture looks like and the images I saw there was enough for me to not have an appetite on it anymore. For instance the male chickens that are useless for the industry since they don’t lay eggs or don’t have any other money-bringing purpose that go straight into grinder...
My health is also a very important aspect for me and eating corpse definitely doesn’t do my body any good.
I can also recommend watching the following video:
https://youtu.be/es6U00LMmC4zy_cv’s Video 160182690159 es6U00LMmC4zy_cv’s Video 160182690159 es6U00LMmC4
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When we look back at our history, what will be the most defining moment that shaped up humanity as we know it?

The Jewish (and others) concentration camps. I can only hope it is the ‘rock bottom’ that initiated change just as when in recovery, you have to hit bottom to give up and change. May it be the sacrifice of all those people that they died not in vain, but showed humanity we had obviously gone too far and must find another way to live. The invention of writing, possibly agriculture. All of human history and even the prehistoric time after agriculture is a fraction of the time we have been around . With no close second the stone age is the longest period of human history. The neolithic age is the last part of the stone age and lasted 70000 years . agriculture has been around for 10000 years and took thousands of years to spread. Writing has been around for 5000 years and that too took thousands of years to spread…,but what writing did was allow us to learn. Yes oral history and teaching the next generation had been around for well over a million years but the very foundation of our society is based on the written word.

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Do you have food stocks built up for the hard exit Mar 29? I read the food may run out for a few days until new contracts with EU food suppliers are written.

Neo_gs’s Profile PhotoNeo
Nothing but hyperbolic bollocks. Even if the food *does* run out, a few days’ fasting isn’t going to decimate the entire population. As a matter of fact, being the fattest nation in Europe, it’d probably be a blessing in disguise.
If you didn’t know any better you’d think we had no agriculture here (we produce approximately 60% of our own food sources). Makes one wonder how the Saxons and Norsemen survived all those centuries, dunnit mate.

Amazing.. I'm studying in a faculty of agriculture in level 1 but l don't traveling to any country ??

Agriculture!!??... don’t worry, I’ll taken you with me abroad ???????
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*From Like = WLTKYB deal* Introduce yourself: Name, Age, Country, Height, Weight, Religion, Relationship status, College, Describe your dream guy/girl, Ever been in a relationship before, Have a crush on someone, Things you love/hate! *You can ignore any questions or answer privately if you want*

Islam ehab 🙆
19 Years 🤦
Elminya, Egypt 💔😂😂
Height : 189 💁🙈😂
Weight : 84 😄
Muslim thanks god 💙
Studying at faculty of agriculture ❤️
I wish she will be always understanding me , always supportive, always kind and always love me 🙆
I don't have a crush 😂
I love to feel that I'm important person around people i love ..💁
And i hate lies and i hate to feel ignored ..
That's all for now 😂🤦

As I understand it you are presently lecturing in Food Science and Agriculture at university. How long have you been a lecturer?

StephenInd’s Profile PhotoStephen Ind
I’m not a graduate of the Department of Food Science, nor a lecturer
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The EU may be getying rid of daylight savings time altogether after polling it's citizens (i didnt get asked boooo) anyway is it better to stay on one time zone for the year or does that extra hour help in any way?

TheChaosBringer’s Profile PhotoThe Kind Of Trouble You Enjoy
You see . . . .
~ you whimpersnatchers are too young to remember nor know . . .
~ but, when the EU was young & hope was new . . .
~ we tried this . . . . when I was in 'P6' , we tried leaving GMT on Central European Time . . . .
~ the same as British Summer Time (BST) . .
~ I think it was winter '67/'68 , or the next . . . .
~ I recall . daydreaming , watching great snowflakes falling in the dark , outside the classroom's enormous floor to ceiling, wall to wall windows . . .
The kids were walking to school in the dark . . . . the nambees all had reflective patches sewn to their coats . . . .
~ of course , the country's infrastructure , industry could easily have moved their start & finish time 'forward' (later) . . . . just like agriculture has always done ; still do ; always will do . . . .
~ but of course 98% of people. non-agriculturals , live & die without ever knowing what life is about . . . . . can't stretch their tiny retarded minds around such a simple sensible concept ~ no-loling ~

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Do you think dairy and meat industries are the leading causes of climate change / global warming? I just noticed a comment on youtube saying that. Anyways, what are your favorite ways to not have such a big carbon footprint?

lnr87’s Profile Photospuʎ˥
The industrial agriculture does contribute a significant amount to the rapid depletion of Earth's resources as well as accelerating the build of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (see industrial bovine farming and associated methane production and its effects on global temps). Additonally the move from subsistence farming to cash crops created an ever exapnding system of nutrient depletion (large numbers of homogenous crops that create a massive draithan varied crop-specific nutrients rather than varied/staggered or rotational farming methods) requiring increasing amounts of fertilizers (see effects of phosphorus mining and the subsequent lack of land reclamation ex: Aurora Phosphate Mine). Also see industrial porcine production and industrial livestock production waste management.
Industrial farming methods may have increased yields per acre however the costs per acre are also kinda extreme in an ecological and conservational level as well as on family/local farmers.
See disputes between farmers and monsanto over saving seeds/crops.
See pesticide-infused crops and its effects on the European honey bee and other pollinators.
I could go on and on, but you probably get the point.

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I think that's awesome!! I'm going there next year with the honors college on a service trip because it'll be my senior year and I need to save up for it first.

country_peach’s Profile Photohalf bread theory;
damn, congrats!
what kinda services will you be providing there?
i wish i could offer more than just teaching art or physical education LOL.
but i guess a volunteer is a volunteer, right? ?
maybe i can brush up on my agriculture knowledge before i go and help in that area too.
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زراعة دراستها عربي اه بس مش كلها وعلشان تعرف ايه الصعب فيها ابقا ادرسها وانت تعرف ، ثم ان عيب لما تكون ف بيطرى ومتعرفش يعنى ايه Agriculture 😒

EsraaFares478’s Profile PhotoIsRaa Imam
معلش ي اخت اسـراء 😂😂💔
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Wishing you a happy weekend ? Please watch that video for Rudy Francisco and don't forget to gratefully count your blessings ??? https://youtu.be/15R9yMYhJ1I

BasmaUtopia8’s Profile PhotoBæsmə ( Bardolatry bibliopole)
None of this is for me , thank-you. ~ NONE .
But , thank Got I still got 24 hours to the weekend ~ got a fright for a moment there ; "WHAT! ~ Where DID FRIDAY GO?" ~ omg, tg I've not lost the last day of this week , to try clean up this mess . . .
Ain't it strange ; for the public sector , weekend literally starts on the Thursday night ~ try getting ANYTHING done government (& similar) related ~ you're on a loser ; the private sector, are grinding away into ot . . . . . and if you're in serious AGRICULTURE ~ weekends and ALL public holidays don't even exist . . . . why do you think they're called 'public-holidays' ? ~ I mean, have you ever heard of a 'private holiday' ?
~ careful of counting 'blessings' they may turn out to be curses ~
(this, Pentland Snowscape, is meaningless without a decent size screen ; & PLZ CLICK!)

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Wishing you a happy weekend  
Please watch that video for Rudy Francisco and
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Lumabas na results ng ncae samin tapos 99+ nakuha ko sa lahat ng nasa GSA pero pakshet sa Agriculture yung no.1 sa areas of occupational interest ko😢 kumusta na yung plano kong maging anesthesiologist?😢😂

Para lang yan malaman mo kung saan ka nag-eexcel. Pero kung ano talaga yung gusto mo, go for it.

Now that our oceans are loaded with pollution like oil, human waste, radiation, pesticides, etc., does the idea of coming across a shark while swimming seem less scary? BQ: have you ever encountered a shark while swimming and/or surfing at the beach? If so, what did you do?

ThomasGWS’s Profile PhotoThomas
Despite its evolutionary success, Homo Sapiens is an incredibly (self) destructive species. When we settled and developed agriculture (and civilisation) 10,000 years ago, a Pandora's box of ticking time bombs lay ahead: sedentariness, overpopulation, disease-proneness, and short-term thinking. Look at the oceans!
I'd welcome the sight of a shark. Why shouldn't sharks have their space in our seas? Human overpopulation is cancer on planet Earth. Our wants have replaced our needs. Our very identities and lifestyles are planetary emergencies now.
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hmm dua muje to samj nai araha mene bcom b kya hai diploma of IT agriculture me course kya hai ab kya karu ya apply karu ya nai

Arslan2468’s Profile PhotoMr Loba
Hahahaha....bhaiii mujy tho itna pta h nhi hai kn kn s study hti hai
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Pochna ye tha k.. Darzi , Nai , moochi , lohar , kesan , qassai ,ye degrees kon se universities offer kqrti hein ? Or agar koi nahi karti to q nahi karti ?

Btana yah tha k darzi are TEXTILE DESIGNERS
Nayi bnny k diplomas hty parlours mai
Kisan are made in Agriculture univ
More or less they are darzi nayi moochi nd kisan 😅 jo univ bna k nikaalty hyn
Baqio ka nhi pta mjhy

She does not know agriculture .. She is good love .. Love only .. Drown his eyes .. And sail in his column to reach his heart .. But she is struggling death .. She is waiting for three years .. And he does not wait

He doesn’t want her to work, she will be the queen in everything, I bet her eyes is the sea he is swimming in, he has nothing except waiting for the spark, when will they meet ?

bro i stalked your page just for fun you are really good person idk if you are hard worker or not but i study and work hard and help with my father in business too and i have passed bcom plus agriculture don't know what to do further and need someone to advise but i'm satisfied with my work thanks

Arslan2468’s Profile PhotoMr Loba
I am glad and I really like people who work hard, there is no advise, mate. Just set your goals ( things that really make you happy) dominate and thrive. Make your loved ones & thy God happy and chill. :)

ignorant af.. either you're that naive or you just dont care about other beings. I hope you wake up one day instead of acting like an edge lord with million genders

literally you are the ignorant edgelord here you fucking idiot
like edgelords are the people that go on /pol/, think they’re elite for watching rick & morty, describe a fucking slice of bacon as “corpses”, and make gender jokes... aka you
and you’re ignorant for even assuming everyone can just fuckin stop drop & roll into this animal agriculture free lifestyle. news flash buddy, medical conditions exist! limited food selection (food deserts) exists! low income ppl exist! like jesus christ dude not everyone can be rid of animal agriculture and guilting people about it shows what a scumbag you are because you’re literally valuing a cow/chicken/pig’s life over your fellow human and that’s disgusting.
also a million genders i’m fjdjsjakamka. gender isn’t real pal, any self respecting gender-dysphoria-specific endocrinologist will agree or tell you gender isn’t limited to a male/female binary. and considering i identify as a dude....

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whats your thoughts on veganism ethically? im not vegan but im curious what your opinion is bc ur cows seem to be very well treated which is something i very often dont see. is that the common?

Well, I'm half native so don't be surprised I don't have a positive opinion of Ethical veganism. It's not how I was taught people were meant to live. I believe in honoring the animal and treating them kindly but not every death involves suffering.
I don't care what other people do or how they choose to live. Just don't bother me with it lol. It's most important to be happy but I couldn't survive on that diet anyways. Not that I'd ever choose to if I could.
I have a special diet to maintain my health and body weight and I can't eat a lot of the processed things or substitutes vegans use for nutrition. I love animals, we treat them very well.
It is the norm because there are very strict laws in America now regarding animal rights and farm regulation. We are inspected by a state police officer twice a week who's only job is enforcing agriculture and wildlife laws.
We have vets on call and zero tolerance for any abuse or neglect.

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Sorry bro gua anak agriculture (pertanian) jadi kalo pkl bisa ke luar pulau jawa bosq, Pian langkar banar, wkwk :v setiap pagi abis bgn tdr lehernya di urut ke atas , vertigo itu gara gara peredaran darah ke kepala ga lancar rens.. ;v

maulana600’s Profile PhotoLans
iya deh yg ank agriculture,oyy bisa bahasa banjar??,sejak kpn lana bisa kek gini???

Yeah i got u r at second stage 😊 But what r u studying engineering or medical or arts 🤔?? Or in ur country after second stage in uni u got to professional studies ???

Im studing agriculture engineering (horticulture lanscape) farming , we my university is 4 stages i still have to study two year to get certification
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JazakAllah for consideration. Age: 18 years Gender: Female. Class: I am Studying dnp in Arid Agriculture. 1st year hae.

Wow. Agriculture sounds cool! (Sorry fr replying so late tho.)
So i gues your in the same position as me atm. Im 19 in 1st year mbbs. Its not like its impossible for u to cope with your public speaking problems. But since you havent participated in school events when you had the chance, id say go for everything and anything that comes ur way in college. For starters its never easy. I remember my first cringey-est speech in olvls in front of the class. It was on the topic of Education. I remember a whole row laughing out loud at me and my beard when i was 12 ( i had a beard when i was 11) It shattered my confidence to the lvl i started fidgeting profusely. It was a disaster. I let the AUDIENCE affect ME. When it should have been the opposite.(right) So you only learn from your mistakes. You only grow from the experience.
If you dont experience the hardships you will never be able to appreciate the struggle.
You can seek psychological support from speech therapists in most good hospitals. But even if you dont, developing ur social confidence will take you places, I.A. the best way to do that is to pile up on as much cringe worthy moments as possible, the worst kind, so you can scale yourself out from that pile each day as it becomes comparable fr you to distinguish between the worst and the best memories and outcomes. of your life. Surprise yourself by taking the lead on new projects and researches. Your versitality is key, and your diversity is beautiful. Be different. Be you.

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Not I ~ my career was in intensive agriculture & conservation ; both my daughter & son-in-law are honours biology (animal & environmental) the former did dissertation in 'winter activity of bats' ~ wandering through a forest @ the dead of night , recording !!!

igotamatch’s Profile Photoigotamatch
nvm. i can understand coz i know what zoologist have to go through.

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