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¡Hola Sandro! ¿Qué tal tu dia?. Saludos ✌️

Felipeferra’s Profile PhotoFerras Sigma
¡Hola! Tú eres Ferras ¿No? El mismo que acosa a las muchachas y pregunta por cuánto dinero le hacen un striptease o se hace la víctima cuando alguien se cansa de tus comentarios y obscenidades ¿No? El mismo que se dedica a hablar en anónimo cuando le dan calabazas criticando, el mismo que le echa la culpa al alcohol porque no tiene lo que hay que tener para asumir la culpa de la barbaridad que soltó ¿No?
Un placer, Ferras.

Do you think people are most likely exaggerating when they say they get drunk after having a drink or two of a hard seltzer (like white claw) and have you yourself ever tried to see how many hard seltzers it takes for the alcohol to kick in?

Never had that but probably not. I get buzzed after a sip or two of whiskey. People have different tolerances.

¿Ha consumido drogas?

Otro. A qué os referís con drogas? Los medicamentos son drogas (muchos de ellos), el tabaco es droga, el alcohol es droga...
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What kind of alcohol do you make (bourbon, wine, whiskey, etc.) and what made you want to start making alcohol? 🤔

I use a reflux stil using sugar and yeast so it’s basically just pure alcohol then you flavor it to whatever you want using little stil spirits flavors. It’s a hand me down from grandad, then dad and it ends up costing and 10% of pub costs so if you’re saving and want cheap grog it’s for you 😂
What kind of alcohol do you make bourbon wine whiskey etc and what made you want

Do you think people are most likely exaggerating when they say they get drunk after having a drink or two of a hard seltzer (like white claw) and have you yourself ever tried to see how many hard seltzers it takes for the alcohol to kick in?

The alcohol I make is around 70% to 80% alcohol by volume before I cut it down, it wouldn’t a lot of those to get you tipsy 😉

In what way are you a survivor? 💪 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ TEᑎᗩᑕIOᑌᔕ TOᗰᗰᗩY™ ▩ ♚ ☻
I’m a survivor of a lot of medical issues/trauma. Much of it, I’m still either trying to heal from, or I’m actively dealing with. Medical trauma has truly been bizarre to work through as you have most random triggers.
For example, I’m instantly nauseated, scared, anxious, feeling extreme dread, etc by certain sounds, smells, and so on. Like, I despise the smell of rubbing alcohol, alcohol wipes, etc. It brings back way too many memories, and makes me feel sick. But, it’s not exactly a trigger to “heal” from cause one, I don’t really know how to, and two, it’s not like you can really avoid it either. 🥴
I also get very scared when I have flare ups, thinking I’ll never get past it (even though logically, I know it’s irrational because my flares never stay constant). Or, more often, I’m scared I’ll wind up in situations I was in as a young teen that truly scarred me.

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In what way are you a survivor

Como habéis amanecido con resaca o con las pilas bien cargadas porque no habéis salido el sábado noche?

Del_76’s Profile PhotoHolaKeTal
Salí durante todo el día.
Estuve en un mercado medieval, me quemé porque hacía un sol de verano. Pero el único alcohol que bebí fue por la noche con la cena, y fue la mitad de una lata de cerveza porque ya me encontraba mal.
Ando pochísima con el constipado que me ha contagiado mi marido. 🤒😷

Chicas pregunta seria .......que consejo le dan ah un chico que salió de una relación tóxica y quiere intentar de nuevo pero tiene miedo al hablarle a cualquier chava

De que tengas miedo es que aún no está listo para intentar algo nuevo. En mi caso, para que te des una idea o te esté paso lo mismo. Tuve una relación tóxica de 8 años máximo y yo tenía el problema de hablarle a los chavales me volví asocial. Y para que pudiera intentarlo con alguien fue lograr a que el me demostrara desinterés en mi y un show para darme “celos”. No se como terminó su relación, pero en mi caso no hubo amor, confianza, golpes, manipulación, promesas falsas etc. El me hizo el favor de que me cansara, cuando tu te sientas seguro de iniciar una nueva relación lo harás sin pena.
[Esta banda esta re loca
Toma alcohol y fuma mota
Tiene aguante y pone huevos
Es la banda del Pe….]
Toma para que te relajes.🥴
Chicas pregunta seria que consejo le dan ah un chico que salió de una relación

Why Muslim's don't like to eat food of kaffirs?

Muslims can generally eat anything aside from pork, alcohol, carnivores animals and dead animals. The restriction is mainly on the meat and how its slaughtered. A Muslim is allowed to eat meat or zabiha of Christian's and Jews. But yeah like I said just depends on what it is and what it contains.

🐰🐇 O quê mais vai te deixar Feliz nessa Páscoa? 😀🍫🍫🐰🐇

fabianeforchhammer’s Profile PhotoFabiane Costa
Tomorrow it will be the most funny day of Easter here in Slovakia - men will pour water on the women and symbolically whip them. Water symbolizes good health and whipping is a religious symbol - when the Romans drove the curious people away from the tomb of Jesus... And then women reward the men with painted and chocolate eggs and a glass of some good alcohol. 😀🍫🐰
https://youtu.be/SdLu66RKAT0LarryStylestomlinson436’s Video 175052267419 SdLu66RKAT0LarryStylestomlinson436’s Video 175052267419 SdLu66RKAT0

If you celebrate Easter, how do you usually do so? 🐣🍫

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Our typical folk tradition on Easter Monday is, that men are whipping and watering women to be healthy and beautiful for all year and then men are rewarded by chocolate eggs and alcohol for it 😂. I found video what strangers (tourists in Slovakia) think about this tradition 👇😂😂😂
https://youtu.be/QDgZP62zVDILarryStylestomlinson436’s Video 175047150235 QDgZP62zVDILarryStylestomlinson436’s Video 175047150235 QDgZP62zVDI

*do ludzi, którzy piją* Jakie piwko lubisz najbardziej?😁

ppatiii53725’s Profile PhotopsychoPatka
PL: Desperados Red albo Książęce Czerwony Lager, albo Książęce Cherry ALE, albo jakikolwiek w sumie Desperados, albo Corona, albo Lech, albo Somersby, nie wiem, dużo tego.
I tak aktualnie nie mogę pić alkoholu.
ENG: Desperados Red or Książęce Czerwony Lager, or Książęce Cherry ALE, or any Desperados, or Corona, or Lech, or Somersby, I don't know, there's a lot.
I can't drink alcohol at the moment anyway.

Do you think it’s irrational to drink alcoholic beverages that have a high alcohol volume that doesn’t taste good and burns every time you take a sip when you can just opt for a beverage that doesn’t burn your throat as much and actually tastes good?

Idk how many alcoholics you know, but I don't exactly drink alcohol for the taste. I drink because I'm 30 & it keeps the dark scary void at bay
Do you think its irrational to drink alcoholic beverages that have a high

And yes thats all. Sukriya to listen to my rant now you can reply to this one. I hope you didn't skip any of it and read all of that. Abi bi alaot more but i told jo howa and a lot left. Khair bus itna kafi ha. I hope k kal mujhe is ss pury social media pa nazar na ai and stuff i really hope so.

Mention not, I read each and every word of it, and I would like to ask you a few questions. If you don't mind answering, feel free to skip. Did he ever show concern regarding your classmates who might be trying to hit on you or your male friends? Did he ever express concern for your akhira and engaging in halal relationships? When you mentioned he was high, was he under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

https://ask.fm/JocLuisHernandz/photopolls/225390091 ← ¡Ojo!, no es sólo si te apresąron, con haber tenido una "DETENCIÓN", CITA POLICIĄL; sea porque faltaste o te faltaron; deberías votar por el "SÍ". Anecdotiza sobre algo relevante si estuviste en la @P0L1C14_. A ver... *DNSB.

JocLuisHernandz’s Profile PhotoјǿÇ ļยĺ$´Ħz ⚙️
Pues, no es que me sienta orgulloso de esa forma pendeją de ser, de mi carácter pasado; mas me creía "Mike Tyson", por ende estuve detenido mas de 20 veces por riñąs callejeras y/o así. Una cuestión relevante (entre tantas)... La vez que a un novio de una de mis hermanas que llegaba con muchos amigos de él de madrugada al frente de la casa con su carro; tomando ąlcohol, acelerando el auto, música a altísimos decibeles; yo le había advertido; él aceptó mi queja; mas igual volvió a hacerlo, llegó de madrugada en el mismo plan; yo sabía que andaban muchos hombres en ese auto; en el jardín estratégicamente tenía un "palo" muy pesado y manipulable para mí; pues salí sin esa herramienta, le reclamé que por qué faltó a lo acordado; pues abrió la puerta del vehículo y se vino como un "toro" hacia mí; lo esperé, me le salí hacia un lado y le cuadré un golpę en la quijada que aún le debe doler, dio vueltas en el engramado/suelo; ipso facto salieron sus amigos del auto, pues di pasos hacia atrás y tomé el "tolete" que tenía en unos arbustos; ahí se intimidaron; levantaron al tipo, él se fue diciendo que eso no se iba a quedar así; al otro día me llegó una citą policiąl; nos pusieron a firmar una "caution", a mí me dieron la razón aunque dizque no debí golpearlo; pues más nunca en su vida llegó de madrugada en su auto a jodér. No es lo mejor resolver con violencią, ok; mas a veces hay límites que se imponen de esa manera; toca así hacia los abusįvos.

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Quick Zima story for ya... 🤣 When I was a kid, some of my dad's friends came over. All guys. One of them brought Zima. My dad: "The ladies are across the hall, madam. We drink beer in this house." 🤣 I believe they discontinued it years ago. Dad would be pleased... 🤣🤣🤣 💗

talionislexx’s Profile PhotoLex Talionis
🤣🤣🤣 My parents drank wine coolers. 🤣 I got to sip once in a while. Maybe it’s why I’ve never been big on alcohol. 🤣🤣🤣💗

In the uk there a village that has alcohol ban and no shops that sell it or no pubs ect ..would you visit a place or live in place where alcohol wasn't a thing to purchase ?

missygls’s Profile Photoᴳᴸメ
I’d love to live in a place that bans not only alcohol but drugs and smoking as well that would be a amazing village to live in
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In the uk there a village that has alcohol ban and no shops that sell it or no pubs ect ..would you visit a place or live in place where alcohol wasn't a thing to purchase ?

missygls’s Profile Photoᴳᴸメ
I wouldn’t visit it simply because of that novelty.
Presumably if you lived there there wouldn’t be alcohol police checking your digs to make sure you weren’t keeping any tinnies bought from the supermarket in the next village along, under your bed!

What are some of your go-to skincare products? Any particular brands you prefer/stick with? 🧖

anonamouse89887’s Profile Photoanonamouse
✦ ───────────── ✦
. συт σf ρσтαтσ qυєєи
✦ ───────────── ✦
I'm currently sticking with The Body Shop as their products are animal cruelty-free and also their products permeate quickly into the skin, are silicone-free, free of alcohol and perfume.

What do you think is the root cause of being absentminded (is it not caring, your mind being too preoccupied, etc.) and how often do you find yourself being that way?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
In general? I think there’s a whole host of reasons for absent mindedness, I’m not sure if there is one root cause for everyone. 🤔 I think sleep deprivation can play a big part, along with certain medications, and maybe vitamin deficiency. Chronic illness which can cause brain fog (aka potential absent mindedness), being preoccupied, stress, trauma, depression, anxiety, alcohol, dehydration, etc… I’d say those are most common causes.
For me personally, I think the three biggest ones are medication, chronic illness, and anxiety… All of which, especially combined, makes for a lot of absent mindedness. I feel that way at least once or twice a week, the most common culprit is my meds which really affect my cognitive function. Somedays, it’s bad enough that even remembering or processing basic info is hard on me. 😵‍💫

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What do you think is the root cause of being absentminded is it not caring your

¿este era el ask del veneco lameculos que nunca tuvo dólares, sino monedas escondidas en el anus? ajajajajajajaajajajajajajajajajajajaja para que maburro no se las quitase

¡Esta XENÓFOBĄ ACOSĄDORA desde hace más de 5 años, la DESCEREBRĄDA esta, se cuida más que la DEMENTĘ pendeją resentidą de aquí de Venezuela que me acosą hace unos 8 meses; la XENÓFOBĄ al menos no consume ąlcohol y drogąs! Aquí explico por lo creo así -> https://voca.ro/19s0GSIF2RsS 🤨🤔, 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣...

Where do you prefer to go whenever going out? 😸 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ TEᑎᗩᑕIOᑌᔕ TOᗰᗰᗩY™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Once went to meusum out of town into Liverpool in pouring heavy rain never again..but depending on the weather ..love good bowling seesion with my friends..catch up over lunch..few alcohol drinks and food every month ..love warmer weather for long walks with my fur baby

Guys who drink alcohol!! Is it really effective? Like does it really make you forget or ease you emotional pain?

Funny thing is that most drinkers i know are lost in their past. Processing your feelings is only way to get over emotional damage. Damping them down is only going to make em stronger.

[ C ] Hola 💛 Que es lo que más odias de la sociedad?

loree_1840’s Profile PhotoLore
Que se generaliza todo. Que todo el mundo vaya diciendo que saben de x tema pero luego no tienen ni idea alguna, que se creen los mejores del mundo por hacer que sus vidas se basen en trabajar para usar su sueldo en alcohol, drogas o que vivan de mamá y papá. Y muchas cosas más.
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¡No jodąs, aquí sí que nos jodięron/jodįmos los hombres! Fíjate en esta vaina que leí por ahí: "EL HOMBRE PERFECTO: no fumą, no ingiere ąlcohol, no coquetea con varias, no miente; ¡y!, NO EXISTE". :/, :V. Opina, en serio o en chalequeo, a ver... *DNSB.

JocLuisHernandz’s Profile PhotoјǿÇ ļยĺ$´Ħz ⚙️
Y NO BAILA PEGAOO! Jajajaja te falto escribir eso🤣😅 en realidad el hombre perfecto no existe, sería un sueño para las mujeres(me incluyo) pero la verdad es otra así que 🎶esto es lo que hay🎶 (escúchala)
https://youtu.be/CQa5v6e2cwY?si=NbrSrZoYCDVmtz1Yjoselinchirinoos’s Video 174569715212 CQa5v6e2cwYjoselinchirinoos’s Video 174569715212 CQa5v6e2cwY

I this is the frist time I’ve been completely sober since I lost them!!!

Drinking would only ever make you even more upset in the end so it’s best to stay sober as much as you can. I’m proud of you for taking a moment to realize that drinking isn’t the cure to your pain. Sometimes it’s better to face the sad reality and sit with hard feelings than to escape them temporarily and never acknowledge your feelings that are there for a good reason. By staying sober and sitting with hard feelings, you’ll eventually move on and you might even realize that don’t need and never needed alcohol.
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¿Por qué el envenenamiento regular con alcohol y tabaco se considera "normal" y eufemísticamente llamado "beber" y "fumar"?

Pues calcula tú, hermosa, el ąlcohol es una drogą y a la humanidad no la dejan verlo así, no quieren verlo así o qué sé yo; ¡¿conviene no ser visto como tal; hay mucho dinero de por medio y "diversión"?! :/, :).

Would you say you have an addictive personality? I do. That’s why I’ve always stayed away from dr*gs, even 🌿 because once I’m hooked it’s over. That’s why I stopped drinking, even sporadically. Only addiction I have is nicotine, but I’m currently working on that in therapy.

Nope. I did get fairly close to an alcohol problem but I cut it off & only drink a couple times a year at most now. I am a pretty heavy smoker but I wouldn't say I have an addictive personality nope.

Bueno Master, pero en mi opinión no beber alcohol es glamoroso 😌..Entiendo y respeto su opinión en todo caso..Y yo con 13° estaría congelándome. Cuide esa ganganta Master, mire que tiene bonita voz cuando graba las respuestas.

luifebet’s Profile PhotoPIPO CHERESCHIDO 2.0
A ver, 13 grados es frío pero no un frío tremendo. La verdad es que estoy llevando bien el frío, exceptuando esta faringitis que probablemente sea de los cambios de temperatura al salir del trabajo, allí tienen el climatizador ese en modo tropical 😒
Mi voz no es para tanto, pero la echo de menos 😷. Mañana antes de entrar al laboratorio voy a pasarme por urgencias a que me miren y me manden algo.
Una semana así ya es demasiado tiempo y no es normal para mí, que me duran muy poco los resfriados y dolores de garganta.

¿Ya compraron la comida para las fiestas o son como yo que a última hora me acuerdo de todo? casi que cerrando el supermercado o almacén, y si no festejás y es una comida tranqui también es respetable.✌️

unpredctbledew_’s Profile Photo.ᴿᵒ
Para el 24 solo llevé algo para la picada y lo tenía comprado de antes.
Para el 31, ya habían ido al supermercado y luego dividimos el gasto entre todos los que pasamos juntos. Igual, volvimos a ir el mismo 31 a comprar más alcohol porque nos parecía que no iba a alcanzar y el 1° como estábamos todos destruidos, nadie comió, ni tomó nada! Sobró de todo!
Feliz año Ro!
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Is banning alcohol like any other drug a crazy idea in your opinion?

Lana_G_Hadeed’s Profile PhotoLana
Yes, I think it's too exaggerated to completely ban it.
Unlike drugs, where 'I guess', even trying them at the start can lead to addiction, alcohol can still be consumed moderately and with discipline.

https://ask.fm/JocLuisHernandz/photopolls/224828939 <- ¡Un EXCELENTE FIN DE AÑO Y UN FELIZ AÑO NUEVO 🎇 😀 🎇, ¿"por todo lo alto" o "TIPO NORMA"?! Lean bien la temática de la "encuesta-colectiva", voten y opinen. Pásenla rebién, les deseo lo mejor de lo mejor. Salud y vida. *DNSB.

JocLuisHernandz’s Profile PhotoјǿÇ ļยĺ$´Ħz ⚙️
Pues, creo que terminaré y comenzaré el año a lo "tipo normal", pasa que los placeres de la vida para mí no son las rumbas, el alçohol, amanecer en... y así; son/es: comer, estar con mi gente, escuchar músicas A1, navegar en la web, dormir rico y/o así :$, :D. Igual, espero que los demás la pasen como mejor les parezca, sin hacer daño así mismos o a los demás. FELIZ FIN DE AÑO Y FELIZ AÑO NUEVO para todos 😎👍🏼.

This person said they remember parties and clubbing in the 2000s. Do you think they're lying? I'm asking cuz this person is like 25. No Gen Z'er would have been old enough to party, let alone go clubbing in the 2000s come on lol

maybe they meant they remember how other people would go, not really go themselves. however, there used to be clubs that were alcohol free that allowed people under 21 to dance and listen to music, too.

Czy musisz iść jutro do pracy ? 💟

domiipee’s Profile PhotoDomii ✨
PL: Na szczęście nie, pracuję od poniedziałku do piątku. 😌
Dzisiaj w pracy wypiliśmy mocny trunek w postaci Piccolo, złożyliśmy sobie życzenia, porozmawialiśmy i wróciliśmy do pracy. 😌💕
ENG: Fortunately no, I work from Monday to Friday. 😌
Today at work we drank a strong alcohol, Piccolo, wished each other well, talked and went back to work. 😌💕

Топ твоих любимых песен, которые ты открыл(-а) для себя в 2023 🎵

• Princesse Angine – Take Me Dancing
• Andrew Bird – Are You Serious
• Blackbriar – Crimson Faces
• Sabaton – Father
• The Velvet Underground – After Hours
• The Kinks – Alcohol
• Crying Day Care Choir – Sad Season
• Meg Myers – Desire
• Little Violet – Silent Movie
• Teresa Brewer – Till I Waltz Again With You
• Georgia Gibbs – Kiss of Fire

What are some special talents that you have? Talents include, but are NOT limited to, playing an instrument, drawing/painting/other fine arts, committing crimes without being caught, drinking lethal amounts of alcohol, and writing good poetry.

Hahaha, I absolutely LOVE your suggestions. I can't claim to be good at any of the above, but I am decent aaaat:
☀️ Making friends with animals. I've got a really great range of furry friends, from my 4kg terrier to my 1100kg bulls and all of the gang in between.
☀️ Making friends with humans, actually. I've been a coach for a decade and every time I've been assessed (which has been way too often - I keep swearing I'm not going to do any more qualifications and then doing them regardless) and my ability to build a rapport with my players is one of my shiny happy traits.
☀️ I'll take a really good stab at identifying a plant. Might not be right but I'll give it a shot.
☀️ I'm a whizzy driver. Which nobody ever really expects because of the whole no-common-sense thing, but I can drive everything from quads and motorbikes to telehandlers and tractors. And I'm fast when I need to be which - in case the DVLA are listening - is never, honest.
☀️ I have a really good repertoire of shit jokes. Need a Dad joke but lack the Dad? I'm your father now, and I'm so proud of you.

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ཾ༵ * .⠀ ݁ christmas time one-shot—

We've already celebrated Christmas in Poland. The day of Christmas Eve was terrible to me, I don't even want to remember that day, I was so emotional at that day because of thinking about everyone is with their families and I am alone here, and then near to end of the day I saw a picture, which fucked all of my mental, I decided to drink one or two-shot but I've finished all of the vodka bottle alone. I was drunk, and I hate myself when I am drunk. 🤢 Because of this I am always paying attention to not get drunk while drinking alcohol. 🙂 First day of the Christmas was quite good, I've slept almost whole day, I've watched some TV series, and at night I went to the night club.🕺I saw there one of my Polish friend. He is one of the sincere and honest Polish person, I've ever seen. 🍀 Second day of the Christmas holiday was also good for me, I've slept almost whole day again, I've watched some TV series, and at night I went to the cinema, I love watching horror movies at cinema, especially when the movie theater is quite empty. 😁
I started working again today, I'll work until Friday. After Friday, I will wait for the celebrate new year like all people in Poland. 🎉

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christmas time oneshot

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